One can’t help but picture a rustic French florist shop, thanks to this living room’s woodsy implements, with plenty of pastoral greenery in between. A soft knitted blanket adds a cozy texture that begs to be snuggled under. This gorgeous living room has a tall wooden cathedral ceiling with a large dark chandelier and a tall glass wall that brings in natural lighting for the large brown sectional sofa facing the large stone fireplace. These are all brightened by the large floor-to-ceiling glass window that features a beautiful treetop view. Tip: if you’re unsure where to begin when designing your rustic living room, start with an all-white or neutral canvas (walls, shelves, flooring) and incorporate your fabrics, prints, and furnishings over time. A tabletop of game controllers and sunglasses can be accented with a stenciled table and antique pewter accent pieces. With Natural Light. One way to be certain that you’ll a space that’s unique is with monogrammed décor pieces. The lower shelf provides plenty of sturdy storage while the top leaves ample room for a generous centerpiece as well as a few mugs of coffee and hot cocoa. Short on space but still devoted to rustic chic decor? There are textured rugs layered on top of one another. Most of the space is given to the living room that has a high ceiling that has exposed wooden beams and a large curved wall filled with windows matching the curved sectional sofa. The room features hardwood flooring and a tall ceiling. You might be wondering what makes a style rustic. Next add one of our many lines of rustic lamp and coffee tables, sofa tables and consoles, or one of our new plasma television stands. Few things say “farmhouse” like mason jars and shiplap. This living space also features a large fireplace. This is a Rustic-style living room with a flooring filled with different shades of green. This setup is given a nice background of wooden walls and a wooden ceiling with exposed gray beams. This living room piece is the perfect balance between practicality and artisan sensibility, and isn’t that what the rustic design philosophy is all about? The tall ceiling is just magnificent, perfect together with the home’s flooring. This paired well with a wooden ceiling that has thick exposed wooden beams and an adjacent wall of white that makes the dark gray sectional sofa stand out. Office space can be tucked behind a couch and the modern screen offset nicely by a softer chair in dark blue tweed. 1 of 19 Here the decorator was able to highlight some favorite items by taking a detour from the traditional. In this ample living space that accommodates both seating and dining areas, the warm natural materials—and charming checked fabric—are there but the furniture pieces all boast clean lines and tailored shapes—no overstuffed upholstery here. Winter wonderland or mermaid’s abode? © 2020 - All rights reserved. A formal living room featuring hardwood flooring topped by a stylish rug. This is surrounded by a chocolate brown sofa set and a couple of striped cushioned armchairs over a brown velvet area rug. Shiplap is an extremely versatile wall finishing product. With this slightly distressed light wood coffee table, … Even the brass and wooden furniture casters coordinate beautifully with the gold-gilt mirror that is just the right size for the space. This Rustic-style living room is a part of a great room that also houses the dining area. Rustic living rooms are a place to connect with others or to enjoy quiet time alone, looking out the windows and enjoying the beauty of a sunset or wildlife in the backyard. The hardwood flooring of this Rustic-style living room matches with the exposed wooden beams of the white cathedral ceiling that hangs a gray ceiling fan over the light gray L-shaped sectional sofa brightened by the glass doors. Beloved books, antique findings, and objects of interest are attractively displayed to frame and neutralize more modern necessities such as televisions and reading lamps, while assorted candles and vase arrangements keep the atmosphere seamlessly refined. To make the living room look more rustic, you need to add wood beams accent for ceiling and floor. Tip: as with any of the living room decoration ideas listed here, be mindful of lighting candles around plants and floral arrangements; Make sure you clear an appropriate surface space beforehand to avoid potential fire hazards. A shiplap accent wall painted white adds texture to a bare wall. Patterned pillow covers serve double duty by dressing up a bland couch and provide cushions for lounging. The color schemes for these rustic chic living room ideas are generally either white or gray, and it is accented usually with soft greens and browns to tie in the rustic look of the wood centerpieces. A stone fireplace and dark wood accents make for the perfect rustic living room. The solution is to order a customer handmade option. Rustic living room boasting a couple of comfy modish couches, surrounded