Together, the presentation is spacious, balanced in tonality and with very little coloration. Holiday Gift Guide 2020: 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Audiophile/Music Lover! On IEMs, it will still score better on staging and PRaT with its advantage in power. On low gain, it works pretty well with easy-to-drive earphones and buds including the ikko OH1 which sounds quite opened up. The M5 boasts a lot of functionality in its tiny form factor, including bi-directional Bluetooth, a pedometer, colour touchscreen display and USB DAC to name a few. - To start with build quality, I’ve only had the device for a couple of days so obviously I can’t speak of the long-term durability. Merece la pena conectar mi M9 al K5 Pro? Meanwhile, the new coaxial and optical input will allow you to hook up your PS4, your M11Pro, and other DAPs not to forget your PC can system easily. I have had the combination plugged into my computer and kept running for the entirety of my time of … The manufacturer sent me the K5 Pro in exchange for an honest review, and that is what follows. The Oriveti OH500 also sounds airy and punchy on the K5  Pro, very smooth with R&B and other relaxing music albeit more bass texture would be welcomed. I truly reveled at how clean the sound was. K5 Pro could support Coaxial/Optical/Line in. It’s also worth mentioning the K5 Pro doesn’t start producing audible volume until about a 25% percent turn on the knob. The K5 is a lot more practical … USB Driver ASIO/KS/DS/WASAPI/DSD DOP(Native), Output Power (headphone output): 1.65W(16Ω); 1.5W(32Ω). These Are The Best Wireless Headphones For Audiophiles! Like the original E9, the K5 Pro is built with power in mind and should be capable of giving your demanding in-ear monitors and some headphones a solid boost. Your email address will not be published. It would also be fun if you have other stronger DACs to hook up to the K5 Pro to boost resolution and texture. Notare mejoria en la calidad del sonido? Buy Here: Amazon-FiiO K5 Pro AK4493EQ | 768K/32Bit and Native DSD 512 decoding Deskstop DAC and Amplifier for Home and Computer. On lowest gain there is zero to very faint background noise being heard and the higher gain factors can make IEMs sound very loud but more dynamic, especially for dynamic driver based designs. I find the new K5 Pro slightly warmer than K5’s output and everything seems more clearly outlined than just being amplified. K5 Pro could support Coaxial/Optical/Line in. First impressed and build quality. 2020-02-08 If you prefer the K5 Pro’s integral DAC, you can plug the DAP‌ into one of the digital inputs provided it has digital out. Aluminum box with rounded edges gives K5 pro a clean look. The new Fiio K5 docking station (and amplifier) is no different and with its recommended selling price of $110USD, it is – again – a product to look out for. The mid-treble is not altered for pseudo clarity and sounds very smooth. If you are looking for a DAC Amp to drive your big headphones the K5 Pro is technically much superior with a higher-end decoding chipset. The HD600 sounds dull on many small amps but K5 Pro feeds the hungry beasts with solid output power, getting its mojo back while bringing some punchy bass and a peppy treble. It is priced at $149.99. Description Features Specifications AKM AK4493EQ DAC chipsThe K5 Pro is equipped with AKM’s AK4493EQ DAC chips - known for its smooth, pleasant yet detailed sound due to its high signal-to … I tested the Final B1 on the K5 Pro as well and its character is well-defined. It doesn’t try to manufacture any excitement via added warmth; it just gives you the facts. Channel balance issues have always been a nightmare for mid-night listens especially with multi-ba IEMs and sometimes it may get too loud before you find the sweet spot/ minimum vol. Being realistic we are not reviewing anything $500 and the K5 Pro actually delivers very good dynamics and value as an all-in-one solution. FiiO K5 PRO Desktop DAC and Amplifier for Home and Computers Consider these available items Creative Sound BlasterX G6 Hi-Res 130dB 32bit/384kHz Gaming DAC,External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amp,Dolby Digital,7.1 Virtual Surround Sound,Speaker Control for PS4,Xbox One,Nintendo 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,275 You may not notice the upgrade on the outside, but this is a great feature that allows much more precise low-volume control, letting you enjoy sensitive IEMs in a quiet environment also to use the K5 Pro as a volume controller/ Preamp for powerful power amps. Watch the review of the budget bass king IEM, FIiO FH1S. There is enough treble extension to make it not sound compressed. The back panel is almost entirely occupied by a slice of polyurethane leather, offering some grip and protection when the Q5 is lying down. There are a series of solid-state caps used for power regulation. In the box along with the amp, you get a low-noise laptop-style power adapter, the matching power cable, replacement rubber feet, instruction manual, and a 1/4” headphone adapter. