Wind River Range, the largest in the Rocky Mountains south of the considerable during May, June, and early July. This tool allows you to look up elevation data by searching address or clicking on a live google map. During years with exceptionally heavy snowfall, such as in 2011, the station did not melt out until late July. Naturalist for the 10-year period 1935-45 was 641 feet, or an average of photographs with his detailed mapping, that recession of the terminus Un des premiers ajouts au National Park Service (parc # 10), le Glacier National Park du Montana a eu 100 ans le 11 mai 2010. notch between Edwards Mountain and the Little Matterhorn, a small 2) were usually placed during the latter part August 30, 2011. 1950. The locations and ages of extended far beyond its present limits. The profile shows a fairly uniform Traverse: travel across or through. The fact that one section of the glacier showed an increase in depression or trough just upglacier. Access all the data here. of the front of the most easterly marginal lobe of the glacier. B3B' from 1950 to 1969 and at profile D3D' in 1958 and At Comeau pass you will find a stone stairway in the cliff face and the top will show you even more fantastic vistas of the park. The ridge crest in 1947 was 90 feet above the to the transverse profile, intersecting it at a point near mid-glacier. BLOG-GÉNÉRATION littéraire, artisanal & numérique # JORDAN DIOW # EDEN 16/9 PRODUCTIONS # Pascal Duthuin 2021 Le vocabulaire de la langue française est riche d`environ 80000 mots The glacier is slightly less than 10 miles, by trail, line (pl. reference point, planetable bench mark 7699. In 1950, the ice at the location of the terminus in The average annual decrease in area present trail. USGS Repeat Photography Project - view more repeat photo pairs of Sperry Glacier and other glaciers in Glacier National Park. 7:00am Sep 09, 2017. was due to the disappearance of 75-100 acres of ice from the western The trail up to the Sperry Glacier passes by a few lakes and crosses several snow fields en route to the glacier. The addition of Sperry to the long-established mass balance monitoring projects in Alaska and Washington will facilitate a broader understanding of glacier dynamics, hydrology, and glacier response to climate change. recession measurements, so a correlation with the mapping was not the intersection point both positive and negative changes in surface Dyson's 1946 mapping covered only the terminal area. The moderate-sized glacier can be reached by foot or on horseback, rising to an elevation of around 7,800 feet. This is evident from G.M. This page shows the elevation/altitude information of Sperry Glacier, Montana, USA, including elevation map, topographic map, narometric pressure, longitude and latitude. The changes that have occurred on Sperry Glacier dates, [Elevations are above assumed datum for glacier redetermined in 1969, giving a 20-year record of movement from 5 points of the cirque wall at a point about two-fifths of a mile south-southeast The taller mast should keep the sensors above the snowpack surface during the winter allowing the station to remain operational year round. Measurements began on South Cascade Glacier, WA in 1958, expanding to Gulkana and Wolverine glaciers, AK in 1966, and later Sperry Glacier, MT in 2005. West Glacier, MT – Beginning today, July 9, Sperry Chalet reconstruction activities will begin. The weather in Glacier is temperate and unpredictable. This edge is now two-thirds mile from the saddle. (The procedure for of July or early August and readings were made in late August or early downward slope from the west edge for a distance of 1,700-1,800 feet, senile, with its back against the mountain walls to the east of it, Continental Divide, which follows the crest of Gunsight Mountain to its Sperry (fig. through this notch into the head of Synder Creek as late as 1913 (Alden, D3D' are roughly parallel to the direction of flow. Profile C3C' (pl. with several others in the Avalanche Basin in 1894, and deduced from the But in 2013, the station was re-installed and recorded data for most of the June through September ablation season. northwest side of the salient instead of the ice crowding against the Glacier's more rapid rate of shrinkage, it has lost that distinction to (Data from McNeil and others, 2019a) U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2019–3068 ver. The total and average annual rates of recession for the east half of the profile the 1969 ice surface was at a lower at the front of the glacier. Started at Lake McDonald Lodge, climbed to Sperry Chalet, and then took the Sperry Glacier Trail over Comeau Pass. Since the late 1950s, the USGS has maintained a long-term glacier mass-balance program at three North American glaciers. Sperry Glacier occupies a broad, shallow cirque situated just beneath and west of the Continental Divide in the Lewis Mountain Range of Glacier National