Repotting in a pot too much larger can also cause problems. Hi Lois. Hi Terry, I have had good success with growing plants that are not specifically for my hardiness zone by doing as you suggest I just treat it as an indoor plant in the cold months. The laurel is dioecious (unisexual), with male and female flowers on separate plants. Bay laurel, or Laurus nobilis, is what is known as “true bay.” This perennial, evergreen herb is in the Lauraceae plant family which also includes cinnamon and sassafras. You can cut the tip lower down, but you’ll lose those tips, obviously. If they are should i remove them? It sounds like your spot should work well for it. amzn_assoc_linkid = "278c46940b65638944efae701696dd89"; The plant is badly dried out and may not recover. I have an enclosed front porch, big windows on 2 sides(west and north), that we heat during the winter as we use it as a mud room for boots/gloves/winter coats, etc. Bay Leaf plants are tolerant of most soil types. Hi. Is a southern exposure the best place to keep it or will grow lights give the plant the light it needs. Lots of useful info. Illustration by Christy Beckwith **The bay leaf comes from the bay laurel tree, an evergreen that originates from the Mediterranean region. You can try adding water but when a plant looks like this it almost means that it’s dead or dying from lack of water. Harvest leaves from plants at least 2 years old. Click to see our Privacy policy. I have a bay laurel tree that was planted about 10 months ago in central Florida. It has a sticky shiny substance on it’s leaves and on the table under it. Related Images: leaves plant nature foliage leaf tree autumn flora botanical green. We got a lot of rain this year, did that effect the bloom. What it will not tolerate is soil that does not drain well. On small infestations a 70% or less solution of rubbing alcohol in water may be dabbed directly on mealybugs with a cotton swab to kill them or remove them. The newer leaves will have slightly more scent but the flavor of bay is imparted when they are used in recipes, which releases the taste. Bay Laurel was considered a sacred plant to the Greeks and Romans. 5,640 Free images of Leaf Foliage Plants. That is not something I have heard about or experienced. How do I get it to fill out. When frost is threatened? Too much time on my hands, for I wondered about this way too much. It’s really hard to diagnose what is wrong with a plant without seeing it. But the plant inside was not quite 4” tall (see photo). If it blooms I will let you know. One week later overnight one branch fell over and was dead. Bay leaf benefits are almost … Hi Linda, It is impossible for me to determine whether a plant is dead without seeing it in person. carol. Sometimes this happens with the haphazard nature of watering in garden centers. What do you recommend I do? Indian bay leaf (Cinnamomum tamala), also known as Indian cassia or Malabar leaf, looks much like bay leaves, but the flavor and aroma are more akin to cinnamon. I bought it three summers ago ago, but only repotted early this spring (I live in coastal NC). The … Our back deck faces east and is shaded in the afternoon, so I’m figuring on keeping it there during the late spring/summer/early autumn, then moving it in. Bay is also a traditional component of the French bouquet garni herbs. I hope it blooms, but if not I have a great culinary tree. My hydrangeas droop like mad in the summer here in NC but extra water does help. What is the best way to increase the vertical growth of this species to turn into a tall tree? We bring it in before frost. Spray off any predator of the plant first as best you can without killing your plant. The leaves can also be burned as incense, particularly in rituals designed to increase our inner strength and our understanding of magical things. 475 484 74. When you are done, use a fork to loosen the soil, teasing out the roots and tangled mass. topiary for sale - bay tree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images ... potted plants in front of house - bay tree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Aphids can be removed with a spray of water. Have you ever seen a pot of beef stew or a hearty soup with a large leaf in the middle of the mixture? Maple Maple Leaves. Our sweet bay … In temperate climates they are grown as trees and do flower. I live in the California desert, zone 8. Sweet bay leaf tree is frost tender and is only hardy to USDA plant hardiness zone 7. The leaves are incredibly similar to the ones of Mediterranean Bay leaf but differ in one major way - their intense and much more saturated taste. Hi Susan, Aphids, mites, and hard shelled scales can all secrete a clear sticky substance called honeydew. The leaves and oil are also used to make medicine. The house got down to about 50 during the day before we started using our wood stove. What is it and what should I do about it? I planned