by glass windows. White slipcovers on the couches show off the details of ticking striped pillows and white on white flower pillows. Using reclaimed barn wood and a classic window frameset with mirror glass, this craftsman created custom wall art that really makes a statement. Plus, you can also decorate the window with wood beams. You can get it in distressed white as shown but there several other options. This stone pillar reaches all the way up to the wooden cathedral ceiling with exposed wooden beams illuminated by large transom windows above the tall glass sliding doors. The highlight of this Rustic-style living room is the majestic crystal chandelier hanging over the glass-top coffee table with deer antlers for legs. Live plants atop a subtle stack of antique luggage they are a lively addition and light-colored artwork helps keep the light moving around the room. Crisp, Clean, and Modern Living Room Décor. The sofa set and the glass top center table on a blue rug look great as well. The wooden beam accents of the ceiling and walls in this living room matches well with the pair of wooden coffee tables surrounded by a sofa and two pairs of upholstered armchairs. A multi-toned wall lamp and tall candles give off a soft white light that’s ideal for such intimate and ethereal interiors. Do you love the look of exposed wood or anything that’s “earthy” or “organic?” Maybe you like to showcase things you found while hiking or showing off heirlooms from your grandfather’s woodshop. Grays, ivories, silvers, and taupes abound in this lovely communal space, with pillow-piled sofas and large (and slightly clam shaped) floor cushions providing ample options for reclining in comfort. There are many ways to bring in elements of nature. A studious brown leather sofa can add an anchoring solidity to delicate French prints and carefully curated centerpieces, while a simple woven rug lends a breezy, lived-in feel. Then, a modern fireplace made of stone is made as an outstanding focal point which enhances the beauty and comfort of the room perfectly. Light, billowy slipcovers, and a narrow standing lamp add light to more dark corners. These are surrounding a glass-top coffee table together with an L-shaped brown sectional sofa over a colorful area rug. Rustic living rooms are no longer seen as exclusively as a “man cave” for the Hunter or Fisher Type but rather for the whole family to enjoy and as a cozy gathering place in the home. Rustic style can be very varied and interesting, it combines very well with other styles from minimalist to coastal. The modern fireplace is embedded into a large stone pillar that also houses the TV. This small and cozy Rustic-style living room looks like it gives a warm hug to those who enter the main wooden door beside it. Finally, a set of golden candlesticks add drama to the coffee table centerpiece. If you need something different, consider plaid, ruffles, or bold colors to further accent your personal style. Floor to ceiling curtains help soften and add warmth to a chilly-feeling room. This paired well with a wooden ceiling that has thick exposed wooden beams and an adjacent wall of white that makes the dark gray sectional sofa stand out. The feelings of fall are set with a few artful accents. When looking to redecorate a living room, the rustic chic decorating style provides a number of different options, and it can be centered on a few different interests. This formal living room offers cozy seats and carpet flooring, along with a fireplace and a tray ceiling lighted by recessed lights. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. More white lend to a more modern look while a more wood tone makes it feel more rustic. Cape Cod ambiance is a rustic favorite in living room decoration ideas, and for good reason. Many designers and home owners will attest to the challenge of creating an interior space the alludes to the innovation of bygone eras without overwhelming the area or hindering the comfort and practicality of the inhabitants. One-of-a-kind findings and repurposed objects find their place in the rustic living area, with natural materials such as raw, stripped, or blemished wood, stone, and metal taking center stage in the way of furnishings. A blush pink pillow, frilly-edged pillows, a bow, and tassels on rugs add softness and femininity to space and balance the otherwise straight lines. This home has a wide living room that is divided into two. While it gives the room a rustic look, it can be extremely elegant at the same time. Lights and silk flowers changed seasonally are an excellent choice, you could turn these into a succulent planter, or great a mini herb garden. A living room decorating scheme truly fit for a snow queen, the wintry whites and silvers of this rustic chic living room are anchored by comfy fabrics and an unvarnished wooden table. Both stand out well against a neutral-colored fabric pillow and a room full of solids and clean lines. A rustic living room