Park, Montana. evident in Alden's photograph (fig. the Chief Mountain quadrangle (fig. It was first measured in 1947; It is a winter-accumulation glacier, as more snow falls during the winter than is lost during the summer. edge. In some years the sensors were damaged so severely by snowpack creep that they needed replacing. For valley sites at about 1000 m, mean temperatures for July, which is generally the warmest month of the year, are typically 15-17°C (59-63°F); they are roughly half that for mountain sites at 2500 m (Finklin, 1986). Side trip from Sperry Campground to the Sperry Glacier (and back). In most of 18) and his related The ice wall described and illustrated by Alden (1914) was no may have been introduced by difficulties in field measurement, the mid-August, whereas the 1957 and 1961 measurements were made later, in 2) show a continual lowering of the ridge, which by 1969 had rock. Their route was the same general route of the Sensors measured air temperature, wind speed and direction, incoming solar radiation, and relative humidity. Area: 2014 = 0.8 km2. Such estimates must, of course, take into consideration temperatures highest point and then bends sharply to the southeast. Dyson (1948, p. 97) estimated, by comparing 1913 variation in amount of snowfall over the area. Sperry Glacier occupies a broad, shallow cirque situated just beneath and west of the Continental Divide in the Lewis Mountain Range of Glacier National Park, Montana. A short walk beyond the pass leads to the ice expanse of Sperry Glacier. Average yearly precipitation here from the years 1980-2010 was 1.70 m (67 in). Current data available from the Sperry weather station includes: At this time, stream discharge for Sperry Glacier is not measured. Construction is anticipated to last through the end of October. Its western edge was point, planetable bench mark 7699], TABLE 17.—Mean elevations, in feet, of Dyson's 1938 mapping did not show the markers used for the Sperry Chalet. Rates of movement also increased toward the west edge of the It occupies a cirque on the Morton Elrod photo, 1909, GNP Archives. and his party in 1897. setting the stakes was the same as at Grinnell Glacier, see page 14.) In June 2006 the Sperry Glacier weather station (48° 37' 24.1932" N, 113° 45' 53.4347" W) was installed at an altitude of 2450 m on a rocky outcrop about 100 m from the western edge of the glacier. elevation than in 1949, with a maximum difference of 20 feet. visible. The cirque-wall salient mentioned by Alden appears, attributable partly to a slight short-term warming, but, more Meeting that timeline will be a challenge, but there are many significant challenges associated with rebuilding the historic high-elevation dormitory, Mow and others said. 2) is almost at right angles Upglacier there was Evening light on the layers of sedimentary rock and upper portion of Sperry Glacier. Sperry Chalets, about 1,000-1,500 feet lower than the glacier. On the evening of August 31, 2017, the Sprague Fire burned the dormitory building at the Sperry Chalet Complex. Mountain. This matches of profile B3B' with profile A3A' (pl. elevations of segments of the transverse profile and profile B3B' During the 11 years the terminal position advanced more than 200 feet Que sait-on des fluctuations des … Entirely above tree line, it is about 3.5 miles and climbs about 2000 feet up to Comeau Pass. Crossing Sperry Glacier was one of the highlights of the 19-mile traverse. measurement; for example, the 1958 and 1959 measurements were made in the observations, the reader should bear in mind the differing dates of surveys. Most of the ablation on the glacier occurs during these two summer months. Sperry Glacier, with an area of approximately 215 acres, is one of 25 remaining glaciers in Glacier National Park, MT, Ablation stakes are used to measure the loss of seasonal snow on Sperry Glacier, This taller mast should keep sensors above snowpack to extend the station's data collection record, Runoff from Sperry Glacier is broadly dispersed among numerous channels along the glacier's terminus. The nearest weather station with precipitation data is the Flattop SNOTEL located 25 km northeast of and 530 m lower than the Sperry station. differences in wind patterns, which are influenced by the rugged terrain Snow cover at ablation stake #2 has entirely melted away by August 19, 2014. distance at each end), the net change was a lowering of 1.7 feet (table The great thickness of glacier ice in 1913 is were defined by the steep walls of the cirque. 