Interesting Facts About Panama Geography And Wildlife. A: Tocumen International Airport is the most well-connected airport in Central America. Settled as a colonial area by the Spanish, it became their principal shipping point to and from Central and South America back to Spain in during its colonial days. The most populous is Guatemala with 17.25 million people. All tolls are based on the type of vessel, its size, and its cargo. Main Courses . Panama is a country on the North American continent. The population of Panama is 3,405,813 according to a 2010 census. Up the steps and behind the monument you'll find local Panamanians and indigenous Kuna women selling Mola. This is the site of the original 1519 Panama City, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After just a short taxi ride from the city center, you can be smack in the heart of one of the most bio-diverse rainforests in the hemisphere, and you don’t even have to leave … And massive. Since 1914 the 51-mile- (82-km-) long Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, has afforded a long-sought shortcut for shipping and assures the country’s standing as one of the most strategic transportation hubs of the world.The canal also secures Panama’s ongoing role in international affairs and world … Bisecting the nation at its narrowest and lowest point is the Panama Canal, providing ships a faster way of traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and back again. There are eight other professional regional teams in Panama. Panama is a narrow country that links Central and South America. 2. When Delvalle tried to fire Noriega, the general forced the national assembly to replace him with Manuel Solis Palma. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived, but I soon found it to be a cheaper, less touristy version of Costa Rica. Like this blog post? I'm sorry about the confusion. Panama has more than 1,500 miles of coastline: For a relatively small country, Panama boasts many miles of pristine beaches, with more than 1,500 miles (2,490 kilometers) of beaches. About Transportation. Western vibes, with Latin flavour, and a pinch of the Caribbean thrown in for good measure. In conclusion, these Panama facts are just an example of how interesting this country is. Additionally, Panama City offers the Panama History Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences, and the Museum of Colonial Religious Art as well as others. Panama is rarely hit by hurricanes due to its southern location. North and South America were 2 separate continents until then which made Panama a bridge between the ecosystems. Official name: Republic of Panama Capital city: Panama City Population: 3,894,082 Area: 75,420 sq km Major languages: Spanish, Ngabere, Buglere Panamanian English Creole Time zone: UTC-5 (Eastern Time Zone) (Source: CIA World Fact Book) Interesting facts about Panama. Like any destination, you will need to travel there to truly get an understanding for the place. Some posts on this site contain affiliate links. Whether you’ve just arrived or you’re thinking of making the move, these interesting facts about Panama should start you off nicely. When Panama is mentioned many people think of the Panama Canal. Canada spans 9 984 670 sq km and comprises 6 time zones. Walter Reed’s Yellow Fever research saved thousands of canal workers. The Panama Canal was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers between 1904 and 1914. These original locks are 335 meters (110 feet) wide.8. As I sat on pristine beaches, loving life, I though I would do some research and find more fun and interesting things about this … The 1977 Torrijos-Carter Treaties ceded U.S. control of the Canal Zone back over to the Panamanian government. 180,000! 12. It is quite cool visiting both sides in a day though. Panamanians carry Panama's flag up to the Panama Canal's administration building after the US lowered the American flag for the last time in Panama, December 30, 1999. Dolphin Sails and Whale Watching cruises, and Sea Turtle observations are also available. This is one of my favourite fun facts about Panama, but the infamous Panama Hat doesn’t originate from here – it actually comes from Ecuador in South America. 41. If you’ve never seen pictures of the harpy eagle before, it’s pretty freaky. Panama is such an amazing place to visit. Interesting & Fun Facts About Panama . It is a booming city, the largest one in Panama with over 1.5 million people living in it. With a total metro population of 1,440,381, Panama City is the largest city and the capital of the Republic of Panama. Surfing and snorkeling are popular on the sandy beaches on both the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts of Panama. Panama City is the only capital city that has a rain forest within the city limits. 12. Summit National Park includes a botanical garden in addition to well-marked paths. It is known as the "Wreck Capital of the South". A lock system was devised instead. Darién National Park is a world heritage site in Panama. This railway largely determined the route the canal itself would later take. In 1964, Panamanians rioted after being prevented from flying their nation’s flag next to a U.S. flag in the Canal Zone. Visitors also enjoy Coiba National Marine Park, Taboga Island, the Pearl Islands and the Bay of Panama. 4. Whether you’ve just arrived or you’re thinking of making the move, these interesting facts about Panama should start you off nicely. It also offers exhibition halls, a refreshment stand, a gift shop and a nice restaurant. Panama City, the capital city of Panama, is located at the Pacific Ocean entrance of the Panama Canal. Sancocho is Panama’s National dish. Photo by Mariordo (Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz) 1. 4- Panama is home to 10,000 different plants species, including 1,400 varieties of orchids, 678 types of fern, and more than 1,500 species of trees.
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