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Author: BadSeed Tech; From: YouTube. Cool and professional. Speakers Aeon Flow Closed, which are notoriously hard to match and drive properly. And at just 195g it’s not going to ruin the line of your jacket if you do take it out and about. Build and aesthetics. When you use the RCA outputs they are actually bypassing the gain switches. As far as headphones were concerned, I started with the Mr. FiiO K3 DAC+AMP Review. You can toggle between signal inputs such as USB/coaxial(SPDIF), RCA line-in, in a very simple and efficient manner. You could pair the K5 Pro with a K701 for sweeter vocal performance or the Meze 99 Classic which sounds fast and energetic without any fatigue. Compatible with all current Fiio X series players X1/ X3 2nd / X5 2nd /X7 and E17K. The distortion level has excellent control and you can still hear good details and dynamics when boosting the volume to a high level. It's an awesome device. All the moving parts operate smoot… The DragonFly does sound very open, airy, clean, and crisp. The FiiO E10K is a small & sleek headphone DAC, but don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance. I also have the k5 pro. FiiO packs in all these functions at just $149.99 which may be an even better deal than the older K5 unless you need that dual 3.5mm balanced connection which I never find practical. The Reveal: Cambridge Audio “Amps Up” Their New Wireless Earbuds! A pair of RCA connectors provide a variable line-out. Author: BadSeed Tech; From: YouTube. The FiiO E10K USB DAC and headphone amplifier is a natural step forward for FiiO headphone amps, and this new and improved version of the FiiO E10 fixes a few of the issues that were prevalent with the e10. Big Shoutout to FiiO for sending the K5 Pro demo unit for comparison to the K3!! I‌ listened to Shelby Lynne’s “Just a Little Lovin”‌ through the Elear, and while I would’ve liked a little more texture and involvement in the vocals, the reproduction of the instrumentation was excellent. For a budget device the packaging is about as nice as … The circuit’s good technical capabilities, easy implementation, and high slew rate allow the amp stage to handle sensitive IEMs and demanding cans at ease while keeping cost low. On October 31, 2019 By hifitr5_wp It wasn’t long ago that I‌ would call a $150 desktop headphone … Work as an exclusive docking amplifier for FiiO X-series players: connect the X1/X3II/X5II/X7 to the K5 … The design doesn’t compromise noise control and details while maintaining good dynamics, tonal balance, and extension for IEMs. Switching to high gain, there are good dynamics and openness. It is controlled by the volume knob and there is no direct/fixed level mode. Using FiiO's customized Type C to USB B cable to connect with DK1 (Type C version), K5 Pro could work as a “dock” for your player to achieve lossless decoding and drive big headphones. Surrounding the volume knob is a slick-looking light ring that roughly indicates the sample rate. I would recommend disconnecting your earphones to prevent any damage during this option because of the loss of gain functionality. The majority of the time, I‌ used the computer playing local files and TIDAL‌ streams via Audirvana. The K5 Pro works like a champ with its power but my only wish is that there could be more resolution and refinement in the lower frequencies for lossy music formats. We have been covering a few FiiO products and you can see consistent packaging designs with a clean black theme. The screws are all sitting on the rear end, unscrew everything and you will be able to slide out the board with the front panel. The new device supports not only digital inputs but also analog with its new integrated syle. Still, the K5 … We thank FiiO for this opportunity. In terms of sound