This sound effect eventually made its way to other studios like Disney, Warner Bros., DIC Entertainment and Nickelodeon. Two Takes on Sound Effects: The Warner Bros. & Disney Approaches. Highest quality HD recorded MP3 downloads. And check our new Editorial and Collaboration Space that is part out our new Digital Studio Center on the Walt Disney … H-B BOING, CARTOON - TIMP AND JEWS HARP BOING, H-B SLIDE, CARTOON - RAPID, WARBLY SLIDE WHISTLE UP AND DOWN, H-B ZIP, CARTOON - QUICK WHISTLE STREAK ZIP IN, Hollywoodedge, 2 Large Wood Crunche CRT030805, Hollywoodedge, 5 Quick Inhales 1 Big CRT025904, Hollywoodedge, African Drum Beats CRT048301, Hollywoodedge, Airy Bubbles Wwet Po CRT018601, Hollywoodedge, Airy Bulb Horn Honk CRT021004, Hollywoodedge, Airy Suction Wdoubl CRT018402, Hollywoodedge, Airy Suction Wwhist CRT018403, Hollywoodedge, Angry Razzdo Do Do Do CRT050402, Hollywoodedge, Angry Razzdo Do Do Do CRT050403, Hollywoodedge, Army Bugle Reveille CRT044104, Hollywoodedge, Ascnd Slide Whistle CRT019002, Hollywoodedge, Ascending Stretch CRT046001, Hollywoodedge, Ascending Whistles CRT057902, Hollywoodedge, Ascending Whistles CRT057903, Hollywoodedge, Auto Jack Wrapid Squ CRT038903, Hollywoodedge, Balloon Pop Funny Ai CRT058701, Hollywoodedge, Banging On Heavy Met CRT033804, Hollywoodedge, Bass String Pluck CRT047102, Hollywoodedge, Bell Gong With Funny Whi CRT033006, Hollywoodedge, Big Crunchy Bite CRT026401, Hollywoodedge, Big Metal Clangthud CRT031902, Hollywoodedge, Big Metal Clangthud CRT031903, Hollywoodedge, Big Slow Boinkboing CRT015801, Hollywoodedge, Boing Blat Trip Fal CRT2011304, Hollywoodedge, Boing Followed By Me CRT017905, Hollywoodedge, Boing Two Bounces CRT018704, Hollywoodedge, Boing Wood Twang CRT016301, Hollywoodedge, Boings For Impacts CRT016702, Hollywoodedge, Boink Drum Quality PE941008, Hollywoodedge, Bong With Glass Break CRT032506, Hollywoodedge, Bonk Metallic Hitsi CRT033306, Hollywoodedge, Bounce Boing Drum CRT016901, Hollywoodedge, Bounce Boing Hits CRT016902, Hollywoodedge, Bounce Bonk Metalli CRT032101, Hollywoodedge, Bounce Horn Honk 9xi CRT020802, Hollywoodedge, Bounce Jews Harp CRT015802, Hollywoodedge, Bounce Jews Harp CRT015804, Hollywoodedge, Bounce Jews Harp CRT015805, Hollywoodedge, Bounce Jews Harp CRT015806, Hollywoodedge, Bounce Metal Rattle CRT016903, Hollywoodedge, Boxing Matc Bell Hit CRT014201, Hollywoodedge, Bugle Blows Sour CRT044205, Hollywoodedge, Bugle Fanfare Snare CRT044101, Hollywoodedge, Bugle Short Sputter CRT045601, Hollywoodedge, Bulb Horn Bonk Cym CRT017501, Hollywoodedge, Bulb Horn Honk Small CRT033803, Hollywoodedge, Bulb Horn Honk SlowD CRT058201, Hollywoodedge, Bulb Horn Honk SlowA CRT058202, Hollywoodedge, Cans Crash Floor Rol CRT033403, Hollywoodedge, Car Horn Musical Tru CRT021401, Hollywoodedge, Cat Purring WvocalM CRT012602, Hollywoodedge, Cat Yowls Longie Ste CRT012605, Hollywoodedge, Cats Fighting Loud Sc PE917007, Hollywoodedge, Cats Two Angry YowlsD PE022601, Hollywoodedge, Clock Goes Crazy CRT037201, Hollywoodedge, Colt Whinnies Vario CRT011701, Hollywoodedge, Comedy Body Fall Msx