Led by Walter Jetz. He has won more awards than any other scientist (over 20 literary awards, including two Pulitzer Prizes, and over Wilson explores his concept of Half-Earth, a call to protect half the Earth’s land and sea in order to manage sufficient habitat to reverse the species extinction crisis and ensure species have the space they need to thrive. According to the World Database on Protected Areas, a joint project of the United Nations Environmental Program and the International Union for Conservation of Nature, they occupied by 2015 a little less than 15 per cent of Earth’s land area and 2.8 per cent of Earth’s ocean area. In addition to his 20 previous works, two of which, 1978’s On Human Nature, and 1991’s The Ants have earned him Pulitzer Prizes, Wilson most recently penned "The Creation, An Appeal to Save Life on Earth," as an attempt to peaceably bridge science and faith, specifically the literal belief in the Bible versus the scientific belief in evolution, in hopes to save the planet. The coverage is increasing gradually. With E.O. The Half-Earth Project offers a solution commensurate with the magnitude of the problem. This initiative is working to conserve half the earth’s lands and seas to reverse the species extinction crisis currently threatening the planet. The Half-Earth campaign’s goal is to raise those numbers to 50%. A farmer at work near the village of Lok Ma Chau, outside Shenzhen, Hong Kong. US: Esri has announced its partnership with the E.O. THE VISION FOR E. O. WILSON'S LIFE ON EARTH. As a first critical step, Wilson advocates – through his E. O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation – the preservation of the world’s 35 hotspots of biodiversity that cover just 1.5 percent of the earth’s land surface (such as the forests of Madagaskar and of the Amazon and Congo Basins) but contain 60 percent of all species. Half-Earth Day is sponsored by the E.O. Designed to give students a deep understanding of the central topics of introductory biology, E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth is a captivating iBooks Textbook presented as a seven-unit collection. Please join us in our work to save half the Earth for the rest of life. E.O. Proceeds will be donated to the E.O. By supporting the Half-Earth Project, you are helping save the very fabric of life on Earth and helping raise conservation efforts to a new level.Your financial contribution supports our research, leadership and engagement programs that are at the very heart of the Half-Earth Project. Each unit of the engagingly interactive E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth features video, photo galleries, and Multi-Touch images and illustrations that inspire students to study, enjoy, and help protect the wonders of life on Earth.--Free: View in iTunes: 213: E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth Unit 2 https://www.nytimes.com/.../books/review/by-the-book-edward-o-wilson.html Wilson and the Half-Earth Project Part II of our conversation with Dr. E.O. The Life on Earth project represents a revolutionary strategy to deliver life science education. The Half-Earth Project, a program of the E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth Unit 2: Guided Tour of the Living Cell by Edward O. Wilson 4.67 avg rating — 18 ratings — published 2014 Designed to give students a deep understanding of the central topics of introductory biology, E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth is a captivating iBooks Textbook presented as a seven-unit collection. Part II: E.O. As this century’s most eminent biologist E.O. The goal of the project is to map global species distribution in unprecedented detail and use this information to identify conservation priorities that will safeguard species diversity. In this first unit, we explore the unity of life by examining the shared features of all living things, inherited from a universal common ancestor. This trend is encouraging. Soothing Relaxation Recommended for you Deep Sleep Music - Ocean Waves, Fall Asleep Fast, Relaxing Music, Sleeping Music ★138 - Duration: 3:04:38. Setting Aside Half the World for the Rest of Life with E.O. With that background, I launched into reading Half-Earth and found it to be a rather interesting book to read. E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and will be providing the mapping and analytics capabilities of the ArcGIS platform to the foundation’s Half-Earth Project. The film begins with the story of ant biologist E. O. Wilson, who observed and tested the species-area relationship on islands. E.O. The tour kicks off June 1 in St. Augustine, Florida and wraps up June 28 in Denver. Wilson - Duration: 56:43. The Half-Earth Project was inspired by the book, Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life, written by American biologist and naturalist, E. O. Wilson. In this second volume, we examine what happens inside cells, looking at how molecules and energy become life and exploring topics like metabolism, photosynthesis, and cell division. Here I’m referring to the plan EO Wilson has named Half Earth… In Half-Earth, American biologist and Pulitzer prize winner E.O. "Thank you for taking this step and joining us in our work to save half the Earth for the rest of life. Duration: 120 mins. Wilson Foundation and the Half-Earth Project. HOW TO SAVE THE NATURAL WORLD. Man must do more to preserve the rest of life on Earth, warns Edward O. Wilson, professor emeritus, Harvard University Wilson: Preserving Biodiversity Is an Ethical Imperative 02/17/2014 10:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 "Biodiversity is the totality of all inherited variation in the life forms of Earth… I read Half-Earth after having watched a 2-hr documentary on E.O. Halfway to the 51st Earth Day Celebration! One tool that scientists are using to conserve Earth's remaining biodiversity is the species-area relationship.