Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan and, once hot, tip in the gnocchi, broccoli and frozen … This Loaded Baked Gnocchi dish is a mix between baked mac and cheese and a loaded baked potato. Add gnocchi … Add in the cream, cheese, salt and pepper and bring to a rolling boil stirring constantly. Bring to a simmer over medium heat, … It’s kinda like a dreamy baked mac and cheese… I would have added more since I love garlic more than most things, but I wanted to keep the recipe reasonable for most people. For this recipe, I sauté a bit of garlic in the butter, then add broth (or wine), Italian seasoning, and a bit of Dijon mustard for extra flavor, followed by the cream and gnocchi. I adore Gruyere cheese Pinning! SOOOO easy, quick, and VERY yummy!!! But and this is a big but, Baked Creamy Cheesy White Sauce Gnocchi opened the eyes (and stomachs) of the not so loving Gnocchi family members. Will definitely be making this again! Your additions sound delicious!! Can you actually bake Gnocchi without them becoming a soggy mess? You can probably be eating this amazing dish in 30 minutes at the most. The perfect any night dinner meal. And even better, so easy and quick! To help personalize content, measure adverts and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. Reduce heat to medium and mix in tomatoes, heavy cream and thawed gnocchi. Thanks Bara, so glad you enjoyed it. And did I mention this creamy goat cheese mushroom gnocchi … Have a great Sunday. We are a family split down the middle on our love of Gnocchi. The gnocchi is pillowy soft, the sauce is creamy and tangy. In a large pot of boiling salted water add the Gnocchi, remove as soon as the Gnocchi float (no more than 30 seconds) and drain well. Stir in garlic and butter until the butter is melted and the garlic is fragrant (about 1-2 minutes). The last time I had gnocchi was in Italy and this tasted just like it. Good questions, so what did I do? I went to see my friend who owns our local family grocery store just down the street from me. Love the adding fresh spinach idea! Hi! Oh my goodness you guys, this Ham and Cheese Gnocchi is one of our new favorite, favorite dinners!! In this Piatto™ video recipe, we'll learn how to make a gnocchi cheese sauce to die for! I used the shelf-stable uncooked gnocchi that you can find in the pasta aisle in grocery stores. It's made in one pan and ready in under 15 minutes! I suggest eating it right away - the sauce can separate when re-heating. So I asked her if she had ever baked Gnocchi, and yes she had. Josh made a cheesy sour cream sauce to pour over the potato gnocchi and topped it with more cheese… I also added a little bit of truffle oil to add more flavor which worked really well. Pre-heat oven to 425°, lightly oil an 8 x 6 inch baking dish. I just made this recipe and it was absolutely delicious!!!! Pour sauce over the gnocchi … I steamed broccoli and added that in last minute. Quick and so tasty! Gnocchi combines the best of potatoes and pasta, and these pillowy Italian dumplings are slathered in a rich, creamy pungent cheese sauce. I'm so happy everyone enjoyed it. Next time I think I'll turn it into a bit of a casserole (I'm from MN - so - it's kind of our thing) by adding bits of shaved ham and peas. I added a punnet of sliced mushrooms to the butter and garlic, then proceeded with the recipe until the end, when I added shredded chicken breast & freshly chopped spinach. I like your casserole idea! Mmmmm. Cheesy and Creamy, the perfect Comfort Dish. This was so good! Enjoy! Stir to combine. If you love Fettuccine Alfredo, then I'm thinking you will also like gnocchi with Alfredo sauce. Once melted, add the garlic and sauté for 30 seconds. You then stir in the parmesan cheese and season with salt & pepper and parsley as needed. Stir in half the Fontal (or Gruyere cheese) and 1/2 the Parmesan cheese, then gently add the Gnocchi. Gnocchi, pronounced (nyoh-kee) is a small dough dumpling made of potato, semolina, all-purpose flour, egg, and sometimes cheese. In a large heavy-bottomed frying pan, heat the olive oil and butter over medium heat. Let me know how it goes. Not only that but super fast and easy. Very good, added more garlic and cream. Could’ve ate the entire pan myself. If you're eating this as a side dish, it would go well with steak, chicken, or seafood (I'm thinking salmon would be extra delicious with it). Bring to a boil, then … Hi Carol, a white sauce is a simple sauce made with milk butter and flour (the recipe is in the recipe card at the end of the post). Add the butter to a skillet over medium-high heat. The boys loved it, even the sons who don't like mushrooms! Can we just double everything in the recipe if we want to make a double serving? And one member after his third helping muttered “hmm and I didn’t like gnocchi!” It is seriously delicious. Fantastic! Will definitely make it again. Quick, simple and Delicious, the perfect quick lunch or dinner. Stir in the broth, Dijon mustard, and Italian seasoning. Can’t wait to eat leftovers. Home » Appetizers & Sides » 15 Minute Creamy Alfredo Gnocchi, Published May 23, 2018 / Updated August 1, 2020 / 18 Comments. A couple of weekends ago, while having dinner with friends, I brought up the idea of baking Gnocchi. . I also used a shallot instead of a leek, and my store didn’t gave refrigerated gnocchi so I just cooked the gnocchi in water first and threw it in at the end with the parmesan, spinach and cream… Ham and Cheese Gnocchi. Let it cook, uncovered, for another few minutes until the sauce further thickens and the gnocchi is cooked through. Buon Appetito! Make sure to rice the potatoes while they’re hot to ensure the lightness of the gnocchi. Drain the gnocchi and add to the skillet along with the parmesan cheese. We like the flavor and melting qualities of fontina or Taleggio cheese, but you can substitute cheddar, Gruyere, or another favorite. Eat well flavored! Required fields are marked *. Red sauce or White sauce? Gnocchi should be boiled for about 30 seconds before baking, and then bake them high and fast, basically you want to just melt the cheese, and oh that cheese, broiling it at the end gives you that glorious crunchy cheesy topping. This post may contain affiliate links. I would use a firm mozzarella instead of fresh since fresh might make it too watery. Blanch the gnocchi and broccoli in a big pot of boiling water for just a few minutes, to get them partially cooked. In a medium pot over medium heat melt butter, then add flour and salt, combine with a whisk, add milk slowly and continue to stir until thickened (but not too thick, if it becomes too thick add a little extra milk), stir in oregano,basil and pepper. Tips for Making Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce. Baked Creamy Cheesy White Sauce Gnocchi, a delicious easy Pasta Dish ready in 20 minutes. Once the water is boiling, add the gnocchi and boil until they float, about 2 to 3 minutes. Turn down heat under the leek pan to … So perfect for fall! Thanks Taylor, I love anything with white sauce. Delicious! Creamy Goat cheese mushroom gnocchi is the perfect way to add a grommet touch to a quick week night dinner. No need to cook it ahead of time - it'll cook right in the sauce and the starch from the potatoes will help to thicken the sauce. I'm Natasha. thanks so much!!!!! Hope that helps. Add the garlic, shallot, mushrooms and thyme and cook, stirring occasionally, until the mushrooms are tender and slightly brown. Have a great weekend. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions/comments. PIN this Gnocchi with Bacon Cream Sauce recipe … Sounds cozy! I hope you will give this gnocchi with Alfredo sauce recipe a try! This recipe really couldn't be easier. So pleased everyone liked it. How long do you bake them for? Hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes for busy weeknights! Only thing I changed was a 1/2 cup cream, 1/2 cup almond milk, and chicken broth instead of the wine. Let me know how you like it. (homemade or store-bought, my store-bought Gnocchi said cooked in 2 minutes), + 2 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Hello, my questions are #1, what is “white sauce”, and #2, can I use mozzarella Instead of the fontal or gruyere cheese? Your email address will not be published. Stir in cheese and pesto. Gnocchi with Bacon Cream Sauce Amazingly tender gnocchi are bathed in two of the best things in the world: bacon and cream, then sprinkled with cheese for one of the best dishes ever. Drain, reserving 50ml of the cooking water. Hi Jackie, haha your welcome, I hope you enjoy it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Meanwhile cook gnocchi in the boiling water according to pack instructions. I’m really liking the non tomato version, I just don’t want to mess it up. I LOVE gnocchi in