Golem is exceptionally vulnerable to both Water and Grass-type moves and therefore is probably the weakest member of Bertha's team. Milotic is like Roserade and Garchomp because she has only one different move from the ones she had in Diamond and Pearl in the first battle and exactly the same moves in later battles. Fortunately, Psychic is its only Special Attack. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. it is very hard to beat cynthia the last person in the elite 4. so get your pokemon and … Gliscor is probably Bertha's most dangerous Pokémon. Anonymous . Flying: immune to Ground type moves, and also good defenders against Fighting and Bug types, which show up a lot. Any Steel type that's at a fairly high level, with the possible exceptions of Bronzong, Metagross,Steelix and Skarmory, who can be hurt a decent amount by X-Scissor for the two half Psychic types and Ice Fang for the half Ground and half Flying-type, can stall Drapion long enough to wear it down and knock it out. An Electric Pokémon who uses Physical Electric type moves is the best choice. Thank your lucky stars that Gliscor does not have Sand Veil since you're likely to be having to deal with a Sandstorm throughout most of this battle and the last thing you need is for Gliscor to become harder to hit. In the rematch Spiritomb replaces Shadow Ball with Ominous Wind giving her ten chances of raising all her stats at once since Ominous Wind can have the same side effect as Silver Wind. Magmortar can cover all of his weaknesses with Solar Beam and Thunderbolt, but if Sunny Day is not in effect, a Water, Rock or Ground-type should be able to knock him out before he can fire a Solar Beam. Android; Dreamcast; Game Boy; GameCube; iPhone / iPad (iOS) N-Gage; Nintendo64 (N64) Nintendo … Answer Save. He has Energy Ball, Shadow Ball and Psychic. Driflim can also increase his evasiveness with Double Team, although considering the fact that Drifblim can learn Minimize by level up, teaching it Double Team is pointless and a waste of a TM. Drapion is Aaron's highest level Pokémon and is also the only member of his team that is not a Bug type, although he does evolve from a Bug type, Skorupi. Lopunny is the third and final Pokémon on Flint's team that knows Sunny Day and, like Rapidash and Steelix, he has a Fire-type move that gains a boost from it, in his case Fire Punch. Diamond & Pearl Platinum Heart Gold & Soul Silver Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs Pokémon Rumble Mystery Dungeon: Blazing, Stormy & Light Adventure Squad PokéPark Wii - Pikachu's Adventure Pokémon Battle Revolution Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Mystery Dungeon - … Weak to Grass [4x Effectiveness], Golem: Rock/Ground. Bug Buzz gets a boost if Beautifly has low HP thanks to his Swarm Ability. If you want to bring a Pokémon weaker than the rest up to speed, then give it an EXP. Quick Attack gets a boost from his Technician ability. Diamond & Pearl chapter. They are each said to be so powerful that triad leaders of Team Rocket, Koga, Lt. Surge, and Sabrina all had to begrudgingly team up with the protagonists and Blaine to take just a single one of them.The Johto Elite Four is formed at the end of th… But elite four seems to be all 50 and above the issue isn’t really dying since I can just buy revives. Finally Bertha will use Hippowdon. It really depends on your own preferred pokemon, but these are the pokemon I used to beat the Elite 4 (without cheats): lv.80 Uxie lv.65 Mismagius … D&D Beyond Source(s): https://shrinke.im/a0w1p. wikiHow's. His first Pokémon is Dustox, who uses Double Team and Light Screen to annoy you and Toxic to cause steadily increasing damage. For the Game Boy Color bootleg, see Keitai Denjū Telefang.. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl begin Generation IV’s entries in Nintendo's popular Pokémon series of monster-battling RPGs.Diamond and Pearl are the first core games in the series to appear on the Nintendo DS.Diamond and Pearl carry on the series with … % of people told us that this article helped them. Aaron prioritizes Bug type, Bertha prefers Ground type, Flint likes Fire type, and Lucian excels in Psychic type. 1 decade ago. After you have SEEN 149 of the 150 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex, you can go talk to the town elder in Celestic … Girafarig is the only member of Lucians team that is immune to Ghost type moves (although why Normal types are not affected by Ghost type moves is a mystery). Good Luck! Pokémon: 10 Pro Tips For Taking On An Elite Four. Some Quagsire are immune to Water type moves and restore damage when hit by them thanks to Water Absorb but this Quagsire's Ability is the fairly