The Microtech Ultratech is, to many people, the out-the-front knife. Browse our selection of California legal automatic knives. This knife is also powered by a spring which will eject the blade from the handle. Shop our huge selection of all types of knives. Spring-Assisted Knives are Illegal in California if they exceed 2″ in length. … Nevada - LEGAL . You see, whereas folding blades (as their name suggests) fold in half, OTF knives don’t fold at all. These are inexpensive Out The Front Knives and if your looking for a more expensive Otf Knife please check out our Italian Knife Section. Templar knife building quality and affordable OTF knives. These knives are fast-acting and operational with the use of only one hand, perfectly designed for the use of emergency or law enforcement personnel. Grindworx specializes in low cost knives that won't break the bank. Re: OTF knives legal? Not a lawyer, but I'm sure a cop will call that a switchblade and either take you in to get it sorted out, or just confiscate it. Online: 24/7. Add to cart. Out The Front Automatic Knives are a great addition to any knife collection. Microtech Knives. Check State Knife Laws for specific details on possession, carry, manufacturer or sale as some restrictions may apply in a specific state. Resetting the blade is easy and can be completed in seconds just by pulling the blade to the full extension and then giving it a sharp tug to reengage the blade to the deployment track. … Double-action OTF knives deploy and retract with a multifunction button and spring design. Mini Red D/A OTF Automatic Knife Keychain $10.99 Single-action OTF knives employ automatically but must be manually raised or recanted to close. Designed by Benchmade, the 3300 Infidel OTF Knife is a very interesting automatic knife, offering many outstanding features and excellent mechanisms for easy and safe use. Rhode Island - LEGAL . Add to cart. North Carolina - LEGAL . Check State Knife Laws for specific details on possession, carry, manufacturer or sale as some restrictions may apply in a specific state. OTF knives -legal in Fl. Templar Knife Offering OTF Out the Front or Automatic Knives. New Hampshire - LEGAL . are otf knives legal in Pennsylvania? Get powerful Microtech action in a compact package with the Exocet. No Limit Knives: Taiwan Lightning OTF: Titan Lightning OTFs: Sort By: $10,000 Bill Biker USA Knuckle D/A OTF Auto Black Handle D/E Two-Tone Blade Our ... No Limit Knives Akuma Tanto Cali Legal Blue Handle Blue Accents Our Price: $185.00 . CobraTec OTF knives come with a built-in safety feature that will not allow the blade to fully deploy if anything is obstructing its path. A. Check State Knife Laws for specific details on possession, carry, manufacturer or sale as some restrictions may apply in a specific state. Its the Responsibility of the Buyer, not the Seller, to ascert emjimb Member. A law has been passed in the Offensive Weapons Act that will make this useful knives illegal. These concern knives that may be worn openly but not concealed, knives that can be carried both openly and concealed, and knives that are always illegal to carry.. These Out The Front Automatic Knives come in single action or double action. Microtech Exocet OTF Knife Money Clip 1.9" Tanto Bronze Apocalyptic 158-13AP. Well-designed for tactical use, the knife is classed as a double-action OTF automatic. It should also be noted that a pocketknife that was legal when manufactured, but is broken or modified so that it will open freely, is a switchblade within the meaning of the statute. North Dakota - LEGAL . At a Glance: Texas statutory law on the topic of knives, found at Chapter 46 of the Penal Code, is objective and based on measurable aspects.The restraints are limited. Our Out-The-Front-Opening Automatics range from Double Action D/A and Single Action S/A low cost generic Knives up to S 2 G 's very HIGH QUALITY name brand Premium Knives! The blade can be quickly deployed with the ambidextrous sliding button. Sin City Knives. Hours. Viper Tec Knives is not responsible for Sales of products into Unauthorized Areas. Pennsylvania - ILLEGAL . There are two types of knives in Texas law, distinguished only by blade length. There are two types of OTF (“Out the Front”) automatic knives: 1) Single Action (SA-OTF) and 2) Double Action (DA-OTF). Ballistic knives, which uses a spring mechanism to shoot a knife out like a missile, are illegal to own under state and federal laws. Or By appointment. The following states do NOT prohibit auto-open (also referred to as automatic, switchblade or switch knife) for non-law enforcement citizens. Designed primarily for EDC Military, Police and EMT duty, auto knives open with a simple press of a button or slide of a switch. Missouri - LEGAL . By purchasing any item sold by VT inc. you are agreeing that you accept legal responsibility for owning the item you have ordered in the jurisdiction to which we deliver it. Microtech Knives. Rather, the blade (when collapsed) is actually housed inside the handle itself. Lifetime warranty on our knives It features a wide double edge dagger blade and an anodized