Narrator: Corey Brill, Need scarier night? Charlie belongs to a family stricken with poverty. The debut novel by Brandon Sanderson, this book is refreshing in that it doesn’t try to use the classical tropes to tell his story. King’s latest novel follows a boy named Luke who gets kidnapped and taken to an “institute” where their paranormal talents are harnessed. Even if you’re not a big Sherlock Holmes fan, this one might be worth indulging in, just to say you've joined the Stephen Fry audiobook fan club. 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Possibly the writer with the most prominent books on Afghanistan under his belt, Khaled Hosseini delivers another glorious and emotional masterpiece with. But listed below are books that don’t fall strictly under one genre, but combine several genres like magical realism, YA, children fiction, historical fiction, romance, etc. The first book in this “trilogy of five”, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was adapted from the immensely popular radio series of the same name. The purpose of this channel to make people happy with listing full quality Audiobooks for free. Will they be able to catch the murderer before their turn arrives? The trip by bus or subway to work, or at that time before bedtime, are the ideal moments to play and be seduced by a good story. An incident that would change the town forever. More plethora of non-fiction: 50 Best Nonfiction Audiobook on earth. But for all those horror fans, I would highly recommend this book. Below are some great titles in the sci-fi genre: Jason is walking back home one day when he is abducted by an unknown person and sent off to a place he has no clue about. He requires help. This book is kind of like taking a crash college course in communication, except Malcom Gladwell is your professor, and he’s helping you completely rethink the way you go through the world. The book is a wild ride you won’t be able to pull yourself away from, once you start.Narrator: Kathleen Gati, More fantasy? What happens after that is what this book is all about. But for all those horror fans, I would highly recommend this book. Chbosky writes in a very accessible, yet practical, manner so that you get invested in the story from the very first page. Each credit can be used to obtain an audiobook for free, regardless of its price. Something will happen which will tear apart Patrick’s life forever. There is no narrator in the book. Books!! But one day, she sees something. In the labyrinth of politics, conspiracies, and betrayals, either your win. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. PeruseProject. The book keeps you guessing and speculating throughout, and is an absolute roller coaster ride. A man finds himself in the home of a famous artist, after being abandoned by his wife, where he discovers an unknown painting. Capote brings to life these dead men in a brilliant, ingenious manner that would captivate you entirely. I hope by now, you, the reader would have come across some great titles to listen to and enjoy the beauty and pleasures of reading. What happens when Alex, the son of the president of the United States falls in love with Henry, the prince of Britain? The iron throne is at stake. The book glistens with wit and comedy, so characteristic of Austen novels. Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Rushdie writes skillfully, with prose that will intrigue and mesmerize you, and a plot that’ll leave you speechless. I thought that Mr. Clutter was a very nice gentleman. Elisabeth Moss, Amy Landecker, Bradley Whitford, Ann Dowd, This gothic piece of literature explores human duality, the constant fight between good and evil. Not sure what would happen in real life, but a LOT happens in this book for sure! Every full moon, the tooth fairy strikes. All is good until one of them dies. That’s the beauty of the fantasy genre. These Are the Best Audiobooks For Readers On the Move There are no more excuses. Will they be able to meet again? One of the funniest books ever written, it’s a brilliant parody of science fiction. And how! 18 Best Marvel Audiobooks Of All Time 2020 Updated 15 Best Zombie Audiobooks Of All Time (2020 Updated) Top 10 Best Dave Ramsey Audiobooks For Total Money Makeover Top 10 Best Wil Wheaton Audiobooks Of All Time (2020 Updated) Top 10 Best Jim Dale Audiobooks Of All Time (2020 Updated) 12 Best Jack Reacher Audiobooks Of All Time 2020 Updated How? Winner of the Booker Prize in 1981, the “Booker of Bookers” prize in 1993 and the “Best of Booker” prize in 2008, this multilayered book delves into the magical realism genre, mixed with a family saga riddled with politics and societal conflicts. Narrators: Meera Syal, Aysha Kala, Nikesh Patel, Anneika Rose, Preeya Kalidas. Edward writes with elegance and accuracy, and his book is loaded with humor, wit, and sarcasm. He came. The book is set in a futuristic dystopian Chicago where people are divided into five factions which represent different attributes and characteristics. The book is impactful not just because of the message it delivers, but how it delivers. Neither of them has actually met their host. This gothic piece of literature explores human duality, the constant fight between good and evil within a person. He, throughout the book, compares lovesickness to cholera, both showing similar symptoms in man. There are some cheesy lines which will surely make your heart swoon, and some wonderful romance which you won’t want to stop reading, ever. Not a very long book, this one is a roller coaster in itself and is one of the must-reads when it comes to books exploring India and its culture. Not any species of mankind, specifically our species: . The book describes the horrors of the apartheid era in a way that’ll change you forever. 