quality via headphones or speakers, it is hard to say which I prefer. The FiiO E10K is a small & sleek headphone DAC, but don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance. amzn_assoc_linkid = "407a33e20739fb14eafba228261c54f2"; As an Amazon Associate, may earn from qualifying purchases via links placed throughout the site…this helps us keep the website going! FiiO K5 Pro Desktop Amp/Dac by Bad Guy Good Audio Review FiiO K5Pro (un-box) Desktop Amp/DAC (AK4493) Gracias, Hi, There is plenty of power with just 50-60% volume needed to drive the HD600s. The FiiO K1 is the best portable headphone Amp&Dac under 50$ on the market. I don’t think there is any ADC for the RCA in, if you look into the schematic the volume control is after the decoding stage, RCA signal shall be fed in from there. The FiiO K5 Pro is the latest generation of a solid-state amplifier that started way back in 2012 with the E9 and directly replaces the K9 dock system from 2016. If you’re looking for a desktop amp/DAC that can power pretty much any headphone for around $150, this one should be high on your list. On the front, we find an input selector, gain selector, and 6.35 mm headphone out. It still works nicely as a volume controller and is satisfactory for the price. There is also a 6.3mm output that fits common studio headphones and 3.5mm TRS IEMs with a convertor. Being said the core competence of the K5Pro is its amp section, you will get better results with stronger sources so when you use your higher end DAPs as a DAC, lineout to the K5Pro you may get higher quality outputs. Two years ago, they entered the portable Bluetooth market with the announcement of the BTR1 which I really liked at that time. The balanced 3.5mm output is missing on the newer K5 Pro but I never find that a convenient option. The K5 Pro has more than sufficient power for planars, perhaps a bit too clean and fast and lacks emotion for my streaming content and playlists. Didalamnya, kita mendapatkan Headphone Amplifier Fiio K5 … The Gain switch has three positions, Low, Medium, and High. Learn how your comment data is processed. The K5 offers a decent amount of extra power, a little more connectivity, and a quick way to transform your portable Fiio device into a desktop system. My unit arrived with a box a bit bent in one corner, but that’s certainly not Fiio’s fault. BLON 05 Review. Disclaimer: FiiO K5 PRO was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. Another RCA pair is Line-in if you wish to connect external DAC to the unit. Regardless of the mismatch on paper, the Fiio had no problem driving the planar cans to an average listening level with a 50% turn of the volume knob. The below sound impressions are done with a Macbook USB output mainly, paired with the stock USB cable. On mid-gain, you will get a good balance between tonality and dynamics, accompanied by a smoother sound. FiiO K5 Pro Review. The K5 Pro comes in a standard black cardboard box. Despite looking nearly identical to the much older model, the new K5 Pro returns with a new DAC built-in that will take most any source with a digital or analog unbalanced output. Since K5 Pro is powered by DC adaptor, it … Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (WASAPI+FLAC) -> E17k/K5 -> Various headphones Cost: K5: $110, E17k: $140 Reviewing Process The FiiO K5 and E17k were sent to me from FiiO as a review unit. Listening Set-Up: Musicbee (WASAPI+FLAC) -> E17k/K5 -> Various headphones Cost: K5: $110, E17k: $140 Reviewing Process The FiiO K5 and E17k were sent to me from FiiO as a review unit. I am expecting the K5 Pro to sound similar to the old K5 on RCA inputs, and it is exciting to test how much quality can be squeezed out from the AKM4493 DAC and amp. I have had the combination plugged into my computer and kept running for the entirety of my time of possession, approximately one month as of now. Any headphones that have more bass in the tuning or bass texture will be a good match and benefit from K5 Pro’s power. The K5 Pro is recommended for headphones between 16-300 ohms, and the AFC‌ is rated at 13 ohms. We thank team FiiO for this opportunity. