They have two styles available as concave or convex in several different colors. Vello LH-X100 Lens Hood (+Filter Adapter) The X100F doesn’t come with a lens hood and you have the option of buying the official Fuji one, or the Vello onefor one third of the price. Regardless of where you sit, we’ve got the perfect gear guide to help you decide on some awesome accessories for your beloved camera. The X100V still is using UHS-I memory cards but also shoots 4k video now at 200Mbps, so you might want to upgrade your card if you have some older U1 cards. In a market saturated with mediocre travel cameras, the Fujifilm X100V really stands out. So sharpness and micro-contrast will fall off a little bit and you may not even notice. Expert Shield is my personal favorite brand of screen protector. This lens hood doesn’t look as cool as the JX100, but it’s much more practical since it allows you to use the hood while also using the flash. Shop for fujifilm-x100v at Best Buy. They’re also quite wide and large compared to the size of the 23mm fixed lens. Image 2 of 4. Also, the Glass by Expert Shield screen protector does not interfere with the touch screen responsiveness on the more recent models. $ 59.95. The TCL-X100 II changes your focal range from 23mm to 35mm providing a perfect focal distance for portrait photography. What’s more, they’ve made leather half cases for the range of Fujifilm X100 cameras. Best Fujifilm X-Series Kit for Urban Portraits A Post By: Matt Murray With a range of feature-packed cameras that are fun to use, and a line of stunning lenses, a Fujifilm X-Series kit is the ideal companion for urban portrait shoots. Last time I was silver with the 100F. It's made to fit the exact dimensions of the camera's display. Kaza Deluxe is usually my go-to for the leather case. Picking a strong and comfortable strap should always be the first move to ‘pimp’ your X100 camera and the DSPTCH Braided Strap is a perfect solution. Fuji makes a few flashes but I’ll list the two compacts since that’s sort of the purpose of this camera. Free Live Help top X100V review. Given how much we love the Fujifilm X100V, it seemed reasonable to follow up with an article on the best Fujifilm X100 accessories. It’s a different style and a different look. The Fujifilm X100V is the best compact camera of its kind and a brilliant street photography sidekick, but it’s important to know what you’re letting yourself in for. Some soft shutter buttons are convex and some are concave to suit individual touch – fortunately, the JJC solution supplies one of each for convenience. I mean it technically fits, but it’s too lose to stay on. Gariz have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that the Half Case still allows access to the Focus Mode switch and terminal ports on the two sides of the camera. This is a pretty cool square metal lens hood. X100V Case Accessories Compatible for Fujifilm X100V Camera Silicone Protective Cover Housing Frame Shell Case (Red), 2 x Screen Protect + 2 hot Shoe Cover(Ladybug, Spirit Level) + 1 x SD Card … The best Fujifilm X100V accessories Discover the best Fujifilm X100V accessories to customise and expand the capabilities of your camera. Even a hobby photographer would be frustrated to find themselves in the middle of a creative shoot with a dead battery and no spare. Free shipping on many items. – Black Leather Case – Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto. But, it does provide a little bit of bump-resistance to your lens by acting as a strong and durable barrier. The X100V will require a new thumb grip design. Fuji NP-W126S. As with the Fujifilm teleconverter lens, there’s also a Wide Conversion Lens available. Haog Square Metal Lens Hood Shade + Adapter. Tele conversion lens TCL-X100II; Wide conversion lens WCL-X100II; Protector filter PRF-49 / PRF-49S; Lens hood LH-X100; Adapter ring AR-X100 JJC Metal Hand Grip Bracket for Fuji Fujifilm X100V & X100F Accessories Adopts Arca Swiss Plate & Battery Opening & Speaker Hole & 1/4"-20 Socket. If you have the old versions and they are working fine, not much has changed optically. The only problem with this strap is it can get tight around your wrist since there is no resistance to the slide. Keep in mind though that once fitted the X100 is no longer pocketable – well ate least not jeans-back-pocket pocketable. The WCL-X100 II works in exactly the same way as the TCL-X100 II: it attaches to the external screw mount on the X100 lens and is automatically detected by the camera on the X100F and X100V models. These are cameras I always buy and test and configure so I’ll definitely be keeping this list updated. Since the release of the original Fujifilm X100 in 2011, there have been a total of four updates to the camera: X100S, X100T, X100F, and the latest is the X100V. Soft Release Buttons. The products in this post may contain affiliate links. I’ve owned several of the Lensmate soft shutters and over the years for my different Fujifilm cameras, I’ve only ever lost one. While your Fujifilm X100 camera comes packed with a neat Fuji branded camera strap, it’s usually the same strap that comes with most of their premium mirrorless cameras. If you have a camera that only has small eyelet lugs then there’s a pair of thin round cord connectors. This time around I personally ordered the Crystal Clear. And I’m pretty certain that after reading this gear guide, you’ll be more than tempted. A worthy Fuji-made addition to your X100 is the Fujifilm Lens Hood, available in black or silver and guaranteed to fit any of the X100 cameras. Details. I