Even in remote areas, satellite phones can be dispatched to allow communication. Human Performance and Risk Management Training for Law Enforcement, Military, and Aviation Personnel. Lunsford Air Consulting takes the task of professionalism very seriously by applying sound helicopter aviation principles to the profession of law enforcement. They take pilots through only a cursory routine that leaves them on their own in a real-world emergency. Courses are conducted in English. Safety, Airborne Law Enforcement Association and Helicopter Association International. Whether that mission is to put the bad guy in jail, or to locate the missing child, law enforcement aviators are called upon to fly day or night, in various types of weather and terrain, and put in some long hours in the process. Law Enforcement Aviation is often referred to as a "profession within a profession". Derived from a training course required by California state law, the AAAE LEO course was developed in 2002 for a nation-wide audience that was new to the aviation security and law enforcement industry and/or had experience in airport operations and emergency management at airports. Field based, rapid risk/decision capabilities coupled with highly evolved tactile/performance skills are mandatory to be effective. Your equipment has to perform as well as you do — every time, without fail. Turbine Transition Training(For pilots transitioning from piston to turbine aircraft). ALEA and HAI have the additional benefit of expositions of equipment and technology, providing opportunities to network with others in the field. Helicopter pilots may fly single and multi-engine helicopters for a wi… Law Enforcement . The Texas State Police, under the Department of Public Safety, operates an aviation unit to aid law enforcement from above. Lunsford Air Consulting takes the task of professionalism very seriously by applying sound helicopter aviation principles to the profession of law enforcement. the helicopter for law enforcement activities. Tactical Helicopter Response presents unique hazards that typically present as “NO-GO” decisions for most other missions. Read more Upcoming Classes. It may be an aerial surveillance platform, an aerial command post, a search and rescue vehicle, it … Western provides a comprehensive and realistic AS350 training experience that puts students in the real-world environments they will face on the job. 1. Do you want to be a law enforcement helicopter pilot. Our training for law enforcement professionals is geared specifically to your type of flying. The purpose of the Safety First Program is to eliminate accidents by building a communications network that reaches out to all APSA members on safety and related issues. The pilot is responsible for the safe operation of the helicopter. APSA’s standards can be a… Now let's look at the sworn law enforcement path to becoming a police helicopter pilot. This range depends upon the type of equipment desired and the type of helicopter. But let's be realistic. All our helicopters are equipped with radios to facilitate communication with the local dispatch center and crew. The TFO is responsible for the law enforcement mission. After landing, they are responsible for completing all post-flight paperwork, which typically includes a duty hours log. The person that deals with units on the ground is the TFO. AS350 Law Enforcement Training The Airbus AS350 is the airborne law enforcement helicopter of choice for operators ranging from Customs and Border Protection to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.