Berry smoothies tend to be really thick and almost gel-like. Apple/Orange Yogurt Smoothie. Combine 1/2 cup yogurt with 1/2 cup whole or skim milk, keeping in mind that the more fat the milk and yogurt have, the thicker the texture of the smoothie. Leave the peel on. This healthy apple pie smoothie tastes like dessert and is full of nutritious ingredients!. Recipe by Bergy. Best Fall Smoothie Award. These recipes each serve 2 people, so if you are planning to make an apple drink for more people, simply increase the ingredient portions. Tips for Making the Best Apple Smoothie. Greek yogurt provides about 17 grams of filling protein, and frozen apple slices are the bulk of the drink. With just a few wholesome ingredients, you can make this delicious smoothie for breakfast, lunch or even an afternoon snack. This smoothie is filled with good for you ingredients, and tastes like an apple pie indulgence! Print. Banana acts as a sweetener and also helps to make this smoothie creamy. It’s a healthy source of probiotic bacteria, which aid digestion. These smoothies are healthy, nutritious, delicious as well as filling, all at the same time. It also adds live probiotics, which can aid in gut health, as well as calcium and vitamin B-12 . You don’t need to peel apples to make an apple smoothie. Sliced apples topped with vanilla yogurt create more than just a good flavor combination. Cinnamon Spiced Apple Smoothie, is my go-to breakfast during autumn when the best of apples are in season. Dates: Besides dates, honey or maple syrup are a great way to sweeten smoothies. In fact, I recommend NOT peeling the apples, since the peels contain vitamins, fiber, and nutrients. Apple Yogurt Smoothie. Preparing Apples for Smoothies. They complement one another, with yogurt providing nutrients you won’t get from apples, and apples filling in with the fiber and vitamin C that yogurt lacks. Apple Yogurt Smoothie. To prepare an apple for smoothies: Wash and dry the apple. This fresh and fruity combination of apple and orange blends with cool vanilla yogurt to make a refreshing afternoon boost. 2. If you want to keep it vegan, simply swap out the Greek yogurt for full fat coconut milk. Peel the apple, remove the core and chop into small pieces. Under 30 minutes. Want to add yogurt to smoothies? ADD INS/SUBSTITUTIONS. A big dollop of nonfat Greek yogurt provides extra healthy protein and makes the kale smoothie even more filling. For this thick and creamy apple peanut butter smoothie recipe I simply blended together an apple, a banana, peanut butter, yogurt, flax seed and a little cinnamon and vanilla. Greek yogurt adds a whopping 12 grams of protein per half cup. Blend together and add to cup. Ingredients. It’s true, we are smoothie people. Extra thick, creamy, comforting and loaded with fall flavors, that’s Apple Smoothie for you. Now that it’s October, I’m loving making all of my smoothies fall themed. Note: This smoothie … Calories 227. One of my favorites is an apple smoothie. You can make them more drinkable by mixing yogurt with some milk, rather than using all yogurt. SERVES: 2. Almond Milk. Try our Fruit Smoothies, using Oikos Greek yogurt as a substitute ingredient for your recipes. Smoothies are an excellent food choice that are satisfying at any time of the day and during any season of the year! You can use fresh or frozen apples in this recipe. A yogurt-based smoothie is a perfect way to start the day. Garnish with 1/2 teaspoon of honey, if desired. It was created by Rick Tramonte, Executive Chef & owner of Tru Restaurant in Chigago. They are usually made with yogurt, juice or almond milk. Greek Yogurt. Tasty Team. To make the kale smoothie vegan, use a non-dairy yogurt. 