Another tip is to keep everything cold- freeze or refrigerate your mixing bowl and whisk prior to making your whipped topping. I used a small whisk to get everything nice and smooth. I’m new to this paleo world, and I feel like it’s me making the mistake. P.S. I want to try thisrecipe. In the morning, give the chia seed pudding a good mix, breaking apart any clumps. In a medium saucepot, combine the rice, coconut milk, maple, salt, ginger, and cinnamon. Your put on the very bottom to use only the solid part in the canned coconut, it would have been nice to see that above, I made it already, with the whole can as it did not specify in the directions but in a fine line,way at the bottom i discovered after the fact,,, ,, so disappointed. As always, you will find the full ingredients list with measurements and detailed recipe instructions in a separate recipe box. After reading the reviews I decided to add 1 tsp of corn starch while stirring over the stove to make sure it was reasonably thickened. Works really well for whipped toppings without the fuss of skimming the cream from the milk. Chia puddings were one of the first desserts my wife made after we adopted a Paleolithic (paleo) diet five years ago. Was looking online to see if canned coconut milk can be used for pudding and found your site. Amazing!!!! I do a little too much of everything (except cleaning), and I enjoy laughing at myself. Thank you for your feedback, I’m so pleased to know it turned out perfect. I hope you stay awhile, eat, savor, and enjoy! Flavour Enhancer: Vanilla extract is an ideal option to enhance the flavour of custard. Now that I’ve followed the instructions I can make it again and alter it a bit. I made parfaits and layered it with crushed gluten free graham crackers and whipped cream (holiday splurge) in small jelly jars. Turn on the heat to the medium-low flame and keep stirring continuously. For a gluten-free version, substitute cornflour with arrowroot powder. Thanks for the awesome recipe! What a decadent dessert; worthy of a restaurant, indeed! Adjust cornflour based on your preferred consistency. Keep stirring until sauce thickens and reaches thick, creamy rich sauce. Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies {Paleo & Vegan}. I love my pudding with a big dollop of. Continue to cook the pudding, stirring occasionally, for another 4 to 6 … Vegan coconut custard can be customised to suit an individual’s taste preference.  Top with coconut whipped cream for a perfectly dreamy chocolate dessert. This vegan chocolate pudding is a perfect example of just that. Yes that’s right, scoop out the hardened cream at the top of the can. This looks so rich and chocolatey! Mine was very liquidy as well. Enjoy vegan custard sauce hot or chill it in the fridge for a few hours and serve chilled. seems like I need to add some whipped coconut cream or something. Please refer my, coconut milk custard recipe, dairy free custard sauce, eggless custard recipe, vegan custard recipe, vegan custard sauce recipe, « Turmeric Ginger Cinnamon Tea (Video Recipe), Wheat Payasam (Wheat Berry Pudding + Video) ». I love using coconut milk in my weekly meal preps.Here are 34 vegan recipes with coconut milk for you to try. Yield: About 1¾ cups, or about 4 to 6 servings . Wish it was fluffy like it shows in the picture. Vegan Chocolate Pudding is ideal for layered desserts, trifles, & pies! Powdered Starch: I’ve used corn flour that acts as a thickening agent and aids in smooth and silky soft texture to the custard sauce. My kids, 5 & 2 were so excited to have this for dessert. Stir and mix well. Can’t really eat it that way. But once I did that, it was delicious! (It tastes delicious, but it’s soup). Do you think if I froze this, it would turn out like froyo? Add cocoa powder to make yummy vegan chocolate coconut pudding. Stir and mix … What’s really awesome is it uses staples you most likely already have in your house.. Unsweetened cocoa powder, almond milk, sugar, cornstarch, salt, vanilla and vegan butter are all that are needed for the pudding … Step 1 Combine almond milk, almonds, sugar, vanilla and coconut (if using) in a pan. Quick, simple, and perfect to make ahead of time! Decadent! Amazing rich flavor! Couldn’t get the coconut whip cream to work but absolutely delicious by itself. 