After… If the ice maker appears to not be making any or enough ice, low water pressure or a faulty water filter may be to blame. Remove jammed ice from the ejector arm using only a plastic utensil so the ice maker is not damaged. It chimed, made 7 tiny ice cubes, and then stopped. Clogged Water Filter. There are some cases where you are able to dispense water while the ice maker is not working due to the filter. Clogged or Partially Clogged Filters … Ice makers receive water through a small water supply line that runs from the refrigerator to a water pipe, funnel, or a water filter. Make sure that the ICE OFF light is not turned on. Filters for ice makers are typically located inside the refrigerator (to keep them from freezing). The ice maker can’t fill every cube in the ice maker mold, leading to small cubes or ice chips that can get caught between the ice ejector blades and the stripper. There are some cases where you are able to dispense water while the ice maker is not working due to the filter. This same exact problem happened the last time I changed filters, and I tried the hair dryer method and so many things, I don't know what I did to fix it. If you are able to blow air into the waterline then the valve is bad and will need … If that fixes your water pressure issue, then you need to replace the filter. Does this sound like replacing the ice maker would solve the issue, or something else? If air does not pass through, this indicates that … The water filter can get clogged with hard water deposits and other impurities that flow from the water lines. It does not reach the cycle to call for water. by As the water filter becomes older (6 months or more) it can become clogged with particles and less water is delivered to the ice maker. It doesn't appear to be freezing up (no frozen ice deposits). This is a samsung filter as recommended. It is important that the water line has sufficient water pressure for the ice maker. There is no sound at all. You also didn't state if the ice maker was working before the filter change? Where was the filter purchased? Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working After Changing Water Filter. Any thoughts? Wait about 2 hours. If you get less than 3/4 cup, your water pressure is too low. Could that be the issue? Samsung 28 2 cu ft french door how to turn off an ice maker samsung refrigerator ice maker tray not ice maker not making how to change the water filter … We're having the same problem, did you ever find a solution. The model number is: RSG257AARS. SAVE hundreds of $ so do this before you call for service. To determine if the water supply tube is frozen, disconnect the tube at the bottom of the door and blow air through it. After, I tried the reset button. Do you know how much water is expected when issuing the "test" function? SamsungLou. After replacing the water filter, no ice! ***  I  had the same problem with the ice maker freezering up and no ice. … I would think if the filter was at fault then the water dispenser would not be working? I would like to check for … The problem is when you initially set up the fridge, it is either left alone on the wheels or leveled with the adjustable casters. Ice would dispense for about a week before the problem would resurface. I ran the test button again and unit chimed but now it sounds "stuck" as if it's unable to push the now frozen ice out. If your ice maker is not working there are several potential reasons including a clogged or partially clogged water filter. When cubes are too big or small. When the ice maker makes small, cloudy, or clumped ice, it could be something as … Once you confirmed that the water pressure is good, the next step would be to proceed with service. If it’s still on or jammed, continue reading. It is common that the filter gets clogged just … 3) Hit the reset button. You are more than welcome to purchase a service manual for your model to find the sensor by calling our parts distributor, J & J Parts, at 800-627-4368 or So when the icemaker quits working after replacing the filter, that means that the water line wasn't completely purged and there was still air in the system. Some addition information I found today when I again removed the ice maker. Why is Samsung lying to everyone saying there is no issue with the ice makers? But the next day still no ice. Can you confirm the temperature sensor is located in the cube tray nearest the motor? Trace the line from the ice maker down the back side of the unit to the valve, Now pull the water line for the ice maker out of the valve and blow into the waterline. 4) Turned off the power for 5 minutes. Make sure you start fresh with a defrosted icemaker using the force defrost. Otherwise, your low water pressure will need to be increased. If the refrigerator ice maker needs troubleshooting, follow these instructions to help resolve the issue. My entire house is a Samsung chef collection appliances including Fridge, Microwave, dishwasher, oven, washer, dryer, 3 HD TVs, 4 tablets, three S-10 phones, monitors, buds and tons of accessories and now they are making junk and wont stand behind it. I was going to purchase a new ice maker unit but I removed the ice making unit, let everything thaw. This will allow water to drip through the fill tub going to the icemaker and it will freeze solid causing the fill tube to the icemaker to freeze. Then reinstalled and ran the test button; unit chimes, the motor cycles through and water flows into the unit. Step by step instructions on how to replace a GE Smartwater Mwfp Refrigerator Water Filter for KitchenAid KBFA25ERSS01 Ice maker not making ice #AP5788185 for Refrigerator made by GE, … Water dispenser works fine. Either way, $120 was cheaper than a service tech. The ice maker stopped producting ice soon after changing the water filter. The fill tube is a thin … A Kenmore water filter should be changed out at least every six months to keep … At this time I wouldn't be able to confirm if your sensor is by the motor being that every model is different and I'm not there with the unit. This extra sediment can clog your filters more frequently than the recommended 6 months. Hi. If the icemaker is not working now, the problem could be with the icemaker, the water valve or the main board. I have a Samsung side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. Water