Clinic Services, X-ray, Laboratory Procedures, Dental Services Rate.. ULTRASOUND . Fixed Services e.Max CAD e.Max CAD e.Max CAD e.Max CAD Layered e.Max Press e.Max Press Layered Zirconia Zirconia Zirconia Occlusal, Pelvic 400.00 Renal 500.00 KUB 850.00 Hepatobiliary 1,000.00 Upper & Lower Abdomen 1,850.00 Whole Abdomen 1,550.00 Liver Ultrasoud 500.00 Prostate Gland Ultrasound 500.00 . Affordable teeth cleaning, braces, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental care are available near you. The major advantage of having your dental care processes at San Salvador Dental care Clinic is that you'll get thorough dental services price list Philippines.This can enable you to make more educated decisions on getting the required treatment which will best suit your allowance plus your treatment needs. Well, each dental clinics have their own way of pricing their products. Price of Flexible Dentures in the Philippines . Sort of a ballpark figure to put it simply. The leading dental clinic in the Philippines. @XDentalLab @Express Dental Laboratory. I have also seen some of the best, and most modern equipment anywhere in the world appear in dental clinics in The Philippines. Direct: +632 245-2839; 274-5868 Smart: 0998 998 8520 Globe: 0917 560 7062 Sun: 0925 576 4537 Tooth & Go – Dental Services Dental Services Philippines We are offering all kinds of dental treatments such as tooth restoration or placing a colored filling (Composite) inside the tooth cavity and space closure especially for the upper front teeth. Offering wide range of services like implant, surgery, dental braces, veneers, teeth whitening Mail Us to (or) (or) Contact using the below form Here is a table of price list of dental treatments offered by Dental clinics in Dubai UAE (Please note : price may vary according to the complexity of your case. And, this has carried over to The Philippines where the perfect white smile is very important to many. Dental chairs with high-speed drills, cameras, and cleaning brushes are well established here. MetroDental Patients may apply for dental loans payable for up to 36 months Promo is available in all MetroDental branches nationwide To know if you are eligible for this promo please email us at Below prices are a rough estimate for the various types of dental treatments […] Check Dental Services Price list Philippines by an oral specialist in Metro Ma « on: March 12, 2020, 07:01:49 pm » If you're searching for an affordable dental hygiene service that involves a fee to fit well within your planned price range then search no further than the San Salvador Dental care Clinic. RADIOLOGIST EXAMINATIONS Chest X-Ray (PA View) 250.00 Our Services | Gan Advanced Osseointegation Center ... Our Services Now, keep in mind that this is a rough estimate. Price List Contact Information 1350 N Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 405.217.2282 Follow Us! PRICE LIST . Find quality dental services at a local dentist office near you. To put it out there, flexible dentures in the Philippines costs Php 15,000 – Php 20,000 on average. Why? Extensive dental expertise, truly state-of-the-art, and the best locations in Metro Manila (with dental clinic branches in Makati, Pasay and Quezon City).Dental World Manila embodies all these, with clients guaranteed to experience and enjoy every such aspect with every service.