The Airfares & Ticketing Level 1 entails all the skills required for an exciting career with air travel. All resources for this major press event - 23 -25 November - available at Both levels will give you the opportunity to develop the understanding and knowledge of dealing with air travel. IATA offers a wide range of fares and ticketing courses to enable you to update and expand your pricing skills and satisfy your customers with competitive quotes and spot-on information. £77.00 Launched in 2003, the courses set the standard in manual Fares and Ticketing training for people who want to enhance their travel industry skills or join the travel industry. This guide covers topics such as – course details, duration, eligibility, colleges, admission process, careers and salary specs. The duration of course is 4 months and 2 months preparing on work. Find out all about this major event in the world of aviation. In some cases, Passengers enquiring for the Round The World (RTW)  tickets to visit a host of Destinations from Europe, Middle East to South East Asia, Australasia  or even adding North America, the routes are endless. See what we’re doing to reduce aviation’s emissions, All the information you need to ship temperature-sensitive products, Attracting, developing & retaining talent. Certification: Proficiency Certificate in Agency Ticket Sales and Settlement issued by IATA. The duration of popular Fares and Ticketing courses usually ranges between 4 months to 6 months. GDS Demo Training Courses: Galileo Airline Reservations, Fares Ticketing, Hotel & Car Hire, GDS Demo Training Course: Apollo Airline Reservations, Fares Ticketing, Hotel and Car Hire, GDS Demo Training Courses: GALILEO Airline Reservations Only, GDS Demo Training Courses - SABRE Travel Fundamentals, NEW: TRAVEL RESERVATIONS, CHECK-IN AND ARRIVALS SABRE & AMADEUS TRAINING, Selecting the most appropriate fare for a given itinerary, Construct basic fare using the mileage system, Identify ticketing entries and association documentation entries, Identify baggage allowance, taxes, fees and charges. Check. Please see our privacy policy and cookies help page for complete information. Airline Ticketing is a process of providing a document by an airline or a travel agency, to confirm that an individual has purchased a seat on a flight on an aircraft. This course is recommended for existing or aspiring: - Airline fares desk agents - Travel agents - Airline ticket agents - Call center agents Certificate awarded An IATA Certificate is awarded to participants … You will sit a multiple choice exam for the air fares and ticketing part of the course. Contents ... • Fares depend on the class of travel and when the booking is made, with reduced fares … Requirements: Fares and Ticketing level 1 or equivalent Careers in the Field: The ICS British Airways Ticketing Courses are ideally suited for anyone pursuing a career within the travel agency structure. You will gain the following competences and knowledge of: Encode and Decode Airports/Cities, Airline, Fare Quotation for Specific Passenger Routings, Worldwide Currencies using Rates of Exchange, Normal Fares for One Way, Return and Circle Trip Routes using, Applicable Taxes, Fees and Charges for specific, Baggage Allowance for the Passenger’s Journey, NEW Diploma in Aviation Operations Course, NEW CERTIFICATE IN AIRPORT CUSTOMER SERVICE PROFESSIONAL, AIRLINE FARES AND TICKETING RESERVATIONS PROFESSIONAL (Advance Level), CERTIFICATE IN TRAVEL AND AIRLINE PROFESSIONAL, NEW DIPLOMA IN TRAVEL OPERATIONS STUDIES PROFESSIONAL, Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservations Systems - AMADEUS (Advance), Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Advance), Airline Ticketing & Travel Reservation System - SABRE (Advance), Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - WORLDSPAN (Advance), Amadeus Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservations - Professional (Intermediate Level), Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservations - GALILEO (Intermediate), Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - SABRE (Intermediate), AMADEUS AIRPORT CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT CHECK IN SYSTEM - ALTEA DCS, AMADEUS AIRPORT CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT CHECK IN SYSTEM - ALTEA DCS -Intermediate-Level, Airline Fares & Ticketing Level 1 (Professional) Distance Home Study Course, Airline Fares and Ticketing Levels 1 & 2 (Professional) Distance Home Study Course, Amadeus Professional Reservations, Fares & Ticketing - (Intermediate Level), Amadeus Professional Airline Reservations, Airfares & Ticket Exchange - (Advance Level), The Ultimate Fares Construction & Ticketing Course - (Ultimate Professional Level), Fares & Ticketing - AMADEUS (STAND ALONE), Fares & Ticketing - GALILEO (STAND ALONE), AIRPORT CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT - BRONZE LEVEL COURSE, AIRPORT CUSTOMER/PASSENGER SERVICES COURSE - SILVER LEVEL COURSE, AIRPORT CUSTOMER SERVICE PROFESSIONAL (INTERMEDIATE) GOLD LEVEL COURSE, AIRPORT CUSTOMER/PASSENGER PROFESSIONAL (ADVANCE) - PLATINUM LEVEL COURSE, WORLDSPAN PROFESSIONAL INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, RUNNING YOUR OWN TRAVEL AGENCY - BUSINESS PLANNING, RUNNING YOUR OWN TRAVEL AGENCY BUSINESS AND LEISURE TRAVELLER (AMADEUS USERS), CERTIFICATE IN AIRLINE STUDIES PROFESSIONAL, CERTIFICATE IN AIRPORT STUDIES PROFESSIONAL, CERTIFICATE IN TRAVEL & AIRLINE STUDIES PROFESSIONAL, CERTIFICATE IN TRAVEL AGENCY OPERATIONS PROFESSIONAL, Airport Passenger Services Classroom Course - NEXT DATE: TBC - 1 Day Course (Weekends 10am - 4pm), Fares & Ticketing Classroom Based Course - NEXT DATE TBC - 1 Day A Week (Weekends 10am - 4pm), Airport Passenger Service & Check in Departure Control System Course - NEXT DATE: TBC, Airport Passenger Service Professional Intermediate Level Course - NEXT DATE TBC, BUSINESS TRAVEL RESERVATION SYSTEMS - AMADEUS, BUSINESS TRAVEL RESERVATION SYSTEMS - GALILEO, BUSINESS TRAVEL RESERVATION SYSTEMS - SABRE, GDS DEMO AIRPORT CHECK IN & AIRLINE RESERVATIONS TRAINING COURSES. This course will equip participants with the following skills and knowledge: Airfare computation and ticketing skills to enable them perform more efficiently and effectively on the job. Most of the Fares and Ticketing courses are job oriented and candidates can immediately pursue a job in related fields on completing a course. Airfare & Ticketing Management is a Diploma level Course. Courses … It is designed to provide competence in airfares and ticketing giving you the practical skills   and comprehensive knowledge to booking  and quote airfares to air travel passenger scenarios. © International Air Transport Association (IATA) 2020. Sale. Learn more about our Repricing Exchanges and Reissues course. This course will set you on your way  and be open to professional careers for both travel and aviation industry. From Point to Point routings for Economy class passengers to arranging Business Travellers  Airfares and their Itineraries stopping at various Destinations for a number of nights. If you are keen to work in retail travel for a up market travel company, a luxury tour operator, business  travel or particularly for an airline industry in  ticketing  or reservations, this course is for you. Airfare Ticketing is a procedure of giving an archive by an airfare or a travel agency, to affirm that an individual has acquired a seat on a flight on an aircraft. Adequate knowledge required to offer error-free professional advice to customers on complex itinerary planning. You will also have a practical exam. Some of the best paid jobs in the industry is based on this qualification. A highly sought-after professional course recognised by the Travel and Airline industry. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Both Levels 1 & 2 Airline Airfares and Ticketing Courses will give candidates the competence and valuable knowledge for better career prospects. Collaborative learning in the classroom is enhanced with the real-life experience of our expert instructors and your peers in the profession.