Maintenance Supports Business Strategy. Prohibited Content 3. The ultimate goal of RCM is to increase equipment availability or reliability.RCM is considered complex because each individual asset must be analyzed and prioritized based on criticality. Euromaintenance 2016 will take place in Athens at the end of May. The 2020 theme for the annual R&M Symposium (RAMS) — a conference focused on the latest technical practices and procedures presented through technical papers and tutorials — was, “R&M in a Model-Based Systems Engineering Environment.” Importance of Maintenance Management 3. By “emotional priority” we mean a priority set by emotions, not facts on what is most important to do for the business. Maintenance refers to all activities involved in keeping a system’s equipment in working order. ADVERTISEMENTS: (ii) Machines and other facilities should be kept in such a condition which permits them to be used at their optimum (profit making) capacity without any interruption or hindrance. In view of the utilization of mostly general purpose/conventional machines with low production output, the demands on maintenance function were not very high. (4) To ensure scheduled inspection, lubrication oil checking, and adjustment of plant machinery and equipment. The reasons for better shutdown planning,scheduling and execution is becausesome of the following reasons: Weekly and daily planning and scheduling is very often done poorly even if the positions of planner(s) are in place. (b) The plant must not breakdown during actual operation state. The probability that a machine part or product will function properly … Kiilto brought together enthusiastic partners to pilot the recovery of HDPE packaging during the year with eight customer companies. Critical equipment isrunning at reduced speed. For many years, we have seen the evolution of technology and the acceleration of digital hybrid technologies. As you keep each asset in good repair, it’s less likely to break down, and you ultimately have less downtime over the life of the asset. Each element within the maintenance process is in itself a sub-process. It was not just for fun, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir were responsible for replacing defective equipment from the International Space Station (ISS), and in that way also formed the first female maintenance team in the space. For centuries, swans were considered to be white, but in 1967, a black swan (Cygnus Atratus) was discovered in Western Australia. If an inspection frequency that is too short, equipment will be over maintained, and resources are wasted. Content Guidelines 2. Maintworld - Building International Connections in Industrial Maintenance. The carrying out of a maintenance job earlier than necessary can be compared to the manufacturing of an item before itis demanded. Click here for digital Maintworld and editorial archive. But with fast developments in the design, development and mechanisms of control such as electronic, NC and CNC in machine tools the manufacturing scenario has changed a lot. When it comes to the recycling of industrial plastic packaging, however, the situation is different, and there are hardly any systems in place for this purpose. The third question could be “What situations would describe that a job can wait over a week?”and the typical answers could include: In these examples, it is important that a monitoring process ofthe working condition is in place, otherwise it would be difficult to estimate time to breakdown. The reason for many emotionally urgent jobs is often that the requester of work, in this case Operations, have learned that you cannot trust that a job with a lower urgency than priority one, will be done. (8) To prepare inventory list of spare parts and materials required for maintenance. Since plant maintenance is a service function, it should be provided at the least possible cost but it is very important as discussed above. Operations, which in this partnership delivers Process Reliability. Effective maintenance is doing the right maintenance: that which brings higher equipment reliability and lower operational risks. Sustainability transformation: Are you ready for the change? While maintenance has to do with activities ... as it will help to show if the program is achieving its objectives and to achieve maintenance … Operations Management Chapter 17 – Maintenance and Reliability PowerPoint presentation to accompany Heizer/Render Principles of Operations Management, 7e Operations Management, 9e 2. The objective of maintenance and reliability is to maintain the capability of the system. Time-Based Maintenance (TBM) Time-Based Maintenance refers to replacing or renewing an item … Median response time is 34 minutes and may be longer for new subjects. As a result of point one and twoabove, plant leadership care andresponsible individuals will have toexplain if a shutdown is not doneas scheduled. Content Filtrations 6. In terms of plants operations the functions of maintenance are: (a) The plant must be available as and when required. Crafts people are frequently interrupted by work that is often much less important than what they are working on according to the schedule. (d) The down time must not interfere with production runs. In previous articles, we have described "What is Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)?" Over 