rarely use the hood since I don’t mind a little flare. The cameras are based on an APS-C (X100V) and a full frame (A7C) sensor. There are a lot of great options for little camera cases for the X100V. Silver – Amazon / Adorama – Black – Amazon / Adorama, Compatibility JJC Metal Hand Grip Bracket for Fuji Fujifilm X100V & X100F Accessories Adopts Arca Swiss Plate & Battery Opening & Speaker Hole & 1/4"-20 Socket 4.4 out of 5 stars 88 $39.99 $ 39 . If you own an older version of the X100 series, then you can still use version II but your camera will not recognise that the lens is attached and so you have to menu dive to set it up. Wasabi makes the best third-party battery for the Fujifilm X100V. Expert Shield X002GSFND9 Overview. I’ve been blogging for a decade and this site focuses on benchmarking memory cards, camera accessories and lens reviews. What’s more, the half case is available in a range of leather colours meaning you can dress your X100 up to your taste. For me, one strap that stands apart from the rest is the DSPTCH Braided Strap (you can check out our full review of it here). Gariz leather cases are also great. It offers extra protection and cuts off flare. Utilizing a proven and well-regarded APS-C- structure 26. It also has a manual control dial on the top. Lens accessories. Sometimes I use glass, Anti-glare or crystal clear depending on what camera I’m using. The fifth instalment of the Fujifilm’s X 100 line of cameras comes with a fixed 23mm lens, but … You don’t usually want to use your older thumb grip because if it doesn’t rest perfectly against the camera body it can add some twisting on the hot shoe mount and damage the body. Fujifilm X100V vs Sony A7C. The Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 5 is the perfect little snug case for the X100V. These adapters are very nice for expanding the capabilities of your X100V. Plus, even with this lens included in your kit, you’re still only carrying a small amount of gear. Lens accessories. There will be a shift towards more education with color and editing so be sure to hit the bell in the bottom right to subscribe for udpdates. For those of you who haven’t heard about this remarkable X Series camera yet, let’s take a closer look at why it’s my choice of the best … PhotoMADD Grip and Arca Swiss Plate. Privacy Policy | Ethics Statement | Licensing. If you want to attach a UV filter to your lens, you will need an adapter. The Mirrorless Mover 10 is a great case if you want to carry the X100V with a few accessories. For the most part, you can keep the camera pretty clean by just wiping it with your T-Shirt, but when you need to get down and clean the lens and UV filters, it’s really hard to beat a micro-fiber cloth. Come to think of it, after writing this article I’m starting to feel like I need a new X100 camera too! Plus, once you’ve securely fitted this to the new X100V, you complete the process to make it a weather-sealed camera. A few years ago Fujifilm updated the battery to the NP-W126s battery. And while the manufacturer states that it’s only suitable for an X100V, I personally can’t see any reason for it not to work on any of the X100 cameras. The Anti-glare makes a nice matte look to your screen protector which can look cool on the black models, but they will reduce screen clarity a little. It’s a very high-quality strap and will not break on you like with some cheaper factory made straps. Professional editor, blogger and photographer from Los Angeles California. From our smartphones to gaming consoles – they all need that little extra protection that the manufacturer chose not to address. Default Title - $ … If you want to carry around the X100V with some extra accessories the Mirrorless Mover 10 is also great. $ 49.95. And it’s simply beautiful. However, Fujifilm … Fujifilm also makes a UV filter but for the price, I think these B + W filters are better. Fujifilm X100T Thumbrest - Black. Well, it’s a little tight, but it totally works. The WCL-X100 II comes with a lens cap and mount cap to protect the important bits. The Fujifilm X100V is a high-end compact camera aimed at enthusiasts and street photographers, featuring a 26 Megapixel APSC sensor, fixed 23mm f2 lens, hybrid viewfinder, tilting touch-screen and 4k video. Just plug it into any USB port with any random USB-C cable. The Fujifilm X100V is a great little camera and has received widespread acclaim. #StreetPhotography … A soft shutter release button … With this thumb rest, you can quickly gain a greater amount of grip and control over your X100. Fujifilm hadn’t updated the lens on the X100 series since the introduction of the … The 50 best camera accessories; The best LED light panels; Round up of today's best deals. The EF-20 is slightly better for this and you’ll be able to use it as a bounce flash which is pretty nice. The Fuji accessories mentioned below are my favourite products that I’ve used with the Fujifilm X-T3, Fujifilm X-Pro3 (both interchangeable lens) and Fuji X100V (fixed lens) mirrorless cameras.. Fujifilm X100S Fujifilm X100V External Flash Hotshoe Hotshoe USB Connector USB 2.0 USB 3.1 HDMI Port micro HDMI micro HDMI Microphone Port no MIC socket External MIC port Wifi Support no Wifi Wifi built-in Bluetooth Support no Bluetooth Bluetooth built-in Body Specs Fujifilm X100S Fujifilm X100V These come with an aluminum base plate on the case which is nice if you like mounting to a tripod. On my X100  cameras I usually just go for crystal clear since the cameras usually have pretty robust screens already. The X100V is a fixed lens