CRT017301, Hollywoodedge, Concertina Descend CRT046302, Hollywoodedge, Cork Poping WWaterS CRT057105, Hollywoodedge, Crash Whoosh Ascend CRT017405, Hollywoodedge, Crack Wgurgley Thic CRT018602, Hollywoodedge, Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016401, Hollywoodedge, Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016402, Hollywoodedge, Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016403, Hollywoodedge, Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016404, Hollywoodedge, Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016405, Hollywoodedge, Decending Gong Hit CRT015808, Hollywoodedge, Descending Whistle CRT017302, Hollywoodedge, Descending Whistle CRT057802, Hollywoodedge, Descending Whistle CRT058006, Hollywoodedge, Dish Rattles Sneeze CRT019101, Hollywoodedge, Diving Board Vibrat CRT041201, Hollywoodedge, Donkey Brayheehaw CRT011903, Hollywoodedge, Donkey Brays heehaw CRT011908, Hollywoodedge, Donkey Brays Steady CRT011907, Hollywoodedge, Double Wooden Crunc CRT030803, Hollywoodedge, Drunktype Hiccup CRT026203, Hollywoodedge, Elephant TrumpetsT CRT012901, Hollywoodedge, Evil Demented Littl CRT023001, Hollywoodedge, Factory Whistle Scr CRT029302, Hollywoodedge, Fast Decending Drum CRT034004, Hollywoodedge, Fast Honk Heavy Flat CRT033805, Hollywoodedge, Fast Musical Scrape CRT018901, Hollywoodedge, Fast Rhythm Metal Im CRT039001, Hollywoodedge, Fishing Reel Cast Wp CRT037803, Hollywoodedge, Fly Buzz Bugle Revel CRT010503, Hollywoodedge, Fly Laughs Wwing Buz CRT010501, Hollywoodedge, Fly Laughs Wwing Buz CRT010502, Hollywoodedge, Frightened KittenM CRT012701, Hollywoodedge, Fst Hvy Metallic Imp CRT017305, Hollywoodedge, Funny 1920s Car Engi CRT055604, Hollywoodedge, Funny Airplane Star CRT055401, Hollywoodedge, Funny Chicken Cluck CRT011102, Hollywoodedge, Funny Dog Whimpers CRT012001, Hollywoodedge, Funny Drowning Watr CRT056903, Hollywoodedge, Funny Drowning Watr CRT056904, Hollywoodedge, Funny Drowning Watr CRT056905, Hollywoodedge, Funny Drowning Watr CRT056906, Hollywoodedge, Funny Engine Pop Spu CRT055301, Hollywoodedge, Funny Engine Starts CRT035301, Hollywoodedge, Funny Engine Steady CRT034902, Hollywoodedge, Funny Engine Steady CRT035401, Hollywoodedge, Funny Fly Buzz Talk CRT010206, Hollywoodedge, Funny Head Shake Bel CRT014501, Hollywoodedge, Funny Impacts Grunt CRT033702, Hollywoodedge, Funny Musical Beats CRT043502, Hollywoodedge, Funny Musical Creak CRT052901, Hollywoodedge, Funny Seals Group CRT013401, Hollywoodedge, Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011001, Hollywoodedge, Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011002, Hollywoodedge, Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011004, Hollywoodedge, Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011007, Hollywoodedge, Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011101, Hollywoodedge, Funny Sm Creatur Vox CRT013201, Hollywoodedge, Gate Opens Hinges Cr CRT030807, Hollywoodedge, Girl Screams Long Hi CRT028201, Hollywoodedge, Goat Bleats Twice CRT011503, Hollywoodedge, Gopher Laughs Hyste CRT013105, Hollywoodedge, Group Bustling