Read on for 9 ways to make typing on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device a little easier, from how to turn on “caps lock” to a simple shortcut to the exclamation mark. There is no option for that. Open your Android’s Settings ... How I Made My Own Android Phone - in China - Duration: ... How to Enable / Disable Keyboard Caps Lock - Duration: 0:57. 8 ways to turn Android into a productivity powerhouse. Remove your Android’s PIN or Pattern lock. However, you can spell the word as you like with the proper case, then tap it to add it to the dictionary. ITJungles 41,396 views. Imagine someone running off with your phone and smartwatch together. In such a case, gaining access to your phone's content would be a walk in the park. i looked through the manual and it didn't say anything about how to turn caps lock on or off. Go into the device settings, then from My device, choose Accessibility.From that menu, press TalkBack, then click the switch in the top-right corner to turn TalkBack off.. After tapping something once to get the yellow box (and the spoken description of what the thing is), double-tap anywhere on the screen to click the highlighted thing. Turn OFF Auto Capitalization on iPhone. From this moment forward messages that you type … When I type certain names and words automatically appear in ALL caps. After all, you left the front door open. Where the Google Chromebook is different from other keyboards is the Search Key, which replaces the Caps Lock key as shown in the picture. Most keyboards will have an indicator light to let you know whether it’s on or off. How can I turn that off? Turning the key lock on my mobile phone on or off. If you need to modify the case of text that has already been typed, skipped to the convert the case section. Select setting for automatic key lock, go to 1b. You can answer an incoming call without unlocking the keys. Update : when i hit the star button while making a txt message, it just puts a space, when i hold it too it just makes a bunch of spaces. Enable the Caps Lock key, and instead of pressing it again to disable it, just press the Shift key. The steps to do this may vary depending on your Android’s manufacturer. Here you can turn on Auto Replacement for every language Go to the home screen by tapping the home button. It can be done two ways —- Step one:-Auto Capitalize allows you to start new sentences with a capital letter. Before you can install a new lock screen, you’ll need to disable the security feature that unlocks the home screen. 1. To turn Caps Lock on and off on a Google Chromebook press the Alt key and Search Key at the same time. Select one of the following options: Turn key lock on or off, go to 1a. To turn on the key lock: Briefly tap On/Off. Visit our post about … Home.