to give some away, and I do use bay leaves fairly often in cooking. If you want to harvest a bunch of them at once, the best time is mid summer, when the leaves are at their peak. I had a similar thing happen to my mine shortly after I got it. The flowers of bay leaf are quite showy. It has the beginnings of flowers/berries on the branches. You can add some compost to the soil in the pot or perlite to make it drain better if your soil holds too much water. It has flowers every year and then they turn into a medium color green like a large grape size then those seem to drop off and have a large seed inside that looks like a hazelnut so to speak, wild birds seem to go nuts over these. But about a month ago we noticed that that bark was peeling off the lower part of the tree. food knolling: diferent types of raw pasta shot from above on white background with copy space. Maybe I’ll buy another larger one. They are indoor and sitting by the glass door. The stem has several “buds” on it. Hi Mary Ann. Please let me know what you think. There is not much you can do since it is planted in the ground so it’s not possible to move it to a shadier spot for a while. California bay leaf. Bay Leaf plants can successfully be grown in containers for years and years. I’m seeing more and more new grow, I pruned the old dead branches off, but now I’m seeing a clear sticky substance on the leaves. I planted 10 of them against my wall in my backyard for privacy purposes 4 months ago, but have not seen any significant growth. It prefers a full sun exposure and blooms in spring to summer. Is there a preferred time to harvest leaves? How do you tell if you have a male or a female plant? I noticed it today. The roots are strong and deep but no tree. When sunny it gets quite warm in there, but cool at night. Do you know what these would pests would be? You can also grind them in a mortar and pestle if you wish, but I always use bay leaves whole. It is a slow growing plant and can reach heights of 59 feet in the conditions are right. This is a bunch of herbs (traditionally thyme, sage and bay leaf – sometimes rosemary and tarragon too) tied in a bundle and added to the liquid to flavor it. They are healthy and gorgeous! It is used like all other types. Thankfully, bay laurel is resistant to most pests and diseases. Make sure to keep your tree protected from strong winds and if you live in a hot climate, give your plant partial shade, give your tree well-drained soil as well. Sun or part shade is ideal for a Bay Leaf plant. Have a beautiful day. I have yet to see seeds but maybe I have just not looked closely enough. Any suggestions? It can take quite some time for this type of cutting to root. If you decide to grow it, the leaves can be used in place of bay laurel, and they’re rich in essential oils. Leaves Maple Autumn. I just removed all the affected leaves and moved it in the solarium with other plants. Is there a way to increase the flavor? Pruning techniques are what determines how a tree grows. Bay trees are dioecious, which means that both male and female plants are needed to produce seeds that are viable. Very informative, thank you. I find the same thing. What can I do to have it more like a tree. Suckers emerge from the roots of the plant and should be removed. (people consider themselves lucky if they do!) I recently purchased a bay leaf plant, I repotted it and now some of the leaves are dying! history ive b1 my plant but still looks like its dying is there anything i can do to save it we face east and its at the front of my house so it doesnt get any shade until about 1pm, Hi Gene. My experience is that once ants are in a plant it is hard to get rid of them. Weak plants can attack scale and aphids. It has lots of green berries. I live in Alaska so keep it in doors. It also sounds as though it needs more light if it’s growing that way. DE can kill all hard shelled bugs, so caution around flowers is all that is needed to keep bees from being susceptible to it. In talking to a neighbor about removing the shrubs, he told us they were bay leaf shrubs?! Any new buds below the stem should make new branches. I’m afraid I don’t know Cris. Bay Leaf has a very strong effect on the gastrointestinal system because It reduces the toxins in the body, it is diuretic and stimulates vomiting when it is eaten toxic. It is also known as bay laurel, sweet bay and simply laurel. In warmer zones, grown bay laurel as a tree. I live in Wisconsin and have had a bay leaf plant for 10 years. The persistence paid off with two suckers/branches coming off the trunk with a dozen leaves on each. I use a drop of liquid soap in a spray bottle spraying underside and top of leaves… keep it sitting in the sink for a few min and rinse W the water spray. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; It would he hit and miss whether it would grow. The one inside did much better, even growing a shoot pretty quickly to about the same height as the other branches (I want to say a foot). Carol, Hi Carol, I thoroughly enjoyed reading though it. This will encourage new roots to expand into the soil that will now be in the pot instead of the tangled roots. For the most part, it’s doing great, about three feet tall out of the pot with a lot of branches. To propagate bay leaf from cuttings take several cuttings that are at least 6 inches long from parent plant. Do you usually get a male and female plant when you buy a bay laurel? amzn_assoc_asins = "B0012BS9F4,B0027JS22K,B01783QAZA,B01N3P5KDL"; Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." Bay Leaf Purifying Potion to Remove Stress. If it set buds this year, it may flower next year. If you see new growth the plant will come back in time. But sadly, all those leaves are turning brown and curling up as well. Hi Sharon. Bay leaves are a fragrant leaf from the laurel tree used as an herb. Our days and nights are getting colder here in Indiana. It is a strong pesticide. Yet, bay leaves is considered as herbal plants that brings benefits both for our health and beauty because they are rich of nutritious substances. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Jul 26, 2019 - Explore Sheryl Hurd Ferris's board "Bay Leaf Tree" on Pinterest. Ideal PH range is 6-7, but the plant is somewhat versatile and can stand a range of 4.5 to 8.3. The plants take a long time to germinate from seed. There are different shapes of bay leaves. Looks like I should probably repot it every 2-3 years? I don’t usually leave it in heavy rain, for fear of all minerals in the soil being washed away, but this rain occured during the night…. bay plants do like full sun, but sunlight in front of a glass door could be the issue. I’ve grown bay leaf tree at another home in the area, with great success, and wanted to start another one in my current yard. The best thing is to prune it. I have a bay leaf plant that I pruned off the top to get it to fill out which it did and is growing well. It did great- new buds, new shoots, new leaves. I harvest the leaves as I need them. Thanks for your tips on growing bay leaf. Normal, Bay Leaf Plants – How to Grow and Care for Bay Laurel. ← Growing Sago Palms – How to Grow a Sago Palm Tree, Kalanchoe Millotii- Ornamental Succulent from Madagascar →. I kept watering because the branches still were half green but failing. Carol. Repeat a week later. Should I leave them alone? Also check under the leaves of the plant to see if you can see any bugs, which can cause spindly growth. Oct 3, 2020 - Explore Deb Maitland's board "Bay Leaves!" I can’t offer suggestions on how to make a plant grow more quickly. Repot when the roots start to fill the pot. Leaves Branch Tree. I purchased 6″ plants, so I guess it’s going to take awhile. I assume so but have not tried this. With a mask on, puff diatomaceous earth all over and under the plant. The cuttings need to root in a heated propagator with high humidity. Carol. Bay trees are not really meant to be grown indoors when larger. Add to Likebox #91011407 - Ink sketch of bay leaves. You could try using a beach umbrella to shade it until the hot weather passes and be sure to give it extra water. I’ve had a bay leaf potted plant for quite a few years and have had a few problems in the past that I’ve managed to resolve, like scales and mites. The bay leaf plant was located near a window. They … Will it survive? And it has another juvenile bay tree next to it, about 6 feet tall. It worked well in the Pacific NW, but we’ve lost every bay we’ve planted here to frost. You stated it forms the blooms early spring but it’s now the end of October and no more action. Hello. However, they never have a strong flavor like store bought ones. The leaves have lost their vibrant colour and are not as big as they were. Thank you! Bay Leaf is a solar plant. My bay Laurel tree is about 1 year old. Carol, not really a question, but I was looking for some info and found your site. I don’t know what to do for it. We both live in Southern California. I live in Durham NC. Bay leaves cab be harvested any time during the growing season. For the first time, I have harvested leaves. The leaves are of good size but not stiff like the typical leaf should be. Leaves Plant. Prune it so that it gets no taller than 5-6 feet so that you can move it indoors when the weather gets colder. Size of Bay Leaf Plants I have large bay leaf tree grown from a little 4 in pot with only 2 leaves on the stem. bay plant - bay leaf stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. I watered it once a week and really didn’t pay much attention to it. Before? I wasn’t expecting it to be this hot so early in the spring. Maybe it’s a late bloomer! If I remove the berries will the tree fill out faster? Download Bay leaf stock photos. I live in the greater Seattle area, zone 7. It seemed ok there even if seldom watered. I have a 3 year old bay leaf plant that has produced an abundance of leaves for me to dry over the years. Copyright & Permissions © 2020 – Carol G Speake. Free for commercial use No attribution required High quality images. Your email address will not be published. Your site is very informative. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Sources. I water once a week, it’s by a window. The 2nd one started to do the same but seemed to stabilize and even had some new shoots between the stem and leaves. Female plants have flowers with only a pistil. Overview Information Bay leaf is an herb that is commonly used in cooking. If it doesn’t start showing signs of growth, it’s time to replace it. It is recommended to make a cut using a sharp shear to prevent any damage in cuttings. We are going to get a new one but we want to know what we did to go wrong. The seeds form on the female plants and are contained inside the berries that form in the fall. Glad you are enjoying my site. Just be sure to keep it well watered. Carol, your answer is much appreciated. As long as the tree looks otherwise healthy, I would not worry that the flowers didn’t open. Help, Hi Michelle. I am so excited that my tree has survived all these years! Bay tree, any of several trees with aromatic leaves, especially the sweet bay, or bay laurel (Laurus nobilis; family Lauraceae), source of the bay leaf used in cooking. If you enjoy growing herbs, this is a great one to try, since it has a very aromatic flavor. I have to be honest. Only the female bay laurel plants will bear fruit. Compost will definitely help with drainage. Bay leaf, also called laurel leaf, leaf of the sweet bay tree (Laurus nobilis), an evergreen of the family Lauraceae, indigenous to countries bordering the Mediterranean. Time of the year of planting, size of the hole planted in, type of soil in your ground and watering habits after planting can all play a part. Dip in rooting powder and place in a mixture of soil, sand and vermiculite. My parents have passed away so I can’t ask them, I have google the name and not sure it’s eatable to use? After a heavy rain, the water gathered in the tray of my potted laurel is literally vinegar, yellow colour. We picked it up last Saturday and I gave it a few days to settle after bringing it home. It is useful for purification before rituals. Carol, Hi Carol, Thank you It’s now about 15 ft high. They are only hardy in zones 7-10 and if temps are lower for long enough to be more in line with a colder zone, it can kill the plant. The leaves are drying and falling off. You can be pretty aggressive with it. The plant smells sweet when flowering but the leaves are quite pungent. I have a bay tree that I planted about 25 years ago. My dad gave me a plant he said was a laurel bush about 25 years ago for my yard, I was told recently that it’s a bay leaf tree!?!? There could be soil borne diseases in the soil what the tree was planted in which would not show themselves right away. Perhaps another reader has some advice. Hi Carole, To dry the leaves, place them on parchment paper on a large tray in a single layer. It looked great but didn’t grow at all, so repotted it into an 8” clay pot in August. Most plants will grow from cuttings. If you don’t get any, the plant is likely too far gone. I just bought a bay laurel plant and plan on keeping it in the house as it is now November . The plants take a long time to germinate from seed. (best left to a professional who knows how to prune unless you are a gardener with knowledge of this aspect of caring for trees. I thought the Bay leaf loves the sun. Hi Ria. Can it still be saved?? The leaves look just like these pictured, but I don’t recall seeing and blooms or buds? It is the first year I have seen any blossoms, did it get stunted. I do not know what to do. But the leaves are more rounded. Mediterranean bay leaf. Is there anything I can do to help it survive the winters? Should I plant it now or wait for a longer period of cool weather. You could try cutting off some of the shoots gradually to see if one main shoot will thicken and form side branches. Back in the staircase, treat it with some anti fungal, or? This releases the oils. Choose healthy new stem cuttings (woody cuttings don’t root well. Too many images selected. I didn’t really know how to care for it and as a lazy gardener, I’ve repotted in a few times, watered it now and then, and put it in the garage when it gets really cold in the winter (I think we’re in Zone 8a). Collect, curate and comment on your files. It can used in topiary to create ball shaped plants. What do you think? Each flower is pale yellow-green, about 1 cm diameter, and they are borne in pairs together beside a leaf. I agree I am very grateful for this beautiful bay tree. Bay leaves can be used whole or ground in cooking. What it will not tolerate is soil that does not drain well. This year the plant is producing soft