Anion Air has the answer! AIO and Air Cooler Comparision. Air … See more. Anion (negative charged ions) are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. The diagram below outlines what the various buttons and indicators mean. What CPU Cooler should you get for your PC? An air cooler is very common and can be found in the majority of the PC builds (budget to high-end) while a liquid AIO cooler is more of a fancy thing, and you can spot it in mid to high-end gaming builds. Cations are positive ions missing one or more electrons, resulting in a net positive charge. The benefits differ for different organs: To respiratory system: improves lung function. Anion definition, a negatively charged ion, as one attracted to the anode in electrolysis. Air ionizers use ions to remove particulates, microbes, and odors from the air. 1.0 Introduction to Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. Choose Quality Air Coolers Manufacturers,Suppliers, Exporters at . The Honeywell HFD-120-Q Quiet Clean Tower Air Purifier is a good example of an air purifier with an ionizer. And this air cooler easily rolls from room to room for use anywhere in your house or office. They are extremely good at cleaning dust and smoke from the air, but if it is not trapped inside the unit, the dirt will stick to anything in the vicinity of the ion generator because every dirt … An AIO cooler is also known as Closed Loop Liquid Cooler (CLC). What Does an Ionizer Do? It will not cool the air. An air ioniser (or negative ion generator or Chizhevsky's chandelier) is a device that uses high voltage to ionise (electrically charge) air molecules.Negative ions, or anions, are particles with one or more extra electrons, conferring a net negative charge to the particle. The remote control allows you to easily change settings. Anion in air is like vitamins in food; they greatly benefit people's health and everyday routine, which can facilitate body growth and disease prevention. Note that the central This kind of heat exchanger are used in petrochemical and refineries to utilize the atmospheric air to cool the hydrocarbon, process and utility fluids by means of indirect heat transfer from fluid (within the tube) to be cooled by air being circulated by means of forces / induced draft fan. Air ionizers make the air in a room healthier for people to breathe, especially for people suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory-related ailments. 30 minutes after anion intake, the lung is able to inhale 20% more oxygen and exhale 14.5% more carbon dioxide In chemistry, a molecule or ... "Anion" and "cation" mean "up-goer" and "down-goer". Portable Evaporative Floor Standing Air Cooler With Anion Released Air Cooler With Mirco computer Control,Ventilation & Air Treatment Manufacturers &Ventilation & Air Treatment Suppliers Directory - Find a Air Coolers Manufacturer and Supplier. It can also be used as a air purifier because of its anion generator. Plus, it has very good features for the price. Ionizers are also available as individual air quality machines and are included built-in features in some air circulating fans, such as the Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower Fan. Features Can be used as air cooler, humidifier, fan, air purifier Performs best in hot/dry climates where humidity levels are <50% An ion generator does not work like a typical air conditioner. Think waterfalls, mountains, and ocean beaches. EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER LCD BUTTON PANEL THE LCD BUTTON PANEL The Cool-A-Zone Cool Box has a user-friendly and easy-to-use LCD indication panel with one-touch button features for activating, timing, setting, and full control of your Cool Box.