17 Romantic Audio treat sensuous nights. Don't have time to experience Tony Kushner’s Angels in America? Narrator: Mark Heap, Peter Serafinowicz. Explore the 2020 Best Audiobooks in Fiction, Memoir, Mystery, Young Adult, and more. Toni Morrison draws a spellbinding and marvelous portrait of a woman haunted by her past, through this incredible piece.Narrator: Toni Morrison. It is on this premise that the whole book takes place. The book is an exploration of themes like love, loss, guilt, innocence, etc. There are both real and fictional characters in this tale of what happens when a (very famous father) grapples with the death of his 11-year-old son. This genre provides us a glimpse into the lives of those who lived and struggled in history, filling us with empathy and understanding of those who existed before ourselves. A friendship that has the power to change people. To save all, would Vasilisa have to oppose everyone she ever loved? At one of the brief stops, she watches a couple every day, whom she envies. Alas, she couldn’t see it till the end, and the book was published two years after her death. Hawkins’ writing is well suited to the psychological thriller genre, as it never feels too heavy while still being very effective. Neither of them has actually met their host. A friend who never asks for anything only gives and gives. No education, no healthcare. 1. The book is one of the finest works to come out of the Regency era and remains a favorite among readers even after so many years. Our protagonists in this book are Crowley, a demon and Aziraphale, an angel, who want to prevent Armageddon from taking place. So if you want to be a know-all, you know what to read! That's where audiobooks come in—with the voices of Stephen Fry or Jim Dale doing the reading for you there are no excuses to get some reading done. Actress Bahni Turpin reads the story about a runaway slave traveling north. Not any species of mankind, specifically our species: Homo Sapiens. More cuddling? Best audiobook apps in 2020. Enter the audiobook. The book is a ride from the very first page. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” With these immortal lines begins the masterpiece of a book written over a century ago, and which still resonate with readers all over the planet. Us. What better way to get completely creeped out than to listen to a Stephen King book while you’re on the move, probably traveling in a small space, unable to escape? First, here's a guide for audio-curious … This book, narrated by royal broadcaster Jennie Bond, takes fans through the life of the monarch in just four fast hours. In Afghanistan, a country wounded by several years of war, first by Soviet forces, and then by the Taliban. It’s written very well, there’s a lot of humor and it’s an amazing book overall. While there are some supernatural elements, the real beauty, or the real horror of the book lies in the psychological aspects of the book, how they react to the situation in hand. If you are someone who lives for romance, then this just might be THE book for you. The story is of Liesel, a girl living with her adopted parents, who loves reading and writing. The book has such an impact on the population, that the phrase “Jekyll and Hyde” is often used to refer to a person with entirely different personalities, good from outside, and mean in private. This one isn’t exactly an escape from dinner table politics, but MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow narrates her own book about Russia and its ties to the 2016 presidential election. Lewis at Amazon "Kids will be enthralled listening to the Pevensie siblings' adventures in the land of Narnia." Silly and hilarious, this book is a laugh riot. An incident that would change the town forever. Inspiring an Oscar-winning screen adaptation with the same name, this book is gorgeous, elegant, splendid, poetic! At the center of it all is the challenge set between Celia and Marco, two magicians who’ve been trained throughout their entire life, in order to defeat their adversary. How we progressed, how we dominated, and how we reigned. Good news: Audible has added hundreds of free children's titles in light of the pandemic. Perhaps Dahl’s most popular book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a dark yet lovely tale of Charlie and his visit to the Chocolate Factory. Narrated masterfully by Jim Dale, you must not leave this book unread! If you find violence, gory descriptions, and body horror repulsive, this wouldn’t be something you should read. In telling her story, Michelle also inspires us, the readers. Audible is our favorite place to get high-quality, professionally produced audiobooks. The book gives practical advice which would help you to improve your life. Here are the best audiobooks coming out in 2020. “Big Brother is watching”: One of the very popular lines off this novel, it drives home the point that you’re being watched, every second of your life. In fact, her Becoming journal which was