leaves. Take it outdoors to a filtered spot and gradually move it to more sunlight and it should improve. Bay Laurel is hardy in zones 7-10. I’m glad you’ve been keeping up with it. The branches are soft with beautiful soft shinie leaves that are going through cycles of weeping and then standing up throughout the day and night. This can spread through any plants that come in contact with it, since these are small bugs. I have a couple Bay leaf planters. The leaves of bay laurel plants have long been used to make wreaths, garlands and crowns. Click here to request Getty Images Premium Access through IBM Creative Design Services. I figured I would have time for it to recover from the transplant before it got so hot. However, last winter here in the state of Washington we had a very bad winter (not normal) with 24″ of snow along with freezing temps. It protects from negativity. Durham is in zone 7b. Thank you. The plant can only take temperatures down to about 20 degrees F. Here in Raleigh, it does occasionally get colder that, and I would suspect Durham does too. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. When I went back on Saturday after two weeks, the leaves were totally dried out over the entire tree, but the branches were still green. I live in spain, i have a large bay bush and this year i see many new green stems from the ground that are taller than the older branches. Ideal PH range is 6-7, but the plant is somewhat versatile and can stand a range of 4.5 to 8.3. 7b is a tricky zone. In November, I started watering every other week. I just bought a 10 foot bay. Hi Annalise. Native to Mexico, Mexican bay leaf (Litsea glaucescens) is becoming quite rare because it has been over-harvested. I would cut off all affected areas and let new growth start up. Carol. It’s quite difficult to propagate. The extract of bay laurel has been used in astringents and even as a treatment for open wounds. all leaves have fallen off and it doesn’t appear that it’s growing any new ones. Do I take off the old leaves from seasons past to dry out – or do I go for this year’s new leaves? Not a freezing temperature but, cold. It sounds like your problem is not watering but that you have mealy bugs. Thank you for any tips you can send my way! Bay leaf plants have small yellow flowers that appear in the spring. I love to dry and share with some of our local restaurants in my home town. Rosemary and bay herb leaf selection with half a lemon,and an olive wood pestle and mortar. Either treat for mealybugs or discard the plant. I have a few bay trees that are about 3 yrs old. The Bay laurel is hardy to -10 C/14 F for short periods so they might not be suitable for areas with very harsh winters. If you grow the plant indoors, it will need bright light and the occasion misting to keep the humidity level as the plant likes it. Now 10 years have flown by and it is between 12-15 feet tall. I live in SE Virginia and my sister bought a small bay laurel as a present a few years ago (three or four now?). It is likely pot bound. Carol. 445 413 67. Use sterile pruning to remove all affected branches and leaves from the bay tree and dispose of all plant material in … It is hard to say exactly what could be the cause of this happening without actually examining the tree. Have you Sean or heard of this? I don’t know about the vinaigrette. To be sure, you could take the leaves to a garden center and ask there. Check the root ball and if the soil is totally full of roots, repot into the next size pot and add new soil around the roots. Hello, amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Too much hot sun too soon scorches the valuable leaves of this plant, however, so expose the tree to sunlight gradually if it has been placed in a shady location for a good amount of time.In hotter climates, plant or place the tree where it will receive morning sunlight, and filtered or dapple… Go slowly and examine as you go. Gotta say, I really wouldn’t risk planting another bay tree outdoors. Doing well. I wish I had cut it shorter because the stem is about 7″ tall before the branches start. Just keep doing what you are doing. The stems are also grown twisted and they are grown as hedges, too. I have done nothing special to this lovely tree except when 1st planted. And then it eventually developes curled leaves and in the curl there is a white sticky substance and that part of the leaf turns a pale green. My little bay tree (bush) is looking a bit sad in it’s pot. Although we’re right on the line between 7b and 8a (central NC), the winter weather is recently too unpredictable. Bay leaves and extracts are often used in massage therapy and aromatherapy to give some relief from of symptoms of arthritis and high blood pressure. You can see Google images of them here. My research does show that bay trees come with both male and female flowers on separate plants and that the trees can take many years to flower. Bay