Another big advantage is that since preparation is so simple, almost nothing can go wrong, and with the core thermometer you can guarantee the right cooking time. Give these 3 recipes a try! With a sharp knife, take shallow passes across the fat cap until it’s gone; you want to see the meat. The Big Green Egg outdoor cooker is a beast of a machine with a multitude of uses. Update: Since recording this video, I’ve made a few changes to my methods. Once to get the IT to where you want it, remove Butt from the Egg and get it in a clean and empty cooler. Even a slight gap between the meat and the foil will allow for the butt to keep sweating. Load your Big Green Egg with a good load of lump charcoal and get your fire going. Slow cooking is one of the preparation techniques for which the Big Green Egg is particularly suitable. When the EGG is up to temperature and you are ready to start cooking drain the water from the wood chips remove the plate setter and sprinkle the wood chips in a large circle on the charcoal. You can potentially place a drip pan (with or without a layer of water in it) on the convEGGtor before placing the grid in the EGG in order to keep the convEGGtor nice and clean and prevent any escaping grease or juices from causing unwanted smoke. My goal at the time was to cook enough pulled pork to get Jackie and I through the the onslaught of Pot Luck dinners we would be going to in December. This fat cap needs to go. Interested in slow cooking on the Big Green Egg? Apple, cherry, and pecan are all good choices. Check whether you have completed all mandatory fields. I like to trim and season the Butt the day before. For me, lump charcoal gives a nice wood flavor. EGGspander Multi Level Cooking System for the Big Green Egg, Big Green Egg Series: Kick Ash Tools Review. Why? This is a natural cooling process. If you want a bit stronger go with hickory. In this special, Big Green Egg expert Ralph de Kok shares three of his slow cooking recipes: slow cooked pork belly, pulled pork and vitello tonnato. The fat freezes well. At the same time, you don’t want to cake it on. I would make sure you do not buy thin chops. By now, The Big Green Egg should be cruising along right around 225 degrees. I’ve cooked a lot of things on m Big Green Egg but this is by far my favorite. Slow cooking is hot! You have the lump charcoal making smoke, all your spices are going; you might very well be adding a sauce to the pulled pork. Smoked Pork Chops have a longer cooking time, so make sure the pork chops are at least 1 inch thick and even better at 1 and 1/4 inch thick. Your Egg may run well and steady at 235°f. My focus is on healthy, simple and creative recipes on the grill. A slightly higher core temperature won’t make a difference in this case but, for food safety purposes, always stick to the appropriate minimum temperature for the meat. I usually like a picnic ham but felt a Boston Butt would do well for this cook. I personally avoid sugar and carbs, so when I did the butt for this article I used 5-spice, onion powder, and black pepper. Categories: Recipes | Tags: Apple wood , BBQ , Big Green Egg , Hickory , Kansas City , Low & Slow , Maple , Pork , Pulled Pork … There’s no wrong one to cook. The ones in the store typically weigh somewhere from 6-10 lbs. We’re going to leave the butt unwrapped and in the stall for a good long time. Method Pat the shoulder dry of any moisture Mix the dry rub ingredients together in a bowl and add to the meat, thoroughly rubbing into the surface with your fin Install the cooking grate and get the Egg running smoothly at the temperature you want. If you spend the time with your Big Green Egg and a Boston Butt or two, you are well on your way to making better BBQ than you could ever imagine. I called it my Pork Butt Project 2012. If you’re using it, add two or three chunks into your charcoal bed before lighting. Once the salt is on there, apply your spice mix. Evaporative cooling affects large cuts of meat, like a Boston Butt. So long as you aim for 140-150 internal finish (pull earlier if using high heat to allow for residual temp climb), it's a fool-proof cook. At the end of the day, the type of wood you’re using is a minor part of the equation. Every … Score the fatty side of the pork belly crosswise. A simple brine will work. you’re going to need 14 hours to cook it (+- 30% ). On a side note: you can hang onto this fat for use in making some fresh breakfast sausage or render it into some low-grade lard if you like. Once the IT gets to around the 150°f mark, the Butt will stall. For today’s cook, we are going to wrap. If you want to really go for it when it comes to meat quality, you can’t go wrong with Snake River Farms. I also want to have better