in diameter, with large nut-like seeds, which, pounded and baked, are eaten by the Indians. Her magic was but a trickle, and her head pounded with fatigue. This culminated in his aspiration to homogenize the populations of Asia and Europe. Speakers I had not heard before … Its warplanes pounded parts of the eastern Bekaa Valley. He paced, shouted, and pounded the walls until his body was depleted of energy. Resorts in California get pounded with Sierra Cement, or dense snow with high water content, while resorts in Utah and Colorado enjoy drier snow, called Champagne Powder. As promised here are the words for your unlimited use. 0 I have vague recollections of beating the crap out of you while you cried your eyes out and pounded your fists in despair. Examples of pounded in a sentence: 1. Her heart pounded wildly as she pressed closer. The word collaborate is a verb, meaning to work jointly on an activity, to work together to produce or create something; to cooperate with an enemy occupying one's own country.. The blowing iron is constantly trundled, and the small lump of glass is squeezed and flattened into the shape of a foot, either between two slabs of wood hinged together, or by pressure against an upright board. Her big guns, When the water in the copper boils, the arsenic and tartar, well, More than 100 miles ahead of the eye of the storm, rain blew sideways and wind exceeded 45 mph in some spots this morning and rolling waves, She made manioc pie, got water, got wild banana leaves and, Heavily outnumbered by Boedicker's four light cruisers, Chester was, The amazing lift was gone from her gait, and she, After a period of argument and persuasion, that young man took a slice bar and, A quantity of turmeric roots and annatto seeds are, Grate the rind of a Seville orange, put to it six ounces of fresh butter, and six or eight ounces of lump sugar, Turn what way she would, they surrounded, enveloped and, Then everybody began to sing hard, and four young men, So elementally brutal was this man that he, Upon this melick took the cylinder, turned it upside down, shook it smartly, and then lifted it and. a voice shouted as fists pounded on the door. A mixture of pounded brick, clay and ashes was then ground finely in water to the consistence of cream, and successive coats of this mixture were then applied with a brush, till a second skin was formed all over the wax, fitting closely into every line and depression of the modelling. I rang the bell and pounded on the door, but no one answered. How to use propound in a sentence. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [ … I had a strange feeling in my head, my heart pounded wildly. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. I hear someone is pounding at the door. Evidently definition is - in an evident manner : clearly, obviously. Pound definition is - any of various units of mass and weight; specifically : a unit now in general use among English-speaking peoples equal to 16 avoirdupois ounces or 7000 grains or 0.4536 kilogram. As she plunged a foot into the last boot, someone pounded on the door. It ex pounded in terse and significant teaching the doctrine (1) of God, (2) of original sin, (3) of the Son of God, (4) of justification.. One smote the threshold with an axe, another with a pestle, the third swept it with a broom - three symbols of culture (for trees were hewn down with the axe, grain pounded with the pestle, and the fruits of the field swept up with the broom) which Silvanus could not endure. It pounded so hard, I think it wanted to reach through the bones, muscle and skin to feel the touch of your fingers. A pound of something is a quantity of it that weighs one pound. pounded by Deecke 7 in 1877, that the Phoenician alphabet had developed out of the late Assyrian cuneiform, never met with much acceptance and has really no evidence in its favour. (heart, head) " He pounded his fist on the table. " How to use scandalous in a sentence. penitential rite so we pounded into the Gloria which seemed OK. His headache pounded, tangled skeins of explosive truth binding him. Examples of pound in a sentence, how to use it. It clanged a few seconds later as his pursuer, But the Inspector was made of stern stuff. (human) " … Cat twirled around as the warm rain pounded down on her, soaking her uniform-dress and hair. Then he burst into half-drunken sobs and pounded the window ledge with his fist. Nishani pounded a fist on the table and made a loud sound that was most likely a curse on her planet. 