1 cup baby spinach (40 g)1 ; banana, sliced¼ cup greek yogurt (60 g)½ cup ice (70 g)½ cup water (120 g) Nutrition Info Powered by. My personal favorite non-dairy yogurt is Forager, but again, any kind of regular or dairy free yogurt works. featured in 3 Meals, 1 Snack, $10 Meal Plan. Imagine the taste of an apple cinnamon pie in a smoothie! Smoothies are a year round treat for me, just like I drink iced coffee any time of year.. From sweet potato smoothies to frozen pumpkin pie smoothies, to this delicious apple pie smoothie. Taste and add honey if needed, pulsing to combine. for 1 serving. In a blender add apple, banana, 1/2 cup milk, yogurt, sugar/honey and blend well to a smooth consistency. Under 30 minutes. The creamy, salty peanut butter is the perfect balance to the sweet and tart apples. With wholesome ingredients like banana, apple, yogurt, oats, and a sprinkling of cinnamon, this apple smoothie recipe is a home run! Ingredients. Add the rest of the milk and blend again. Creaminess is a MUST when it comes to smoothies. Mix yogurt and milk. Mix all ingredients in a blender or food processor until smooth and pour into tall glasses. Yogurt: If Greek yogurt isn’t your thing, feel free to use ANY other kind of plain or vanilla-flavored yogurt. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Greek Yogurt Green Smoothie. Pierce Abernathy. 3. Greek yogurt makes a healthy protein-rich treat when blended with fresh fruits for quick and yummy smoothies, like this refreshing pineapple banana smoothie. This drink is a great way to turn the kids on to yogurt. Place your knife on top, near the stem. Peel and chop the banana. Stand the apple on its base. Smoothies are an easy, healthy breakfast you can drink on the go. If you are in a hurry, you can simply pick up a smoothie to go and sip it during your commute to work or school. Wash, core, peel and chop the apple. banana, frozen apple juice concentrate, strawberry yogurt, blackberries and 4 more Jools’ Favourite Smoothies & Ice Lollies Jamie Oliver unsweetened almond … Servings 2 servings. Great idea. Apple and orange smoothie without yogurt. My favorite for smoothies of all kinds (I love its flavor and texture), though any kind of milk will do. Rinse your blender and then combine 1/4 cup coconut milk, 1/2 cup yogurt (green yogurt or vanilla yogurt work great), 1/2 a granny smith apple (chopped) and 2-5 fresh mint leaves if you like mint! Calories 322 kcal. 3. The combination of orange and apple inside this smoothie makes it a refreshing and healthy preparation for weight loss and complete detox that’s loaded with potassium and insoluble fiber. I stash any leftover slices from my kids meals into a freezer bag in the freezer for future smoothies. 1 cup milk 1 cup vanilla yogurt 1 apple 1/4 ground cinnamon, or to taste 1 cup ice cubes. Add the rest of the ingredients, starting with yogurt. Directions. Apple - 1 medium Banana - 1 medium Cold milk - 1 cup Yogurt - 2/3 cup Sugar/Honey - 2 tsp Method: 1. Greek yogurt provides important nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and protein, which work together to promote strong, healthy bones. Divide into 2 glasses, sprinkle the top of each smoothie with granola and and few pieces of diced apple, then serve immediately. Prep Time 10 mins. Add the required amount of protein powder to this smoothie recipe, and it … What is Apple Smoothie? Puree until smooth, then add milk progressively as you need to reach the desired consistency. What makes each one unique is the fruit you add to make the perfect blend. Ingredients . Recipe #1 - Apple Yogurt/Milk Smoothie. Garnish with almonds, some cinnamon, sprig of mint and if desired add additional honey. A banana smoothie with yogurt is the perfect base if you’re someone who loves a protein shake in the morning. Total Time 10 mins. Summer Fruit Smoothies in a variety of flavors using berries and fruit of the summer blended with yogurt and natural sweeteners. Yogurt is an ideal ingredient for smoothies because it adds a good amount of protein, which makes it a filling breakfast or snack. From breakfast smoothies to green smoothies to peanut butter banana smoothies we love all the smoothies.If you like smoothies, then you must try this apple smoothie this fall! View Info. Blend, add to your glass and garnish with an apple slice. READY IN: 5mins. Using Greek yogurt will add more protein and creaminess to the smoothie, though it’s good with milk too! Also, remember that an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Made using juicy apples, frozen banana, oats and yogurt, this refreshing drink is very nutritious and low calorie.