For more cool information on muscle cars, check out: Pontiac ignited the classic muscle car era with a stroke of marketing genius. Alyn Edwards The hot GTO would be his daily driver as time passed and he … See profiles, photos, and specifications of Pontiac muscle cars. The Taurus Judge can fire a .410 shotgun shell with small shot, buckshot, or slugs, and also a Colt .45 caliber bullet. The GTO was the original muscle car, and the Judge was GTO at its most extroverted. Few Pontiac muscle car enthusiasts can resist the over-the-top charm of The Judge. Holocene • Bon Iver. I love this movie: Richweiler 2020-03-16 17:58. Hank and Sam talk to each other at Sam's diner. 1h 5m. The Judge was Pontiac’s top model for the GTO muscle car in 1970. Its pretty hilarious and Ironic how the Amish guys repair this car. Song plays as Hank hugs his brother Glen in the diner after their fathers funeral. The Pontiac GTO Judge is a car that very nearly didn’t exist. It was originally intended as a cheaper, entry level version of the Pontiac GTO called the “E.T.” that would compete with the less expensive but no less popular Plymouth Road Runner, however this plan didn’t survive its presentation to Head of Pontiac Division John DeLorean. It rolled out at the Chicago Auto Show in February of 1969, but a pair of prototypes had been making the rounds in the automotive press since the fall of '68, helping build excitement. Pontiac originally aimed to make “The Judge” a more affordable GTO model to compete with the Plymouth Roadrunner, another wildly successful muscle car. Pretty sweet! Storms • Fleetwood Mac. If this is a real Judge, and it is a numbers-matching vehicle, then its ultimate value once restored could be quite significant. With only five built, […] Introduced for the first time in 1969, the ‘Judge’ option was the highlight of this year’s Pontiac GTO. The Judge was made for the purpose of vehicle self defense @ around a 5′ to 10′ distance. In 1969, Pontiac GTO shunned the old side vent window for the first time. Jimmy MuscleCar, in the film the Judge is actually Orbit Orange. I do carry a Judge every day as I ride every day, for the purpose of not being able to properly aim if in a situation, the Judge is perfect as I also carry a … 2h 12m. Return to Classic Muscle Cars Library. The ‘Judge’ with its bold colors and powerful engines became an instant hit with the younger muscle car enthusiasts. The Pontiac GTO Judge. The Judge was a slightly re-styled version of the 1968 model but excessively decorated with racing stripes, a spoiler, blacked-out grille and “The Judge” fender decals. Gateway Classic Cars of Scottsdale is ecstatic to be able to offer this Bad-Boy 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Clone. The Taurus Judge is a revolver pistol designed entirely for self defence within the confines of a motor vehicle, and specifically against car jackers. Song played in the car while Hank, Carla and Sam are talking. Continues playing when Hank spins his fathers chair. So I got a limited edition Die-Cast of this bad boy with the original "The Judge", the caroussel red body and everything. Original and unmodified examples equipped as this car is can quite easily sell for $60,000, although higher figures are achieved regularly.
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