Cosmopolitan: No one knew how to knock back Cosmo after Cosmo quite like the ladies of Sex and the City, and none of them more so than our favorite party girl, Samantha Jones. Tips. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. variations on the cosmopolitan Watermelon Cosmo : 1.5 ozvodka, 1 oztriple sec, 0.5 ozfresh lime juice, 2 ozwatermelon juice Cosmopolitan Strawberry : 2-Four contemporary strawberries, 1 ozCointreau, 0.25 ozfresh lime juice, 2 ozAbsolut Citron (citrus vodka). Adapted from a pink-hued mock-Martini recipe. Decide just how alcoholic you want your shot to be. I get it: chocolate > soup. Other great Vodka Recipes to try: Tags : Beverages Alcohol Cocktails ... Dunno, but this is an awfully good Cosmo! The Ginger Cosmopolitan. Making a virgin Cosmopolitan (mocktail) is as easy to make as the alcoholic drink. For slight variations on this traditional recipe why not try using flavoured vodkas, or, as in some recipes, swap the Cointreau for Triple Sec for a different flavour. All That Glitters - They say all that glitters is not gold. Recipe Variations Who says Cosmopolitan is just a girly drink? All you need to do is replace the Triple Sec with orange juice and the vodka with pink lemonade. The History of Cosmopolitan cocktail. French Cosmopolitan Recipe Variations Please note that there are many ways and variations to make French Cosmopolitan. Recipe Variations. Try some of these versions of the cocktail recipe and see for yourself! Visit the post for more. I don’t drink mixed drinks, at least not the hard alcohol kind. You might even think it is the best cosmopolitan recipe. To honor the show that made it famous, we decided to give the cocktail a few thematic updates. Campari Cosmo Recipe . 4. Traditional versions of a Cosmopolitan cocktail use sweetened cranberry juice. But since then, mixologists have improvised more than a few variations of the fashionable cocktail, making it cool again? May is a month full of national days devoted to all sorts of food. The classic recipe is, of course, the most popular one but there are also a lot of delicious variations such as the Sparkling Charleston Cosmo and the Pomegranate Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan became quite the cliché back during that ‘90s show. Peach Cosmopolitan: Another variation of the Cosmopolitan where peach juice is used instead of the cranberry juice. But for our version, we used 100% cranberry juice (unsweetened)! Don't believe us? Tips & Variations No special items needed. Shake vigorously for a 10-15 seconds. The elderflower could impart a slight tinge of color to the white cosmopolitan. There are slight variations on the recipe (I like mine with some orange liquor as well) but a drink devised in 1987 by bartender, Toby Cecchini is the one that we associate with the modern day Cosmo. A touch more liqueur or cranberry makes it sweeter, while an extra squeeze of lemon gives it a tart kick. Frequently sipped by the four fashionable, fictional ladies of SATC, the pink drink is iconic for anyone who identifies as a Miranda, a Carrie, a Charlotte or a Samantha. I wouldn’t know. Learn how to make a Cosmopolitan #7. Close-up of the Cosmopolitan cocktail drink and it’s garnish. The Cosmopolitan Cocktail #6 recipe above is the most common way to make this drink, you can always improvise with your own twist and enjoy. Some recipes call for Elderflower liqueur (eg. Another variation calls for stirring in a mixing glass, instead of shaking. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile created a Red Velvet Cosmo, based on one of her favorite desserts, red velvet cake. Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Skip the elderflower and switch back to an orange liqueur like … St Germain) instead of the Cointreau. Before the Cosmopolitan or “Cosmo” (as we know it) became the must-have liquid accessory of Sarah Jessica Parker acolytes, there was the Cosmopolitan, created by bartender Toby Cecchini at the Odeon in New York City, in 1988. Garnish with a lemon twist. I pull these Best Of collections most (er, some) years [here’s 2017 in two parts, 2016, 2015, and 2014 if you’re curious.] A real cosmo is barely pink - martini-style. I highly doubt that the person who crafted the 1985 Cosmo had a copy of Mixing in Elite Bars: 1903-1933, and honestly there are 4 other drinks that are called the Cosmopolitan (or have it in the name) in that 5-volume book alone (all pretty different).The similarities of a white spirit, pink, fruit flavored Sour with the same name is curious though. they are all easy to make and quite delicious. Cosmopolitan Mocktail Recipe. You can also use Cranberry Vodka instead of the Citron vodka. Cosmopolitan Variations and Tips As with the pink cosmopolitan, adjust any of the ingredients to your taste. All the steps after that are exactly the same. This version is a great variation on the classic cosmopolitan cocktail. Read the best recipes and find Cosmopolitan #7 variations … A Cosmo with unsweetened cranberry juice. A cocktail recipe with Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice, Bols Parfait Amour, Lemon, Maraschino Cherry. Add the vodka, Cointreau, and cranberry and lime juices. Cosmopolitan Cocktail #6 Recipe Variations. Photo Courtesy of The Spruce Eats . In a bowl, mix warm water with your chosen Jell-O flavor until the powder completely dissolves. There are lots of variations of cranberry juice on the shelf, and many of them have added sugar. Harmonie Cosmo Recipe. Cosmopolitan Recipe It seems that there are several variations of this recipe as people started replacing different ingredients to change the Cosmopolitan's aspect. Cover and shake vigorously to combine and chill. The French Cosmopolitan recipe above is the most common way to make this drink, you can always improvise with your own twist and enjoy. Well actually, like any other cocktail, this cocktail is for everyone to enjoy! Fill a shaker cup 3/4 full of ice and add in the ingredients. The Harmonie Cosmo is a modern variation of the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail. There are some variations of the drink that use Vodka Citron (lemon flavored) as opposed to normal vodka but that is up to your personal preference since Vodka Citron can sometimes be a hard item to find in your local liquor store. This is an amateur cosmo - it might as well be a Cape Cod with all of that cranberry juice. 3. Cosmopolitan Martini Recipe With Grand Marnier. Nov 18, 2019 - The Cosmopolitan cocktail isn’t a particularly old recipe (though depending on who you ask, similar drinks date back to the 1930s), but since Sex and the City&n… Perfect cosmopolitan tail grand cosmo tail recipe classic cosmopolitan tail recipe and variations lovetoknow grand cosmo ocean spray The orange juice and triple sec make great counterparts. Variations. The way this recipe is written it should just be served over ice - maybe add a splash of club soda. Check out … The Cosmopolitan drink is one of the most popular drinks in the world. 1.5 oz vodka.75 oz Cointreau.75 oz lime.5 oz ginger syrup* This recipe will give you one glass of Cosmopolitan; for more than one serving simply multiply the quantities accordingly. Here, four Cosmopolitan variations inspired by each of the ladies’ personalities. Strain the cosmopolitan into a chilled martini glass. The citrus vodka is sweet and balances nicely with the bitter Campari. Created by Rael Petit of Delilah in New York, The Samantha Cosmopolitan embraces the character’s edgy lifestyle by trading vodka for tequila, and triple sec for spicy Ancho Chile liqueur. A purple cocktail made from Hpnotiq Harmonie, citrus vodka, Cointreau and lime juice, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. and sort them into sweet and savory, but what usually happens is that the sweet recipes really outrank the savory ones. For a virgin cosmopolitan replace the vodka … Please note that there are many ways and variations to make Cosmopolitan Cocktail #6. One classic and two variations on the Cosmo (Amy Lombard) The Cosmopolitan 1.5 oz citrus vodka.75 oz Cointreau.75 oz freshly squeezed lime juice.75 oz cranberry juice. Warm up 1 c. water. A funny thing happened this year. Strain into a chilled martini glass.
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