[40] Final hearings for the damage suit were held on March 9, 1972. One of the men returned to the home, and one remained at the squad car. Sarah Stonecipher and her husband, John Chastain Reese, and the youngest members of their family had traveled from Morgan County, Tennessee by covered wagon in about 1852 to make their new home in Kaufman County, Texas. The car that had been reported in Ellis County, a red and white 1962 Ford, was backed up to the house. 1852 Bridge Gulch Massacre. The man's gun was jammed, and Robertson called for Dover to help him capture the man. There they found the badly wounded Deputy Wendell Dover stumbling through the underbrush. [16] While inside the house, Infante contacted the Dallas Sheriff's office and requested for Reese to bring a blank consent-to-search form to the house. Ellis County deputies A. J. Robertson and Wendell Dover went to Dallas[15] with a felony warrant[16] to investigate the home of the car owner. Find out where the action is, what the water conditions are and everything you need for a successful day on the water! [35] A grand jury was gathered in March to determine the Guzman and Lopez indictment, and to determine whether or not to indict Thomas Rodriguez on charges of assault to murder a police officer and the sale of heroin. His funeral services were held at the First Baptist Church of Rockwall, and he was buried at Rockwall Cemetery. Swanson mine (shown as Placer Mines on USGS map) - The only large placer gold The men refused. Death Certificate, Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics. Two Chetco who tried to resist with bows and arrows were burned alive in their houses. Never could they have known that one day a 2nd great grandson of theirs would be a Deputy Sheriff for Dallas County and whats more give up his life in service of his community. [9] McCurley was able to flag down a car, and the driver took him to a gas station. By Brendan McNally Published in D Magazine January 2016 SMS. [17] A tree at the edge of the river stopped McCurley from falling into the water, and caused him to free his bound hands. A resident of Bristol had copied down the license plate number of a car that was unfamiliar and reported it to the Ellis County police. Infante was placed in the front seat, and the rest of the officers were placed in the back seat. The Salt Creek Massacre. [23] Two women, one of whom was reported to be a companion of Guzman, had hindered the police by initially claiming that there was no one else within the apartment. [66] His release helped lead to the formation of special hearings on parole decisions. [2] He served with the Big Spring police force before joining the Dallas County Sheriff's department in 1962. ( Log Out /  The Dallas Police Department, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, and Texas state agencies initiated a manhunt that covered the entire state of Texas and delved into Mexico and states bordering Texas. He also filed a writ of habeas corpus. One deputy was able to escape the shooting and call for help. He was survived by his wife, three sons, and two grandchildren. * 1845 - May. Change ), The Ramblings of Uncle Thereisno: From Aachen to Zymurgy, Hell Ship Shinyo Maru: A Tale of Imprisonment,Physical Abuse, Starvation, and Murder. [12] He ran east alongside the river and crawled under bushes[17] until he reached Westmoreland Road. Trinity County is rugged, mountainous, heavily forested, and lies along the Trinity River within the Salmon and Klamath Mountains. The Trinity River Massacre. Dover ran up to the bank in an attempt to retrieve a loaded shotgun from the squad car when he was shot by a gunman from the top of the river bank.
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