Copies of gold coins are prohibited if not properly marked by country of issuance. Search drug databases. Ranging from the acceleration of development for treatments for COVID-19, maintaining and securing drug supply chains, providing guidance to manufacturers, advising developers on how to handle clinical trial issues, and keeping the public informed, Dec 4 – Drug not proven to improve glycemic control in patients age 10-17. 172.510 and the Department of the Treasury's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau regulations (27 C.F.R. The private postal services have encountered many legal penalties as a result of drug shipments, including prescription drugs, along with illegal substances. CBP will not examine film you bought abroad and are bringing back unless the CBP officer has reason to believe it contains prohibited material, such as child pornography. Prospective importers of nonhuman primate trophy materials from nonhuman primates should review the permit requirements and complete an application form, following the Guidance for Individuals Wishing to Import Non-Human Primate Trophies, Skins or Skulls. These include unorthodox "cures" for such medical conditions as cancer, AIDS, arthritis or multiple sclerosis. You may not import fresh, dried or canned meats or meat products from most foreign countries into the United States. These are the only ports of entry available for importing non-U.S. origin pet birds. Fish and Wildlife Service Web site. A personal use exemption for articles, similar to that described above also applies to copyrighted articles for the personal, non-commercial use of the importer and are not for sale or distribution. You can write to the: Office of Foreign Assets ControlDepartment of the TreasuryWashington, DC 20220. Nurse practitioners can prescribe medication, including controlled substances, in all 50 states and Washington DC. Purveyors of such items have been known to offer phony export certificates. Sometimes the products that cause injury, or have the potential to do so, may seem fairly innocent. Fish and Wildlife Service for additional guidance. You may bring back genuine trademarked and copyrighted articles (subject to duties). Most countries have laws that protect their cultural property. The export of shotguns and buckshot is controlled under the Bureau of Industry and Security's Export Administration Regulations. Meats, Livestock and Poultry: The regulations governing meat and meat products are stringent. Fish and Wildlife Services Certification (if necessary). Many countries will not allow you to enter with a firearm even if you are only traveling through the country on the way to your final destination. Every single plant or plant product including handicraft items made with straw, must be declared to the CBP officer and must be presented for CBP inspection, no matter how free of pests it appears to be. The cause of the outbreak was one traveler who brought home one contaminated piece of fruit. Food that was made by an individual in his/her personal residence, or food purchased by an individual from a vendor that is sent by that individual as a personal gift (for non-business reasons) to someone in the United States is not subject to Bioterrorism Act requirements. Fish and Wildlife Service before you depart if you plan to import or export any of the following: Endangered wildlife species, and products made from them, generally may not be imported or exported. Information on importing vehicles can be obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency Web site. Narcotics and certain other drugs with a high potential for abuse - Rohypnol, GHB and Fen-Phen, to name a few - may not be brought into the United States, and there are severe penalties for trying to do so. Products subject to copyright protection most commonly imported include software on CD-ROMs, sound recordings, toys, stuffed animals, clothing with cartoon characters, videotapes, DVDs, music CDs and books. Restricted means that special licenses or permits are required from a federal agency before the item is allowed to enter the United States. And even if the car does meet all federal standards, it might be subject to additional EPA requirements, depending on what countries it was driven in. Soil is prohibited entry unless accompanied by an import permit. In regard to copyright infringement, articles that are determined by CBP to be clearly piratical of a protected copyright, i.e., unauthorized articles that are substantially similar to a material protected by a copyright, are subject to seizure. How to Send Prescription Drugs Through the Mail. Carry a prescription or written statement from your physician that the substances are being used under a doctor's supervision and that they are necessary for your physical well being while traveling. A list of countries and/or regions with specific livestock or poultry diseases can be found at the Animal Disease Status page. Munitions List article and it is temporarily imported to the United States, or it is temporarily exported, it may also require a Department of State license or need to meet the conditions for a license exemption. In most cases, the soil consists of disintegrated rock with an admixture of organic material and soluble salts. Medications are prescribed abundantly throughout the United States every day. If you plan to take your pet abroad or import one on your return, please review a copy of the CBP brochure Pets and Wildlife. A reservation at the facility must be made in advance by contacting the USDA port veterinarian at one of the special ports of entry listed below. To avoid receiving a penalty all agricultural items and present them to Customs and Border Protection for inspection so that an agriculture specialist can determine if it is admissible. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the certified nurse midwives (CNMs) are allowed to prescribe medications in all 50 states of the USA.