: No. $2.95 shipping. : No. This is perfect for long-range shooting, with an extendable bipod and pop-up sight. The Jet-Blaster CEDA is the world's first modular, upgradeable, and performance tunable foam dart blaster designed for extreme-competitive Dart Battles and commandos who t... , MORE, Gel Ball and Foam Dart Blasters Stay quiet and take deep breaths so you don’t lose your nerve! The 178B (Black Synthetic ) Air Rifle from Pneu Dart is the New upgrade from the 178B Air projector. A dart will travel about 15 ft before it falls to the floor. Batteries Included? : No. Star Wars fans will love this Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster. to give you our top recommendations. The included 4GB memory card can store up to 2000 photos or 3 hours of video – perfect for settling post-battle disputes! No. The quick reload clip means it’s easy to reload and you’ll never be caught off guard. The Longshot CS-6 is a two in one blaster that’s over 3 feet long! In this short video Travis shows you how to load airgun darts into CO2 revolver cartridges. No. Press each button to launch the 440c stainless dart. It features upgrades of a s leek weather resistant stock design and e nlarged forearm to reduce pumping effort. The Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 offers incredible accuracy and unrivalled power. These darts are high-quality with the fletching made from South African mohair. No. Meanwhile, the shoulder stock will stabilize your shot and ensure the enemy doesn’t stand a chance. Size: 24 inches The Rogue One Imperial Death Trooper is one of the best Nerf sniper rifles for Star Wars fans. Built-in camera. This is the best Nerf sniper for Star Wars fans willing to take down the enemy from a distance with that perfect shot. Use as sniper or blaster. : No. It fires darts up to 100 feet away, and it’s powered by bolt-action priming. This just might be the best sniper Nerf gun around. Accuracy is paramount, but when it comes to choosing the best Nerf snipers, it’s consistency that gives you the accuracy. Of course, you also need the best Nerf sniper rifle! If you are looking for a nerf sniper that can capture video footage of the carnage then this is the best Nerf sniper for you! The dart needs to be completely filled with fluid in order to fly stabilized. Batteries Required? Comes with 10 Soft tipped darts. of Darts: 18 Easy to use. The Nerf thunderhawk has a 10-dart indexing clip making it easy to reload. Instructions: Remove safety top cover and pull down the protective cover away from the push buttons. The dart syringes are a come in 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10 cc models for use with the Pneu-Dart … : Yes Push the bolt back and you're locked and loaded and ready to launch a dart at your target, up to 100 feet away. This Nerf mega sniper comes with targeting scope and removable stock to help you get that perfect shot and customize the blaster depending on your mission. Previous. 10 orange soft darts … Pneu-Dart darts contain a small explosive charge that detonates on impact and quickly injects the dart contents. : No. Buzz Bee Toys air warriors predator blaster features realistic bolt loading action, A detachable scope and a secret storage compartment for extra darts in your blaster. While sniper shooting is done at a distance, you never know when the enemy might sneak up on you – have a backup blaster just in case. Buy Evike Jet Blaster CEDA Foam Blaster Dart Gun Rifle (Model: Model S/Blue): ... FenglinTech Worker 100pcs 36mm Short Darts for Nerf Elite Retaliator Worker Mod Customized Short Darts Magazine Quick Reload Clip with Upgrade Tube Kits - (White) 4.0 out of 5 stars 22. This Nerf mega sniper offers amazing fun and it wins first place for the best Nerf sniper on the market. This comes with 18 darts designed for accuracy. While not as far as others on this list, the accuracy is practically unrivalled so get the right spot, and you’ll be the family’s champion sniper. © 2020 Western Ranch Supply, All rights reserved. Weight: 5.07lbs : Yes Located directly behind the urethane coated forearm is our rotating power control engineered to vary the muzzle velocity without taking your eye off the target. Learn to hide from the enemies with the camouflage basics. : No. This Nerf thunderhawk sniper rifle comes with 10 AccuStrike Mega darts designed for accuracy and taking out the enemy in one swift shot. This Nerf mega sniper comes with a folding bipod to stabilise your shot and ensure you don’t fire until your enemy is in that perfect position. 95% black paint finihs remains on metal. Weight: 3.7lbs This Longstrike Nerf Modulus Toy Blaster is a nerf sniper rifle that can be easily customized. It’s approximately 30 inches long making impressive to look at and carry. The dart is filled using a disposable syringe and a 19 guage x 1-1/2" needle, as the 19ga needle needs to slip inside the needle on the dart in order to fill the dart. Ol' Jesse James himself couldn't do that, I reckon. Age Range: best for kids aged 8 and above of Darts: 6 Add to cart. You will receive … ** ... $21.99. Becoming a successful Nerf sniper takes patience, precision, and the perfect location. All of our projectors have adjustable power controls that makes for accurate uses at close ranges or sizable distances, even from the bird’s eye view of a helicopter. Age Range: best for kids aged 6 and above An included bipod will keep the gun stable while you aim and fire. Minimum – 1 pump; Maximum – 10 pumps. It includes 6-dart clip and 6 darts meaning you have ample chances to make that perfect shot, although it’s so accurate you’ll probably just need the one! Telescopes for Viewing Planets & Galaxies, Ski Boots for Beginner & Intermediate Skiers, One of the best Nerf sniper rifles on the market today is the, One of the best Nerf sniper rifles on the market is the. Most Nerf sniper rifles will fire between 50 and 100 feet. Pump action. It’s far harder to get an accurate shot if you have to hold the gun yourself, and while you can create your own bipod to support the rifle, many have them included. Trending top #5 Hand Files Products: Batteries Required? Constructed of durable 6061 machined aluminum and coated with a sharp, elements-resistant anodized finish, the X-2 is the finest and most versatile short range projector ever built. Size: 30 inches Weight: 4.6lbs of Darts: 12 No. Quick View. Its design is simple yet effective. The best Nerf sniper rifle has to go the distance. This blaster has 4 tactical rails, and the dual rail barrel has 2 more tactical rails to provide multiple options. This Nerf sniper gun includes a blaster with camera, 12 darts, clip, memory card and instructions. of Darts: 18 of Darts: 10 This can fire 6 darts in a row up to around 70 feet, while the included biopod will stabilize your shot to help you get that perfect aim. 28 Inch Ak47 Rifle Dart Machine Gun. The sniper gun is designed to improve the accuracy and so that your kid or even you can shoot at a longer distance. One of the best Nerf sniper rifles on the market is the AccuStrike RaptorStrike. It’s extremely lightweight at just 2.4lbs and it has great accuracy when used as a sniper. Weight: 1.95lbs The Model 178B Pneu-Dart projector is a breech loading air rifle designed for the producer with limited or occasional use of an immobilizing gun. Weight: 2.2lbs Batteries Included? No. This Nerf rifle has two quick-reload clips which hold 12 streamline darts.