2 tablespoons corn starch . Remove lid and add melted coconut oil, starting with 5 Tbsp (amount as original recipe is written // … Substitute regular sugar with coconut sugar if you don’t mind the dark colour and earthy taste of the pudding. My little angels will love this, you are awesome, this is super simple! Do you use this or save for another purpose? There was so much cream in the carton that I didn’t really have to worry about refrigerating it for separation. I have been looking for a recipe that doesn’t have avacado in it! I love coconut … Your email address will not be published. I followed the recipe, poured the pudding in individual containers then drilled past the ad where I saw ‘recipe notes’ and read that just the cream part of the coconut milk was used. Can you make this a couple of days ahead of time? Thanks!! What did you do with the liquid from the can you didn’t use for pudding? I’ll try to make it correctly next time. Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s Coconut Cream? I made this with a can of coconut cream but used the entire can including the thick liquid. Trader Joe’s carries coconut cream in the can (its in a red can). 🙂. It tastes amazing but didn’t set properly. Just thought your readers should know that. Love your recipes!! The Ingredients. Definitely the easiest vegan custard recipe I’ve found – and it was super quick, too. This is such a great way to use coconut milk. Turn the heat right down so that it is on a slow simmer, cover the pot and let it cook for around 50 … Check out my recipe for coconut cream. All options are located at the beginning of the post. what setting did you use on your Vitamix and for how long did you blend it? Keep stirring constantly to avoid burning at the bottom of the pan. Do you think using a sweetener such as Swerve or Sukrin Gold would work with this in place of the syrup, for those of us who are wanting a lower carb option? A delectable vegan custard bursting with fabulous coconut flavour is sure to appeal coconut lovers. As long as I'm the one making the jokes, that is. Do you think I could freeze this into pops, or would it be too icy? To bypass the text section choose “SCROLL TO RECIPE” or “PRINT RECIPE” or click the “SCROLL TO VIDEO” option to watch the full video of this recipe. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. For the chocolate pudding, I have coconut milk, not cream, so I was thinking of thickening with cornstarch as I normally would for pudding recipes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe!! Maybe it’s because I used the liquidy part of the coconut cream as well as the thick part! i will give it 5 star , coz its really faboulous, So easy & it came out great! Thanks! I even let it sit for 4+ hours in the fridge. Hi there! Since this recipe is pleasantly easy, I barely have any real tips before sending you along on your way to chocolate bliss! Learn how your comment data is processed. Try adding strawberry puree for a fruity version or add some cocoa for kid appeal. For this particular recipe, I used the Thai Kitchen full fat canned coconut milk, just the cream part. I just want to say though that Thai Kitchen coconut milk has guar gum, which should be avoided. Add a small pinch of turmeric to get a golden colour. You can stay up to date by following on Facebook,  Pinterest, Instagram or subscribe to my Youtube channel. My husband loved it. In a large sauce pan over medium high heat, add 2 cups of non-dairy milk. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. thank you! More than a little into running and paleo recipes (yoga now too!) Hello 🙂 This looks delicious ! I also used dark cocoa powder, and needed 7 tablespoons of maple syrup for it to get sweet enough. But it looks like it’s separated… coconut is sitting on top. Is the syrup for sweetening and texture? Sorry! Vegan Coconut Chia Pudding: power-packed, flavorful & nutritious breakfast recipe that tastes equally delicious. but I'm not here to rain on your grains (or anything else) so come along for the ride! Looks too good to pass up! Note: I only got one can of coconut cream (5.4 oz) and realized upon opening that was not going to equal to 1.5 cups. Also, half cup cocoa seems like so much, but your results look great! Hey, Welcome to Flavours Treat. My kiddos are going to love this treat. THANK YOU for subscribing! The first time I made it, I used 6 Tbsp of maple syrup and it was still too sweet for my taste. Kids are sure to love this delectable vegan coconut custard and won’t stop asking for more. I was worried about it setting up because it seemed so thin but after about 4-5 hours in the fridge it got thick enough to call pudding. I haven’t tried it but I do have a no churn chocolate ice cream recipe that’s similar but may work better: Do you think this would work with soya cream? Sorry it didn’t work out! Total time: 22 mins. Combining coconut milk, sugar, vanilla extract, prepared cornflour slurry