Foot CRT020601, Hollywoodedge, Group Male Baseball CRT029701, Hollywoodedge, Guitar String Pluck CRT047301, Hollywoodedge, Guitar String Pluck CRT047302, Hollywoodedge, Harp Boings Arrows CRT016601, Hollywoodedge, Harp Boings Arrows CRT016602, Hollywoodedge, Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046705, Hollywoodedge, Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046706, Hollywoodedge, Head Bonk Wbell Drum CRT031901, Hollywoodedge, Heavy Spring Zing CRT040706, Hollywoodedge, Highpitched BoingF CRT017906, Hollywoodedge, Heavy Bonk Wbass Dru CRT033001, Hollywoodedge, Heavy Metallic Brak CRT017505, Hollywoodedge, Heavy Metallic Impa CRT017303, Hollywoodedge, Heavy Metallic Impa CRT017304, Hollywoodedge, Head Bonk Wcymbal Cr CRT033004, Hollywoodedge, Honk With Cymbal Crash CRT033005, Hollywoodedge, Hollowbomp Impact CRT030401, Hollywoodedge, Hollowbomp Impact CRT030404, Hollywoodedge, Head Bonk Whorn 3 Typ CRT032401, Hollywoodedge, Heavy Head Bonk Fall CRT033002, Hollywoodedge, High Pitched Squeak CRT049302, Hollywoodedge, High Pitch Moose Cal CRT013101, Hollywoodedge, Head Bonk 2 Types One CRT032402, Hollywoodedge, High Pitched Whistl CRT018103, Hollywoodedge, Impact Wcymbal Drum CRT032501, Hollywoodedge, Inflate Pop Bubble CRT049104, Hollywoodedge, Jacking Ratchet Cre CRT038401, Hollywoodedge, Jacking Ratchet Cre CRT038402, Hollywoodedge, Junk Crash Floor CRT033401, Hollywoodedge, Kick Fly Tumble Wbel CRT033801, Hollywoodedge, Lion Or Tiger Growl CRT012801, Hollywoodedge, Long Bulb Horn Blast CRT021002, Hollywoodedge, Long Bulb Horn HonkS CRT018501, Hollywoodedge, Long Crash Tire Skid CRT055201, Hollywoodedge, Long Creaky Stretch CRT049405, Hollywoodedge, Long Fluxuating Aho CRT021404, Hollywoodedge, Long Rubbery Metall CRT033601, Hollywoodedge, Long Strain Jerk CRT049502, Hollywoodedge, Long Strain Stretch CRT049501, Hollywoodedge, Long Stretch Pop CRT049307, Hollywoodedge, Long Stretch Pop CRT049308, Hollywoodedge, Long Stretch Tear CRT049309, Hollywoodedge, Long Stretch Whoosh CRT049708, Hollywoodedge, Long Stretchy Wood CRT049311, Hollywoodedge, Long Slow Stretch CRT049402, Hollywoodedge, Long Slow Stretch CRT049403, Hollywoodedge, Low Pitched Squeak CRT049301, Hollywoodedge, Machine Gun Silence PE1010701, Hollywoodedge, Mail Police Whistle CRT058910, Hollywoodedge, Male Grunts Various CRT028504, Hollywoodedge, Man Crying Almost Li CRT024501, Hollywoodedge, Man Crying Wboohoos CRT024502, Hollywoodedge, Man Crying Wother Ma CRT024401, Hollywoodedge, Man Crying WsniffsS CRT024503, Hollywoodedge, Man Gaspshuh Wbreat CRT027502, Hollywoodedge, Man Laughing Become CRT021901, Hollywoodedge, Man Laughs Wsarcast CRT021801, Hollywoodedge, Man Screams Highpit CRT028303, Hollywoodedge, Man Sneezes Rapidly CRT025901, Hollywoodedge, Man Sneezes Wbig Bui CRT025903, Hollywoodedge, Man Sneezes Wbig Lon CRT025801, Hollywoodedge, Man Sneezes Winhale CRT025902, Hollywoodedge, Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT025602, Hollywoodedge, Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT025603, Hollywoodedge, Man Yells Mediumhig CRT028301, Hollywoodedge, Man