Shop all Medicinal plant from largest plant Nursery include Costus Insulin Plant. Buy fruit plants, bonsai plants, dwarf plants, flowering plants online in Bangalore. Our online plant shop is offering wholesale nursery plants in Bangalore that are apt for gifting like Golden Pothos, Money plant, Lucky Bamboo, Bonsai plant, Heart-shaped cactus, and many more. Product added to wishlist View Wishlist. Buy outdoor plants online Bangalore at plants makes your living space more comfortable, breathable and luxurious. Looking to buy plants or send gift plants to your friends and family in Banglore? While you have a hectic schedule throughout the day, a change in the scenario can uplift your mood to quite an extent, and nothing more than nature can do best. Then I stumbled onto this company called “your green canvas”, the owners there, … These plants are known to create a soothing environment, that’s why they are kept widely at homes and offices. We hope you all join this move of creating our environment better and greener. Succulents are the plants that can retain water in stems, roots, and leaves. I love your site and options and ease of use. This is our small attempt to reduce air pollution to lead a healthy life. In a short period of time, we have become favorites among households and plant enthusiasts as we provide the widest collection of indoor and outdoor plants. However I expect seller to guide and provide tips on how to care plant in warm and humid Mumbai climate , out from Bangalore … 0 Cart ₹0.00. We own thousands of varieties of plants in the plant kingdom. They are low-maintenance plants, perfect for home décor. Bonsai Trees- Bonsai is an ancient Chinese horticulture practice to create a miniaturized but realistic representation of nature in the form of a tree. After placing the order for plants online in Bangalore, you can send them to your loved ones with our same-day, next-day, and express delivery services. 3000+ Live Plants All Bangalore Free Delivery If you are thinking to buy plants online in Bangalore, then your search ends at Ferns N Petals. It is always refreshing to stay between natures and ease the tensions of life. Keeping indoor plants add a focal point to the home and spread positivity around. Also, plants filter the air we breathe and remove toxic chemicals present in the atmosphere. Apart from releasing pure oxygen in the air, plants play a huge role in enhancing the overall décor of your home, whether it is indoors or out in the garden. Lucky Bamboo- Lucky Bamboo is known to bring name, fame, prosperity, and happiness in the lives of people. You will find many online nurseries in Bangalore but you should choose the best amongst them. Herbal/Medicinal Plants- Medicinal plants, also known as herbal plants are known for their medicinal purposes. Know about various types of plants available on our portal. Get healthy plants delivered at your doorstep at incredibly low prices. Lucky bamboo, money plant, and pachira bonsai are some of the spiritual plants on our website. We provide wide collection of natural plants and accessories in Bangalore. India's Biggest Online Garden Store. You can buy the miniature fern plants, the flowering azalea plants or all the season hibiscus plants if you are looking for flowers. Get updates on promotions and offers coupons. Buy Now Medicinal Plant Free All India Delivery Shopping for all medicinal plants including Neer Brahmi Plant, Bhringraj Plant, Bhui Amla Plant, Black turmeric plant, Gotu Kola mandukaparni Plant … : DIPP39974), Livingnature Plantdecors LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership firm incorporated on 30 January 2018 (LLP Identification Number AAL-8807). We also offer lucky bamboo gifts which is a Feng Shui item that is expected to bring happiness and prosperity in the person’s life. Our plant production and marketing house is situated at Bangalore. Bangalore Agrico Bonsai Nursery - Buy bonsai fruit plants online. Similarly, if your colleague has bought a new house, you can wish him or her with lovely housewarming plants like peace lily, syngonium, aloe vera, and Song of India. If yes, then you can send plants to Bangalore to surprise the person with our really amazing and beautiful range of plants like indoor plants, lucky plants, terrarium plants, or flowering plants. Buy Plants on Amazon India. I definitely will use it again. is an initiative by IIT and IIM Alumni. If you buy plants from PlantDecors, you can be assured that you would get healthy plants delivered to your doorstep. 