in a saucepan. If anything it’s usually very thick after being chilled, I’m guessing the coconut cream separated somehow, perhaps the brand had something added to it that caused this? ????? and my mom is obsessed with custard, ill have to try this for her it looks so yum! hey so this recipe says it only take 7 minutes total? A dash of lemon juice and little lemon zest adds a lovely zinginess to the custard sauce. It might be okay to note that in the recipe as well for others. I’ve never tried it before either. So I basically halved the recipe and it turned out with the perfect consistency…maybe a little more chocolately than i expected, so next time I will get more cans so that I can make the full amount. […], […] View recipe at […], […] Paleo and Vegan Chocolate Pudding {Nut Free} […], […] canned coconut milk, just the cream part. I’m not sure what I did wrong. A pinch of ground nutmeg or ground cinnamon gives it a wonderfully wholesome and amazing flavour. Just kidding. Well, it’s so tasty so I’ll definitely try it again! It came in second place on America’s Test Kitchen so I think it’s superior without the additives. Scoop out the creamy, thick, white portion of the coconut milk that remains and place it into a blender. It turned out lighter and fluffier than the stovetop method and it set in the refrigerator faster, which was good because I didn’t want to wait to eat it! Am I supposed to scoop out the white stuff in the can, and not just dump the whole thing into a pan with the water? Made this for my kids and I couldn’t stop eating it myself! Coconut milk custard – vegan and creamy dessert that takes just 10 minutes to make. I rarely leave reviews, but this was INCREDIBLE. Adjust sugar to suit your taste preference. Crispy Roasted Baby Potatoes with Rosemary, Mango Pudding (4 ingredient pudding with agar-agar), Vegetable Frittata (Vegan Chickpea Flour Frittatas). This recipe turned out PERFECTLY!! Hi Michele! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ve made this recipe twice, and expect to make it many more times. Remove from heat at this point, and stir in the salt and vanilla. A great substitute to traditional custard for gluten and dairy intolerant people. Required fields are marked *. It was heavenly. I haven’t tried using the whole can (cream and milk) but I think it would turn out runny, like you’re describing. I use this to make a pie for thanks giving. Help spread the word. Before you get started, scroll up a little and watch a quick recipe video. I need this in my life right now! I haven’t ever used that so I’m not sure how it would work. I admit, I was skeptical at first, but I saw all the other rave reviews and thought I had to try it; especially since it was so simple to make. I poured the mixture into a cooked pie shell and chilled in the fridge. Am I not cooling it down long enough? Add the silken tofu, bananas, maple syrup (or another sweetener, if … 6-8 Tbsp depending on how sweet you want it, I have a fun, easy weekend baking project for you, One of my family’s favorites! Enjoy it hot or chill it in the fridge for a few hours and serve chilled. I don’t see how it could turn out liquidy if you use thick canned coconut cream, which is very firm when chilled. Coconut milk custard - vegan and creamy dessert that takes just 10 minutes to make. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Haha. I used Arroy-D coconut cream in a carton – I don’t have much experience with coconut cream, so I was nervous about not using a can, but it worked perfectly. Makes about 4 servings. I prefer to use coconut, cashew, or almond milk – but any will work. Everytime i try to make a pudding like this it is still liquid form after being in the fridge for a long tine. These cookies do not store any personal information. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The taste with this one is on point and I’ll give you a few options along the way. Add all the ingredients to a saucepan and stir well. Can you make vanilla pudding using the same recipe minus the cocoa powder? Just made this recipe for the first time tonight (as directed aside from adding 2 squares of Ghirardelli 92% cacao chocolate to richen it up further), and the pudding is chilling in the fridge currently. Swap vanilla with a dash of rose water to add a lovely floral aroma to this coconut milk pudding. Good to know, Liz. Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. You could use it in place of pastry cream. I’m also pretty sure I’ll be able to modify this recipe to make chocolate mousse, my all time favorite, without the dairy kicking my butt. