I have the WORST pores on my nose, they shouldn't even be legal. Since, Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off is an exfoliator, it’s good to limit the usage to 2-3 times a week. I love it. The peachy scent is a little strong to me, but it isn't so terrible or strong that it deters me from using this in my routine. Hello! This toner irritated my acne and only increased my redness. Second thing I noticed was all the nastiness on the cotton ball that I hadn't gotten off my face when I washed it. It smells wonderful and leaves my skin baby soft. My skin looks even better now. It whitened and brightened my skin which is a great thing and exactly what I needed. Third thing was my skin was WAY brighter, not shinier, brighter. Highly recommend :). On to the deets - The scent was nice, and the glass bottles made me feel like I was pampering myself. Ok, maybe they aren't as bad as that but they have gotten bigger and my skin has gotten this dull dirty look to it that I can't stand. FREE SHIPPING OVER $50 | SHOP NEW HOLIDAY SETS. 1. (the cosrx rice overnight mask and skinfood rice masks my skin looove too) niacinamide is also pretty high up in the list which is always nice! I'm a 34 year old freckle faced, pale skinned, ginger woman who has never learned how to take care of my skin, hair, or even put on makeup properly. I apply every night. Granted it's not permanent, but my foundation looks 10x better when I use this during my skin care in the morning, followed up with my IT gel lotion. 4.60 out of 5 stars (130 reviews) Skinfood… I ended up using up the rest of the bottle as a pleasant smelling lotion for my body, since my face didn't really love it. Peach Sake Toner. Might not be the best for everyone since everyone is different but I 10/10 recommend giving it a shot! At night I use toner with no alcohol and use a deeper hydrating moisturizer. I was shocked at how it shrinks my pores. As a diehard fan of Skinfoods Egg white perfect pores cleansing foam, I decided to give This toner a try and change up from my juiceB toner pads that work so wonderful with my oil slick/acne prone, red splotchy face. I washed my face soap and water (nothing special), patted dry, put some Peach sake toner on a cotton ball and put it all over my face. It's got a soft consistency, it's more scrubby than the rice … It is a cloudy morning here in Seoul and my lovely 엄마 is making my favorite 볶음밥 (fried rice!) Price $15.00. Everything you need to know about shipping, tracking and returns, Start with our frequently asked questions or contact us at help@theskinfood.com. A Skinfood Bestseller, the Rice Mask Wash Off contains real, nutritious rice extracts that brighten and soften your skin while gently exfoliating impurities. yesterday I reviewed the Black Sugar Scrub from SkinFood and today I wanted to review another product that I also bought from SkinFood called "Yuja Water C Toner… It's my HG now. A must-have in my skin routine! I haven't been able to find another toner I liked as much as this one yet. The pores on my nose and my cheeks were much MUCH smaller. Pat gently until the toner is completely absorbed. 4.3 /5. I mean alcohol is listed right there in the ingredients, and the product description straight-out explains how sake is a rice wine and how this incorporated into Japanese women's beauty routines. No Way....and really...denatured alcohol....horrible. After each use, you are left with a dewy and … Lol So, now I'm hooked on this stuff. Not too strong but definitely enough to make you go "mmmmm that smells great". Do the reviewers complaining that it's just alcohol not realize that sake is an alcohol? I used the products in the morning after my Muddy Body Pure cleanser, then went in with my usual makeup routine. First thing I noticed was the smell. 99% OFF. I was lucky to be able to salvage the toner into my old bottle but, this should have never happened. 5 1. SKINFOOD's Peach Sake Toner is a refreshing toner made with rice sake and peach extracts, rich in vitamins A and C, which minimize shine and the appearance of pores. So i use this in moderation and it does the trick. They help loosen up the dirt … I bought all three products in the peach sake line and wow, they worked so well!! i love it soo much, smells super good. It preps my skin for better absorption from my moisturizer. It smells of strawberry jam, although it doesn't scent your face. Regular price $13. Out of my entire last order I think this one is my favorite hands down. Price $12.00. This light, milky wash-off facial mask gently sloughs off dead skin cells while the rice extract brightens your skin and … Be the first to know about new products, offers and promos. After reading all the great reviews I really wanted this to be my go to toner. These 2 products shrank them the most out of any products I have used. I'm so thankful I tried this. I LOVE this product. Im very glad this brand of product isnt heavy on my skin either. SKINFOOD Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off (407) SKINFOOD. I have tried using moisturizer without applying this beforehand and my skin didn't feel the same without it. After cleansing face, apply product using a cotton pad or palms. I would have loved this product if it had not had this ingredient just because it truly works for my pores. Fourth, the dreaded pores....they were legit smaller. I have been using it for a little over 2 weeks and I can definitely feel the difference in the surface of my skin. NONE OF THEM WERE PACKED PROPERLY. Sulfates are a large group of ingredients which act as cleansing agents in Cosmetics. I washed my face, used the toner again and BAM! SKINFOOD - Rice Daily Brightening Cleansing Foam. Pat gently until the toner is completely absorbed. I've used many, many, many other toners - This is my fave. Best toner I've used so far will buy again when I run out . Black sugar masks, egg white pore masks, rice masks, and much more available at iHerb.com SKINFOOD Rice Mask: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. So like I said, if you've been on a quest for pore refining skincare, look no further! A little goes a long way, and the bottles are designed so that you don't accidentally pour out too much. SKINFOOD - Rice Wash Off Mask. I usually have no problems with the delivery of my items. Peach Sake is our best-selling pore care line that combines Japanese sake and peaches to reduce the appearance of pores and control excessive oil production. I can't stress enough how great it is to find products that finally finally work! My skin tone was even, healthier looking, cleaner. Cleansing > Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off > Toner … I purchased the toner, emulsion, & serum and they all work very well together. SKINFOOD's Peach Sake Toner is a refreshing toner made with rice sake and peach extracts, rich in vitamins A and C, which minimize shine and the appearance of pores. Leaves my face fresh, clean, glowing and not stripped of moisture!! I picked up a 10 sample set of Skinfood's Ancient Rice Toner as part of a larger haul that included the Holika Holika Don't Worry Bee Care Calendula Toner (click here for review) as I continue the search for my HG toner … At least this product doesn't have any adverse reactions on my skin. I've hated how my foundation looks. Ok so this has a SWEET smell to it . For day though this toner has literally been a game changer for me. Y'all this was a game changer!
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