400 off also. I am very happy with the services. We all miss the days when we had gardens with our homes. With a range of 6000+ plants … You may be living in the high rise apartment or a house having plants in them not only changes the mood to a great extent but also enhances the décor of the place. However, while planning to buy online plants in Bangalore, one should choose them from some of the best online stores to get the healthiest plants. The green beauties will help them decorate their abode tastefully. We, humans, have a natural attraction towards plants, which is called biophilia, and this is why we are relaxed and calm when we are around green plants. Ferns N Petals is a popular online plant store in Bengaluru that offers a varied range of plants and delivers them across Bengaluru. Choose from our wide range of indoor and outdoor plants. The medicinal plants are also used in several spiritual activities. You can buy the miniature fern plants, the flowering azalea plants or all the season hibiscus plants if you are looking for flowers. Winter Flowering Plant and Shrubs And Beautify Your Home The main issue that comes into the light with other websites of online flower plant … Our delivery is prompt, even as you get to buy plants online at cheap price. I’ve been buying plants for years now. Outdoor plants set aside for the display, enjoyment of plants … Air Purifier Plants- Air-purifying plants purify the air we breathe and filter harmful toxins. Bangalore Agrico Bonsai Nursery - Buy bonsai fruit plants online. Plants are the best ways to bring nature to home. Ginseng Bonsai, Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai, Pachira Bonsai, Ficus Bonsai, Nolina Bonsai, Boxwood Bonsai, Carmona Bonsai, and Bougainvillea Bonsai are some of the famous Bonsai plants that you can order from our website. If you are thinking to buy plants online in Bangalore, then your search ends at Ferns N Petals. Are you in search of outdoor and indoor plants in Bangalore for your loved ones? Shopping all Indoor, Outdoor Plants… It is nice to be a gardener of your plants and caring for them, and it gives a sense of some different joy. Buy Medicinal Plants Online. You can also pair gorgeous plants with other gifts like chocolates, cakes, hampers, and personalised gifts to enhance the joy of gifting. NurseryLive provides wide range of natural plants and accessories online in india. The significance of lucky bamboo depends upon the number of stalks. Pick from the wide collection of terrariums, succulents, ferns, adeniums, orchids or even cacti. I will definitely use their services and will recommend to my friends.Thank you very much. Thanks a lot for delivering the order on the day! Lalbagh Nursery comes under the Horticulture department of Karnataka and is one of the most popular places in Bangalore, a lush green paradise for all nature lovers. Ranging from the indoor plants to outdoor plants, terrariums to dish gardens, and flowering plants to foliage plants, you can order different types of plants from our website for gifting purpose. With our vast experience over 35 years, we are producing, cultivating and marketing different kinds of plants all over the country and we also undertake projects of landscaping. The importance of plants is known to all and in this environmentally challenging time, it has become important to plant more. Buy Succulent Plants with the best prices and the widest range available online on myBageecha.Fast Delivery With COD.Best Place to Buy Succulents About Succulents : The trendiest home décor in recent times, succulents pack a punch as far as plants … Flowering Plants- Flowering plants are known to produce beautiful flowers that are widely used for home decor. Plantdecors is recognized under the start up India Initiative (Certificate No. One can buy the succulents, the cactuses or the flowering plants and enjoy caring for them and seeing them grow. If you want to buy plants online from Ferns N Petals it's an plant nursery, ... Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad or any other destination with a click of the mouse. I recently started using the ferns n petals app and started ordering and I am really happy with their service and their fast delivery. They are perfect for gifting your loved ones on special occasions and wish them joy and prosperity in life. Offer your loved ones fresh and air-purifying plants as the gift of beauty and health. It may be your terrace garden, your kitchen garden, the balcony or the little piece of vacant land in your nest, planting or potting some plants gives a sense of achievement and joy after seeing them grow or watching the flowers bloom. You can also buy plants online in Bangalore to have some of the beautiful cactuses like the Jade plants, Jellybeans or the beautiful Echeveria opalina to decorate your indoors. It is best to enjoy staying amongst nature doing some gardening at your place. You can now access several buy plants online Bangalore … Buy Plants Online In Bangalore - Healthy Plants by … Welcome to Yoidentity. The nursery here is a part … Buy Plants Online in India: Shop all plants include flowering plant, live green plants. DWARF PLANT SEEDS 10 NOS - BANGALORE … Terrariums, home and garden store, Bengaluru, Succulents, Ceramic Pots, Terracotta Pots, Vermicompost, Neem Cake and Oil, Bio Fertilizers, Indoor Plants Spiritual Plants- Spiritual plants are considered sacred because of the spirits that dwell within themselves. At first, it was difficult sourcing the right plants I wanted for my home. They are often used in food, medicine and perfumes. Our journey started in Bangalore … Cactus & Succulents- Cactus is a group of fleshy plants that comes under succulents. Using our latest offers, you can avail of a discount of up to 15%. You can also buy plants online in Bangalore to have some of the beautiful cactuses like the Jade plants, Jellybeans or the beautiful Echeveria opalina … Select from the wide range of bonsai, lucky bamboo, succulents, and money plant available on our website to send your loved ones in Bengaluru. Whatsapp: 9535771669 (new) Email: FULFILLED BY TOWNCRAFT AGRICO PVT LTD, BANGALORE Login / Register. Plants online shopping have also taken a boost and … We are a professional company providing Home Garden services which include Balcony Gardens, Vertical Gardens, Terrace Gardens, Landscaping, Artificial Grass Installations for our customers in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Kochi. You can also buy flowering plants online India for home balconies in India and can bring in refreshing vibes to your home. Start typing to see products you are looking for. One can purchase indoor as well as outdoor plants depending upon the area where they are to be planted or potted. Plants are the best ways to bring nature to home. Now, with the perks in our portal, not only is selecting the gift a snap, but also shipping and delivery. … Tulsi, aeralia plant and aloe vera are some of the widely grown medicinal plants that you can order from our website. Buy live Plants online, seeds, … But these offers and discount rates keep on changing on a timely basis and one needs to check the current offers before placing an order. They enhance the overall look of your space and fill the garden with vibrant colours. Buy Plants: 2874 products online at Nurserylive. Skip to the … We delivers 6000+ nursery plants, seeds, bulbs, pebbles, pots & planters across all major cities in India. We have a variety of bonsai tree for sale in Bangalore, such as Ficus Bonsai, Pachira Bonsai, Jade bonsai tree in Bangalore… Ferns N Petals is a popular online gift website that offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor plants. If your sister has just completed her graduation, you can congratulate her with good luck plants like lucky bamboo or money plant. Skip to the content. Buy 3000+ Live plants, seeds, pots and garden products at largest online plant nursery in Bangalore. Get 1 Free Product Today 6000+ Gardening Products All India Delivery. Aug 26, 2016 - Plant nurseries in bangalore,Gift a plant online in bangalore,Buy plants online in bangalore,Send plants online in bangalore,Buy bonsai plants online in bangalore,Buy bonsai plants in bangalore,Bonsai plants for sale in bangalore,Bonsai plants online in bangalore,Order plants online in Bangalore. The Green Yard, “the complete garden solutions” is the best online garden store and online plant nursery in Bangalore, Karnataka. In a Short span of time, The Green Yard rapidly turns to one of the topmost … Decorate your home or send plants as gift to your loved ones across India. They are known to heal the mind and body and provide for spiritual awakening. Due to COVID-19, order delivery may take longer than usual. Totally