And then there is the challenge of writing dating profiles, resumes, or other documents where you need to give the best first impression possible. Perceptive – you are able to quickly assess situations or people. Avoid generic words! But what are the right words to describe yourself? Alternatives: responsible, reliable, dependable, honest, principled, truthful. They see you as thorough. Self-talk is your internal dialogue. 6. 3. Alternatives: collected, unflappable, poised, self-assured, level-headed. Alternatives: passionate, excited, willing. 9. Alternatives: adaptable, versatile, all rounder, dynamic. Mental health problems are common but help is available. Alternatives: enterprising, daring, bold. Efficient – you get things done with the minimum of fuss and with the least wasted time or resources. 12. .There is no cure for mental illness. I'm half Chinese, a quarter Welsh, and a quarter German. Caring for your mental health is a crucial part of living a happy, healthy and well-rounded life. Genuine – you are a straight talker and you don’t hide who you are. Analytical – you have a talent for working with data and systems. 12 Characteristics Of A Snob (+ How To Deal With One), How To Detect, Deflect, And Protect Yourself From Negative Energy, 9 Sad Signs You’re Trying Too Hard (+ How To Stop), © Copyright A Conscious Rethink. Mental pictures of words are mixing in your head and your tongue tastes like alphabet soup. Long-term maintenance treatment also may help prevent a relapse of symptoms. 2. Sufficient sleep, healthy eating and regular physical activity are important. While people tell me I am pretty and thin, I feel chubby and ugly. 1. You know when you need one, and you know you'll be more productive (and just generally easier to be around) if you take one. Alternatives: relaxed, light-hearted, easy-going, carefree. Energetic – you have bags of energy and like to be active as much as possible. Source(s): Alternatives: amiable, personable, friendly, sociable, easy going. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as I learn just as much from you as you do from me. 4. Brave – you are willing to face your fears and take risks. 1. 1. Composed – you stay cool and calm under pressure and don’t let your emotions get the better of you. 5. 1 decade ago. Thoughtful – you look for ways to do nice things for people and you think before you speak/act to avoid causing upset. Competitive – you revel in going up against others and trying to win at whatever you do. I am reliable. Alternatives: sophisticated, worldly, cultured, experienced. Separating yourself from your mental health challenges is an important step in describing yourself accurately and kindly. Honest – you tell the truth, even when the truth is hard to say. Alternatives: respectable, courteous, charming, polished. 11. Alternatives: polite, gracious, courteous. Alternatives: joyful, cheery, sunny, upbeat, chirpy. Alternatives: quirky, different, unusual. Alternatives: observant, intuitive, sensitive. 13. Cooperative – you are able to work harmoniously with others. Alternatives: tender, cuddly, emotionally expressive. Let’s start with a definition of mental health – or, more precisely, what it isn’t. Silly – you just like to have lots of fun and don’t mind how you do it or what you look like. 9. It can also overwhelm the members of their entourage. 7. Creative – you are able to think outside the box and come up with ideas to drive the business forward. All Rights Reserved, Click Here To Get The Job Interview Questions & Answers Cheat Sheet, 200+ Job Interview Questions List (PDF Practice Cheat Sheet Included), How To Write A Killer Resume Objective (Examples Included), Behavioral Interview Questions And Answers 101 (+ Example Answers), The Best Cover Letter Format For 2020 [3 Sample Templates], 8 Phone Interview Tips That Will Land You A Second Interview. Alternatives: constructive, optimistic, cheerful, hopeful. That’s not what this is about. I am driven. Here are 12 ways to get started with your self-care. 6. 3. I'm also lazy, which doesn't help. You mutter words like “deterministic” or “innovativity” and you realize you’re drenched in sweat. Mental Descriptive Words. 16. 13. Describe yourself in just three words. But these particular adjectives are both well understood by most people and will be enough for most situations. Alternatives: driven, willing, ambitious, hungry, self-starter, determined, industrious. Mar. That’s not to say that you aren’t amazing just the way you are, but personal development and growth are both crucial if you want to maintain … 5. Trustworthy – you can be counted upon to do the right thing. Alternatives: prudent, rational, wise, judicious. 12. Performing well under pressure is all about your mental state. Competent – you are skilled at a particular task or duty. 6. People with mental health problems can get better and many recover completely. Try to … You could ask a hundred people to describe themselves and what they like least and most about themselves, and I bet you would get the same answer every time. Entrepreneurial – you enjoy business and are willing to take risks to make a success of yourself. You may also feel helpless in regards to the situation. I try to help as many people and animals as I can. 11. Passionate. Professional – you act in ways that best represent and promote the company you work for. West Rock/ Getty Images When you look at yourself in a mirror, what you see depends on the quality of that mirror. Alternatives: astute, insightful, incisive, sharp, shrewd. Alternatives: fun-loving, mischievous, playful. It’s a common job interview question, but you might also hear it on dates or other situations where you are getting to know someone. Mental illness is something people deal with; it is not who people are at their core. We’ll provide 50 primary words along with alternatives for each, giving a total of 250 words to describe yourself as a person. Using just a few words, have them describe your best qualities and/or characteristics. Committed – you are willing to stick at something and are prepared to stay in for the long haul. 0 0. leah. There will be other times when you are telling people about yourself when you might wish to use some of these words to describe yourself too. Kelty Mental Health Contact Kelty Mental Health at or 1-800-665-1822 (toll-free in BC) or 604-875-2084 (in Greater Vancouver) for information, referrals and support for children, youth and their families in all areas of mental health and addictions. Alternatives: considerate, attentive, courteous, compassionate. Diplomatic – you are good at managing conflict and bringing people together.