230+ F Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Reading Passages. There was a pounding in his head. All Rights Reserved. For eons,the pounding waves ate away at the shoreline. To help homogenize the steel, it was pounded into flat plates, which were stacked and forge welded together. If you know others who can use our lists.....please share this page using our site share buttons. ( Guideline: Use a comma before a coordinator — and, but, yet, or, nor, for, so —that links two main clauses; do not use a comma before a coordinator that links two words or phrases.) that Wordsworth so pounded and flattened in his marsh it no longer had the hoarseness of a sea, but of a hospital. The pods were threshed, and the seeds variously winnowed, yandied, parched, My teeth clenched together, and my heart found a very comfortable spot in the throat where it, Some of the vehicles look as though they have been, I headed for the furthest door down the hall and, The western part of the city in particular has been constantly, When we returned to the house, our master gave us each our allowance of raw Indian corn, which we, On the other side of the door, her mother, The brass ornaments caught the shimmer of the candle light that I held in my hand and reflected the rays back with the facets that had been, I've been pounding this drum for a long time, and it needs to be, Suddenly, more sounds of sneezes reached my ears as Angela and Sara, There will be no hot afternoons where I'm, Champ was prepared especially for the festival of Hallowe'en when large quantities of potatoes were. He rang the doorbell again and pounded on the door. We were awoken by a pounding at the door 3. Blair pounded the pavement, stopping in at local clothing stores only to sell a single black raincoat. He pounded his fists on the hood of a car, putting deep dents in the metal. My heart pounded furiously in my chest, and dizziness washed over me in waves. In vain the Chief Justice rose, his lionlike face livid with anger, Take two scruples of cochineal, and two ounces of argall finely, Spread those that are not eaten, and let them dry, to be. Other cultures believe that the werewolf can be cured by being struck on the forehead with a knife, or by having nails pounded into its hands. Her heart pounded as it swung its head to face the room. Use county in a sentence - Example Sentences for county In Mongolia, weddings consist of a formal signing of the marriage register at county headquarters, followed by a family feast. It is represented by the symbol... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Pounded quotes from YourDictionary: Poor shell! It is pounded with an ivory or wood mallet which may be incised with cross-hatch or linear grooves to produce a subtle textured surface. In many satires the philosophers were pounded, as in the " Burial of Menippus " and " Concerning the Sects " (IIEpi aipeahwv). One pound is equal to 0.454 kilograms. Like Baggy Point, this is a surfing beach pounded by rolling Atlantic breakers. Quinn lit the large stove to stave off the cold as rain pounded the metal roof above us. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " He has a healthy heart. In preparing the rice for use it is pounded in a wooden mortar to remove the husk, this work being almost always done by the women. 232+11 sentence examples: 1. of some coarse gritty material, such as pounded spar, or the shell sand obtained on the sea-coast, on which the pots are to stand; its use is to absorb moisture and gradually give it out for the benefit of the plants. The excited man breathed into his face, peered into his eyes, In the distance, the hammers of some calkers, He took one of the egg-shaped fruits, and, He named the Javelin crewman, and the man who had been, The exposed crossroads outside the Belgium town of Ypres was, If the almond cream is too thin, mix in more, No doubt its only use was as an abrasive, after being, His dressings were soon applied, and consisted only of some, Doane, Nishikanta, and Grimahaw screamed at each other and, Disko shouted it and passed on, while the wild summer storm, One of the world's largest dredgers is pictured in November, 1965, being. too close to the sun in a sentence - Use "too close to the sun" in a sentence 1. With less than six minutes left, Iverson, the smallest man on the court, The spa is, for the most part, outdoors, so as the masseuse, The vessels and the 2,500 men and women aboard were, On his office wall here, along with some breathtaking drawings of yacht hulls, is a black-and-white photograph of a small yacht being, For years I used to hate reading the rantings of newspaper columnists as they, Roasted vegetables such as tomatoes, leeks, aubergines, and onions, with garlic and olive oil, then, She said she could not get any answer from the domestic helper or Tala even though she, Within a few days, a November storm beached the ship where it listed and was relentlessly, Paillard is a French culinary term referring to a piece of meat, He left the barn and trudged up to the house, made his way through a careless strewage of cordwood on the front porch, and, He ghosted through the door. She pounded his chest with her fists and tried to scream. 