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. K5 PRO is a full-blow desktop DAC, so it will decode PCM and DSD, it even has a clean Line-Out on the back in case you want to use only its internal DAC section; K5 PRO also uses a cleaner headphone amp section, offering a lower noise (8uV compared to 10V of K5) and uses the more musical OPA 1642 JFET op-amp. Watch Review Video. The K5 Docking Station and Headphone Amplifier was long awaited and is now finally available. Hi! The K5 Pro's clock management and overall decoding performance is improved compared to the previous K5 model. We thank team FiiO for this opportunity. It’s probably neutral to a fault. Compatibility The desktop device has turned out to be versatile, it has enough power for most of headphones, including hard-to-drives (several well-known exclusions, though). There is something going on that instinctually has humans to giving far more attention to the music and not having it as just low-fi background noise. I tested it on my active Fostex speakers. Updates . For a budget device the packaging is about as nice as you would expect. You can consider getting a linear power supply that could further boost the output quality. FiiO K5 Pro DAC/AMP review — device for those who love music written by Paul Dmitryev September 23, 2019 If we speak about the main content of our website, it’s obvious that most of the … Disclaimer: FiiO K5 PRO was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. Like the K5, its key strength is in powering headphones with mid-high impedance. The DAC‌ is also really good for the price point. We thank team FiiO for this opportunity. I am an old-school guy and I like the simplest DAC/Amp units, especially desktop ones that can be wall-powered. The cymbals had the beautiful metallic ring you get from a quality converter. Puedo tenerlo conectado a mi Pc y al mismo tiempo a mi M9 y seleccionar la entrada de señal manualmente? To learn more about FiiO reviews on Headfonics you can click here. The two work great together for classical music. So far this is the only device in FiiO’s range with such specs and features. For my listening tests, I‌ used two different sources, my HP‌ Envy x360 laptop connected to the USB‌ input, and a Fiio M11 Pro DAP connected to the coax input. There are chrome toggle switches for input selection and gain control. The FiiO K5 … On the back of the amp, you have three digital inputs for the DAC, optical, coax, and USB, one analog input to bypass the DAC, and an analog line out so you can use the K5 Pro as a preamp on your desk. And at just 195g it’s not going to ruin the line of your jacket if you do take it out and about. There is a hint of warmth in the smooth and controlled lower frequencies, together with good punching power that goes deep and strong. The K3 will handle your portable needs, getting you balanced out for your 2.5mm balance terminated IEMs and runs on the USB power input. Watch the review video of the FiiO K3 desktop AMP+DAC by Z Reviews. 12/22/19. The FiiO K5 and E17k were sent to me from FiiO as a review unit. Like every Fiio product we’ve reviewed to date, it’s attractive, well-built, and affordable. More Youtube Review. One decent pairing I find is the recently released HP1000 from Soundmagic, a robustly built metallic headphone with a massive soundstage. The big v… The overall product experience is very satisfactory and I can easily recommend the K5 Pro if you are looking for a powerful entry-level DAC Amp. My Video Review: FiiO never ceases to amaze me, when they enter a new market, they don’t do it for the sake of it, they are not just testing the waters but are bringing their full arsenal. The RCA out sounds quite flat without the amp section, not recommended to use with monitoring speakers and synergy would be better on speakers that have more subbass/bass presence and resolution. When you pump up the volume, nothing cracks and it still sounds full in the mid-lows. I will use for powered speakers 90% of the time, so the DAC is more important for me than a high powered amp section. Again the K5 Pro didn’t really add much flavor of its own; it just allowed the Elear to do its thing. The FiiO E10K USB DAC and headphone amplifier is a natural step forward for FiiO headphone amps, and this new and improved version of the FiiO E10 fixes a few of the issues that were prevalent with the e10. The K5 Pro has a very friendly 1x gain factor so sensitive IEMs were also tested. There’s Blue for 48kHz and below, Yellow for above 48khz, and Green for all DSD‌ sampling rates. The sound quality is amazing as far as I can tell, even if you … I saw the review for the FiiO K5 Pro on Z Reviews and decided it was the one I wanted to try for my first dac/amp combo for my computer set up.