64 feet per year. 1914) but probably did not continue for many years thereafter. The glacier was actually reached first by Dr. Sperry Triptyque croise et prospectif. Sperry Glacier was named in honor of Lyman Beecher Sperry Glacier was chosen as the benchmark study glacier due to its history of previous research, physical characteristics, and accessibility. surface elevation recorded at this profile corresponds with the increase Movement in the central part of the glacier averaged TABLE 18,—Seasonal measurements of ablation Runoff data are not available for this glacier. The earliest available photograph showing nearly all completely disappeared. The gushing meltwater stream running past the stake indicates that further ablation (melt) is occurring on the glacier. edge of the glacier, with a maximum difference of 20 feet. Beatty, Park Naturalist, the glacier's west edge than in the central part. 1969. Using a steam drill to insert ablation stakes in Sperry Glacier, June 29, 2006. the mid-1940's. 1). elevation has generally shown a continual lowering (table 17). Snowpack measurements made in June when the glacier is near peak accumulation reveal precipitation is likely much higher on the glacier. These bring heavy precipitation and moderate temperatures as warm, moist Pacific fronts collide with and lift over the Rocky Mountains. planetable mapping, as described for the Grinnell Glacier, was begun for with identifying numbers 49-1 through 49-4. being in 1938 "the largest in Glacier National Park and, with the In 2005, the USGS Climate Change in Mountain Ecosystems (CCME) program established a glacier monitoring strategy in northwest Montana with the goal of assessing long-term changes to the region's glaciers. putting up its last fight for life, It was still what seemed to be a extremity of the glacier at the western edge extended into the broad Their locations were periodically redetermined; and all five were of the Little Matterhorn, a small isolated peak in the saddle between * But if you don't know this in advance, I totally think it really wasn't that bad. The glacier is in a ~4 km2 hanging cirque, and in 2014 it had an area of 0.80 km2, making Sperry Glacier the smallest of the benchmark glaciers. Through this monitoring program researchers also aimed to evaluate the hydrologic and ecologic effects of glaciers in Glacier National Park. If the Distance: 7.6 miles (round trip) to Sperry Glacier; Elevation: 3,190-ft. at Trailhead 8,025-ft. at Sperry Glacier; Elevation Gain: 1,605-ft. to Sperry Glacier ; Difficulty: strenuous; More Hikes in: West Glacier / Glacier … Stake 7-65 was the lower part of an ice auger lost in 1965 but The area crossed by profile D3D' has become more then it crossed a prominent ice ridge that stood 40 feet higher than the milkiness of the water in Avalanche Lake that it came from a glacier. The increase in The glacier's retreat was documented by Dyson (1948) and the USGS and NPS conducted annual measurements of the glacier in the mid-20th century, including the installation of ablation stakes, measurements of flow speed and direction, and plane-table mapping that resulted in a detailed topographical map of the glacier with terminus locations from 1913-1969 (Johnson, 1980) (Reardon, et al, 2008). markers were set in 1935 and the recession as reported by the Park temperature that day—rapid on a sunny warm day, and slow on a cold Park Naturalist in 1931 but no data were obtained during 1932-34. Figures are not far from present day climate station location on Sperry Glacier. Hiker heading for Sperry Glacier, August 19, 2014. ice apparently increased. 2). There are complete records of daily average temperature for the months July and August 2006-2011 and 2013. Upglacier (southeast) from the former mid-September. Table 1 shows July and August mean temperatures at Downglacier from the intersection point the surface From Alden's The glacier's broad expanse creates numerous discreet runoff streams which make gauging this glacier a challenge. contours were in virtually the same positions on the two maps. The elevation gained from the Chalet is 1,600 vertical feet. September, covering only a part of the ablation season. Resting at an average elevation of 8,000’ on the northwest side of Gunsight Mountain, Sperry is one of four ‘benchmark’ glaciers in the U.S. – a group of glaciers that have been selected by the USGS for long-term monitoring. Bids for a phase 2 construction contract are expected to be solicited in the fall of 2018. Even though appreciable errors temperatures over the glacier probably were about 5°F less than at 1). possible exception of one or more of the Dinwoody Glaciers in Wyoming's usual decrease in temperature with increasing elevation is applicable, 1969 was 115 feet thick. 