Answer 1 of 2: Hi! What is Icelandic weather like in June? In that sense, the lopapeysa has become an invented tradition and a means of celebrating Icelandic identity. There are usually 17 days with some rain in Reykjavik, Iceland in November and the average monthly rainfall is 97mm. To put it simply, Iceland Airwaves 2017 was one of the festival's biggest gatherings yet, and 2018 will be even more spectacular. November in Iceland is one of the best times to see the elusive Northern Lights, due in large part to the steady decrease in the number of daylight hours. With a Starbucks or Costa nowhere in sight, Icelandic coffee culture is personalised, community-driven, and fiercely competitive, ensuring some of the highest-quality roasted coffee found in the world. Iceland is a land of immense and silent beauty, best appreciated in seclusion with unspoilt focus; in that sense, November is an ideal month to gain a new perspective on this wonderful country. 29 things to do in Iceland in November. This can be a great option for travelers that really want to see the northern lights without the hassle of renting a car, driving on icy winter roads and tracking down the lights. The minimum age for horse riding is between 8-10 years old, depending on the tour provider, and each ride will last approximately two hours. Wind speeds begin to pick up, the days continue to shorten, and the rain continues to fall with decent odds of snowfall. November in Akureyri and Northern Iceland Temperatures continue to fall and days with negative temperatures are counted numerous. The sun sets at 5:00pm in the beginning of November. The average temperature in Reykjavík, for example, is generally a few degrees higher than in Akureyri. It is called Kolaportið and it is located right next to the famous Icelandic hot dog stand. For those who want to get deeper into the local culture, November is a good month to visit, especially if you are a music lover. The average temperature in Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, hovers between a brisk 1°C-8°C (33°F-46°F), measuring even lower at the high altitudes of the Icelandic highlands. They are also a brilliant and personable breed, so it's fully possible that you'll get a little attached to your horse. There are numerous hot pots around Iceland for you to luxuriate in; they make sitting outside in the cold a leisure activity, filled with hours of contentment, conversation, and immersion in Icelandic nature. December is one of our absolute most beautiful months of the year in Reykjavik, Iceland. Though many places in the US are experiencing a few last warm days as the leaves turn and fall, by November it feels like winter has already arrived in Iceland. Now we are well into winter. Visiting Iceland in November means far fewer tourists. Alternatively, you can visit a man-made ice tunnel built into Langjökull glacier, which is a large scale ice sculpture, with carved rooms, statues, and "furniture" throughout--making this, possibly, the largest ice sculpture in the world. In November, the winter is starting to set in and so you can expect snow, but most likely rain. How cold is Iceland in November and is it possible to see the Northern Lights during this month? Mountains or at least their tops will be covered with snow and you will need to start thinking about slippery roads and getting that thick winter coat out! Ice caves are formed inside of Iceland's glaciers during the winter months; new caves and networks are made every year, meaning that each visitor will witness something unique. Not only is driving off-road unsafe, but it also irreversibly damages the delicate balance of this country’s natural environment. The average weather temperature in Reykjavik in November is 1,3 °C. However, Iceland in the winter is not actually as cold as you might imagine. For three melodious days and three nights, the country transforms into a musical composition itself, with almost every establishment—be cafes, bars, or art galleries—playing home to performers. Weather in Iceland in November Winter is well and truly on the way in Iceland in November, or if you’re from anywhere further south, then it’s already arrived! Make the most of your stay and Join our Reykjavik Food walk to explore the city in the funnest way possible while enjoying the best food found in Iceland. Icelanders are avid coffee drinkers, with the average Icelander taking in around 9kg of coffee beans per year. Winter has arrived so the multiple activities related to ice and snow are in full swing, but the business of the Christmas month is still far away. This is an enormous saving on the summer rate, which is often double the price. Usually second week is the hottest in November. For example, the Icelandic term for computer is tölva, which is comprised of the words for "to count" and "oracle.". Age limits for dog sledging in Iceland vary by companies, but the standard age is generally 16 years old. By November, winter is in full swing in Iceland.Temperatures have dropped, snow has fallen, and Icelanders engage full cozy mode, lighting candles, soaking in