Also depicted him holding a red ribbon along with the whip. Through some hidden intuition, he arrives at Dracula's castle and begins searching it for clues of his identity. Il a perdu la mémoire quand il a vaincu Dracula en 1999 et l'a recouvrée lors de l'incident de l'an dernier. Julius Belmont (ユリウス・ベルモンド?, Yuriusu Berumondo) is the latest member of the Belmont clan featured in the Castlevania series. However, after a freak accident splits time, the ripples threaten to end not only the war but all of time itself. ----- _____ | | | Background | |_____| Julius Belmont is, canonically, the last Belmont to ever fight Dracula. Aria of Sorrow's manual says that Julius, known as "J" was 55 at the time, 2035. Prior to the event taking place in Aria of Sorrow, Julius is the last and only Belmont to permanently defeat Dracula in 1999 thus ending his rebirth cycle by sealing his source of power (Dracula's Castle) inside a solar eclipse. Julius Belmont, in his younger years. According to a prediction of Nostradamus, Dracula would be revived on this day. These actions cost him his memory, however. Julius in Fan Fiction Edit. Julius vowed he would have revenge on all creatures of evil. Dracula was destroyed for good by Julius Belmont in 1999 and his Demon Castle was sealed away in a solar eclipse, but Evil was not fully destroyed. Meaning he was born in 1980. His story: In 1999, the year of Dracula's predicted resurrection, the Belmonts returned after a years-long absence to reclaim their weapons and their birthright. On August 11, 1999, Julius Belmont killed Count Dracula for the final time. In 1999, with the help of Dracula's son Alucard and a team of Japanese priests, Julius defeated Dracula and sealed his castle (and by extension Dracula himself) inside a solar eclipse. We also have to remember that this is in the year 1999. For Castlevania fans out there... [Edit: 07/04] - Changed the composition of the image to give more focus to young J. your own Pins on Pinterest The Battle of 1999 doesn’t have a game, which means that only secondhand information exists– and not that much of it. Castlevania Tales: 20th Anniversary Special (major role) - In the year 1999, the Demon Castle Wars rage relentlessly, with Julius Belmont at the forefront of every battle. He is also the father of Joni Belmont. Julius Belmont. Awaiting his return, they See also Aria of Sorrow Fan Fiction and Dawn of Sorrow Fan Fiction. Power/Ability to: Kill vampires. I just really want the 1999 Castlevania game starring Julius Belmont, preferably with IGA and Inti Creates developing. Contents[show] Early life Julius was born in 1980. A refrain is a term that describes a repeating phrase in music (like Dracula's resurrection) often at the end of a verse, but can also mean "to stop" (as this is the final encounter with Dracula). Julius is the last known member of the Belmont Clan. The military would cooperate with those fighting along-side Julius Belmont as they know that it is only he who can slay Dracula and end the war, but he would need assistance from other power users to aid him. Julius Belmontisthe last known warrior from the Belmont Clan. Genya Arikado. After that, the series can be put to rest for all I care and IGA can go back to making Bloodstained games. 1 Julius Belmont. Es el ao 1999, Dracula ha aparecido levantando su Castillo con todo su poder. Julius Belmont (Castlevania series) was a member of the Belmont Clan who actually managed to permanently kill Dracula himself during the Demon Castle War in 1999. Le dernier héritier connu, Julius Belmont, a vaincu Dracula en 1999." Ha declarado guerra contra la humanidad entera sembrando caos y oscuridad al mundo. From Richter to Julius: Theories of the Belmont Family Tree From 1797-1999. He ends up losing his memory following the Battle of 1999, but he regains his memories during the events of Aria of Sorrow and is even strong enough to fight Soma Cruz back. In 1999, Julius fought the final battle against Dracula, finally killing him for good by sealing him into his castle. Foofaraw. There now exists a gap of 55 years from Portrait of Ruin to Julius's battle in 1999. Julius Belmont. His first appearance was as the main character in Akumajō Dracula X Chi no Rondo (and its remak … es). Il aide l'Église dans ses entreprises. Julius is an interesting character. 