Each question is carefully designed to reveal a skill or quality desired by the company. When you apply for an entry-level position, a typical job interview question is, "Why did you choose your college? Best practices on how to manage jobs on Indeed, Resources, insights and tools for employers, Answers to common questions about Indeed products, Firsthand experience with challenging engineering situations, The thought process for overcoming the challenges, Practical ways the applicant used engineering skills to overcome adverse conditions, Confidence in communicating complex engineering topics to people of any skill level, Strong understanding of the engineering concepts being presented, Understanding of layperson analogies for engineering topics, Enthusiasm for their engineering specialization, Reasoning behind why they enjoy that type of engineering, Examples of their previous engineering projects, Ability to manage time throughout all parts of a project, Ongoing improvements in the applicant's engineering workflow, Insights into the applicant's engineering career path, A willingness to learn about new engineering technology and concepts, Adaptability to new engineering processes, Enthusiasm for learning more about the engineering field, Adherence to engineering safety best practices, Knowledge of safety standards for the applicant's engineering specialization, Ability to maintain the safety of an engineering project, Willingness to defend engineering plans when necessary, Excellent judgment calls in deciding which parts of the engineering plan are essential. Plus it doesn't hurt that I have the magic Female in STEM card, bwahahaha. Engineering textbooks? I work down this list before I look at other parts of the engineering project.". That feeling of awe and wonder about how we are able to go into space never left. But now that he is rich beyond imagination, it certainly frees him up to take risks when it comes to engineering. This question gives you the opportunity to see whether applicants have worked on their time management skills and how they handle demanding engineering projects. My husband, a Structural Engineer, once came home from a day at school (grad school) and told me that he had a lecture from a guy who explained how the Toyota Way was used at a construction firm. I have asked bosses at my last two companies why we do not actually R&D new products and the response was similar both times: If upper management cannot get a return on the investment within two years, they will not fund it. It was those little space pods that Vegeta and Nappa came in. Also, any books you can recommend, that will make me love Engineering, would be awesome. Possible Answer #1 “In my career, I am sure of one thing and that is I want to build a decent career in my current domain. Why do employers even ask this interview question? Engineering isn't just a mix of physics and math. We’re going to start by matching your qualifications to the job requirements, brainstorming how these qualifications play out in real life, and then reviewing what makes you stand out as a candidate. With 14 user-submitted interview answers to help you craft your best interview answer. I wanted a somewhat stable career that paid fairly well. I enjoy being a Quality Engineer because I get to do hands-on work, I get to see manufacturing (which means I get to see things go from raw materials to final product, which is ridiculously fulfilling! Post a job Find candidates Products. This question explores your motives for working. It was violent and loud. Why do you want to apply for transportation position? Prepare with the following possible answers to the HR interview question ‘Why do you want this job?’ and confidently reply in a positive tone, for an enhanced impact. So, you may come across the question of why did you choose a particular stream. Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! A very popular graduate interview question that can sometimes be a tough one to answer. Best Answers for "Why Did You Choose This Career?" This is a cliche answer (I interview many entry-level Engineers and co-ops/interns at my job, and this is a common response to that question) but it's definitely true for me.