All of these celebrities studied biology: David Attenborough – graduated with a natural sciences degree in 1947, and went on to become famous for presenting wildlife documentaries. For many people, a biology degree is a step on the way to medical school or another health care specialty. Your specific duties and responsibilities differ depending on your job. Verified employers. After years of studying the attributes of living organisms, you will become instrumental to pharmacology. Apply to Helper, Logistic Coordinator, Youth Specialist and more! Moreover, botanists can discover new types of plants, examine their parts and potentially generate new uses for these plants that could lead to multiple health benefits. Within the broad field of biology, scientists focus their career with a specialty. Are you an employer? A biology degree will equip you with many transferable skills that are sought-after in the workplace, whether that workplace is within a scientific industry or not. Can you ask for much more? Probably not. But there are plenty of biology degree jobs that don’t involve going anywhere near a stethoscope or drawing up patient charts, including lab-based research, direct involvement in policy, or even the sale of new prescription drugs. In a world brimming with life and living matter, one may not be inclined to wonder what jobs you can get with a biology degree, but for the benefit of the curious, there are diverse career options available for biology majors, some which include positions as lab microbiologists, biological technicians, biophysicists, biochemists and zoologists. Most Lucrative Entry Level Biology Degree Jobs #1 Microbiologist. An environmental science degree equips you with the skills and knowledge for a range of jobs in areas such as conservation, sustainability, and environmental research and education. This position gives you the best of both worlds: working directly with nature and using your craft. The genetic counsellor is an integral member of a healthcare team, in addition to offering risk assessment, education and support to families that could potentially be at risk for or diagnosed with multiple inherited conditions. 16 days ago Save job Not interested Report job Here are some of those transferable skills: With these areas of expertise in your toolbelt, you’ll be a valuable asset to employers in all different industries. Well, that’s the role of a microbiologist, who will attempt to understand how these organisms form, live, grow and interact with their environments. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor. Biology degree skills you can use in your career. There are over 16,051 biology degree … Physician assistants will work with licensed physicians. At you can search for biology jobs, including Botany, Zoology, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biophysics and Biochemistry jobs, in the UK and abroad. Step 2: Find a speciality. Apply to Forensic Scientist, Technician, Register and more! Biology related degree courses and similar subjects. I'm in the same boat as you, out of work looking for a job in Biology field, I've seen too many "entry level" positions requiring postgraduate degrees (Honors, Masters, PHD etc) which is weird since people with those degrees won't go for those positions because the pay wouldn't be what they're worth. Hydrologists will measure the properties of bodies of water, collect water samples, test for specific properties and analyse data to determine if there is pollution, drought or erosion. In fact, a fair amount of biology grads end up industries such as education, sales, and marketing.