loved the experience!! They provide fresh air to breathe, add a dash of colors and help bring positivity to home. Buy Indoor Plants, Outdoor Plants, Seeds, Garden Tools, Pots & Planters and Fertilizers Online at Yoidentity on reasonable Prices. PlantDecors is one of the best places to buy unique house plants in India. Plants are excellent home décor items that also make perfect gifts for every occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, housewarming occasion, Diwali, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, etc. From tiny succulents to highly attractive leafy or flowering plants and bonsai specimens, shop from a great selection of plants … Buy plants from Bengaluru which has a huge collection of Aquatic plants, Annual flowering plants, Aromatic Plants, cactus, Ferns, Landscape plants, Indoor plants, Bamboo and many more. Two Layer Lucky Bamboo With Heart Shaped Tag, 2 Layer Bamboo Plant In Green Melamine Pot, Set of 3 Air Purifying Plants In Raisin Pots, Blackforest Cake N Two Layer Bamboo Plant, Two Layer Bamboo Plant in Brass Orchid Metal Pot, Golden Money Plant in Imported Plastic Pot, Golden Money Plant In Resin Pot For Sister, Syngonium Plant In Worlds Best Sister 3D Pot. Such exquisite gifts to Bengaluru are becoming more and more popular with rising trend of online gifting capability. Buying orchid online in India is now easy, you can select variety of orchid plants from the below categories. Find here details of companies selling Fruit Plants in Bengaluru, Karnataka. See more ideas about Buy plants, Plants, Order plants online. Set your categories menu in Theme Settings -> Header -> Menu -> Mobile menu (categories), Dracaena Compacta In 4-Inch Blue Ceramic Pot, Grafted Orange Moon Cactus In Plastic Pot, Buy String of hearts (Ceropegia woodii) Plant Online India, Senecio rowleyanus – String of Pearls Plant, Lucky Bamboo Plant (Dracaena sanderiana) – 4 Sticks Without Glass Vase, Senecio Hereianus ‘Teardrops’ – String of Beads, Buy Hoya Heart Variegated Plant, (Valentine Plant ) Online, Sedum Dasyphyllum ‘Minor’, Corsican Stonecrop, Sedum Burnatii, Anthurium Hookeri (Bird Nest Anthurium) Plant, Strings Of Heart In Beautiful White Pigeon Pot, Buy Aeonium Arboreum Succulent Plant Online. You can Order these little greens for your loved ones online with us and myBageecha team will do the needful. So, Ferns N Petals is offering you lucrative plants offer. Over the past decade, the need to access plants at home has significantly risen in Bangalore. So, for any special occasion, you can simply shop for plants online and greet your loved ones. The delivery agent was very professional. You can also enjoy the chirps of the birds or the colors of the butterfly if you have plants at your place. Buy Plants online in Bangalore Do you have someone residing in Bangalore who just can’t resist gardening? In some plants, you can enjoy a flat Rs. Get latest info on Fruit Plants, suppliers, wholesale suppliers, retailers & traders with Fruit Plants prices for buying. Ferns N Petals is a popular online plant store in Bengaluru that offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Ferns N Petals is a popular online gift website that offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor plants . Plant received in Mumbai within 18hrs from shipping and in very good condition. We Ship Best House Plants for Home & Garden Easy Refund Free Delivery | Buy Plants Now! The best part of Bengaluru is its weather which allows a lot of exotic plants to thrive. Decorating the house with plants helps keep diseases at bay, reduces stress, and have a positive effect on health. It is best to buy plants online, as you can get a variety of plants to select from and can quickly get the plants of your choice. We offers wide variety of orchid plants like Cattlya orchid, Dendrobium orchid, … Sending gifts to people used to be a worrisome task earlier. Hibiscus, Moon Cactus, Desert Rose Adenium, Jasmine plant, and Peace Lily are some of the popular flowering plants that you can order from our website. Plant nursery in bangalore - The Plants Nursery is a leading online plant nursery in bangalore that offers a huge collection of indoor and outdoor plants and also provides fast plant delivery in bangalore. Peace Lily, Areca Palm, Rubber plant, Syngonium pant, Money plant, Song of India, Sansevieria, and Jade plant are some of the famous air-purifying plants on our website.