released later was quite popular too. This book inspired the very popular movie with the same name, starring Emma Watson. How far can one go to get rid of their guilt? Unlike our school textbooks (which used to be utterly boring, right? In today’s world where humans are busy using technology, there are some real gems who read books and grab some of the world’s most essential information. The first book of the very popular Divergent trilogy, it is a fast-paced book written in a very accessible manner, which would undoubtedly keep you awake throughout the night. If you are looking for a book to leave you tired from laughing too much, you must pick this one up. We may earn a commission from these links. Whitney Houston died nearly eight years ago, but her story lives on in this book written and read by her best friend, Robyn Crawford. This heart-wrenching book is a story about love, friendship, family, fear, violence, and hope. And her new home is haunted, by her child, nameless, who died on that farm, and has a grave with a single word on it: Beloved. Gillian Flynn, Gabra Zackman, Patton Oswalt. This pair hence begins a journey through space with some fellow travelers. The book is narrated by 18-year-old Mary Katharine aka Merrycat, who along with her elder sister are isolated by the locals. All the other family members are dead. Zusak infuses magic into every word and bringing to life an epic tale set in Nazi Germany. This Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Jared Diamond explores human societies for the last 13,000 years and how they came to be what they are now. THE BIG RED POWER PEN EDITING SYSTEM: KILL THESE 24 WORDS . The book is very unique in the way it’s written and makes for a riveting read. One man. The hunt for Amy continues as new clues and pieces of evidence keep surfacing. She’s familiar with every stop, every signal. The audiobook version of McNamara's is a compulsively readable investigation into the Golden State Killer, a serial rapist and murderer who committed crimes up and down the California coast for over a decade. But her stepmother only grows grimmer and determined. This year, more than ever, we love audiobooks. Soon, it will be another series to add to your list of Amazon shows to watch (directed by Barry Jenkins), so listening to the book now isn’t a bad idea. They call him the Golden State Killer. This wildly successful memoir, which has also been narrated by her, chronicles her life with the wit and grace that Michelle is known for. It’s the story of these two women, in Kabul. March 1, 2019 by Nishil Prasad Leave a Comment, Last Updated on November 10, 2020 by Nishil Prasad. It’s irresistible and wouldn’t let you leave it until you finish. Blake Crouch takes you on a no-stop roller coaster ride with this incredible sci-fi novel. Dr. Henry Jekyll, the protagonist of our story, has a darker alter ego, namely Mr. Edward Hyde. So, whether you’re jogging, cooking, commuting, just plug in your earphones and enjoy a new book. And kills entire families. The story is very complicated, and Crouch executes the whole set up effortlessly. The world-building is distinctive and it is overall a very fulfilling read, filled with several twists and turns. Stephen Fry, audiobook narrator extraordinaire, narrates all four novels and five collections of short stories about the most famous detective in literature. The best true crime audiobooks will have you on the edge of your seat—whether the story divulges details about well-known serial killers or unidentified villains of unsolved crimes. Last Updated on April 12, 2020 by Nishil Prasad. ... Best Free AudioBooks App [2020] Get Free Audiobook from (US) The audiobook player app is required for you to listen to audiobooks on your mobile devices. If it gets too scary for you, just remember that it’s narrated by Santino Fontana, who also starred in My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This elegant book explores the universal themes of race, identity, and love. Start with Audible’s Top 100 Best Sellers. The book is extremely chilling and horrifying to read and has a very creepy tone throughout. Who’ll rule it all? We can’t just be not a racist. The existence of audiobooks has made things so much easier for book lovers. Completely isolated from society. Smith dives smack into the action, and everything about this book is brilliant: the characterization, the plot, the interactions, everything. The story is filled with wit, humor, and innocence in a way that seems to question its readers about the type of society we are, the prejudices we have, the violence one human is willing to inflict on others because of their biases. We have listed the best Free Full Audio Books Free to Stream on Youtube. Considered one of the best spiritual books ever written, this is a simple yet profound autobiography of an enlightened man. This book is about the birth of Satan and Armageddon taking place on Earth. Thank you to the narrators, directors, producers, and publishers who bring us these unforgettable audio experiences, and to AudioFile's team of dedicated professional reviewers. This Pulitzer Prize-winning book has been written wonderfully and is sure to keep you glued till the very end. While there are some supernatural elements, the real beauty, or the real horror of the book lies in the psychological aspects of the book, how they react to the situation in hand.