useless Damp, which only prevents Explosion or Self-Destruct, which are not moves you're likely to be using anyway. The first is this: if you lose after the first or second fight (with heals in between), pull out and level up your Pokémon. Like Lucario he has Aura Sphere. When battling Drifblim, it is wise to not use a Physical Attack to knock him out because his Aftermath ability will cause damage if your Pokémon makes direct contact when it defeats it. Bronzong is very slow but Gyro Ball allows it to turn its lousy Speed into an advantage. The first member of the Sinnoh Elite Four in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl is Aaron. He also has Speed Boost, so if your Pokémon are faster than him, it is likely that they won't be faster for long since Yanmega constantly increases his speed after each turn. My team is torterra lopunny rapiddash luxray steelix and dialga they are all level 50. You can also give items to cause flinching, raise critical-hit chances, or give a berry to restore health automatically. He has Shadow Ball and Crunch to take down any Ghost type foolish enough to challenge him and also uses Double Hit and Psychic. Now, there are three things you can do when you lose. If you're anticipating a potentially deadly attack, switch out to a Pokémon you need less. Ground is the best choice due to their immunity to Thunderbolt. She does still have Aqua Tail and Zen Headbutt however. Ghost types are the best Pokémon to use. Lopunny also has Charm to lower your Pokémon's Attack by two levels and Mirror Coat to turn Special Attacks against you with double the power. Following that you take on the Elite Four and the Champion. You should save before fighting each member so if you fail you can just reset. When you get to Elite Four Aaron's door use Surf, you will Surf through the door. Give Pokémon with specific types a that type-boosting item. Screech lowers your Pokémon's Defence by two levels and Rock Tomb causes damage and lowers Speed. Drain Punch allows him to cause damage and restore energy and he also has Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Thunder Punch allowing him to deal with a wide variety of Pokémon. "," and many more. With that trinket in hand you can visit 5 exclusive locations to capture 5 VERY rare Pokémon. But elite four seems to be all 50 and above the issue isn’t really dying since I can just buy revives. He starts with Rapidash, who likes using Sunny Day to power up Flare Blitz. A full team of high fifties to low sixties Pokémon with varied types will almost certainly give you victory. In the second battle he replaces Shock Wave with Psychic. My team is torterra lopunny rapiddash luxray steelix and dialga they are all level 50. and that you have been at the tower to battle the elite 4. so you r going to need stronger pokemon because the toughest one is a lvl 66 garchomp. Mime who is mainly used to set up Reflect and Light Screen, although he also has Psychic and, for some reason, Thunderbolt. Fire or/and Flying types should have a fairly easy victory. It is interesting to note that Shedinja can bring down half of Cynthia's team by itself since Garchomp, Milotic and Lucario have no moves that can hurt it. More on leveling later. How to Win Pokémon Contests in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. I've defeated 3 members of the Elite 4 on my first try. Drapion has pretty strong Defense and his Battle Armor makes him immune to Critical Hits. Finally Flint's Infernape is his main Pokémon and also the most dangerous. This can make a huge difference in battles as the finishing blow is vital to prevent them from healing their Pokémon. Gallade also has Steadfast as his Special Ability so if you make him flinch his Speed will increase. Make sure they are at least level 52-55. Rock-type moves are the best attacks to use on Yanmega. For the Game Boy Color bootleg, see Keitai DenjÅ« Telefang.. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl begin Generation IV’s entries in Nintendo's popular Pokémon series of monster-battling RPGs.Diamond and Pearl are the first core games in the series to appear on the Nintendo DS.Diamond and Pearl carry on the series with all the usual aspects found in Pokémon games, but wrapped in a … Theodore [edit | edit source] Theodore specialises in using Electric-Type Pokémon. User Info: FlameRaven42. In addition to Ice types, Dragon types can cause super effective damage but this works both ways, and any Dragon type you use is in danger of being smashed into defeat by Dragon Rush. Black Glasses work very well with Bite as a move, the enemy flinches almost every time so that's a good item.
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