Yodeling 2 Types CRT029601, Hollywoodedge, Mechanical Ratchet CRT039301, Hollywoodedge, Mechanical Ratchet CRT039401, Hollywoodedge, Medium Stretch Pop CRT049304, Hollywoodedge, Medium Stretch Pop CRT049305, Hollywoodedge, Mediumpitched Boin CRT016703, Hollywoodedge, Metal Bonk Fall Tumb CRT033802, Hollywoodedge, Metal Bonk Wlowpitc CRT031703, Hollywoodedge, Metal Chain RattleW CRT039802, Hollywoodedge, Metal Clang Impact CRT032102, Hollywoodedge, Metal Hinge Creak CRT053502, Hollywoodedge, Metal Hit WwhistleW CRT032001, Hollywoodedge, Metal Impact MetalS CRT032103, Hollywoodedge, Metal Junk Crash CRT033509, Hollywoodedge, Metallic Bonk Light CRT032002, Hollywoodedge, Metallic Bonk Rattl CRT032004, Hollywoodedge, Metallic Junk Crash CRT017701, Hollywoodedge, Metallic Slide Cras CRT017406, Hollywoodedge, Model A Start Idle Wb CRT055005, Hollywoodedge, Musical Boing Metlc CRT016302, Hollywoodedge, Musical Coin Bounce CRT043501, Hollywoodedge, Musical FootstepsF CRT020402, Hollywoodedge, Object Starts Spinn CRT041501, Hollywoodedge, Objects Fall CrashW CRT033701, Hollywoodedge, Old Car Horns Single CRT021302, Hollywoodedge, Oooweeaaa Horn Soun CRT021601, Hollywoodedge, Parachute Open Wair CRT030605, Hollywoodedge, Piano Falls Wdangli CRT033603, Hollywoodedge, Plane ASteep Dive En CRT056108, Hollywoodedge, Pottery Drop Break PE112401, Hollywoodedge, Pull Streatch High CRT049310, Hollywoodedge, Quick Air Release Ho CRT030102, Hollywoodedge, Quick Descending Wh CRT017403, Hollywoodedge, Quick Descending Wh CRT017404, Hollywoodedge, Quick Double Plunki CRT030104, Hollywoodedge, Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057501, Hollywoodedge, Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057502, Hollywoodedge, Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057503, Hollywoodedge, Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057504, Hollywoodedge, Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057505, Hollywoodedge, Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057506, Hollywoodedge, Rapid Clicking Boin CRT018705, Hollywoodedge, Rapid Spin Object CRT041601, Hollywoodedge, Raspberry Classic CRT050201, Hollywoodedge, Raspberry Fart Flap CRT050203, Hollywoodedge, Raspberry Fart Flap CRT050204, Hollywoodedge, Raspberries Variou CRT050306, Hollywoodedge, Rattling Thin Atten CRT017803, Hollywoodedge, Rough Metallic Scra CRT017402, HollywoodEdge (Europe Edition), Roland UK - Umbrella/Parachute Opens and Poofs, Hollywoodedge, Running FootstepsW CRT020403, Hollywoodedge, Running On Stilts CRT018702, Hollywoodedge, Rhythmic Drum Pops CRT043403, Hollywoodedge, Screamlike Descend CRT017801, Hollywoodedge, Several Rapid Swish CRT054101, Hollywoodedge, Several Short Rapid CRT020702, Hollywoodedge, SglEngPropPlDives CRT056101, Hollywoodedge, SglEngPropPlDives CRT056102, Hollywoodedge, SglEngPropPlDives CRT056103, Hollywoodedge, Sharp Quick Snap Rev CRT017603, Hollywoodedge, Short Airy Bulb Horn CRT021003, Hollywoodedge, Short Ascend Whistl CRT041505, Hollywoodedge, Short Bulb Horn Honk CRT018405, Hollywoodedge, Short Bulb Horn Honk