aluminum handle with a thumb slide firing switch. Looking for a reliable out-the-front (OTF) knife? Legal Situational *New York's state law provides an exception for "Possession of a switchblade or gravity knife for use while hunting, trapping or fishing by a person carrying a valid license." We carry the best OTF brands including Benchmade, Viper Tec, Smith & Wesson & many more. The Exocet is a stout Cali-Legal OTF automatic from Microtech knives. Earn 100 PVK Rewards Points. OTF knives or Out-The-Front knives are truly unique in their function. The OTF knife is a great knife to carry for any EDC or outdoorsman as they are easy to deploy with only one hand using the dual-action trigger button. Ohio - LEGAL . January 10, 2019 January 9, 2019 blogadmin 1 Comment on State Law for OTF Knives For the world of knife laws and deregulations, it has been quite busy. Oregon - LEGAL . Don’t Believe the Myths About Automatic Knives. Microtech Knives. Discussion in 'Legal' started by emjimb, Sep 6, 2006. Clipped to a pocket or a belt is enough probable cause in Philadelphia. The closest you’ll get to a legal switchblade, our OTF pocket knives fire out razor sharp, spear-point blades at lightning speed, giving impressive results for minimal work. Nebraska - LEGAL . California Legal Automatic Knives. All Griffin Knives have a safety mechanism that will disengage the blade if it comes in contact with an object while deploying or retracting. This California Legal OTF Knife features a durable construction aluminum black and grey finish handle with finger grip o… E.M.S. Pushing forward on the button deploys the blade out the front of the handle … $235.00. Shop brands like Boker, Kershaw, SOG, and Bear & Son Cutlery. There are two main types of OTF switchblades; single and double action. Connect With Us. In fact, Microtech is the OTF brand – arguably the most well-known name when it comes to high end automatics and OTF knives. Wikimedia Commons, user Jerryk50. Microtech UTX-70 Blue OTF Automatic Knife 2.4" Black, Tanto 149-1BL. There's no definition of a switchblade in the books, so probably any OTF knife would cause inquiry, especially one that is assisted. Work done by organizations like Knife Rights, many states have changed their ancient laws of knives and OTF knives . Q. Microtech Knives. This knife is a type of automatic knife where the blade is resting inside of the handle and will jump out once the button is pressed forward. Are Spring-Assisted Knives Legal in California? Tactical gear, Automatic OTF knives custom built to your exacting standard in the USA. No. However this law has not been enacted yet so they are still currently UK legal to sell and own. Automatic knives are created with efficiency in mind. OTF Knives or Out the Front Knives are springloaded knives that eject from the handle at a push of a button. Las Vegas, Nevada 89123, United States. Templar's knives are out the front knives that are spring assisted knives making for great functionality and conversation. Once in 'safety mode' the blade will need to be reset by pulling the blade all the way into its locked position making it fully functional again. Welcome to our OTF Automatic Knives (aka switchblades) category! Thread Status: Not open for further replies. California knife laws break down into 3 categories of devices. The law regarding Spring Assisted Knives in the UK is set to change. We carry automatic knives, balisongs, fixed blades, OTF knives and so much more. All of the knives listed here feature fast automatic deployment with the press of a button. Out the Front knives, or OTF's as they are often known, are knives which when triggered, push the blade right out the front of the handle. Montana - ILLEGAL . No time frame or guidance has been given by the Government to date.We will post updates as and when we get them. New Jersey - ILLEGAL . OTF stands for “Out-The-Front,” which is actually a handy descriptor for what these knives actually are. The Midtech Damascus OTF knife features a typhoon Damascus steel blade with black powder coated hardware. Ballistic knife. Microtech UTX-70 Tan Cali Legal OTF Dagger 1.9" Apocalyptic CA147-10APTA. $280.00. Single action push the blade out when triggered but then … The following states do NOT prohibit auto-open (also referred to as automatic, switchblade or switch knife) for non-law enforcement citizens. Benchmade's automatic knives, nicknamed switchblades, can be customized for your everyday needs. 702.234.1456 If you're wondering if you can carry an automatic knife in California, the legal blade knife length is under 2". The following states do NOT prohibit auto-open (also referred to as automatic, switchblade or switch knife) for non-law enforcement citizens. Microtech Exocet Gray Money Clip OTF Knife Cali Legal 1.9" Apocalyptic Serrated 157-11GY Mississippi - LEGAL . See the list below for blade length restrictions. New Mexico - ILLEGAL . New York - ILLEGAL . Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty. Oklahoma - LEGAL . In Stock People have been incarcerated for carrying an assisted opening knife commonly used for cutting sheet rock.