23 examples: For attending hevening parties now we generally get one pound and our… (fist) " The waves pounded the boat. " of music [intransitive] pound (out) to be played loudly. Dean pounded his fist on the desk in disgust just as Andy Sackler entered the room. to-14 on artificial colours - black, blue, purple;, c. to white lead and ostrum, i.e. A pulse pounded in the side of Ellie’s neck. Footsteps pounded on snow. He pounded on the door with his heavy key to let them know he was there, and that they must wait his call. 5. An alloy was formed of two parts silver, one-third copper and one-sixth lead; to this mixture, while fluid in the crucible, powdered sulphur in excess was added; and the brittle amalgam, when cold, was finely pounded, and sealed up in large quills for future use. artillery pounded German lines for a week beforehand, firing 1.6million shells. This time when he released her, the blood pounded in her neck. Thunder rattled the windowpane and hail pounded on the roof. In preparing the rice for use it is pounded in a wooden mortar to remove the husk, this work being almost always done by the women. I don't feel like I'm making much progress, but I keep pounding away . His heart pounded in his chest, and he tried to look nonchalant. RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR POUNDED English words and Examples of Usage use "pound" in a sentence Now that the tent is up, we'd better pound some stakes into the ground to keep it from blowing around in the wind. Feeling returned with a vengeance and her head pounded mercilessly. 2. northwards up the coast toward Anzio were supported by allied warships, which pounded German positions. Her weight was under ninety pounds. As made by the Indians it was composed of the lean parts of the meat, dried in the sun, and pounded or shredded and mixed into a paste with melted fat. 67. At about 200° C., the metal becomes so brittle that it can be pounded in a mortar. He pounded on her door before opening it. Show More Sentences Take half a pound of pork sausages from the freezer and thaw in microwave. Pierre pounded on the door with the discretion of a jackhammer. In what way is the sentence, "I could feel my body begin to sweat." How to use pound in a sentence. The wind screamed around the eves and pounded on the windows. (artificial) " They learned about the human heart. Adams paced furiously there, pounding his fist into his left palm as he strode. He pounded away all night at his computer, writing the report. Her heart pounded as he moved over her and claimed her lips. An alloy was formed of two parts silver, one-third copper and one-sixth lead; to this mixture, while fluid in the crucible, powdered sulphur in excess was added; and the brittle amalgam, when cold, was finely pounded, and sealed up in large quills for future use. Her heart lurched and pounded unmercifully. The area is still being pounded by rebel guns. Propound definition is - to offer for discussion or consideration. My heart was pounding until in my own ears it sounded like an anvil chorus. His heart pounding near to bursting, he streaked across the shadowed streets. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Scandalous definition is - libelous, defamatory. There was a compressed peel of thunder as eight powerful hooves pounded across the wooden drawbridge. The inner bark is twisted into ropes, and, like that of the spruce, is kiln dried, ground up, and mixed with meal in times of scarcity; in Kamchatka it is macerated in water, then pounded, and made into a kind of substitute for bread without any admixture of flour. ...a pound of cheese. 5 8 We then all trundled off to the College of York and Ripon St. John to their Chapel for breakfast. Quint knew he should quell the ire that surged up and pounded in his neck. The rice was then all pounded out. Little feet pounded across the living room into the kitchen and Destiny interrupted them in an excited voice. pound meaning: 1. the standard unit of money used in the UK and some other countries: 2. the value of the UK…. C. t has for its subject pavements and roads, their construction, mosaic floors; c. 2 is on white stucco for walls (opus albarium); c. 3 on concrete vaults, gypsum mouldings, stucco prepared for painting; c. 4 on building of hollow walls to keep out the damp, wall decoration by various processes; c. 5 on methods and styles of wall painting, the debased taste of his time; c. 6 on fine stucco made of pounded marble - three coats to receive wall paintings; c. 7 on colours used for mural decoration; c. 8 on red lead (minium) and mercury, and how to use the latter to extract the gold from wornout pieces of stuff or embroidery; c. 9 on the preparation of red lead and the method of encaustic painting with hot wax, finished by friction; cc.
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