CRT018406, Hollywoodedge, Short Bulb Horn Honk CRT020701, Hollywoodedge, Short Metal BonkieF CRT031702, Hollywoodedge, Short Nose Blowsbul CRT021101, Hollywoodedge, Short Nose Blowsbul CRT021102, Hollywoodedge, Short Nose Blowsbul CRT021103, Hollywoodedge, Short Rapid Hits Wsm CRT020401, Hollywoodedge, Short Swish Sharp Sl CRT030701, Hollywoodedge, Short Thumpy Metall CRT032003, Hollywoodedge, Single Classic Hicc CRT026202, Hollywoodedge, Single Classic Wolf CRT012501, Hollywoodedge, Single Gaspinhalei CRT027501, Hollywoodedge, Single Gulp Wbubble CRT057001, Hollywoodedge, Single Gulpie Mista CRT026801, Hollywoodedge, Single Lamb Bleats CRT011501, Hollywoodedge, Single Small Bell Di CRT015002, Hollywoodedge, Slide Whistle In Out CRT057601, Hollywoodedge, Slide Whistle In Out CRT057602, Hollywoodedge, Slide Whistle In Out CRT057603, Hollywoodedge, Slide Whistle In Out CRT057701, Hollywoodedge, Slide Whistle In Out CRT057801, Hollywoodedge, Slip Fall High Pitch CRT054304, Hollywoodedge, Slip Fall Whorn Cymbal CRT058102, Hollywoodedge, Sloppy Chewing Wslu CRT026503, Hollywoodedge, Slow Stretch Rip Pop CRT049702, Hollywoodedge, Small Creak Cork CRT052802, Hollywoodedge, Small Creak Cork CRT052803, Hollywoodedge, Small Insect Talks CRT010401, Hollywoodedge, Small Insect Talks CRT010402, Hollywoodedge, Small Quick Swish Ws CRT018001, Hollywoodedge, Small Sharp Metalli CRT031704, Hollywoodedge, Small Squeak Bubble CRT053301, Hollywoodedge, Small Rubbery Creak CRT053003, Hollywoodedge, Small Twang Hair Plu CRT047101, Hollywoodedge, Springs Popping Out CRT018801, Hollywoodedge, Spring Stretch Thud CRT032201, Hollywoodedge, Spring ZingW Squish CRT040705, Hollywoodedge, Springy Boinge Long CRT016202, Hollywoodedge, Squeaky Kiss Wpop At CRT027703, Hollywoodedge, Steel Guitar Zip CRT047003, Hollywoodedge, Stretch Crash Dish CRT049706, Hollywoodedge, Stretch Rip Shrink CRT049703, Hollywoodedge, Stretch Whiz Bonkie CRT017901, Hollywoodedge, Swish Wascending Ji CRT017602, Hollywoodedge, Temple Block Beats CRT043503, Hollywoodedge, Thud Impact Twang CRT032502, Hollywoodedge, Trap Drum Set Licks CRT048202, Hollywoodedge, Trumpet Blows Race CRT044106, Hollywoodedge, Twangy Boing Jews Ha CRT016201, Hollywoodedge, Twangy Boings 7 Type CRT015901, Hollywoodedge, Two Chickens CluckT CRT011103, Hollywoodedge, Two Men Yelling 1stY CRT029201, Hollywoodedge, Two Toned Heavy Metal CRT031803, Hollywoodedge, Various Metl Impact CRT033901, Hollywoodedge, Various Squeaky Kis CRT027704, Hollywoodedge, Vibra Harp Slide Whi CRT046501, Hollywoodedge, Vocal Boinkie Eye Po CRT030101, Hollywoodedge, Vocalbrrrrie Chill CRT028001, Hollywoodedge, Water Plop Suctioni CRT018502, Hollywoodedge, Water Splashing Mus CRT018601, Hollywoodedge, Wet Slurpy SquishyC CRT026502, Hollywoodedge, Wet Splats Various CRT052101, Hollywoodedge, Wet Splats Various CRT052301, Hollywoodedge, Wet Splats Various CRT052302, Hollywoodedge, Wet Splats Various CRT052303, Hollywoodedge, Wet Squishy Impact CRT052605, Hollywoodedge, Wheezy Honk Cymbal PE941302, Hollywoodedge, Whind Up Toy Click CRT036302, Hollywoodedge, Whiste Spin Crash