20 % responded “Top managementdoes not support planning process”. (7) To carry out and facilitate periodic inspections of equipment and facilities to know their conditions related to their failure and stoppage of production. As a service function it is related with the incurrence of certain costs. When it comes to Reliability and Maintainability (R&M), the public and private sectors’ objectives appear to be aligned. An immediate and unmanageable safety risk or risk for environmental damage. The plant maintenance department must be well organized, adequately staffed sufficiently experienced and adequate in number to carry out corrective and timely maintenance with the efforts in minimizing breakdowns. When someone tries to over-prioritizea work request, they quickly discover that they have to respond to questions such as: “Is this really a red job? How maintenance is misunderstood. (vi) For maximum manpower utilization workers may need alternative work due to temporary work shortages. 1.1 The Changing World of Maintenance and "What is Preventive Maintenance Optimisation (PMO)? It helps in maintaining and increasing the operational efficiency of plant facilities and thus contributes to revenue … Maintenance and reliability efforts are critically important in today’s industrial environment where increasingly complex and interdependent equipment are utilized. (6) To maintain and carry out repairs of buildings, utilities, material handling equipment’s and other service facilities such as electrical installations, sewers, central stores and roadways etc. (12) To implement safety standards as required for the use of specific equipment or certain categories of equipment such as boilers, overhead cranes and chemical plants etc. Copyright 10. If it is too long, some failures are going to be missed. The minimization of machine breakdowns and down time has been the main objective of maintenance but the strategies adopted by maintenance management to achieve this aim have undergone great changes in the past. Recycling plastic consumer packaging waste has long been easy and is a well-established practice for most consumers. Finnair relies on Agilon in its Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) warehouse. (e) The down time due to breakdown should be a minimum. The reason for many emotionally urgent jobs is often that the requester of work, in this case Operations, have learned that you cannot trust that a job with a lower urgency than priority one, will be done. Unformatted text preview: Operations Management Maintenance and Reliability Objectives – Discuss the strategic importance of maintenance and reliability – Define and apply the concepts of maintenance and reliability Strategic Importance of Maintenance and Reliability Failure has far reaching effects on a firm’s Operation Reputation Profitability Dissatisfied customers Idle employees Profits becoming losses … Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) or its closely-related cousin, PM Optimisation both identify, and deal with, both the technical aspects and consequence-related aspects of specific failure modes, and apply structured decision-making logic to determine a sound preventive and predictive maintenance … However, the importance of plant maintenance varies with the type of plant and its production but it plays a prominent role in production management because plant breakdown creates problems such as: (iii) Materials wastage (due to sudden stoppage of process damages in process materials). The objective of this post is to bring clarity in understanding the two often confused terms viz, Availability and Reliability, by explaining in simple perspective for the purpose of understanding by a common maintenance man.. Let’s try to understand through this picture. 5.7.1 Reliability-Centered Maintenance. Reliability can also be enhanced by selecting wire, routing and connectors that shield exposed media from physical contact with electrical discontinuities. All this is due to tough competition in the industrial market. Reasons given why planning of work is not done. Figure 1. Objectives of Plant Maintenance: (i) The objective of plant maintenance is to achieve minimum breakdown and to keep the plant in good working condition at the lowest possible cost. A well-functioning PM programme should result in 60–80 % of all work requests being generated from the condition monitoring programme. The next question could be “ What situations would describe that a job can wait one day to one week?” and the answerswould typically include: Again, there could be several other issues or reasons. So it should be provided in the light of cost benefit analysis. I do not agree with you, I think it is a yellowjob”. Bryan Christiansen is the founder and CEO at Limble CMMS. 17.maintenance and reliability 1. My experience reflects the same common phenomenon. Maintenance Engineering is the discipline and profession of applying engineering concepts for the optimization of equipment, procedures, and departmental budgets to achieve better maintainability, reliability, and availability of equipment. In a resultsoriented and reliability-focused organization, people understand that the product of the maintenance organization is Equipment Reliability and Asset Preservation and this is what they deliver to their equal partner