white sauce – either that or a light brown butter sauce. Simmer for about 4 minutes, stirring the whole time. Filed Under: Casseroles & Bakes, Main Dish, Most Posts, Pasta, Your email address will not be published. oops nevermind just printed recipe !!! Beautiful and delicious looking photos!! Delicious! And sure you can double it, I do all the time. I used 3 normal-sized cloves of garlic in this recipe, but if you're a big garlic fan, you could add more. I do it occasionally, and it really is worth the extra work. This would be over the top good if you want to make the gnocchi homemade. It never ends! Sooooo good. Made this tonight as a side with chicken piccata and a salad and it was fabulous! Season with salt & pepper as needed and garnish with parsley. Let sit a couple of minutes before serving. Put the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Hi Jamie, so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that! In a medium saucepan combine whipping cream and butter. Absolutely delicious dish! Serves 4-6 (depending on if it's a main course or side dish). Make sure it's well-combined. That's great to hear. Boil before baking or not? If you need to find me I’ll be in my kitchen eating this forever. We are a family split down the middle on our love of. Hi Paxson, thanks so glad you enjoyed it. I have to admit, I had trouble getting through the rest of your article because I couldn’t get over the idea that PEOPLE DON’T LIKE GNOCCHI??!! Saute for 5-7 minutes or until the shallots are soft and translucent. Required fields are marked *. Well that opened the flood gates. Sounds good to me. Alfredo sauce is simply a mix of butter, cream, and parmesan cheese. Beat the weekday grind with hundreds of easy-to-follow and hassle-free recipes! Hi Sagan, I know but there are those kind of people (and Italian too):). Baked Gnocchi with Cheese Be the first to rate & review! If you are looking for something, anything, they probably have it! Cook until gnocchi is done; about 5-6 minutes. This creamy Alfredo gnocchi is a decadent and delicious main course or side dish. Add the butter to a skillet over medium-high heat. Stir and let cook for about 3 - 5 minutes, or until all cheeses are melted and incorporated. Turn the heat to low and stir in the goat cheese and cream, stirring until the goat cheese is melted and smooth. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Bake for 3-5 minutes then broil for another 3-5 minutes. Add protein: Serve this pesto gnocchi recipe with grilled or roasted chicken… Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thank you! Hi Natasha, I used your recipe again tonight, with some variations. Low carb cheese – the mozzarella and cream cheese are the main binders in this low carb gnocchi recipe. Thank you so much for the receipe! The perfect any night dinner meal. can i still make this with store bought gnocchi?? COOK gnocchi on one side for 3 … All Rights Reserved. I didn’t know that was possible!! . Once boiling start with 1 Tbl gnocchi water to help thicken the sauce. Add cooked gnocchi and stir to coat with the oil/butter mixture. HEAT ½ tablespoon butter and ½ tablespoon olive oil in a large sauté pan over medium-high heat until butter is melted, stirring to combine. Cook for 5 minutes. Published January 27, 2019 By Rosemary 19 Comments. Add Parmesan, Mascarpone and 1/2 cup of Havarti wild garlic. My son literally licked the bowl. Cook potatoes in a large pot of boiling water over medium-high heat until tender when pierced with … The starch released by the potatoes in the gnocchi helps to thicken the sauce. I used heavy cream since that’s what I had and grape tomatoes. So glad you both liked it! Two of us love it and two not so much. . Marriage of my two loves: gnocchi and gruyere! Hi Patty, so glad it was enjoyed, you should try the red sauce gnocchi next, we always split down the middle about which one we prefer. Once melted add in the shallots and gnocchi. This should take about 2-3 minutes once at a boil. . Your email address will not be published. It was very quick and delicious. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Definitely a rich dish, but oh so worth it! I didn't have any Dijon mustard on hand so I went with a few dashes of ground mustard powder and a smidgen of ricotta along with the parmesan. Keep stirring (about 4 minutes) until completely combined. Please see my affiliate disclosure for more details. Add the tomatoes, broth, and gnocchi back into the skillet. The butter in the sauce really took it up a notch, so creamy and rich! Having four hungry men in my family, I tripled the recipe & added lots of freshly chopped spinach. Stir until butter is melted. You can also pan fry gnocchi and serve it like you would some fried potatoes. This was a hit with my family! Bring the broth (chicken or veggie) to a simmer in a big oven-safe skillet and whisk or stir in … Whisk in flour and cream, then season with salt and pepper. By giving consent, you agree to allow us to collect information through cookies. This super cheesy Ham & Cheese Gnocchi nailed it! Oh what a beautiful celebration! Remove from heat. The best part? In this recipe we started with some mild Italian sausage that is browned with some onions, tomatoes, spinach, cream, gnocchi and cheese … And the addition of truffle, great idea! Salt & Lavender is a recipe blog with a focus on delicious comfort food using everyday ingredients. When it melts and turns a nutty brown color, add … For this recipe, I used premade store bought gnocchi … My husband loved it and I will definitely be making it again. Have a great week. Hope that helps. Or no sauce? So happy you like the recipe, Dali! Actually it’s more than just a grocery store. Copyright ©2020, An Italian in my Kitchen. Stir together and cook until warm, about 2 minutes. Reduce the heat to medium and cover the pan. Cook gnocchi according to package instructions and drain. Add the gnocchi to the boiling water Add the milk, cream cheese, chives and seasonings to the skillet and heat while the gnocchi is cooking. They can be flavored in various ways and are typically … This recipe looks crazy delicious. Place 1/2 of cooked gnocchi in saute pan with prepared pesto cream sauce. . Thanks! Your email address will not be published. I use the pre-made shelf-stable uncooked gnocchi to save a whole bunch of time and effort. Have a great weekend. This hearty dish served family style, offers a grown-up twist on macaroni and cheese. AMEN! Remove the lid and stir the parmesan cheese in. Top with remaining mozzarella and Parmesan and season with a few grinds of pepper vegetable or chicken broth (or dry white wine). We won't send you spam. , Tried out this recipe tonight! Save out 1/2 cup of the pasta water, then drain the gnocchi and keep it in the strainer while you quickly make the sauce. Have a great weekend. Add butter and heavy cream to skillet. . Can’t wait to give it a try. Add the gnocchi and cream to the pan. Last Updated May 19, 2020. I added some chopped onion to my butter to saute then followed the recipe from there. Cheesy and Creamy, the perfect Comfort Dish. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bring a large saucepan of water to a boil, seasoned with about 1 tablespoon kosher salt. Hi Dee, I have made it the night before (I have also frozen it before baking) and then baked it the next day with no problem. If you like this kinda recipe, I have a whole bunch of other one pan gnocchi recipes including my Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Gnocchi and this Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce. Place in baking dish, sprinkle with remaining Fontal cheese and Parmesan cheese, top with fresh thyme if desired. Add a scoop of goat cheese, ricotta, cream cheese, or mascarpone for a quick-melting, creamy addition, or stir in a handful of shredded parmesan, white cheddar, fontina, gruyere, or asiago. I can feel the joy coming from the dish. Unsubscribe at any time. I love sitting down to eat with Italians, not only are you eating absolutely amazing food, but you also talk about other wonderful absolutely amazing food that you have to eat sometime in the very near future. Baked Creamy Cheesy White Sauce Gnocchi, a delicious easy Pasta Dish ready in 20 minutes. Right after Christmas I was looking for a way to use up some of our leftover ham, and I wanted something ultra cheesy, creamy, warm and comforting. That's great!! This was so quick and tasty! Similar to fathead pizza , these cheeses melt together to … And the big question: When are you making Baked Creamy Cheesy White Sauce Gnocchi? Much thanks! Once melted, add the garlic and sauté for 30 … This recipe is my go to, i make this at least twice a month, but most times more! Stir in 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese and cook until just melted.