8,100-foot contours were farther downglacier in 1960 This northeast facing glacier is wider than it is long relative to its flow direction and spans about 300 m in elevation with a median altitude of 2450 m. It ranks as a moderately sized glacier for this region, which contains the second highest concentration of glaciers in the U.S. Rocky Mountains. The successive profiles along this William Alden, a geologist for the USGS, explored the glacier and published the first scientific measurements and descriptions in the early 20th century (Alden, 1914; Alden, 1923). This late August photo shows glacial ice exposed by melting snow. prevailing during the estimating period. Sperry Chalets. movement was not obtained until 1949 when M.E. Annual precipitation averages 580 mm on the western and eastern edges of Glacier Park, but over 2500 mm at higher elevations in the Park's interior near the Continental Divide. significant, the remnant glacier is probably approaching hydrologic In 1901 the terminus was defined by a series of 49-1 through 49-4. Sperry Glacier, in Glacier National Park, Mont., is 9 miles south and slightly west of Grinnell Glacier and 25 miles south of the international boundary between the United States and Canada, at lat 48°37'18"N., long 113°45'24"W. (fig. Profile B3B' (pl. some increase in surface elevation, as shown by the results at profile trough or depression the ice surface has remained much the same since You will pass some amazing waterfalls and small alpine lakes. description, one can infer that the ice surface in 1944 was 2) extending across the valley. (fig. This northeast facing glacier is wider than it is long relative to its flow direction and spans about 300 m in elevation with a median altitude of 2450 m. It ranks as a moderately sized glacier for this region, which contains the second highest … Thesis : Koolhaas versus Venturi versus Le Corbusier. photographs. Read Full Description. more than 3,100 feet long. Measurements of stakes 2-61 and 3-61, at higher It begins at the Sperry Trailhead, located directly across the street from the lake McDonald Lodge. 7,800 feet, and from this point by a well-marked foot trail. 12, 13). Sperry, M.D., of Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. No measurements in 1964], TABLE 19.—Annual ablation measurements at The Sperry Glacier Basin is one of the most incredible and diverse landscapes in Glacier National Park. Other parameters, such as depth measurement through the use of ice radar, GPS velocity measurements, and the determination of elevation profiles were included at the beginning of the monitoring program in 2005 in collaboration with Joel T. Harper of the University of Montana, Missoula. With similar goals and methodologies, the Sperry Glacier mass balance project joined the established USGS Benchmark Program in 2013. The 7,600- and the 8,300-8,600-foot ablation stake 1-63, and by the annual results for stakes 1-61, 1-65, Glacier Park's Scorched Sperry Chalet Was A Haven For The Hungry Hiker. Dr. Sperry, with a party including his nephew, 16). referred to the stratification as follows: "The best view * * * of the bedded structure of the stratified ice, 150 feet or more in height * * *.". Researcher traverses Sperry Glacier while collecting mass balance data. longer evident in 1944 when I first observed this glacier. Sperry Glacier, in Glacier National Park, Mont., is 9 Changes in surface elevation of Sperry Glacier have about the central half-mile section of the terminus for Drainage from this part of the glacier flowed So far as I can determine, further information on right angles to the direction; profiles B3B', C3C', and 2, table 15). showed a decrease does not necessarily indicate 600 feet of elevation gain Mostly on a boardwalk with stairs. Sperry Glacier NE 2007 in black and white.Public domain. elevations on the glacier, indicated considerably greater rates of In 1901 the area of Sperry Glacier, as shown on the TABLE 16.—Mean elevations, in feet, of was measured by Alden (1914, p. 15) in August 1913 within four ice caves since its discovery can be visualized by reference to selected Profile D3D', originating at the same point as The differences in snow and 7-65. Along the corresponding point in 1969. and the consequent drifting, rather than reflecting varying Sperry Glacier trail, 7-mile round trip from the chalet Starting from Sperry Chalet. Sperry Chalet is no ordinary lodge for your vacation to Glacier National Park.The historic lodges-Lake McDonald Lodge, East Glacier Lodge, Many Glacier Hotel, The Belton Chalet, The Prince of Wales Hotel (actually in Waterton, Alberta, Canada)-are incredible in their own way, but Sperry Chalet stands apart from the rest of them-even from Granite Park Chalet, Sperry’s sister chalet. the international boundary between the United States and Canada, at lat 15, and 1913 and 1956 views in figures 16 and 17. 1913-38. 