may have a fireplace or wood stove as a focal point rather than a big-screen TV. The room also features rustic hardwood floors with a vaulted ceiling lighted by a modish chandelier. Movies are tucked in chic wire baskets underneath. This bright living room has a light gray sofa paired with a couple of brown leather chairs that stand out against the light gray tiles of the floor and the beige stone pillar that houses the fireplace with a black inlay that blends with the black shelves. The beige arched ceiling of this Rustic-style living room is lit with warm yellow lights that emphasize its irregular arches. It also features black leather seats and a fireplace in front. Try a headboard-style coffee table like this multi-fitted piece, which frees up floor space without leaving you at a loss for where to store and display your belongings. Medium-sized formal living room with brown leather seats and a stylish rug set on the hardwood flooring. Like many living room styles, the rustic style has evolved over the years. If these features appeal to you, your living room style is most likely Rustic. Architecture by Brewster McLeod Architects. Don’t forget the special touches like switching out wall art and added fall pieces to your table décor. The stone fireplace of this large living room reaches all the way to the tall arched ceiling with charming exposed wooden beams. A heavy wooden sideboard-style table displays and tucks away various household items and cherished flotsam, all the while cleverly framing a very modern television and stereo system. A formal living room with an open fireplace. Rustic Living Room Ideas The best rustic spaces embody natural grace and rustic elegance. These are complemented by the wooden beams of the coffered ceiling. This Rustic-style living room has a beautiful red brick wall that has a couple of alcoves flanking the arched entryway into this room. The large glass walls of this living room bring in an abundance of natural lighting and also provide gorgeous scenery as background for the large stone structure of the fireplace reaching up to the tall ceiling that hangs decorative lighting over the coffee table of the sofa and armchairs. This would be a great newlywed gift, realtor gift, or Christmas gift for special friends. Here they’re beautifully combined with custom shiplap planks that are accented with mason jars hung with jute twine. There are so many ways to incorporate nature into the décor of a room, but most of them evoke feelings of rusticity rather than a luxury. From there, you’ll know if you want to decorate your entire house farmhouse style or play with more of an eclectic country theme. Using tones of gold and blush pink can up the lavish feel a notch. However, available in a variety of custom options means that if you’d like yours to stand out more or be a different shape, that’s possible. A rustic living room setup featuring brown leather seats, stunning flooring, and a stone fireplace. Nov 16, 2020 - Explore Modsy's board "Rustic Living Rooms", followed by 9149 people on Pinterest. As designing a furnace and maintaining it will be costly, you can replace it with large carpet if your main reason is putting rustic touch in the planned room. The tall wooden ceiling of this living room is paired with a charming indoor balcony with wooden railings above the large stone fireplace. The next sections stand by the brick fireplace with two green cushioned sofas. See more ideas about home decor, home, rustic living room. A brilliant golden chandelier hangs from the wooden exposed beams of the wooden cathedral ceiling that is complemented by the large stone column of the fireplace. Have you ever wanted an accent pillow in just the “right” size? As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Custom pieces really allow the buyer to impart their unique personality in their space. Plush pillows and cozy-looking throw blankets beg to be snuggled under. This is brightened by the wide glass walls with a view of the wooden deck outside. Brown accent pillows and knitted throws make a person want to curl up on a breezy fall day. Signs can come in as many different varieties as there are people. You can almost envision sitting around this table playing board games. These free-form wood slab “canvases” are a striking way to display your favorite prints and portraits, all the while lending a decidedly Pacific Northwest touch to bright, open rooms and hallways. Evergreen cuttings are a classic way to spruce up for fall either twined into wreaths or arranged in tall containers to top a table. Rough-hewn beams add rustic charm and can be used to delineate doorways and frame ceilings. Suspended alone or in multiple rows, these wooden frame mounts work best on lighter walls, where the richness of the wood can truly stand out and draw the eye. Love the bookcase floor to ceiling and fitted into the wall. The shiplap wooden ceiling matches well with the hardwood flooring that complements the