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Can I substitute something in place of thecoconut cream? I’ve used it to make Mint Pulao that turned out fabulous. Will definitely make this again. I’m so happy you stopped by! So, Good!!! Haha. Bring to the boil on the hob, stirring frequently. Paleo and Vegan Chocolate Pudding {Nut Free}, Can you use the pudding and add to a nut crust for chocolate pudding pie? Definitely go all out and do the whip cream too. I’m not sure what you could sub in there to mimic the texture and keep it paleo/vegan. I’m sorry but not sure, I’ve only tested it with thick coconut cream. Your recipes are amazing. Thanks for all you do!!! 2 cups almond milk (2 one-cup sections) 1/2 cup pumpkin paste . This pudding is amazing. Mine turned out SUPER runny. Coconut milk: I’ve used store-bought full fat coconut milk can. 1/3 cup sugar . In a small saucepan over low heat, whisk together the coconut cream, cacao, and maple syrup (start with 6 Tbsp, or even less if you want a very dark chocolate pudding) until smooth. Worked like a charm. Thank you <3. Did I do something wrong? 1/4 teaspoon pumpkin spice As I am trying to figure out calories per serving. My name is Michele and I’m a Paleo eater and recipe creator, runner, mom of 3, and the gal behind Paleo Running Momma! Over here you’ll find real-food, clean eating family favorites that you’ll be excited to share with your loved ones. My 5 year old keeps taking about Paleo Running Momma too. Ingredients . I’m so pleased to know you find this recipe useful, I would love to know how your mom enjoyed the custard , Your email address will not be published. 🙂 Enjoying creamy, thick pudding as I type this. would be good to have the time to set included as this was a bit misleading. Otherwise, I don’t think you’ll get that cream at the top. A perfect crowd-pleaser dessert at potlucks, game nights, family gatherings and get together parties. You can pour the mixture into individual containers/bowls to chill and set, or simply in one larger bowl only and divide later on. But I just got such an intense craving for chocolate pudding tonight that I had to do something, and this was the first search result!! Cover with a lid and simmer for 15 minutes, …  I would say first, make sure you sift your cacao (or cocoa) to make it easy to achieve a nice smooth and creamy pudding when you whisk everything. If you’re looking for vegan pudding, it’s easy to find 100% plant-based varieties from companies that don’t test on animals, both in stores and online. Cooking time may vary depending on the type of burner you use. I used the Trader Joe’s coconut cream from a can (the entire can), and I am guessing the tsp of corn starch was likely entirely unnecessary, but it was delicious regardless. It is delicious, creamy, nutritious and has a long shelf life. You may use healthy alternatives such as maple syrup, agave nectar, brown sugar, coconut sugar. Your presentation is amazing! These easy one-skillet teriyaki meatballs are perfect for weeknights. My family does this with regular pudding and looking for a paleo friendly option! Cook on low heat for 5 mins and stir with a whisk. Basically a dairy-free hot chocolate drink. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Be sure the coconut cream you use doesn’t contain guar gum. Should I drain the white stuff first? This takes 50 minutes or so to make. It takes around 8-10 minutes. When I’m looking for something specific, you are one of the bloggers I start with!  About the sad, sad times I spent trying to save whipped cream that didn’t whip at all, but rather turned into something that resembled cottage cheese? I only used 5 Tbsp of maple syrup, not quite all of the cocoa powder either (about 1 Tbsp or so less) and the flavor was perfect – very chocolately and just barely sweet enough. The sauce thickens further once it cools down. The ground almonds should begin to absorb some of the … I just had to make these and I have to say that this became my kid’s favorite. Thank you for the recipe! This looks delicious! Reduce the heat slightly. AroyD makes one without it. Sweetener: Regular sugar has been used in this recipe. Check out these great vegan pudding options: Zen. You're awesome for doing it! I loved that I could give them a treat that’s good for them. Good luck! 1 teaspoon agar powder. The coconut cream makes it firm up when chilled, at room temp it’s more pudding like, if that makes sense 🙂 You can also just use full fat coconut milk so it doesn’t firm up as much. Scoop entire can of coconut milk into a heatproof, microwave-safe bowl. If so, how much do you think? Any suggestions on what I can