The triangle represents the European symbol for roadside emergencies. Unless you can pinpoint some repeatable sequence of actions which causes it to illuminate, finding the reason will likely require you to get the fault codes read. Home. We have a 2012 Fiat 500 with ABARTH markings. For example, 4! After a long non-stop motorway run at around the legal limit I noticed that the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark symbol was showing when I had just pulled into the services (no warning beeps etc). If the triangle with exclamation point Honda warning light (aka, VSA® light) comes on while you’re driving, pull to the side of the road, somewhere safe, and turn off your engine. You’re cruising down the highway with your favorite music blasting, when something on your dashboard catches your eye. I have a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it. Reply. 2007 Audi A4: owners manual..a light that has come on periodically is. To note, on older e46 BMW the ABS is not that smart. Technical support is completely closed. When I trouble shoot it says "no driver for unknown devise". What is the 2021 Honda Pilot Cargo Space. Red oil sign = stop now don't drive any further, get your car repaired. The manual says that it means that the car will start if the on/off button is pressed and that the clutch may not need to be in. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? If you have any questions or would like to schedule a service appointment, don’t hesitate to contact the Service Center at Patty Peck Honda today. Yellow Triangle with and Exclamation mark inside. Brake system warning light. I'm extremely worried that it will shutdown again today or over the weekend. Note, care, notice mark – kaufen Sie diese Vektorgrafik und finden Sie ähnliche Vektorgrafiken auf Adobe Stock We know everything about the apple production. This is my first long trip in this car. Gold Triangle Indicator Hyundai Santa Fe Images E993 Com 2017 hyundai sonata exclamation point warning light you hyundai sonata warning yellow triangle light 2017 2019 you what are the hyundai dashboard warning lights and do they mean free hyundai sonata car light toyota. Red triangle warning alert sign vector illustration. If you are, that is, the kind of person who keeps all the messages. It's the "wallet warning light" . Black exclamation point. The symbol "triangle with exclamation mark" in the status bar is a common symbol for a warning. Not to worry, though. Upvote (283) Subscribe Unsubscribe. Replies: 10 Views: 2,059. strawbrad Sep 17, 2019. limp mode prius 2005. claude paradis, Aug 27, 2019, in forum: Gen 2 Prius Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Both triangles and exclamation marks are conventionally used as warning symbols. Re: Orange triangle exclamation mark means what? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. Automatic Stability Control is malfunctioning if this warning light does not go off after you start the car. Jul 29, 2018 #2 It is possible there is a message somewhere in the list that was not sent. We’re just a short drive from Madison and Brandon, MS. Before I got it home, it had the exclamation point/triangle light on. So, what does the orange triangle with an exclamation point mean in a Hyundai? Turn the switch on and the exclamation mark will These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Brake: This light appears as either the word “BRAKE” or as an exclamation point inside a circle. It appears as a broken circle with a triangle and exclamation point as part of the circle and the outline of a car inside in yellow/amber.The indicator light may mean something as serious as a failure requiring service or as simple as a dirty sensor, so start with a car wash! This light means you should check your tire pressure. It should illuminate when you turn the key and extinguish after about 2 seconds after starting. 0 webworkings Titan. switch is turned off and thus if it is in off position the vehicles stability assist function is lost. 11 Great Deals out of 576 listings starting at $3,500. 2007 Bmw Triangle With Exclamation Point Symbol Auto. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Fortunately, understanding what this alert means and how to proceed is easy with these tips from our This is a Pre-sense Fault Indicator symbol exclusive to the Audi brand. Ask Google. In messaging on an Android, if I press the triangle it does nothing but bring up the usual options, eg. Latest Post; Tags. if … Have you ever driven one? Make sure to check out our current service specials and coupons to take advantage of savings and discounts on a wide range of maintenance and repair services.