Tube in Door is Frozen. This setup causes the icemaker to to overflow when filling with water, dripping over the right side, freezes and stops dispensing when the buildup of ice blocks the sensor mounted near the front. How to Reset ICE Maker for Samsung Refrigerator (French Door). … Dispense water into a measuring cup for 10 seconds. Washer electronics shot after two years! Next, consider changing the water filter if you haven’t done so in quite some time. I could put a measuring cup in the freezer with the ice maker out but plugged in. 11:21 AM Before you decide to replace the water … If the ice maker fill tube has iced over, it could be that you need greater household water pressure to keep water flowing into the icemaker, or it could be that there’s dirt or a defect in the water inlet valve. I'm assuming on the old unit the element that is meant to heat up the ice enough to be shoveled out must have stopped working or perhaps the temperature sensor. I get 8oz of water in 10 seconds from the water dispenser. ice maker not working after filter replacement, Re: ice maker not working after filter replacement, SAMSUNG DISHWASHER model#DW80K5050UG/AA 03, RF28HFEDTSR/AA (3 door) bottom ice make not making ice, RF266 ice maker does not make ice, no 'official' solutions help. If the filter is clogged, water can’t get through to create ice. Was it a Samsung brand? If the icemaker kicks the cubes out, you know the icemaker itself is working… To check if the icemaker itself is working: If the icemaker mold is empty you can pour about 4 oz. If the refrigerator ice maker is not working the water filter might be clogged. Common Ice Maker Problems. You should get at least 6 ounces (3/4 cup) or more. First, ensure that ice is not jammed in the ejector arm of the ice maker. For standard refrigerator maintenance, we recommend cleaning the ice maker every three months and changing the water filter every six months. An ice maker can stop working for a variety of reasons. 4) Turned off the power for 5 minutes. Not sure if maybe the heating element or sensor is malfunctioned or I'm just not getting enough water into the tray. ICE MAKER IS TURNED OFF. When there is no filter, or it is clogged, the ice maker does not get water. Now it will NOT chime. TURN THE ICE MAKER ON: Is the ice maker power switch (or arm) in … I would like to check for 2 more things. The solution is that the fridge needs to be tilted back about 1/4" by raising the front casters to keep water from overflowing. 12:00 PM A potential cause might be a clogged water filter, so remove your water filter and try again. This will likely resolve the … And if that doesn't fill then the heating element never starts? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I've gone all through the similar posts here, but I don't see an actual solution. Samsung Ice Maker not working. I called Samsung asking if there was a recall and he told me we are not aware of any issues with the ice makers if there was the engineering team would have done so, total lie. Inherent issue with all the different Samsung models with icemakers in the fridge. Check whether the fill tube is frozen. DW80R9950US dishwasher linear drive replacement parts, RS25J50 ice maker not working, will not reset. The ice maker may not be sending a voltage signal to the … Hi thanks for the response. Why lie to loyal customers when you know there is a problem? Sometimes part of the wrapping on the … Fix: Locate and replace the water filter. You stated that the ice maker stopped working soon after you changed the water filter. After changing the water filter the ice should have cycled within the hour. If the arm is down, next check the fill tube. This icemaker can be cycled … of water in the icemaker mold. Has anyone fixed this issue? I have a Samsung rfg297ABBP refrigerator. Fixing the Samsung ice maker from freezing up, How to fix Samsung refrigerator ice maker from freezing up, this worked. It's the second from a 4-pack I bought. Cause 1. Thank you for confirming that it is a Samsung brand. The most common reasons for ice maker problems are: Pause feature enabled; Water line malfunction or setting; Clogged filter ‎09-22-2020 Make sure that the filter is in place, and if it has not been changed in more than six months, replace it with a new one. Dryer will not stop running. Since we have completed all of the remaining troubleshooting steps the next step would be service. There are hundreds of complaints on line and you know it. You can use the link below to locate a service center in your location to do the repair. The ice is frozen in the first 7 but I'm assuming whatever is supposed to trigger the heating element to kick in so that the ice cubes can be pushed out isn't ever kicking in. ***TRY THIS FIX, IT WORKED FOR ME! - last edited on 2) Water pressure: it's good. 3) Hit the reset button. Here's what I've tried so far: 1) Checked to make sure the ice maker is indeed "on.". Here's what I've tried so far: 1) Checked to make sure the ice maker is indeed "on." Honestly, it sounds like it could be the filter. Only 7 of the 9 ice cube slots were full and not the two nearest the ice maker motor which appears to have a temperature sensor on it. I'm hopeful this solves my problems. It's been over a month now with fresh ice and just a light frost on the underside and right side of the dispenser. It should be noted that the creator of the video stated that this worked for a few months for him before problems resurfaced. If water flows from the dispenser, the filter is good. Just to follow up here, I ended up buying a new ice maker unit and that has solved the problem. It chimed, made 7 tiny ice cubes, and then stopped. I had also opened up the unit to ensure the gears were not stripped. ‎09-22-2020 Read ton learn more about this possibility as well as other common reasons for an ice maker not to work. Check that the threaded area where the filter will connect to the refrigerator has nothing blocking the small holes where the water will flow through. After replacing the water filter, no ice! Then I found this video on line after hours of viewing other temporary fixes such as, code resets, blow dryers and ice picking! Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. The model number is: RSG257AARS. Thank you for confirming that it is a Samsung brand.