Laurel can be grown indoors in pots, and outdoors as shrubs and also as trees. Glad you like the site Phil. Help. Leaf Green Foliage. I like to study about bay leaf plant how to grow in sri lanka thanks. You are looking at a bay leaf. My problem though is I was hoping to have it grow tall. Carol. Hello. The IBM strategic repository for digital assets such as images and videos is located at This is the standard and probably most well-known variety. The nutrient contents in bay leaves are: They are rich of vitamin C. 100 gram of bay leaves provides 46,5 mg of vitamin C that is the same as 77,5% of our RDA. Perhaps one of the other readers has an answer. And in the shadow of a eucalyptus tree for the hot part of the day Jeanne, Hi Jeanne. Is it shock from repotting it? So many factors go into growth and they vary all over the world in different locations. 64 46 13. This is its first year to have blossoms. did I overwater and now its dry and underwatered. I think which plant you get is just luck, unless you examine a plant in flower and can inspect them with a magnifying glass. Removing the berries won’t do anything for the bushiness of the tree. Can I trim the root bowl and if so how ? What should I do? Hi! Neem oil tends to stain plants leaves, makes them brown. Carol, Carol I m so glad you’re here in N.C.! How can I tell if it’s dead or if not how do i revive it? I live in North Carolina. Hi Jerry. I’ve read that it is evergreen. When I moved it in the shade, they went back upward. The tree is doing great. If the plant is really dead, there is nothing much that you can do to restore it. The leaves look dry and a bit discolored. Male plants have flowers with only stamens. It was pretty expensive and ive always wanted one so I really don’t want to kill it. Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavour and fragrance. I’ve got b1 and mulch for it. She did great until a quick dip in the weather got her. For this … I bought a new bay leaf plant last summer from a nursery, they said to water once a week and during the winter to only water every other week. Leave them for 2 weeks in a warm dry room. I’d remove the dead leaves, move it to a less sunny spot (for now) and start watering again. I don’t want to poison us or anyone else! It is common to see the shape of a laurel crown on trophies. Can i prune in summer? You are lucky to have a mature plant that doesn’t mind our temperature changes. It got to about 4 feet tall and was doing great. **If you live in zones 8-11 and your weather is mild, you can plant your bay leaf tree outside. Thanks for the quick reply. Drying them doesn’t seem to help their strength. Thank you for any suggestion…. P. Ramorum is a fungal infection that causes blackening of bay leaves and the formation of yellow lesions on the leaf. I live in the center of Washington State, not a zone optimal for bay laurel bushes/trees. Is there a reason for this to occur? They start as small buds and open into clusters. Make sure that the tool you use is properly cleaned and disinfected to avoid infection. It’s in a pot, about 2 feet tall and I put it outside during the summer (I live in zone 5). I have a bay leaf that is making me very sad. I brought her in side to a very well lit but her spot did not have much direct sun. Dead leaves will sap the strength of even a healthy plant and one that is distressed even more so. I use 3-4 times as many as a recipe calls for. It is about 15 feet tall with a full shape. Bay Laurel Plant One Gallon Live Plant Ornament Decor for Home, Kitchen, Office, Table, Desk - Attracts Zen, Luck, Good Fortune - Non-GMO, Grown in The USA 4.2 out of 5 stars 166 $22.99 $ 22 . Normal plant propagation is from cuttings or air layering. This year the leaves are dry falling off the branches. I think it is pot bound but do not want to increase the size of the pot. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. The Gardening Cook is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to {{familyColorButtonText(}}, View {{carousel.total_number_of_results}} results. My husband pruned them back big time. Mexican bay leaf gets 15-20 feet tall and the leaves have a blue-green tint on the underside. Bay tree herb growing in a terracotta pot with leaf sprig, over white background Rosemary and Bay Leaf Herbs. We were recently in the Bay Area/Berkeley area visiting our son and his family and went to a nursery one day–after talking for awhile to an employee there I bought my bay laurel tree/bush and brought it home to Washington! on Pinterest. What is the coldest temperature a bay shrub in a pot will take? The plant is also known as Oregon myrtle. We live in ontario. Appreciate you taking the time! Will they sprout into new branches? And how to treat them safely so that I can still use the leaves for cooking? After reading all the other questions and answers I moved her into the sunny area. My Bay laurel is about three years now.