Its a Honda GXV (390 i believe). If you give it fuel while its running, it dies even quicker. Do not mess with the adjustment screws, as they are pre-set. ... Last few times I used it the saw needed revving up before cutting or it would bog. We turn it on using the trigger starter. I have a poulan 1950 le chainsaw that will only run for a few seconds. Stihl MS170 Chainsaw starts then dies. Parts can be the culprit in this case. Before taking in your chainsaw for repair, however, you can follow a few troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue you're having with your Husqvarna chainsaw. If this happens to you, experts suggest that you check out the plug spark arrestor screen, the … Poulan chainsaw starts, but stops running in about three to five seconds.? The Dyson is fully charged, when starting use with the brush head attachment, stops working after about 10 seconds of use. My Craftsman chainsaw will start and run for a few seconds, and then quits. It acts like it is running out of gas after the primer "squirt" runs out. I have replaced fuel, spark plug, checked fuel lines, tried spraying cleaner in … It will start, but dies shortly after. But, if you have already messed with it, then turn both screws fully in and then 1-1/2 turns out and leave them like that until the engine has started. After tinkering around for a bit, I was able to get the engine started. Step 1 Check to see if you have enough gasoline in the chainsaw's gas tank if you are experiencing problems during start-up. A start-stop problem or condition is when the chainsaw actually starts, but does not run continuously for more than a few seconds. When I took off the gas cap and looked in the tank, I saw that the little fuel line that goes to the fuel filter had come off of the "barb" in the tank wall - but try as i may, I couldn't get it back on. I have been using TRuFuel 50:1 with no problems for months until now.I checked the plug, not dirty at all. Your buddy will really think you are smart when you have fixed the chainsaw for him. After starting, it runs for a few seconds and dies. The following is a more detailed series of the events which occur. I have been unsuccessful at finding a good chainsaw discussion forum so I thought Id post it here. Throttling always makes it bog down and stop. I have changed the fuel pump and fuel filter with no help from my 100 bucks. I recently replaced fuel line and filter (Echo 90097 kit) and still, no better. The way I got the engine started was by taking off the air filter and spraying alot of starter fluid in it. Running a lean mixture for too long will cause irreversible damage to the internals of the engine. If a restart is tried it will start and run for 10 seconds. My ECHO SRM-225 starts on cold setting but dies out soon after, sometimes one to three minutes, sometimes just a few seconds. The engine turned over, and would run for about three seconds, presumably just burning the … I have a craftsman (poulan) 18" 40cc saw that Im trying to fix. I have just rebuilt the engine because of a broken ring and low compression. A bad fuel line will cause the chainsaw to run lean (too little fuel or too much air in the mixture), and this means it will only run at idle for 5 to 10 seconds before it shuts off completely. The voltage to the injector pump is 12v after it shuts off it is at 0v I tried running a wire directly from the batt to the injector pump and it still stops running. Then adjust for best running and idle. If you know of a good chainsaw forum let me know. The Dyson DC 45 ( I have shown DC56 here as it appears similar to the DC45) stops every 3-5 seconds when in use.