gray sofa set across from the stone wall that houses the fireplace and the TV. This makes the brown leather sofa set and glass-top coffee table stand out across from the large stone structure that houses the fireplace. It can be treated like any other wall material, even allowing a stable base for a wall-mounted television. One side has beige sofas paired with orange armchairs that stand out against the beige area rug. Window frames can be finished in such a wide variety of options that they can match nearly any décor style. How do I Use Lighting to Achieve a Modern Farmhouse Look? The mason jars provide a great palette for a variety of decorative options. This rustic living room idea is gonna be a perfect idea if you want to have a warm and comfortable living room. Wooden beads are draped in between golden tassels. They can change the tone and feel of a room by lightening the color. A hand-painted sign on wood shows the craftsmanship of the maker, but also the heart of the buyer. Often a stone fireplace is the focal point and there is plenty of wood. Have a look at some of the best rustic decorating ideas for living rooms, and get ready to be inspired. While these particular elements are still considered to be rustic and popular among some decorators and homeowners, the rustic style has lightened up and expanded a bit. Larger décor pieces can be extra special when made by hand rather than a factor. The charming dark hardwood flooring of this living room contrasts the bright beige cushioned sofa and its matching armchairs. Combined with the white fireplace surround, key decorative pieces – including a bold blue blanket ladder, coil basket with green throw pillows, and pale purple alliums – stand out well. Best of all the creamy white and smooth taupe tones open up and brighten the space, offering smaller interiors a chance to shine in their own right. - webuser_366225488 This idea shows you how to create a rustic living room even with narrow dimensions. This impossibly pretty rustic chic living room could very well have been lifted right out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel. Convenient woven baskets can be easily slid under the unit for additional storage options, while a sparse floor plan and clean white surfaces optimize your interior space. The view of the lush green forest outside the large glass wall sets a nice contrast to the redwood frames of the windows that match with the leather cushioned armchair with its own matching leather footstool. The simple black freestanding fireplace stands out against the beige walls of this small Rustic-style living room. This rectangular pair is finished with distressed white and provides a beautiful rustic backdrop for a natural leafy wreath in a neutral-toned living room. A window framed mirror and rustic false shutters can give any modern space the feel of an old-fashioned farmhouse. Great feature. the exposed brick accent wall is definitely an attention grabber inside the room which gives a striking color and texture to its gray and white background color. A formal living room with a tall shed ceiling and a stone fireplace, along with a cozy sofa set. Live plants can top a table, fill an empty corner, drape from a high shelf, or even hang from the ceiling. Seating covers can serve so many purposes. These are then complemented by the charming stone fireplace topped with a wall-mounted TV. Including family names and GPS coordinates for the house shows that you took the time to really think about the receiver of the pillow. The beige ceiling of this Rustic-style living room has exposed wooden beams that connect with a couple of wooden columns. This rustic living room from AD has a beautiful bout of natural lighting that is the … A living room is important for your family as well so you might want to make it comfortable for everyone. While this particular look may be preferable for some homeowners, white, subdued, or light-colored walls complement rustic features. Rustic great room featuring brown leather seats, a wooden dining table set lighted by a stunning chandelier, and a nice kitchen set up. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. Welcome to our collection of rustic living room ideas and designs. A gold-gilded lamp and framed graphic art provide posh, while natural branches and wooden dough bowl centerpiece provide natural warmth. These are facing a complex patterned wall with built-in shelves housing the fireplace and TV. They can provide a long-overdue update to a room without the purchase of all new furniture. A three-dimensional gallery wall pulls together the dichotomy of the space with an artful collection of feminine and masculine elements. The silvery, shimmery rustic chic decor of this living room leaves either open for interpretation. That's because rustic decor is rich in warmth and dressed in nature's most beautiful materials. Handmade accents can add a homey special touch to a room. The pretty baluster corner posts