hot tubs as the snow falls around them and kids begin whispering, jólin eru að koma (Christmas is coming). Did you know? Visitors to these caves will also have the chance to see ancient stalagmites and stalactites, magma columns, and paleochannels—the petrified paths underground rivers. Are the pictures of vast blue lakes fill... What is Iceland like in June? Answer 1 of 2: Hi! Iceland begins to feel emptier, a touch closer to its natural equilibrium, reminding us that yes, this is still very much Ice-land. With winter upon us, there's no better time to explore Iceland's gigantic ice caps, which have been the subject of many documentaries. Last year I saw Björk, Of Monsters and Men and Úlfur Úlfur. Absolutely! Continue... See a selection of wonderful photographs that capture the magic of the Northern Lights throughout Iceland. We would love to read about your time here in the comment box below. November is a wonderful time to visit Iceland! Usually, 4-5 dogs pull a sledge at any given time, but if two people ride, that number jumps to 6-10 dogs. The holiday has been celebrated since 1996 and its name translates, literally, to "day of the Icelandic tongue. Hence, wearing several layers of thermally protective clothing is the best way to ensure that the harsh climate doesn’t get in the way of enjoying your time here. Here are some of the top activities for travellers in Iceland in November. All guides at Silfra Fissure are PADI Instructors or Divemasters, sticking to a 6:1 customer to guide ratio so as to ensure a safe and personalised experience. Stepping inside one of these bejewelled caverns, the pale-blue ice glittering around you, is dreamlike. Is there anything cosier then relaxing in a super unique warm natural hot spring in cold snowy weather? 2017's line up, for example, included a vast array of Icelandic artists including Ásgeir, MammuÌt, Gróa, Tappi Tíkarrass, Sturla Atlas and Kælan Mikla. Horse riding tours in Iceland are available across the country, and each route offers unique sights. Check out some of the Guide To Iceland itineraries if you're looking for inspiration for your November holiday to Iceland. The pricing on accommodations, flights and tours tends to be less expensive then the peak summer season. Cafes like Te & Kaffi, Kaffitár, Reykjavik Roasters, Café Babalú and C is for Cookie offer free refills. On the international side, festival goers can expect to see Milky Whale, Ama Lou, Benjamin Clementine, Fleet Foxes, Jo Goes Hunting, and Mumford and Sons, among many others. It is also fair trade. One way for amateur photographers to make the most of this opportunity is by booking a tour with experienced Northern Lights hunters. Find the Iceland airwaves website here for more info! Iceland covered in snow is a winter wonderland. In 2019, there are over 200 artists confirmed for the festival. The biggest difference, of course, is the temperature of the water. This is no place to forget your camera! My name is Egill, and I'm your local friend in Reykjavik! Brief description of weather conditions in Iceland in November 2020 November in Iceland is influenced by Tundra climate. The solar phenomena that cause the Northern Lights are always going on above us, but in the summertime, the sunlight drowns them out. But Iceland's ice caves aren't all natural, though you can go on a tour to see the naturally-formed ice cave beneath the mighty Vatnajökull glacier. Caving in November is a fascinating activity, during which time you'll be sheltered from the outside elements and often tumultuous weather. What is the average temperature and can visitors expect rain, snow or sunshine? November in Iceland is one of the perfect times to take part in a rather unexpected, sport: dogsledding! We hope it inspires you or helps you in making your Iceland holiday unforgettable! Ice caving is also a unique opportunity to learn about the melting of the ice caps and the large implications of changes in climate. Before booking a tour or driving out to chase the Aurora by yourself, you should routinely check the Icelandic Meteorological Office; on their website, make your way to the Aurora section to get an idea of their intensity, cloud cover that might obscure them, and the best times and places to see them. Let’s get this out of the way now: Iceland is … The price dip also goes for the vast majority of international gateways; flights to and from the UK will average out at around £100 total—that is, if your tickets are booked a couple of months in advance. Here is a little Northern Lights motivation before reading any further: It is possible to see the northern lights from the downtown area of Reykjavik. The majority of Iceland’s natural hot springs are in the countryside, away from the light pollution of the city; even if you don't spot the lights, you'll still be privy to an ornate blanket of stars. October is our wettest month, and Iceland gets an average low of 37°F (about 3°C) and highs of 45°F (7°C). The festival has come on a long way since its first appearance in 1999, which took place in an aircraft hangar at Reykjavik airport. The first