On March 13, 1990, an early season outbreak of tornadoes ripped across the interior United States. Grand Island - Monthly The 0.25 mile-wide tornado on the right is the second F3 to hit. A two-day tornado outbreak caused widespread damage from North Dakota and Nebraska to Pennsylvania.The outbreak is best remembered for a slow-moving supercell complex that moved across Grand Island, Nebraska, spawning seven tornadoes, three of which were anticyclonic.The tornadoes also did not move in a straight line, with most looping back over their own path at least once. Two tornadic thunderstorms with exceptional life spans/tornado families were observed, one of which produced an F4 tornado in eastern Nebraska that was on the ground for over 100 miles (160 km). The March 1990 Central United States tornado outbreak affected portions of the United States Great Plains and Midwest regions from Iowa to Texas from March 11 to March 13, 1990. 8mm footage of aftermath from the June 3, 1980 "Night of the Twisters" tornado outbreak in Grand Island, Nebraska. Barns were destroyed outside of town as well. Seven tornadoes touched down in or near the city that night, killing five people and injuring 200. 70 Related Articles [filter] Montgomery County, Indiana. Rivers and Lakes Eyewitness accounts observed the touchdown of an additional tornado just to the north. Of the 59 tornadoes, 44 of the tornadoes occurred in Nebraska and Kansas. The Grand Island metropolitan area has an official population of 83,472 residents. Here are some of those stories. A mobile home was destroyed as well. Flood Safety Since 1880, only one other March tornado event seems to compare in intensity to March 13, 1990:  The "Easter Sunday" tornado outbreak on March 23, 1913. The tornado plowed into the town of Hesston, just northwest of Newton on I-135. This summary focuses on the tornadoes across south central Nebraska and north central Kansas. Everyone who lived in Grand Island on June 3, 1980, has a story to tell about the Grand Island tornadoes. The tornado passed 3/4 mile west of her location. Caused tree damage in Oklahoma before crossing into Kansas, where five homes were damaged. Light debris from Hesston was found 115 miles (185 km) away in Nebraska. Location is the corner of Abbott and Engelman road northwest of Grand Island, looking southwest. 15 train cars were derailed near an Army Ordinance Plant, and 47 others were derailed near. The storm passed Goessel and then dissipated approximately 22 miles (35 km) from its genesis. Thunderstorm Safety Along with the F4 tornado, there were four F3 tornadoes including one near Grand Island, three F2 tornadoes, four F1 tornadoes, and one F0 tornado. They were part of what is known as a tornado family; a family that included several additional touchdowns after the Goessel storm dissipated.[2]. Jun 4, 2015 - Photos of the weather data, and aftermath pictures after the tornadoes hit Grand Island on June 3, 1980. Cooperative Observers Submit A Storm Report Several tornadoes devastated the Omaha area on that fateful day. Grand Island - Daily [3] Over the course of a few miles, the new tornado intensified and the original one abruptly constricted and apparently became a satellite tornado to the new tornado. Twenty years later, Tornado Hill is the most visible reminder of the devastating twisters that tore portions of Grand Island apart on June 3, 1980. Tornado was a half-mile wide at times. The 1980 Grand Island tornado outbreak, also known as The Night of the Twisters, was a tornado outbreak that produced a series of destructive tornadoes that affected the city of Grand Island, Nebraska, on Tuesday, June 3, 1980.wikipedia. 13 farms were destroyed as well. State and Regional News Hastings/G. Snowfall Analysis Finally, an F0 tornado occurred briefly in an open field two miles north of Kearney. June 1980: At that time I was 21 years old. Local Archived Precip Maps NOAA Weather Radio Tornado clipped Chester, where trees, outbuildings and propane tanks were damaged. Storm Prediction Center At least 600 homes were destroyed in Omaha and another 1,100 damaged. One person died and 59 people were injured. Highlights from the tornado northwest of Grand Island: Highlights from the Minden/Lowell tornado: Highlights from the Carleton/Exeter tornado: Highlights from the Prosser/Wood River tornado: Several F1 tornadoes and an F0 tornado also touched down on the 13th. On March 13, 1990, an early season outbreak of tornadoes ripped across the interior United States. NWS Kearney - Monthly The tornado moved into Nuckolls County and struck. Tornado caused major damage in and around. On the evening of June 3, 1980, Grand Island was hit by a storm unlike any seen before on the Great Plains of North America. Local 24 Hour Precip Maps It may still seem like yesterday to some folks, but Monday, June 3, 2019 marked the 39th Anniversary of one of the most devastating and unique tornado events to ever strike south central Nebraska. Trailers and outbuildings were damaged and many trees were uprooted. This page was last edited on 13 November 2020, at 21:02. Text Products Photographic evidence suggests significant widening as the tornado approached Haven and the Arkansas River. In Worthington, 39 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed. The tornado passed 1/2 mile east of the Schroeder residence. See more ideas about grand island, weather data, island. At the beginning of the path, a mobile home was destroyed in Stella, resulting in a serious injury. An F1 tornado began 2 miles northwest of Shelton and moved northeast for one mile, causing minor damage. The maps below depict the location of the tornadoes across south central Nebraska and north central Kansas, and across the Plains region. Grand Island Tornado: Kearney 911 and Gibbon Police, June 1980 As far as being a police officer goes, I was good at the job, but I was very new to this area and had very, very little experience. (click to enlarge). Everyone who lived in Grand Island on June 3, 1980, has a story to tell about the Grand Island tornadoes. The storm would eventually derail 24 cars several cars back from the engine. NWS Enterprise Resources. A still-forming tornado approaches a stalled train near Grand Island in 1990. Local Storm Reports, Forecasts Please try another search. Multiple buildings were damaged or destroyed at a farm as well. This 1000-yard wide tornado swept west just north of Bismark Road, crossed Shady Bend and Stuhr Roads, before turning southwest across Bismark Road north of the Fonner Park area. The disaster wiped out whole sections of the city’s southern business district and hundreds of homes. Kearney - Daily The disaster became known as … In Nebraska, several strong tornadoes touched down across the southern and central portion of the state, including an F4 tornado (possibly a family of tornadoes) that traveled for 131 miles (211 km) making it the longest tracked tornado in the outbreak. One house sustained major damage and another lost its roof. Several industrial buildings were obliterated, and vehicles were thrown and stripped down to their frames. Since then, the event has become a book and a television movie. Wednesday, June 3 … I survived the June 3 Tornadoes in Grand Island, NE has 3,582 members. Photographs suggest what appears to be a re-organization of the tornadic circulation; initially a wedge like appearance, the funnel quickly became tall and narrow. Based on the data, since 1950, the average number of tornadoes in March is about 1. Eventually, the Hesston tornado (after traveling nearly 48 miles (77 km)) occluded and merged with the new tornado, and the supercell began to re-intensify. Hastings, NE6365 North Osborne Drive WestHastings, NE 68901-9163402-462-4287Comments? In 1980, the Grand Island tornado outbreak was when seven tornadoes touched down in or near Grand Island; the book and movie Night of the Twisters were based on this event.
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