1999 A.D. Dracula has been resurrected at full power and the Third Holy Grail War is waged, young Julius Bemont must fight alongside, his servant Saber, the Son of Dracula Alucard and the executioner Ciel to destroy Dracula once and for all, but can Saber fight the Prince of Darkness knowing who he really is? Castlevania - The 1999 Wars. Julius Belmont was the Belmont who killed Dracula once and for all. Artwork originally posted at Deviant Art … He's the one who defeated Dracula in 1999 and attempts to stop him again later on during a resurrection. In Symphony of the Night, a direct sequel which takes place five years later, he became a possessed enemy, but upon completing the game, an option to play the entire game as him is unlocked. "Léon Belmont a rencontré son premier vampire en 1094. Richard Belmont (also known as Jack Dappen) (1792) Ray Belmont (1872) (Alias: Ray Andrews) Sherry Belmont (1912) (Alias: Sherry Werner) Simon Belmont (1950) (Namesake) (Branch) Julius Belmont (1999) Kokoro Belmont (2011) Sepia Belmont (2012) She … Sequel to Fate of the Dragon and Prequel to Minuet of a Cursed Fate . Currently, I'm playing as Julius Belmont. Julius Belmont: The last Belmont, Julius marked the return of the Belmonts to the world stage after over two hundred years of absence. Richter Belmont has starred as a protagonist in two stories. [19] Members of the Belmont clan have been the protagonists of most Castlevania games, and Julius' role as … However, in 2035, Dracula was reincarnated during an eclipse that took place in Japan, which brought back his castle. Hope they make a game about him. Julius Belmont is another of those hidden characters who deserves mention for his own playing experience. Aug 9, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Bill Lisy. The man who finished off Dracula for good in 1999, Julius Belmont may very well be the single strongest character in the series. Dracula shall no longer haunt the Belmonts again, his soul now in flux, waiting to be reincarnated into Soma Cruz. Oct 31, 2020 #82 I understand not putting Legend of Dragoon on the list because then it would be a total blowout. On August 11, 1999 a total solar eclipse appears over Eastern Europe. Julius Belmont is a warrior hero of the Belmont family, sworn enemies of Dracula. We can't think of it as the Victorian era anymore. Julius Belmont is a powerful vampire hunter, and the last descendant of the Belmont bloodline. Julius Belmont-the latest warrior in the Belmont family, He has the fairly high honour of being responsible for the final defeat of Dracula during 1999. ― Travis Kidd (American Vampire) "Suck it, twilight." He has the fairly high honor of being responsible for the final defeat of Count Dracula during 1999, previous to the events of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, although as consequence this caused him to have amnesia. Undead Slayer. How Julius Belmont joined the Tourney. If Julius Belmont got his own game set during the 1999 conflict, what would it be called? Reclaiming ownership of his family's sacred whip, Julius set out to defeat Dracula as his ancestors did before him. Julius is famous for being the Belmont to finally destroy Dracula for good by locking his soul in the moon, doing so in the documented Battle of 1999 -- a fight that so legendary that it has never been depicted in any of the games for fear of never being able to do it justice. During the events of Aria of Sorrow, Julius has had amnesia ever since his battle with Dracula in 1999. "I like to bite them back." So far, there have been no games that take place during 1999, so we have to take his word for it that it was the last hurrah for both old Drac and the Belmont clan. Member. Discover (and save!) He was trained by his father to fight demons at age 15, but on his 18th birthday, his father was killed by dark warriors. Dracula was to reincarnate and a few people born the very moment of his fall inherited some of his Dark Powers. According with the Wikia page: "Yoko Belnades is a descendant of the Belnades Clan and a powerful witch, similar to her ancestor Sypha Belnades. I think "Castlevania: Refrain of Shadows" has a nice ring to it. The Belmont Clan, the Belnades Clan and Alucard all confirm it's indeed the coming revival of the Dark Lord. Oct 25, 2017 631. Fan art of a young Julius Belmont done by Neo Beowulf taking place during the Battle of 1999 under the label "Before Sorrow". Simon Belmont-Simon Belmont is the main protagonist of Castlevania I and Castlevania II:Simon's Quest Cyril-a vampire hunter from the 18th century and heir to the House of Marquis. He was responsible for the ultimate defeat of Dracula in 1999, as well as assisting Soma Cruz in the events of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. Descendant du clan des chasseurs de vampires, il manie un antique fouet nommé "Tueur de vampire". Nov 12, 2018 - DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Contents. ― Dean Winchester (Supernatural) The power to kill vampires. Judging by his younger look, I think Julius Mode is supposed to be depicting the battle of 1999. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow After his climatic battle with Dracula, Julius Belmont started suffering from amnesia and could not remember something as simple as his own name. Nostradamus' prediction of Dracula's most drastic rise to power in the year of 1999 came true.