compact, while the A7C is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. There are only a few accessories you really need for the X100V. The Fujifilm X100V is Fujifilm’s newest high-end compact camera released in early 2020. FREE Shipping on … $ 29.95. But the JJC Soft Shutter Release is a simple and cost-effective piece of kit. The wide conversion has a metal body and quite a neat profile compared to the TCL-X100 II lenses. While your Fujifilm X100 camera comes packed with a neat Fuji branded camera strap, it’s... 2. You can really configure this camera to enhance the shooting comfort or build it out with very personalized accessories to make it your own. Regardless of the camera model or brand you’re using, I always recommend that you buy at least one spare battery and have it charged and always ready. As we’ve shown here, adding a few of the best accessories for the Fuji X100 series is truly inexpensive and simple to do. A soft shutter release button is a simple but effective accessory that can both personalise your X100 camera and provide a comfortable shooting experience. There are so many different brands of wrist straps that are great, but I’ll list you a few you’ve probably never heard of that are a nice for the price. This is what I use on my X100 cameras. As I mentioned in the introduction, even Fujifilm got involved in the accessory game for this camera more than any other. The latest version is the gorgeous Gariz Genuine Leather Half Case for the X100V. It really couldn’t be any simpler. Some of them are a bit expensive but they are genuine leather and should last you a lifetime if you take care of them. Protect your X100V camera in style with this Fujifilm leather case. I haven’t tried it yet but a reader has told me this work. Nisi has custom made a UV filter built into a lens hood that allows you to use the original lens cap. Each button is machined from brass and is around 10mm in diameter – the concave one’s slightly bigger. Which sucks, the original lens cap looks cool. I’ve put together a nice list of recommended cards for the x100V. With this case, you can still access the bottom door to remove your battery and you still get access to the autofocus modes. So you can experiment to see if you like the concave or convex design. 4.2 out of 5 stars 56. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up A fresh cloth will pull away all the little dust, oil and lint that gets left behind by your T-Shirt. At the front of the case, there’s a raised ‘bump’ to increase the size and comfort of the camera grip. $6.99$6.99. Compatibility Fit Fujifilm X-100V … I’ve tried several of the different brands above, and I’ve tried UV filter adapters that say you can use your original lens cap, but none of them have worked for me still. A silicone gel … Image 1 of 4. A neat touch is that the strap also has a reflective fabric woven into it, making it a safe option for stealthy nighttime shooting on the streets. This February, we are going to inspect the Fujifilm X100V, that comes with a 26-megapixel image sensor. Fujifilm X100V happens to be the best selling small camera in the globe. 99 User's Guide Recommendations More . Much like buying a cheap protective filter, a screen protector costs a few bucks and prevents your screen from chips and cracks. Details. The paracord on the DSPTCH Braided Strap is rated to support 249kg (550lbs). Hoya 49mm HMC UV Multi-Coated Slim Frame Glass Filter. At around US$8 for a pair, you cannot go wrong. Here are the best Fujifilm cameras you can buy right now, from beginner friendly mirrorless to high-end medium format ... Read more: Fujifilm X100V review. Fujifilm X100V has external dimensions of 128 x 75 x 53 mm (5.04 x 2.95 x 2.09″) and weighs 478 g (1.05 lb / 16.86 oz) (including batteries). In a market saturated with mediocre travel cameras, the Fujifilm X100V really stands out. Technically you can fit a UV filter to the naked lens, but don’t do this, it will inhibit the camera’s ability to autofocus. The official hood from Fujifilm is … This time, you’re attaching a wider lens and shifting your view from the fixed 23mm to 18mm – making it perfect for landscape and architecture. Fuji makes a range of protective filters to fit most of their lenses and filter thread diameters – but for the X100 series, they make the 49mm Protective Filter in both black and silver. Even Foto&Tech has started including the rubber washer on their soft shutters. Fujifilm X100V happens to be the best selling small camera in the globe. Utilizing a proven and well-regarded APS-C- structure 26. We brought it along on plenty of excursions during the course of testing – back when we were able to do that sort of thing – from trips to the coast to walks around the block. Plus, the X100V also gets a long-awaited refresh to its pancake-style fixed 23mm f/2 lens. One thing that stands out most around ownership of a Fuji X100 camera is the desire to personalise it with various accessories. Gordy’s makes some great full straps as well as leather wrist straps. Expert Shield Screen Protector. These work well enough for the price and they offer a lot of simple designs to choose from. The EF-20 is a fairly large flash, but it allows you to tilt the head so fill a room by bouncing the light off the ceiling. LEE Filters Adapter Ring for X100 Series. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. You need to get a filter adapter. $ 59.95. The best Fujifilm X100V price is $1,399, fujifilm x100v (silver) but it’s also available used from $1,119.
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