i.e. Reliability culture, on the other hand, encompasses everything machinery interacts with: technology, culture, design, and maintenance strategy. A brief description of each element follows: Business Focus, represented by the green box on the left, focuses the maintenance of physical asset reliability on the business goals of the company. Reliability Testing can be categorized into three segments, 1. Maintenance management is responsible for the smooth and efficient working of the industrial plant and helps in improving the productivity. The AVENTICSTM RDD (Roll-Up Desiccant Drying) and RDDmin air dryers have a service interval of eight years or 25,000 operating hours. (14) To monitor the equipment condition at regular intervals. Plagiarism Prevention 4. (2) To extend the useful life of the plant, machinery and other facilities by minimizing their wear and tear. The optimal maintenance and reliability program for a plant provides the right maintenanceon the right assetsat the right time. Objectives 4. (2) To schedule the maintenance work after due consultation with the concerned production departments. The objective of maintenance and reliability is to maintain the capability of the system. Safety Level Maintenance Manager at Kemira Oyj, Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Finnish Maintenance Society, Chair of the EurEau Committee on Economics and LEgal Affairs, expert at IGWP, the Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce, Director of Development, Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), Malene Grouleff & Marianne A. O. Andersen. Disclaimer 9. After reading this article you will learn about Maintenance Management:- 1. The probability that a PC in a store is up and running for eight hours without crashing is 99%; this is referred as reliability. Thus maintenance management may be treated as a restorative function of production management which is entrusted with the task of keeping equipment/machines and plant services ever available in proper operating condition. Industry, Maintenance Management, Industrial Engineering. Thirty-five years after the Russian cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya was the first woman to take a spacewalk, a new historical event took place above our heads on 18 October 2019. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Many plants will call in maintenance to repair the failed equipment because they fear that the spare equipment in use will also fail. Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) addresses the fact that failure is not always linear. Thus plant maintenance is an important and inevitable service function of an efficient production system. Maintenance disasters caused by unexpected events, generally called “black swan” events, may be prevented by the development of Industrial AI (IAI), given its ability to find “invisible” insight in data. The Definition of Maintenance Reliability. If both pieces of equipment have been operated an equal amount of time by shifting them after every shut down or at other good opportunity, this should eliminate that fear. Problems which surround the current maintenance literature include the identification of maintenance management models and use of these models in real world applications. Not all failures can be prevented by maintenance. Competency Requirements for Future Engineers, Taking Control of Plant Data with PlantSight Digital Twins, To Transform or Tinker, That is the Question, Connectivity is Key for Comprehensive Maintenance Strategy, Diagnosing Mechanical and Electrical Faults Using Ultrasound Spectrum Analysis, Management of Ultrasonic Data in a Power Plant, Industry 4.0 … A Practical Maintenance Perspective and Significant Impacts on Our Maintenance. (c) The plant must operate in an efficient manner at required level of plant operation. Euromaintenance is known as the summit for all involved in maintenance across Europe, it’s the place to be. (4) To ensure operational readiness of all equipment’s needed for emergency purposes at all times such as fire-fighting equipment. The important component of such costs are — employment of maintenance staff, other minor administrative expenses, investment in maintenance equipment and inventory of repair components/ parts and maintenance materials. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest bulletin on the world of Maintenance. Emerson has introduced two new compressed air dryers designed to significantly extend maintenance intervals, minimize downtime and reduce energy costs in rail applications, including brakes and door control. Maintenance of facilities and equipment in good working condition is essential to achieve specified level of quality and reliability and efficient working. Reliability - probability that a machine part of product will function properly for a specified time under stated conditions. This can be achieved by preventing the failures or breakdowns if any, as far as possible and by minimizing the production loss due to failures. The stringent control of dimensional tolerances and surface finish of the product have increased the tendency to adopt standardization and interchange-ability of parts/components of machines. The common mission between operations and maintenance is to deliver continuously improved total manufacturing or production reliability. Two Nasa