snowfall can arrive anywhere from early October to late December. You will find that most tours available throughout summer are still operating in November. I am of course talking about the Iceland Airwaves music festival! Because of the light current running through it, Silfra Fissure never freezes—not even in the dead of winter! To snowmobile in Iceland, you must hold a valid driver's license and have a taste for speed. The summers are the busiest months in Iceland and they are – July- August. Expect lots of rain, usually drizzle. It’s one of the best months of the year to see them! The weather might be cold, but the venues of Reykjavík are ablaze with events to keep things hot throughout winter. Usually fifth week is the hottest in December. They may even sit everyone down in the bowels of the cave and instruct you to turn off your headlamps to experience the pitch blackness that surrounds you. Driving in Iceland in November. Spring arrives in April when temperatures begin to warm up and nature awakens from its … Despite the often cruel temperatures, tour operators are on hand to provide you with the necessary thermal wear, making activities such a winter horseback ride, scuba dive, or a glacial hike as comfortable as their summer counterparts. Iceland sunrise & sunset times for November 2021 With the sun rays pouring down from the surface, visibility can often reach up to 100 metres. The cold winters provide ample conditions to keep these formations in their best … Photo from Snowmobile Adventure | Golden Circle and Langjokull Snowmobiling. Iceland Weather in October - Average Temperature & Daylight. Ice caving brings together a host of elements, including adventure and education. Here are a few ideas for awesome things to do in Iceland in November! Originally conceived of in the mid-twentieth century, the lopapeysa has since gone through two fashion revivals; first, in 1944, as a national symbol when Iceland gained its independence from Denmark and, later, following the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis. Can I see the Nor... Where can you find Iceland's glacier lagoons? With the lowlands often still snow-free, it's also an ideal time to travel around Iceland without worrying about the weather. Still, the Aurora can often be spotted within Reykjavik,  and there are quiet corners in the city, like Klambratún Park or Grótta Lighthouse, where the lights will likely appear stronger. In terms of precipitation, it goes without saying that rain, sleet, hail, and snow are typical during this season, and you should dress accordingly. Rain may fall as snow in this month. You can find more info about the Reykjavik Food Walk tour here. But it’s usually not until January-March when Iceland experiences large snow storms. Wherever your route takes you, you can guarantee that when it comes to Icelandic horse, you're on reliable hooves. Being the land of oppositions and unpredictable weather, November can range between warm and dry to wet and chilly to downright freezing and filled with snow. Both experiences are sure to wake your imagination and bring you to a deeper understanding of how truly delicate the ice caps really are. But for a long time we’d been itching to put together a perfect evening tour that combines the absolute best local beer venues in Reykjavik, Iceland’s fascinating beer history and the most premium beers found in Iceland. How long does a sunset or a sunrise last? Whales are extremely common off the coast, meaning that it's nearly guaranteed that you'll spot the marine life that thrives here. How hard is it to speak the Icelandic language? Silfra Fissure is not world-famous for its wildlife, nor its caves or potential to explore, but for its crystal clear visibility. During November, you will not be able to access the interior highlands of Iceland at all. It's the beginning of winter, and as your trip progresses, the temperature is going to drop. Is November a good time to see the Nothern lights in Iceland? The Icelandic horse is particularly well suited to a harsh climate; they have a double coat for insulation from the cold and are muscular and hardy. October is considered as a transition month – where days are still warm and long and winter has not set in yet. And Icelanders are known for bringing along a thermos of hot chocolate when they go in search of the Northern Lights... Horseback riding in November is excellent fun, but the weather in Iceland is highly variable. Photo from Incredible 2 Hour Siberian Husky Dog Sled Sightseeing Tour in the Myvatn Area. November is one of the best times to go lava caving because the lower temperatures cause delicate ice sculptures to form against the rock, creating a compelling contrast between fiery red and sky blue. Even if a snorkeller or diver in the group in front of you accidentally kicks up some sediment, the water will clarify in moments. Then, it's time to pick a horse and gallop out into the Icelandic countryside. It is not likely you will get snowed in while you’re traveling in Iceland during the winter. However, it is generally one of the more stable winter