CRT058801, Hollywoodedge, Whiste Spin Crash CRT058802, Hollywoodedge, Whistle Wbulb Horn CRT020801, Hollywoodedge, Whistle Wdrum Metal CRT058104, Hollywoodedge, Whistley Whirl Wjew CRT017601, Hollywoodedge, Whistly Air Release CRT040302, Hollywoodedge, Wood Metal Squeak CRT053203, Hollywoodedge, Xylophone Ascendin CRT045701, HollywoodEdge (Europe Edition), Roland UK - Animated Baby Cries - Whining, HollywoodEdge (Europe Edition), Roland UK - Rooster Crowing Realtime, Sound Ideas, ANIMAL, CAT - TOM CATS, FIGHTING, HISSING, GROWLING, Sound Ideas, Animals - One fly buzzing around 02, Sound Ideas, FLY - SINGLE FLY BUZZING AROUND, ANIMAL, INSECT 02, Sound Ideas, AUTO, CARTOON - CRAZY AUTO SPUTTERS, Sound Ideas, BALLOON - BALLOON AIR SQUEAK 01, Sound Ideas, BEAR - ANGRY, IRRITATED GROWLS, ANIMAL, Sound Ideas, BELL, COWBELL - SMALL COWBELL RATTLE, Sound Ideas, BELL, FIRE - ELECTRIC FIRE BELL RINGS, Sound Ideas, BELL, ORCHESTRA - FAST GLISS UP, MUSIC, PERCUSSION, Sound Ideas, BELL, ORCHESTRA - THREE QUICK GLISSES, MUSIC, PERCUSSION, Sound Ideas, BELL, ORCHESTRA - TWO QUICK DOWN GLISSES, MUSIC, PERCUSSION, Sound Ideas, BIRDS, JUNGLE - AFTERNOON JUNGLE BIRDS CALLING, ANIMAL, Sound Ideas, BLINK, CARTOON - XYLO EYE BLINKS, Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - BOING WITH QUIVER, Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - DRUM HIT WITH TAKE, Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - DRUM WITH WACKY TAKE, Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - EARS DRUM BOUNCE, Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - RAPID VIBRATING BOING, Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - SINGLE BOUNCE, Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - TIMP RISE AND BOING, Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - VIBRATING BOING 01, Sound Ideas, Music/Bells - "Boing" or spring sounds 02, Sound Ideas, BOING, CARTOON - VIBRATING BOING 02, Sound Ideas, CARTOON, ELEPHANT - ELEPHANT TRUMPETING, Sound Ideas, CARTOON - HIT, SCRAPE, FLAP AND DRUM BREAK, Sound Ideas, CARTOON - SMACK, SPIN, WHIRL DOWN AND DING, Sound Ideas, CARTOON, SQUEAK - SEVERAL RUBBER SQUEAKS, STRETCH, Sound Ideas, CARTOON - WHIRL, SNAP, SPIN, SMACK, TWIRL AND DING, Sound Ideas, CARTOON, WHISTLE - FAST ZING WHISTLE, ZIP, Sound Ideas, CARTOON, WHISTLE - FLUTTER WHISTLE: LONG SPINNING WHISTLE, Sound Ideas, CRASH, CARTOON - CRASH, SLIDE AND DING, Sound Ideas, CRASH, CARTOON - SCREECHY CRASH WITH HORN, 01, Sound Ideas, CRASH, CARTOON - SCREECHY CRASH WITH HORN, 02, Sound Ideas, CRASH, WOOD - LARGE WOOD CRUNCH 01, Sound Ideas, CRASH, CARTOON - BOING AND BIG CRASH, Sound Ideas, CRASH, CARTOON - SHORT IMPACT CRASH, Sound Ideas, DOOR, WOOD - SCREECHY DOOR SLAM 01, Sound Ideas, DOOR, WOOD - SCREECHY DOOR SLAM 02, Sound Ideas, DRUMS, CARTOON - LOG DRUM RUN AND SPRING, MUSIC, PERCUSSION, Sound Ideas, DRUMS, CARTOON - SHORT BREAK WITH XYLO, MUSIC, PERCUSSION, Sound Ideas, DRUMS, CARTOON - SPRINGY RUNNING DRUMS, MUSIC, PERCUSSION, Sound Ideas, Explosions - Ricochets off steel . This is a list of such distinctive sounds that are used more than once in Disney films.