astronauts took the first all-female spacewalk. The main objectives of maintenance management are as follows: (1) Minimizing the loss of productive time because of equipment failure to maximize the availability of plant, equipment and machinery for productive utilization through planned maintenance. A number of these cards can be laminated so that requestors, planners, coor-dinators, supervisors and other scan carry them with them. Maintenance. Answer to What is the objective of maintenance and reliability?. What is industry 4.0 and how will it affect our factories in the short term? Some failures are the result of … The same survey couldhave been done many years ago with thesame results. An example of a colour-coded card for an agreed-upon priority guideline. This evolution gave rise to reliability centered maintena… The length of the shutdown has animmediate impact on productionthroughput. This area is often underestimated in a huge number of companies. Time to Invest in Europe’s Water Infrastructure, Tips on How to Accelerate the Circular Economy, Everything Should Be Smart - But It Must Also Be Safe, 5 Important Maintenance Metrics and How To Use Them. As seen in Figure 1, the two very dominantreasons are “Too many breakdowns”and “Too many emotional priorities” followedby “Operations do not support planningprocess”, “Planners have not been trained”, and “Poor technical documentation”. Under the present circumstances effective and objectively designed efforts to update maintenance management has become a necessity. Many emotional priorities indicate that the organization is divided in such a way,that operations look at themselves as customersof maintenance services and maintenanceview themselves as providers of serviceto the customer operations. (10) To forecast the maintenance expenditure and prepare a budget and to ensure that maintenance expenditure is as per planned budget. The purpose of maintenance management is to optimize the performance of productive facilities of an organization by ensuring that these facilities function regularly and efficiently. Accept Failures. Many mightbe reasonably good at planning and schedulingshutdowns and outages, but weeklyand daily planning and scheduling veryoften represents a significant improvementopportunity. It is the ideal moment to reflect on maintenance in a European context. An immediate risk for high maintenance cost if equipment runs to break down. (3) Minimizing the loss due to production stoppages. It aims to achieve a more holistic approach that addresses the root causes of failures and builds long-term solutions to curb them. (9) To ensure cost effective maintenance. The important functions of maintenance can be summarized as follows: (1) To develop maintenance policies, procedures and standards for the plant maintenance system. The advent of reliability certainly heralded a change in one important respect. True. Introduction to Reliability-centered Maintenance This is an excerpt of the first chapter of the book "Reliability-centred Maintenance" by John Moubray.You may order this book through this website by clicking here. Improvement The following formula is for calculating the probability of failure. Reliability. It also helps to keep the machines/equipment in their optimum operating conditions. RCM is a highly-involved process that seeks to analyze all the possible failure modes for each piece of equipment and customize a maintenance plan for each individual machine. This paper describes the application of reliability-centered maintenance methodology to the development of maintenance plan for a steam-process plant. It is important that you build trust between operation sand maintenance; if a job is prioritized in a work request to be done within a week the maintenance department must demonstrate that the job will be completed within the agreed time. Critical equipment is running in manual mode. This example shows a priority guideline based on assumed risk and consequences of a break-down. Hence, the absence of planned maintenance service proves costlier. Additional device description work on the next generation xDS™ for CIP™ devices also continues to move forward. There must be an effective maintenance policy for planning, controlling and directing all maintenance activities. The main objective of reliability-centered maintenance is the cost-effective maintenance of the plant components inherent reliability value. (15) To ensure proper inventory control of spare parts and other materials required. The ultimate goal of maintenance is to provide optimal reliability which meets the business needs of the company. (6) To ensure safety of personnel through regular inspection and maintenance of facilities such as boilers, compressors and material handling equipment etc. (5) Efficient use of maintenance equipment’s and personnel. Wire reliability can be greatly enhanced by following installation and maintenance procedures to avoid accidental shorting or grounding as these are the most common causes of wiring failures. Results of another survey of over 1300 participantsare shown in Figure 1 where each respondent mentioned three reasons to why they do not plan work as well as they can and/or would like to do. Over-prioritizing work is very expensive because it makes it almost impossible to schedule work. Maintenance. In the current