soften the heavy lines just enough. Decorative Rustic Living Room When you’re browsing our Rustic Style Gallery for some ideas and inspiration, you will notice that exposed wood is still a prominent feature but the living rooms are brighter and allow for more natural light. This matches with the brown velvet cushioned sofa that is paired with two black leather armchairs facing a beautiful wooden coffee table. These also match the beige area rug underneath the round glass-top coffee table across from the stone fireplace. With this DIY coffee table, you will create… When knitted in an earthy tone, it coordinates well with other natural fibers and colors in space while muted tones can provide a blank slate for other pieces to stand out. Once you’ve found a material that works for you, you’ll want to look into a color that blends with your personal rustic style. Here it’s been arranged horizontally and painted white to provide a blank backdrop in a longer-looking room. This is contrasted by the gray carpeted flooring that matches the gray shelves behind the couch and illuminated by the sliding glass doors. Facing this is a large gray L-shaped sectional sofa paired with a beige carpeted flooring and a wooden coffee table. To create a rustic living room that is full of sophistication, keep things on the straight and narrow. For many decades, “Rustic” reflected log cabins, paneled wood walls, and leather furniture. Off-white pillows on a beige couch help prevent a sterile feeling. The classic era, sometimes, is related to anything in gold … A super easy way to create a more rustic feel to your living room is to warm up your color scheme. Rustic Living Room with A Classic Twist. A white on the white shelf can be set with nature prints in gold frames. Like a luxury mountain resort, this rustic chic living room boasts sumptuous furnishings set within a comfortable, unpretentious backdrop. When perusing living room decoration ideas, remember that one of the most attractive qualities of rustic chic decor is the ability to experiment with many different patterns, textures, and era influences. Clean lines and simple color schemes keep the tone cool and laid back, while eye-catching pieces such as the wooden lobster trap-like ceiling lamp and repurposed rolling coffee table, as well glass dome-covered plants, allow guests plenty to admire and inquire about. They provide just enough structure above the mantle to break the expanse of wall, while still maintaining the neutral feel. A faux fur sofa throw adds an enticing Narnia touch, and is perfect for snuggling in for long snowy nights. A rustic living room might just be the coziest, most welcoming design style you'll find. Coffee tables can be the center of attraction in your living room. A fluffy light-colored rug softens a dark hardwood floor. It can be hard to achieve a light, modern look in a traditional farmhouse using traditional pieces. The room also has brown leather seats on top of a rug covering the hardwood flooring. Sunny throw pillows and plenty of flora & fauna add splashes of color, breaking up the widespread color scheme, while a breathtaking wall piece provides a central focal point. While this room has the bright whites and clean lines of a modern room, there are enough details tucked in every corner, that it is reminiscent of a time-gone-by. Stylish scroll work shelving and a solid wooden coffee table uphold the rustic end of the aesthetic while a silver pocket watch clock and garden accents add a refreshingly personal touch. This style is perfect not only for country house but also for modern apartments because it makes any space extremely cozy. A pink tufted ottoman is a lovely centerpiece in a room of otherwise white furniture. A bold solid colored sofa can be softened with a collection of patterned frilly throw pillows. Don’t be afraid to mix up your fabric designs, as the more eclectic your throw pillow and textile range the better! Simplicity and New England sensibilities are the key living room ideas on display here, with a clean but cozy beachfront feel. The gorgeous beige cathedral ceiling of this living room is paired with exposed wooden beams and a large glass wall that brings in an abundance of natural lighting to the light gray sofa set across from the stone structure of the fireplace that matches well with the stone pillars of the glass wall. A massive formal living room featuring a rustic stone wall and pillar installed with a fireplace. This charming Rustic-style living room pairs its brilliant white sofa set with white textured stone details on the charming fireplace that has a white iron grating. A lot of times, the main focal point of these sets have the appearance of driftwood or hardwood. This throw pillow comes in so many assorted sizes, you’re sure to find the right one for your space. While other pillow colors are available, this neutral ensures that the pillow can fit in as styles and seasons change. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. If Marie Antoinette moved to modern New York City this would most likely be her living room decorating style of choice. It doesn’t take much to class up a boring space. This is then paired with a large dark brown leather couch and a pair of cushioned armchairs of the same tone. They can offset other wall art, stand on either side of a door or window, or serve as the entire art piece themselves. The mantle of this fireplace is adorned with colorful painting and a couple of vases. At the same time, they are vintage, charming and of course romantic. This is my favorite the floor is made of by maple from Java, Indonesia. The earthy brownstone panel that houses the modern fireplace and the TV above it stands out against the bright beige walls and tall arched ceiling that hangs a round chandelier over the set of cushioned sofa and armchairs. Stacked branches, log pieces, and foliage give the allusion of a walk in the forest, keeping the overall tone of the room organic and unfussy. The gray L-shaped sectional sofa complements the light gray tiles of the flooring that makes the black entertainment cabinet stand out as well as the TV against the wooden wall. Distressed pieces give a comfortable lived-in vibe while stately table lamps and ceiling-hung windows define the boundaries of the space. Natural elements are a big part of a rustic style living room. Pumpkins and gourds can be painted in a variety of ways to suit your style or left as is for a dramatic range of fall colors. These are paired with a lovely sofa set and a wooden coffee table. Pale and pristine decor meet their more primitive match with faux fur coverings, to name only a few of the charming contrasts in this rustic chic living room. Dazzling Rustic Living Room Basically, this one is a living room which is dominated by wood (walls, flooring, and ceiling) which look absolutely stunning. Originating in Turkey, the pouf ottoman adds flair to any space. Rustic formal living room with a fireplace with shelving on both sides, along with brown leather seats. A repurposed wooden “filing cabinet” chest steals the show as both a unique and functional coffee table, while mix-and-match patterned throw pillows and an organic centerpiece collection keep the atmosphere on the easy side of elegance. Live plants are a lovely addition to any home. A large formal living room with a brown sofa set and a rustic centerpiece table set on a large rug covering the hardwood flooring. As you browse the gallery, you may notice that while there are many prominent features reflective of the rustic style, the style itself varies. This farmhouse style, rustic sign bridges the gap between old and new with words of a classic hymn painted in a modern font. Surrounding the sign with greenery adds the warmth and beauty of creation. This repurposed wooden sofa “headboard” table and surrounding lavender-tinged charcoal hues give this living room’s shabby rustic chic decor an editorial-worthy look. There is a fireplace embedded into a large stone column. Canvas prints are also easy to hang, easy to reposition, and easy to customize. A stately colored storage piece and well-placed wall art make use of every spare corner. In this case, the thought really does count with a personalized linen housewarming pillow. PICK A warm-toned rug to soften hard floors. Flowery accent pillows coordinate with a cushioned round ottoman. Explore our rustic farmhouse living room selection to find the perfect TV stand or coffee table in a wood finish you love. Spacious formal living room featuring a cozy living furniture set and a fireplace. This Rustic-style living room is a part of a great room that also houses the dining area under its wooden cathedral ceiling with exposed wooden beams that support the thin metal chimney of the fireplace and a pendant light hanging over the wooden coffee table in between the couches. 101 Interior Design Ideas for 25 Types of Rooms in a House ([y] Photos), 18 Different Types of Living Spaces and Lounge Areas for Your Home, ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design, 25 of the Best Green Paint Color Options for Family Rooms, 25 of the Best Blue Paint Color Options for Family Rooms, 25 of the Best White Paint Color Options for Family Rooms, 25 Best Beige Paint Color Options for Family Rooms, Cordyceps (The Medicinal Mushroom that Increases Physical Energy), Conversion of a 1960s House in Waldenbuch by Schleicher.Ragaller Freie Architekten BDA, Cottage on the Point by Paul Bernier Architecte. This throw pillow hits the mark with a large family name initial in striped ticking as well as the family name ad established date in an alternate solid color. Especially if that hand-made item evokes feelings of a far-off land. This is paired with two different couches that face a wood top coffee table. A neutral color palette can provide a great base for seasonal decorations. Adding them in several key places is a classy way to add color and drama.