Of course, gain was set on high but due to low sensitivity and high impedance, the noise-floor can’t be spotted even at close to maximum volume. The K5 pro acts as a bridge, allowing your computer, speakers, and headphones to work together and This works well, because the pairing is … AK4493 is of course part of the Verita Velvet Sound architecture for a natural sound without any listening fatigue. The novelty was the amplifier THX AAA, it is his company uses a modular amplifier AM3D hi-Res player Fiio X7-2. Review FiiO K5 Pro The same medium-sized soundstage remained and I was pleased to hear a very engaging and dynamic performance. It is not too critical for the recording quality — 6 out of 10. Added Video Comparison/Article cleanup. I’m really glad FiiO introduced unity gain of 0 dB (low gain setting) that should work nicely with IEMs and very sensitive headphones, the HP out is also at less than 1.2 Ω which is not that high to be concerned about. FIIO K5 PRO DAC/AMP REVIEW — DEVICE FOR THOSE WHO LOVE … The idea has been good, but has required to obtain two gadgets and not everyone could accept it price wise. For beginners to the audio space, this is a fantastic low cost Amp. Added Album covers and OST’s. IEM users are blessed with unity gain at 0 dB (low gain) that made wonders with my IEMs and if you are craving for some hard-hitting slam, K5 PRO will deliver that to any multidriver IEM. I have used the following headphones for testing purposes: iBasso IT04, Meze Empyrean, Audio Zenith PMx2, Noble Audio Khan, Campfire Audio Andromeda and Solaris, Unique Melody Mason V3, HUM Pristine and others. Description Specifications Comparision Buy FiiO M3 Pro Touchscreen Portable Hi-Res Lossless Music Player from official FiiO India store. As far as I know K5 PRO will only be offered in a black color only, K5 had a grey body. 11/20/19. Theis very composition with choir and crickets is a good demonstration of what K5 Pro can do — it has the needed realism and natural presentation. Beautiful, clean design without rough edges, Great balance between technical and musical, Decent sized stage, deep sounding as well, Decent detail retrieval, sounds clean as well, DACs: FiiO K5 PRO, Q5S, Matrix Audio Element X, KECES S3, Burson Swing, Headphone amps: Benchmark HPA4, Aune S7 PRO, Erzetich Bacillus, Headamp Gilmore Lite Mk2, True Wireless headphones: Creative Outlier Air, Hifiman TWS600, Full-sized headphones: Hifiman Arya, Quad ERA-1, Sennheiser HD660S, Interconnects: QED Reference XLR, Aune AL3 XLR, Balanced Power Conditioners: PLiXiR Elite BAC 400, KECES BP-600. At the same time there is not so big but obvious part of users who appreciate desktop solutions with headphones and FiiO have released the renewed version of their K5 Pro DAC/AMP for them. Still, even in balanced mode, the output power isn’t very high with 200mW @ 32ohm. I saw the review for the FiiO K5 Pro on Z Reviews and decided it was the one I wanted to try for my first dac/amp combo for my computer set up. FiiO K5 Pro [recenzja] Author: Maciej Sas; From: https://kropka.audio/ 2019-09-28 . Ia juga fitur koneksi yang lengkap, dengan AK4493 DAC Chip dan support audio DSD256 membuatnya support PCM sampai 32 bit. Higher power output than K5 Pro 3,Xmos core, support 768k&DSD512 USB DAC and SPDIF input 4,LDAC Bluetooth receiver&BLE app control for more audio settings 5,AKM or ESS high performance audio DAC chip(TBD) For other specifications or features you want, please suggest to us. Headphone amplification is handled by an OPA1642 JFET op-amp followed by the flagship TI TPA6120 op-amp for the voltage amplification and current drive. It can be used as a bridge for several music playback devices allowing your computer, speakers, and headphones to work together delivering an emotional experience with realistic detail from your music. The first one changes the input, the second one — three-level gain, which is convenient. Need to power the audio technica r70x Difference is that Pro has a DAC, and it’s actually pretty good. I am not being compensated for this review, but they were kind enough to let me keep the units. Fiio K5 Pro$149.99 Buy Here These days you have quite a few options if you are looking for a desktop headphone amp and DAC. In comparison, the Fiio is a bit more expensive at £149.90. The K5 Pro DAC and Headphone Amplifier from FiiO is a high-performance headphone amplifier and USB DAC that features coaxial, optical, and RCA line inputs, and 1/4" headphone and RCA line outputs. You can also share your common use situation and your equipment. FiiO Q5s is the update of the older Q5, but now has DSD Decoding, Bluetooth 5.0, and 4.4mm Balanced outputs from the get-go. It was originally written and published by Sandu Vitalie of Soundnews.net on Aug. 28, 2019. It simply feels really solid and personally, I … K5 PRO has a perfect size for a desktop workstation, at only 120 x 130 x 55 mm and at about 450 grams (exactly one pound) it is quite small and can be easily integrated in any desktop rig be it at home or not. What is kind of weird is that D20 doesn’t sound rolled-off with speakers and actually carries more treble information than the FiiO. Big Shoutout to FiiO for sending the K5 Pro demo unit for comparison to the K3!! The back panel is almost entirely occupied by a slice of polyurethane leather, offering some grip and protection when the Q5 is lying down. If I unplug the K5 PRO from my power conditioners then there is just a faint noise on the background, but it is really faint, almost non-existing, I don’t consider it worrisome. Added Shoot 4 images. Build quality wise there is nothing to complain about: it’s black, it’s entirely metal made and looks futuristic on any desk. The K5 Pro sounds infinitely better than on board audio controllers, and trumps the other offerings in its price range like the Schiit Modi/Magni stack. We thank team FiiO for this opportunity. Build and aesthetics. Malheureusement, nous n'avons pas réussi à enregistrer votre vote. Any music I would listen to, the background would always be silent as night and will leave music breathing and enveloping my head. The review sample I‌ have was sent to me by FiiO in exchange for an honest review, and that is what follows. IEM users should never use more than the low gain setting, even multidriver IEM designs would be Ok with low gain. Thank you for your continued support! It has much more power on tap (1.5 W versus 0.22W on 32 Ω) and as a result will sound livelier, more dynamic, will slam better and overall will sound much more engaging. FiiO K5 PRO + Rosson RAD-0 (150 USD + 2600 USD) – I start with something heavy, because RAD-0 is warmer, thicker, and more musical, but also a bit intimate, the advantages of K5 PRO being that it is cleaner, leaner, wider, and it gives them more space, and makes them a bit more neutral, but also more detailed, clearer and makes them more open in general. Hey Srboljub, great review. M3 Pro Operation system Linux CPU Model Ingenic X1000E CPU No. The mids correspond to the general idea of the device, there are no attempts to add weight to get more analogue sound or vice versa to accentuate upper mids for additional clarity. Depth and imaging are certainly good and better than a lot of ESS Sabre based DAC/Amp units I tested of late. FA7 are awakened to something else, they are sounding quite different on portables. K5Pro has good highs with normal length, resolution, natural attacks and decays and as a result natural presentation. Headphone Out/RCA line-Out) 4.7 out of 5 stars 437 $149.99 Quads didn’t transform into something else, how FA7 IEMs did, they sounded as I remember them: very dynamic, explosive and striking without mercy when asked for.
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