months, making it an excellent time to travel. When does the midnight sun take place in Iceland? Iceland is incredible in November, having shed its summer skin to embrace the winter's cold magic. The memory of your glacier. Iceland is a lot warmer then a lot of travelers expect due to the warm gulfstreim. In fact, Icelanders love their coffee so much, you’ll almost always find free coffee in local supermarkets, banks, and retailers—and some Icelanders use the grounds to scrub their skin after a wintry dip in the North Atlantic. Brief description of weather conditions in Iceland in December 2020 December in Iceland is influenced by Tundra climate. With each sighting, the lights reveal a new version of themselves. What is the weather like in Iceland in November? It is rather common for Iceland to get it’s first snowfall towards the end of November. Jónas Hallgrímsson was one of the founders of the Icelandic journal, Fjölnir, first published in Copenhagen in 1835, which was itself instrumental to the country's independence from Denmark. I would LOVE to go dog-sledding or snow-mobile-ing at this time, but I understand there may not be snow at this time of year? Snowmobiling across one of Iceland’s mighty glaciers is another excellent option for travellers to the country in winter. If this is something that you’d enjoy then I’ve written a special blog post just for YOU. I’ve personally been on this tour a few times throughout the years. As Reykjavik is the cultural hub of Iceland, that’s where you will find the best selection of restaurants. Before entering the water, your guides will give you a thorough briefing on what to expect in the water, how to use your equipment, and how to stay insulated from the cold. November also begins to see more cloud cover across the country, rising from 66% to a 72% likelihood. How do you sleep during the... Iceland is a country of many amazing waterfalls, but which are the best ones? Iceland Airwaves is sponsored by the Icelandic airline company, Icelandair, and the City of the Reykjavik. But, thankfully, as the days get shorter, the likelihood that you'll spot the Northern Lights, fluorescing in greens, purples, whites, and yellows, becomes greater. How many daylight hours can travellers expect in November and how do the locals fill their short days? Lots of rain and snow, combined with the cold, can cause hazards. The vast majority of surfing in Iceland is done off the Reykjanes Peninsula, where the North Atlantic thunders against the craggy volcanic shoreline. We didn’t take putting this tour together light-heartedly, so we really took our time to make sure everything was perfect – and as of January 2017 – The Reykjavik Beer tour was ready, and we couldn’t be more happy with the outcome – Cheers and we hope to see you there! I do also hope that this small little blog post of mine helped you with your planning and/or gives you a better idea for what’s coming! Iceland has countless different hot springs all around Iceland. Greenland Huskies are, in fact, so reliable that hunters in their native Greenland still prefer to use dog sledges over snowmobiles thanks to their reliability. How many daylight hours are there? The average sliding 31-day liquid-equivalent snowfall during November in Reykjavík is gradually increasing, starting the month at 0.2 inches, when it rarely exceeds 0.5 inches or falls below -0.0 inches, and ending the month at 0.6 inches, when it rarely exceeds 1.3 inches. It’s hard to beat super cold crispy winter days, with snow everywhere you look and only warm Christmas lights to light up the day. Discover a wide range of Mountain Tours Why not join this Mo... What are the most popular things to see and do in May in Iceland? You can read all about and secure your spot on the tour here. There Is No Guarantee You Will See The Northern Lights In Iceland In November. Outside of the higher altitudes or parts of North Iceland, snowfall rarely stays on the ground longer than a few days. Even so, surfing requires a high level of respect for the ocean, as well as a high degree of physical fitness, and an unabashed thirst for adventure. Whale watching is available from numerous ports across the country, the most popular being Faxaflói Bay, in Reykjavík, and the waters surrounding Akureyri. It is not surprising that with the more frequent occurrences of fog, snowfall is the main climatological event of the month of November in Akureyri and its surroundings. The panoramas from the top of the glacier are extraordinary and seem to continually broaden as you reach higher summits. November is simply a WONDERFUL month in Iceland and I hope you will love it here. What is the best way to experience the summer solstice? Glacier Caves. Rolling Stone writer David Fricke wrote of Iceland Airwaves " the hippest long weekend on the annual music festival calendar," whilst Jonah Flicker of Pitchfork Magazine cited the festival's "unbelievable zest for music and celebration.". It is rather common for Iceland to get it’s first snowfall towards the end of November. 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