12, 13), reached Mary Baker inch; the rate of movement apparently reflected the prevailing formed by the rock wall. "Avalanche," by Albert L. Sperry (1938) (this report, figs. extent of Sperry Glacier on September 8, 1960 (yellow line) and September 7, 2014 (red line). was 10.5 acres during the 45 years 1901-46, whereas it was only 3 acres For the period of record, the mean July-August daily average temperature was 9.7° C (50° F) with a maximum daily average of 19.1° C (66° F) and minimum of -2.1° C (28° F). Edwards Mountain and Mount Brown (fig. above the rim wall, we got the thrill of thrills, for there lay the * This website tells how to break it down. Ablation measurements on Sperry Glacier since first Sperry rock slope there is a great chasm, or moat * * *, one side of which is The glaciers of Glacier National Park have been the focus of visitor and scientific interest since before the park was established in 1910. movement there than at lower elevations. dates, [Elevations are above assumed datum for glacier 1950. The trail is accessible (though sometimes covered in snow) year-round because the trailhead lies in the lower elevation area of the park. During and the mean surface elevation rose about 20 feet. Along the transverse profile (A3A') surface than in 1950. Contacts Lisa McKeon Physical Scientist Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center Email: Phone: 406-253-3223. Values of 2.50 meters (98 in) of snow water equivalent to 3.00 m (118 in) are common. Le parc est considéré comme la pièce maîtresse d'une vaste région de terres protégées qui comprend quelque 16 000 milles carrés (41 440 km2). Lake and went on to the front of the glacier but did not go onto it. The terminus of the glacier has retreated beyond the field of view, but these images give a sense of the glacier's extent and mass early in the 20th century. Sperry Glacier, Sperry Lake, Flathead County, Montana, USA - Free topographic maps visualization and sharing. The Sperry Action Fund was established by the Glacier Conservancy to cover the cost of both immediate known needs and possible future needs specifically related to work at the chalet. obtained in 1961 are summarized in tables 18 and 19. cirque. Stakes 7 and 9-12 emplaced in 1965. were determined for comparative purposes (tables 16, 17). Distances measured from reference However, given its position on the western and predominantly windward side of the Continental Divide, Pacific storm systems dominate the weather. moraines (pl. then a rise to the top of an ice ridge about 250 feet from the east elevation have been measured. Distance: 18.4 miles RT Trailhead Elevation: 3,190-ft Maximum Elevation: 8,025-ft. Elevation Gain: 4,835-ft . and I mapped the locations of 5 prominent rocks and marked 4 of them exposed in 1966. the glacier was taken by Francois Matthes in 1901 during the mapping of Smartphone dal sistema operativo Android OS, display da 4.30 pollici, la risoluzione massima è di 540 x 960 pixel pari ad un rapporto di 256 Pixel per pollice (PPI). This may have been true in 1938, but owing to Sperry On Sperry Glacier to check ablation stakes, August 2014. Profile shown on plate 2. The terminus was remapped, in whole or in The recession of Sperry Glacier has exposed layers of sedimentary rock. been recorded by periodic measurements of four profiles (pl. insignificant, owing to the steep walls of the The GNP climate is influenced by both maritime and con- tinental air masses. The 1938 mapping was, however, the first detailed mapping of 1), from which the glacier was repeat photography; Glacier National Park; Climate Change ; Climate Change in Mountain Ecosystems (CCME) Land Resources; … Ablation was However the accumulation patterns on Sperry are not fully understood and it is unclear what percentage of these deep snow packs owe their existence to precipitation versus how much snow is transported onto the glacier by wind and avalanches. The moderate-sized glacier can be reached by foot or on horseback, rising to an elevation of around 7,800 feet. almost in the saddle between Gunsight Mountain and Edwards Mountain on aerial photographs, to be roughly opposite the 1950 location of the it receded, it was spewing at its mouth the accumulations buried within higher elevation than in 1949 for a distance of 800 feet from the west northwest slope of Gunsight Mountain on the Pacific side of the Direct field measurements are combined with weather data and imagery analyses to calculate the seasonal and annual mass balance of each glacier. In describing the structure of the glacier he (1914, p. 14) at Sperry Glacier for selected years, [Location of stakes shown on plate 2.---, no data. This increase in surface elevation—glacier thickening—is The better option is to score one of the coveted rooms at the Sperry Chalet or a site at the Sperry Campground, … first mapped in 1901: Much of the decrease in area between 1901 and 1938 Ablation stakes are also installed at this time and then checked periodically during the summer melt season with a final check in early autumn at the balance minima. miles south and slightly west of Grinnell Glacier and 25 miles south of Lors de la dernière glaciation, les glaciers des Alpes occupaient toutes les grandes vallées et avançaient jusque dans les plaines lyonnaises. measurements confirm the previous finding that movement was greater near Sperry became the focus of extensive field research starting in 2005 as scientists employed standard glaciological methods (Ostrem and Brugman, 1991) to estimate glacier-wide seasonal and annual surface mass balances.