Dangerous by Roxette song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position We should rally behind those in power who tell us what we want to hear even though they might be as clueless as we are. I’ve been out of this music scene for awhile, but I’m a longtime fan of seether and I really like this song. When you free your mind, your ass may follow, but you have to make sure someone else doesn't program it while it's wide open. k.d. (adj): describes someone of unparalleled retardation to such an extent to present a threat to the psychological, mental, or physical health of others. After going viral for her appearance on 'Dr. Seether has been very outspoken about police brutality and BLM over the years. Don’t have an account? Dangerous Lyrics: So take them off / The blinders that cover your eyes / Don't break new ground / Just follow the beaten path / Well all I can do in the end is bury it in the cellar / And only a because it sounds so much like her hit "Constant Craving.". The album track has an instrumental intro unlike the single version, which starts with the duo singing the first line of the chorus. Mike Nesmith wrote Linda Ronstadt's first hit, "Different Drum," before he joined The Monkees. And the video kind of shares that point. David Guetta - Dangerous Lyrics & Traduction. You take me down, spin me around You got me running all the lights Don't make a sound, talk to me now Let me inside your mind A dangerous person, animal…. It’s super easy, we promise! Plus It Says “I hear the cries of the souls you have eaten since” that line is quite culty and could be linked to satanic cults etc... and when he says “I feel like I am watching a tumour grow” I feel he maybe is talking about the way human society is turning out for the worst. It took him six months to finish Michael Jackson dangerous artwork. Just like Nirvanas lyrics. They're from South Africa after all, which I am sure gives them a certain perspective on history. The single was subsequently re-released on June 3, 2014. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Even though Shawn says “Jesus” in the previous line and it directed towards him, I don’t think that the referral of “god” is directly to god. Edit: with the video now released. View by: Highest Rated; Most Recent ; Oldest First; 0. "Please just say you know you won't be satisfied, not unless you know your name is verified" Too many on twitter aren't doing this for a just cause, but so they can gain more followers and be recognized as righteous. These people feel no shame and accept no blame for their actions. I knew right then and there. Only that he is no longer religious after his brother’s suicide. Lyrics to 'Dangerous' by Within Temptation. It fits more to him saying it to the world like “God, I hate the world” type of way. Dangerous (feat. Dangerous definition is - involving possible injury, pain, harm, or loss : characterized by danger. For me, “watch a tumor grow” means living a meaningless life and all you can do is sit back and watch. I could be off base, but that's my interpretation. Its not the person in the office, its the system and society. And the song "Bruised and Bloodied" seems to be wagging his finger at the hypocrisy of the other side. "God, I hope you choke on hate and stomach bile, even as you sing the praises of feticide." He's pointing directly at the hypocrisy of it all. A dangerous person, animal…. We don't currently have the lyrics for Dangerous, Care to share them? "Well all I can do is bury it in the cellar" he feels helpless, to a point where he has to hide what he believes. Its so dangerous, all this shamelessness, and I feel like I'm watching a tumor grow." Kid Rock performed his song "Amen" at Barack Obama's inaugural, but claims he didn't vote for him. Music and lyrics "Dangerous" has a rhythm tempo at 103 BPM.The chorus of the song (This is serious/We could make you delirious/You should have a healthy fear of us/'Cause too much of us is dangerous) was taken from a 1983 Long Island Regional Poison Control Council PSA warning children of the danger of loose prescription medications.The rhythm track was sampled from the 1982 song "E.T. "Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have - But I Have it" is a song by American singer Lana Del Rey. "Now take them down, the roses you smothered, they died." "We all must revere and defend the fortune of the teller." What does everything mean? The bridge kind of points the second verse in a direction with “god I hope you choke on hate and stomach bile while singing the praise of feticide”. Everyone seems to be stuck in online echo chambers without listening to the other side. Be the first! sort form. Divinity in motion. "Its so dangerous, all this blamelessness and I feel like I lost all the good I known. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Could be that it is meant to show that this younger liberal/cancel culture is attempting to destroy the old values and replace them with theirs.....but I could be wrong. Joywave) 4 Comments; 0 Tags; How could you know, how could you know? A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs, This song is about a man being attracted to a dangerous girl. Please, just say you know you won't be satisfiedNot unless you know your name is verifiedGod, I hope you choke on hate and stomach bileEven as you sing the praise of feticide. I think he's referring to his disdain for Donald Trump. Tagged: No tags, suggest one. Much of the life of Michael Jackson is reflected in it both in pictures as symbols. » Nobody has submitted an interpretation for this song yet. A dangerous person, animal, thing, or activity could harm you: 2. Seether: Dangerous Meaning. It was released exclusively to iTunes on 20 December 2013 with an accompanying music video. Not to be confused with Babylon. I like where you're going with that verified checkmark, and I think you're onto something. Per Gessle of Roxette said: "This was written just before Roxette's first tour in 1987. So take them off the blinders that cover your eyes Don't break new ground Just follow the beaten path Well all I can do in the end is bury it in the cellar And only a fool would pretend to blame it on the weather That's definitely anti-abortion and it's awesome. Learn more. I think the best place to find it’s meaning is in the 2nd verse and Bridge. (Feticide is the destruction or abortion of a fetus.) They seem to want nothing more than hatred and division. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. I really hope seether aren't anti abortions. This song feels extremely political to me. Her hair, her face, her lines. "After Midnight" was written by the Oklahoma guitarist J.J. Cale, who was dirt poor until Eric Clapton recorded his song and turned it into a hit. "Invisible Touch" was the first time a band member (Phil Collins) had a #1 Hot 100 hit with a group after scoring a #1 solo hit. Take this quiz to find out. If by "influencer culture" you're talking about what some call the "cancel culture", I think you're right about his condemnation of it. Its so dangerous, all this shamelessness, and I feel like I'm watching a tumor grow." (1988). The creator of Michael Jackson dangerous album cover was the artist Mark Ryden. Beautiful Dangerous song meanings Add your thoughts 3 Comments. The blinders and beaten path lines remind me of “Go unnoticed, let the freedom wash away.” in Waste. Lyrics.com » Search results for 'dangerous' Yee yee! lang is a credited writer on the Rolling Stones song "Anybody Seen My Baby?" He simply wants to point out the dangers of villainizing others to the point of hatred. Seems to be about anti abortion as he says fetuside (sorry if I spelt it wrong) also talking about Shame..
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