Sort: Popular Newest Rating. Suggestions. 1 cup marshmallows 1 cup shredded sweetened coconut 1 cup chopped pecans 1 cup sour cream Isn't that easy! This is another family favorite! You can add in chopped pecans or walnuts if you’d like. 1 can of oranges is approximately 1 cup, so I get two. Note: the original recipe had you mix the marshmallows in at the same time as the other ingredients, but I prefer to … Chock full of pineapple chunks, coconut, mandarin oranges, and marshmallows, no one can resist its creamy deliciousness. Happy Spring everybody! If you prefer a fruit salad with marshmallows, feel free to add 2 cups of miniature marshmallows. Ambrosia Salad. I might have to try your version too. Or use a combination. 5 Cup Fruit Salad… 838 views. Best of all, it comes together in about 5 … Garnish with additional marshmallows, coconut, or rainbow sprinkles, if desired! Very spring-like….fresh and yummy. 1 cup boiling water 1/2 cup cold water 1 Cool Whip 8 oz. Add cold water and allow to chill for 15 minutes in refrigerator. , drained 1 cup mini marshmallows Instructions: In a large bowl combine orange Jell-O and boiling water. Place the sugar with ¼ cup (60 mL) of water in a medium saucepot over high heat and bring it up to a full boil. Traditionally ambrosia salad (also known as 5-Cup salad) contains coconut, pineapple and oranges but we add other goodies from time to time including maraschino cherries, walnuts, fruit cocktail and/or pecans! Go for “No Added Sugar” if you can. Once combined, put some plastic wrap on it or put it in a bowl … Chock full of pineapple chunks, coconut, mandarin oranges, and marshmallows, no one can resist its creamy deliciousness. 8614 views. Instead of fruit cocktail, make it with diced pears or peaches. can mandarin oranges, 1 c. mini marshmallows, 1. It is so easy to make and very delicious. You can buy sugar-free marshmallows on Amazon. Drain a small can of mandarin oranges and mix the slices in a bowl with the bananas and strawberries. 1627 views. Boil the sugar, without stirring, until it reaches a temperature of 240 ­­°F (115 ­­°C) on a candy thermometer. black pepper, or to taste, 5 cups leafy salad greens, such as chopped endive, frisée Jackie Newgent Jan 2012 Professional 1 vote. It wouldn't be a holiday without this Ambrosia Salad recipe on the table! Enjoy fresh chunks of fruit with marshmallows. Loaded with fruit, coconut and marshmallows dressed in sour cream, this sweet treat is an easy side dish or a simple no-bake dessert for just about any occasion. I don’t care for nuts in ambrosia salad, but if you are a fan then feel free to add 3/4 cup of coarsely chopped nuts in with the marshmallows. And I buy my sour cream in a 16-ounce container to have my 2 cups of sour cream. Love it! Recipes / 5 cup marshmallow salad (1000+) 5 Cup Winter Salad. One cup of everything. 1 1/2 cups mini marshmallows; 1 10 oz jar of maraschino cherry halves, drained very well; 1/2 cup chopped pecans; Instructions. Combine all ingredients except marshmallows; chill for several hours. Pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, sour cream, coconut flakes, and mini marshmallows. Just use 1/2 cup of one or the other. ! Similar to Watergate Salad or Millionaire Cranberry Salad this dish is more dessert like than an actual “salad” as we would know it. Usually just at Easter dinner with the ham…yes, side dish, not dessert. There are no sugar-free maraschino cherries on the market, unfortunately. Made with only five ingredients, this Five-Cup Fruit Salad is simple, quick and so delicious! CBS News. 5 Cup Salad With Cool Whip Five Cup Salad Recipe 5 Cup Salad Ambrosia Fruit Salad With Sour Cream And Marshmallows. Whisk until Jell-o is dissolved. I am going to go buy the ingredients right now because I had actually forgotten about it. Join for Free! CNET. Mandarin Orange Pineapple Marshmallow Salad. Yes, 5 Cup Salad at our house too…..1 cup of each ingredient mixed together. Gamespot. Mini marshmallows — regular, white, classic mini marshmallows will work just fine in this recipe, but personally I prefer the fruit flavored marshmallows. Jul 18, 2020 - Classic 5-Cup Ambrosia Fruit Salad is a family favorite fluff salad, for sure. Here is a link. Search Results for '5 cup marshmallow salad' showing 1 - 20 of 1000. Now to be honest the mandarin oranges and cherries I just use the whole can which is actually a little more than 1 cup. In a medium bowl, combine whipped topping and sour cream. The Buffalo, New York subscriber dresses up the salad a bit by stirring in the rich sour cream and chopped pecans for a pleasant crunch. You'll want to make it part of your regular dinner menu, too! ZDNet. I usually double this recipe as 1 regular can of pineapple chunks is approximately 2 cups. Latest News from. Easy 5 Cup Fruit Salad, ingredients: 1 sm. Seriously. Tech Republic. This fruit salad is called Five-Cup Fruit Salad because you use 1 cup of each ingredient! Cut up 1 lb (450 g) of fresh strawberries, along with 2 fresh bananas. Use walnuts in the salad instead of pecans if you'd like. Add in coconut flakes and marshmallows. Prepare a Strawberry Cool Whip Fruit Salad by using a can … You'll want to make it part of your regular dinner menu, too! Tools, tips and more! It’s easy to put together and so good! Nuts — optional! Then gently fold in pineapple, mandarin oranges, grapes and maraschino cherries and nuts (if using). This eliminates a lot of measuring. 5 Cup Winter Salad, ingredients: 1 c. Mini Marshmallows, white or possibly colored, 1 c. Easy 5 Cup Fruit Salad. 5 Cup Salad With Cool Whip . Easy 5 Cup Fruit Salad. Also good with chopped pecans added! Mandarin Orange Pineapple Marshmallow Salad. My mom makes a salad that we call 5 cup fruit salad but it is a little different. The colored marshmallows are festive during the holidays. 5 Cup Fruit Salad. Add marshmallows right before serving. 1266 views. Metacritic. Christine Mills relies on convenient cans of pineapple chunks, fruit cocktail and mandarin oranges to speed up this marshmallow fluff. But we used green grapes instead of the pineapple. Check the number of servings on the back of the can and get as close to 1 cup total as possible. Oct 18, 2015 - SO VERY EASY! We wouldn't want good food to go to waste! Show: Quick/Easy Kid Friendly With Photo By Professionals Mixed Green Salad with Pears, Walnuts, Cranberries, and Maple Dressing . 1 can mandarin oranges 14 oz. The salad is a refreshing change of pace from the ubiquitous Jell-O salad, and it can even serve as a dessert. Oct 30, 2015 - Classic 5-Cup Ambrosia Fruit Salad is a family favorite fluff salad, for sure. Old Fashioned 5 Cup Salad. Make a Cool Whip Fruit Salad with Mandarin Oranges by substituting a can of the oranges in lieu of the pineapple. 1 cup mandarin oranges, drained 1 cup pineapple chunks, drained 1 cup coconut 1 cup sour cream 1 cup mini marshmallows walnuts (optional) Just combine ingredients and refrigerate for at least an hour. As a finishing touch, top the fruit salad with 1 cup (50 g) of mini marshmallows. Yummy too!