use this chocolate liquid for? Turn off the heat and transfer the sauce to a pitcher or jar. Lol, I’ve done things like that 🙂 So glad it worked out anyway this time, luckily it’s pretty resilient! A great vegan alternative option to make pies, cakes, pudding. Dark Chocolate Coconut Pudding {Paleo; Vegan} Prep time: 2 mins. Put the rice, coconut blossom sugar, plant based milk and coconut milk together in a pot and bring it to a boil. Finally, a recipe for Vegan Chocolate Pudding that does not contain either avocado OR any specialty ingredients! I used only the thick solid cream part of my cold can of coconut milk – I actually had to strain it because it didn’t chill into one solid mass. thanks. I’ve had so much trouble trying to make that coconut milk whipped cream too! What is the difference between milk and cream? I must have a HUGE sweet tooth!” because I had to double (or something like that – I just kept adding more and more 😀 ) the maple and coconut cream. Thanks. Did you use coconut cream (not a thinner milk) and cooled the mixture before serving? If you used a thin dairy free milk that’s mostly water, that would explain the liquid factor, otherwise I can’t think of anything. If you enjoy watching my videos, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and click the bell icon, so you’ll be the first to know when I post a new video. I used coconut cream from a chilled can of coconut milk and ended up with less than a cup’s worth of cream, so I had to reduce the other ingredients accordingly. Vegan Whipped Cream: You can chill a can of coconut milk overnight in the fridge, then scoop out the hard layer of cream on top and whip up (use the remaining liquid for smoothies, etc.) Keep aside. October 17, 2019 by Geetha Priyanka 8 Comments. I made a half batch tonight and didn’t realize until this very moment that I forgot to halve the cocoa. I’m talking ridiculously easy, so easy that it’s even possible to make it when the last thing you want to do in the world is cook ANYTHING. Yes, Dannii this is so quick and easy to make and a great way to use up the leftover coconut milk too. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you haven’t read the other post and want to make deliciously creamy coconut whipped cream to top your pudding, I recommend you use this brand of canned cream (they’re small cans of cream only) which hasn’t failed me yet. I have been following you for years. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sauce keeps good for 3-4 days in the refrigerator. You just need coconut milk, chia seeds, vanilla and a … It’s so thick that if anything, the pudding is thicker than a regular pudding. They make an excellent snack, especially for that 2 pm energy slump. Try Zen dairy-free pudding in two chocolatey varieties: Hazelnut or Almondmilk. Whisk until thoroughly mixed. I’ll use just the dense cream next time. To make a cornflour slurry, combine cornflour and little coconut milk in a small bowl. I used a can of coconut cream and followed the recipe exactly! But now I’m not worried about trying it again because I have this amazing pudding to fall back on lol. Dairy-free Milk: Any dairy-free milk is sufficient. Lumps should not form if you keep stirring constantly, but if you get few lumps, strain the custard sauce through a sieve before serving or chilling. Remove from heat at this point, and stir in the salt and vanilla. Also make sure to use full fat coconut milk. We also liked the banana almond butter bars. The truth is, I “discovered” this recipe long ago in a desperate attempt to not waste a $2.50 can of coconut milk after it failed at whipping properly. I followed the recipe and it only firmed up on top, the rest was still super liquidy after chilling almost 24 hours. I would have benefited from this note being in the body of the recipe. Have used most of them. Thanks! Serve it to friends and family or to impress at events- even non-vegans will love this one! Thanks for the recipe!  Let’s make this pudding! This vegan pumpkin pudding tastes just like pumpkin pie filling! Combine coconut milk, sugar, vanilla extract, prepared cornflour slurry in a saucepan. You can use any other liquid sweetener and it wouldn’t affect the texture. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. My pudding, after 8 hours in the frig is runny . Â. *You can use this canned coconut cream, or you can use the thick part of a chilled, separated can of coconut milk. Can I use raw stevia powder instead of the maple syrup ? I made this and the next day it was more like frosting or fudge than pudding.
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