She'll be on the younger side (5 in August) and is pretty shy. I live in the Oakland area. Best for Young Kids: Willow’s Whispers at Amazon "A great message for children as young as preschool." In the 3 years he has been at his school he hasn't made any real friends. Independent schools for reserved, nervous kid, Shy kids at Head Royce, CPS, Bishop O'Dowd, Tech. Most children feel shy from time to time but the lives of some are severely curtailed by their shyness. “Don’t label the child as ‘shy’ or make him feel bad about what he isn’t doing.” She suggests trying to empathize with your child’s more introverted nature and letting him know you understand his feelings. Then, when he was in first grade he had to step up to show the new Kindergarteners. We're trying to figure out which high school community would be a good fit for my son who's kinda shy. Our current school does a good job of talking about being inclusive and accepting but I find that without caring capable adults on the playground to help guide kids towards these kinds of behaviors, inclusiveness isn't going to happen. He sometimes gets overwhelmed in large or chaotic situations. That is where you, as a parent, can do a lot. Well, without knowing HOW shy or WHEN/WHY shy... some kids learn to be not-shy when they're in an atmosphere where they have to learn to advocate for themselves, or they find the right new friend/teacher that helps them, or they just happen to change for unknown reasons (they want to be a Big Kid or whatever) OR... they withdraw more, get bullied, don't like their teacher, etc. He wants to go to school, but minor events set him off. Often they talk to parents and siblings. Welp, about a month before kindergarten started, she just -- changed. He feels incredibly safe there. My husband and I had the exact same debate when our now third grader was entering Kindergarten. "Set up a school with teddy bears, and let your child act it out," she says. We--and our child-- have been thrilled with Aurora academically and socially. My daughter will start kindergarten next year and her dad and I are having the public/private debate. Best for Boys: The Invisible Boy at Amazon "The lessons are powerful for children of all personalities." We have a son at Orinda Academy and it has been a super welcoming community for him. Later, after the whole thing was over and my kid (the older one) was doing fine in public school, I happened to be back at that private school to pick up my friend's kid and frankly was stunned at the chaos -- and how spoiled and un-diverse the children were. This causes children to be unable to talk to people/adults. He has always been an introvert and gravitates towards adults. There are only 12 to 13 kids per class, only one class per grade, and everybody knows everybody. Now I think I'm making up for it! They have a "buddy bench" where kids can go and sit when they don't have anyone to play with. To schedule a tour contact Lisa Piccone, Admissions Director at 428-2606. Don't just pay attention to the stumbling blocks. Some kids are just not thrilled in participating in school. Therefore, team sports (soccer, basketball or volleyball, among others) are recommended activities for shy, shameful or introverted children.In addition to helping them overcome their fears and insecurities, … His older sister was the same and is now slowly getting out of that stage. Set him up for success. If your child struggles with naming all the letters of the alphabet, the teacher can help him focus on just a few.