production setups even a minor down time leads to serious production problems both technological as well as economical. Reliability is the probability that a machine part or product will function properly … Too many breakdowns indicate a lack of prevention and condition monitoring. What’s the right Inspection Frequency for Equipment? They have the manufacturing process expertise and know-how to make the product: what material to use, pressures, speed, chemistry, and other manufacturing parameters to deliver a reliable manufacturing process. (11) To recruit and train personnel to prepare the maintenance workforce for effective and efficient plant maintenance. In 1978 Stanley Nowlan and Howard F. Heap published a report aimed at determining new and more cost-effective ways of maintaining complex systems in the aviation industry. (5) To document and maintain record of each maintenance activity (i.e., repairs, replacement, overhauls, modifications and lubrication etc.). MIL standard 271C defines reliability as: “The probability that an item will perform its intended function satisfactorily for a specified interval under stated conditions.” Over the years, maintenance has evolved to embrace concepts of reliability. Sure, the main point is to produce effectively and to reduce unnecessary costs, but is maintenance really part of the costs that are unnecessary? ".In this article, we will discuss the similarities and differences between the two, and make some recommendations regarding which approach may be most appropriate for Preventive Maintenance program development, and the circumstances under which … The value of creating and documenting the priority guidelinelies mostly in the process that you use to arrive at the documented priority guideline. Figure 2 shows an example of a colour-coded priority guideline card.  announced that it has entered into separate agreements to further integrate FDT and FDI technologies into EtherNet/IP™. Start by asking “What constitutes that a job must be done immediately and break other less important ongoing work?”. Personnel understand and fulfill their respective roles through the use of the reliability and maintenance system. It also helps in maintaining and improving the operational efficiency of the plant facilities and hence contributes towards revenue by decreasing the operating cost and improving the quality and quantity of the product being manufactured. Ultimately, I’d say the primary benefits of preventive maintenance come down to reliability. It was called “Reliability-Centered Maintenance” (RCM) [5.2]. (7) To maximize efficiency and economy in production through optimum utilization of available facilities. Mean time to repair (MTTR) MTTR is the measure of the repairable items maintainability. (9) To minimize the total maintenance cost which may consist of cost of repairs, cost of preventive maintenance and inventory costs associated with spare parts/materials required for maintenance. Abstract- Maintenance and Reliability has to do with maintenance of equipment to provide optimum capabilities while at the same time keeping cost within budget. Maintenance activities are related with repair, replacement and service of components or some identifiable group of components in a manufacturing plant so that it may continue to operate at a specified ‘availability’ for a specified period. Maintenance has been considered just to repair the faulty equipment and put them back in order in minimum possible time. Digital Ecosystems – Because the Customer is Always Right, How to get the Block into the Supply Chain, Keeping Doors Open and Closed at the Same Time, Emerson´s New Air Dryers Quadruple Maintenance Intervals in Rail Applications, ODVA Enters into Agreements with FDT and Fieldcom Group; Continues XDS Development, Maintenance: A Necessary and Important Function in the Future, Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). TOS 7. ODVA In a survey of over one thousand participants, the result was that 90 % of them used less than 60 % of their time to actually plan work. Measurement 3. The common mission between operations and maintenance is to deliver continuously improved total manufacturing or production reliability. Absence of plant maintenance may lead to frequent machine breakdown and failure of certain productive centres/services which in turn would result in stoppages of production activities, idle man and machine time, dislocation of the subsequent operations, poor quality of production, failure to meet delivery dates of product supply, industrial accidents endangering the life of workers/ operators and allied costs etc. Sample Vision: Reliability excellence is a priority objective. Organizations came to realize that there was a better way of doing things than simply reacting. (8) To improve the quality of products and to improve the productivity of the plant. Typically, air dryers have an average service interval of fewer than two years. To accomplish these conditions there must be complete cooperation and mutual understanding between maintenance and production departments. Safety And Reliability: Two Sides Of The Same Coin. Image Guidelines 5. They involve many people and areexpensive. A month of disciplined and daily use and reinforcement of the priority guideline shows significant reductions in emotional emergency work in most organizations.