Leopard Saves Baby Monkey After Killing Its Mother. A Florida man was mauled by a black leopard after paying the owner of a private animal sanctuary $150 for a 'full contact experience' so he could rub … Buffalo vs Leopard Aniamals Save Another Animals. Report. The leopard treats it like a cub. Contact|Privacy Policy| Terms and Conditions | About, The Luckiest Couple In The World Almost Gest Struck By A Lightning While Taking a Selfie, No Words Can Describe How Cool These Water Polymer Balls Are, Affectionate Orangutan Gets Emotional When Pregnant Woman Reveals Her Baby Bump, A Huge Whale Approached Divers For Help. Unfortunately for everyone involved, leopard’s lunch was actually this little monkey’s mom and as ruthless of a killer this big cat is, it couldn’t bare taking another life no matter how effortless it would be. Don't go out to the out house. Browse more videos. Playing next. Part of HuffPost News. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. ANIMALS VIDEOS. He was the son of Kerchak and Kala. more; Trump begs women to like him. Amazing Baboon Save Impala From Leopard Jumps Tall Tree To Ambush _ Leopard Hunting Fail ( 360 X 360 ) Lion ATTACK Movies. It was only after the leopard had killed the monkeys mother did it notice the baby in the tree. Sometimes after a big meal, I just lick my dessert to get a taste but I'm not hungry enough to eat it. Amazing Baboon Save Impala From Leopard Jumps Tall Tree To Ambush - Leopard Hunting Fail. The cat -- which had just given birth to a litter of her own kittens -- nursed the panda cubs alongside her own babies, giving them a chance of survival. This Farmer Will Show You A Better Way, Cops Lip Sync America’s Favorite Song, But Have No Clue They’re Recording A Viral Video. Seconds Later, Everyone Was Covered In Goosebumps, Down Syndrome Boy Meets Baby Brother For The First Time. The leopard carries the baby baboon into a tree and defends it from descending hyenas (we knew they were a-holes, The Lion King didn't lie about that). After killing a baboon, a leopard finds a baby clinging to the baboon's fur. Nothing Could Prepare Them For What They Saw…, This Dog Was All Alone At Death’s Door. Definitely worth watching. Truck's windshield was hit. "Several times, the baby baboon fell out of the tree," filmmaker Dereck Joubert said, according to the Daily Mail. When hyenas approach to investigate the cat’s fresh kill, the young leopard forgets her prey and gently carries the baby baboon to safety, where she continues to care for her throughout the night. 4 Girls Walk To The Front Of The Class, But When They Start Singing This Old Classic? ... the leopard killed the mother and found the baby afterwards. Leopard finds baby Monkey. But Then They Hand Her A Big Silver Box…. 1.6k. Baboons vs Leopard, Aniamals Save, Another Animals ... Buffalo Yak Save Baby From Snow Leopard Hunt . Everyone Ignored Her …Til This Happened. 6:42. Use the chamber pot. Incredible Baboons Save Impala From Cheetah Attack In Africa Baboon hero. To see adult results you've saved, change your SafeSearch setting. Luki Movies. As it stayed with the baby for hours. What The Camera Captured Is Breathtaking, It Was Supposed To Be An Ordinary Day At The Nursing Home, But Pay Attention To The Red-Haired Lady, Son Ignored Mom His Whole Life. UNBELIEVABLE!! Legadema begins to nurture the young baboon, cleaning her newborn skin and embracing her body with her paws. 1.8k comments. Kerchak and Kala's baby is a minor character in Disney's 1999 animated feature film, Tarzan. Unexpectedly, Legadema ignored her meal, gently carried the baby to the safety of a tree, and began to care for the newborn.
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