Jason McCord was accused of cowardice. This happened at Bitter Creek. Speak to Boone and either suggest he make amends over the Bitter Springs Massacre or follow a path of vengeance. Background. i know the ncr attacked the the people but didnt the khans do the same alot more ( did they desrve it ? ) And what secret is so terrible that he chooses never to reveal what really happened, and clear his name? Named the "Bitter Springs Massacre," the NCR eliminated everyone inside of the settlement. Talk to Boone about what happened at Bitter Springs. Bitter Springs was originally a camp for Great Khan civilians that did not participate in raids; namely women, children, and the elderly. The Chinese labored in mines and railroads. A lot of them died. Companies loved Chinese laborers because they worked longer hours than their white counterparts and for less pay. I have a few in mind. The first large wave of Chinese immigrated to California in 1848 in search of gold. He asks you to rescue his family from the Legion. Among the fighters were 1st Recon.Too late did they realize the place was full of civilians, including women and children. The one thing that bothers me is not knowing what causes the Bitter Springs Massacre. Left My Heart: This quest is given to you by a man named Frank Weathers who you find in an NCR refugee camp. Short version, a lot of Chinese miners were massacred. Problems with local Aboriginal people arise over the possession of a waterhole. Quest stages Last edited by Meroo; Jul 30, 2014 @ 9:41am < > Showing 1-15 of 41 comments . was Bitter Springs Massacre justified ? as i said above . Accompany Boone to Coyote Tail Ridge near Bitter Springs. Incident at Bitter Creek : the story of the Rock Springs Chinese massacre. Many white laborers in the West felt threatened by the Chinese laborers because of the lower wages and poorer conditions they worked for. The Bitter Springs Massacre was a conflict in Bitter Springs.. aceplace57 January 16, 2010, 5:49am #2. Bitter Springs is a 1950 Australian–British film directed by Ralph Smart.An Australian pioneer family leases a piece of land from the government in the Australian outback in 1900 and hires two inexperienced British men as drovers. The NCR eventually discovered their hidden homes. IIRC he was the sole survivor of a massacred cavalry unit. What happened at Bitter Creek that got Chuck Connors drummed out of the Army? [Craig Storti] -- Retraces the circumstances that culminated in a massacre of Chinese workers by striking coal miners on September 2, 1885. The New California Republic Army believed Bitter Springs to be the hiding place of the Great Khans and started to attack it. Here is the start of the Wiki story: The Rock Springs massacre, also known as the Rock Springs Riot, occurred on September 2, 1885, in the present-day United States city of Rock Springs, Wyoming, in Sweetwater County. A peaceful patch of farmland in southeastern Idaho likely holds a grisly, bitter history — but the full story remains hidden, at least for now.. 16 … I can never tell what exactly causes it, and I'd like to know, since a bunch of focuses and having Chance as a Unit Leader rely on the Massacre occurring. The NCR never paid for their terrible crimes at the settlement, since many believed the raiders previously committed far worse crimes. Eliminate the three waves of Legion soldiers raiding Bitter Springs. Get this from a library! I've probably missed something obvious.. was it ?