control of the amount of salt that I get on the meat. Loves to restore grills and smokers of all kinds. After the cooling process, you can easily transport and reheat the ribs. You can leave it in there for several hours if needed. Now that you have the Big Green Egg, your entry into BBQ just got a whole lot easier. Head to your local home improvement store and pick up a bag of cooking wood chunks; they will be in the charcoal aisle. Yes, I would like to receive recipes for my EGG, the latest news and practical tips. Take your time and get that foil on the meat tightly. Not a big believer in the dogma of outdoor cooking. Now that you have the Big Green Egg, your entry into BBQ just got a whole lot easier. Boston Butts are available at most mega-marts, and they are inexpensive. Right now, let’s get to cooking this butt from the shoulder of the pig. (Robyn). However, I prefer a different approach. If you’re curious what internal temp any protein you’re cooking should reach, check out our BBQ Calculator! I will never spam you, I promise- just great recipe content into your inbox! The enhancement also helps retain moisture and color of the meat. In this case, sprinkle a handful of water-soaked wood chips directly onto the coal embers before positioning the convEGGtor. We cook by the temperature of the meat, not by the amount of time in the Egg. Once you’re about seven hours into the cook, take the meat off the Egg and tightly wrap it in aluminum foil. You don’t need to worry about fire management and temperature control; the Egg will take of that so you can focus on the cooking. Heat your Big Green Egg to 350-400 degrees (medium indirect heat if you’re not using a Big Green Egg) and soak apple wood chips. When slow cooking, you can practically forget about your EGG while the product cooks slowly. The temperature will drop when you put the Pork Shoulders on and should return to … If an aluminum foil pan does not fit in your cooler, place some paper towels in the cooler first. In the first few hours of the cook, the internal temperature (IT) will rise quickly. The preparation is simple, time does all that is required and you will be amazed by the juicy and tasty result. Now sit back, grab an ice cold beer and and enjoy this post for How to set your Big Green Egg for Low and Slow. I want to have better control of the flavor. Jon, **Affiliate links have been used in this post which means I could make a small commission if any products are purchased. Many folks in the BBQ world think 225°f is a magic number. You can cook this using a wide range of temperatures. Another big advantage is that since preparation is so simple, almost nothing can go wrong, and with the core thermometer you can guarantee the right cooking time. Target temperature is 220°F/110°C. Control the salt? The meat should fall apart and have a pink, smoky ring. Everything else is a bonus. You’re looking for an IT of somewhere around 199°f to 203°f. If your trimmed Butt is 7 lbs. Sign up for my newsletter to get recipes straight to your inbox, as well as get entered into a monthly giveaway of my cookbook and grilling swag like bbq rubs, and accessories! This post shows you how to get your Big Green Egg setup for a temperature between 200° and 275° which is the perfect range for classic BBQ. Award-winning chefs and restaurants employ them as do backyard braaiers who love the Egg for its versatility. Once the meat temperature is 165°, remove the meat and wrap in a double layer of foil. The really cool thing about country style ribs is that they are so versatile. Competition BBQ teams inject their pork butts with sulfates all the time. And rightly so, because large portions of meat cooked slowly on the Big Green Egg become extra flavourful and juicy. Once the pork is on the Egg, close the Dome and smoke it until your digital thermometer reads at 200F. Trust me, it’s not. I only recommend products I personally use and endorse. The connective tissue breaks down to gelatin during the low and slow cook. The EGG should already be set up for indirect cooking, with the Plate Setter in the legs up position and the stainless steel grid on top. Pulled pork is affordable, freezes well for future use and is always a hit with family and friends. Step 6: Set Up the Big Green Egg for an Indirect Cook When doing a big multi-hour low and slow cook, I always clean it out real good before I get started so I don’t end up with fire control issues. You have two options. BBQ is full of contradiction. Return it to the Egg and cook until 190°F to 200°F. To quote Elder Ward, a fabled Big Green Egg expert, “Barbecue will not cook by you looking at it.” (For the full Elder Ward experience, see The Naked Whiz’s Ceramic Charcoal Cooker Page.)