DPI issue on second monitor (blurry UI). Hey, can you try something different? I recently purchased an Acer Predator XB241H monitor to go with a new desktop system designed for gaming and video editing. Here’s a look at the problem and how to fix it. Unfortunately, I'm new to W10 and in general a bit challenged as a computer user. As I explained, the blurry text occurs on whichever monitor that is set as the 'non-primary monitor.' I have a new Dell M3800 Laptop, screen resolution 3200x1800, and an external 1080p Samsung monitor. No issues when only one monitor is utilized (external or internal), since there is only a primary monitor. Thankfully, Windows 10 has settings that can help. However, Windows 10 displays some blurry fonts on high-resolution devices. Using it as a monitor has made most text look blurry especially from my browser (no matter the screen resolution or whether windows cleartext was on) but HD movies and such look fine. So I was thinking if your method would make my monitor crispier. Again, this image below tells the story. Hey OP, I have a Dell monitor, 24" 2408WPS, it is a 1920x1200 monitor, and it happens the same, I noticed it forces theYPbPr/YCbCr mode instead of the RGB one. I have a 1920x1280 full HD ASUS Monitor and yes the same thing in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 for me, everything was very small, but changing the DPI settings to 125% from the native 100% made everything worse from desktop gadgets to certain programs that did not adjust well to higher then the native DPI … Thank you. If I switch monitors … And if you have multiple monitors with different pixel densities, things can get even more confusing. These other symptoms include: Spots and floaters. The monitor (S24D3000) is connected on my new pc via DVI and the SyncMaster one is connected via HDMI cable but that's where it's blurry (the text). Say your laptop is super high-resolution, and requires scaling to keep icons and text from looking tiny. Also the text is blurry, now even more thanks to Mojave. No matter what I do, the external monitor is slightly blurry. However, you may still experience blurry text in Office applications when you have more than one monitor and the external monitor has a different screen resolution than the primary monitor. Monitor 2 on the other hand, the picture is too big, the taskbar is barely in the shot and the text is really blurry compared to my other monitor. Out of the box, the monitor has displayed fuzzy text and way over contrasted photos. Both my monitors are PC monitors (Samsung PX2370) Monitor 1 with DVI-D works perfectly well, the text is like it always was. If you have connected an external monitor to a Microsoft Surface 2 or 3 (or any other high resolution computer) running Windows 8, you will see that the second screen’s text is fuzzy. Blurry apps include PowerPoint 2007, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and so on. This is true even on the Surface Book screen if I set it as the non-primary monitor. Only system apps and Windows 10 pieces of software installed from the App Store seem to display OK on the extended monitor. The problem is if you have a screen resolution of 1920×1080 or higher, most of the time the DPI scaling is set to at least 125% to make everything easier to read. I have not experienced blurry text. However, I' still have a lot of apps showing crisp and clear on the HD display, but being blurry when I drag the to the second monitor. My operating system is Windows 10 Home Edition, Version 1709, Build 16299.371. - OS: Windows 7 Pro - … Windows doesn’t do the best job of scaling on high-resolution monitors.