$2,599.95. DR TOW-BEHIND FIELD and BRUSH MOWER Controls and Features . Rough Cut Mower Service kit, Black. 1-12 of 16 . I now use this mower to mow jeep trails and fields that have already been cleared with the DR and where I have done at least some minimal smoothing of the terrain. Swisher H7N Replacement Height Adjustment Assembly for Mowers. Our 44" tow-behind finish mower delivers a high quality finish cut on lawns and flat off-lawn areas. Otherwise, it is probably a smarter idea to purchase a bigger and better-equipped ATV mower for larger projects that require more of your attention. This item Swisher 4845 Replacement Blade Bearing for Rough-Cut Tow-Behind Mowers. Some of these cutters will tackle smaller diameter trees, but for the most part, they are in their element clearing overgrown grass, bushes and shrubbery. $4,199.99 . This fantastic brush mower from Farmer-Helper has to be one of the best tow-behind brush mowers and is designed to help you trim hedges that are as tall as 11 feet, ditches, etc., with ease. Finish mower vs Flail vs Rotary cutter. $3,999.95 Factory Ordered 1011576. LogOX Hearth Bin - Indoor Adjustable Firewood Rack - 21850 - FREE SHIPPING . $3,999.95 Factory Ordered 392080. Swisher Rough Cut Mowers & Accessories Designed to manage dense, deeply overgrown fields and other wild property, Swisher pull behind brush mowers are the answer to all your undergrowth nightmares. Brush Mower vs. We’ve got some of the best tow-behind lawn mowers you’ll find. Sometimes they can weigh up to 300 lbs. Brush Cutting: Optimizing Your Property . Factory-Direct! DR PRO-26 Field & Brush Mower . Rough cut mowers come in two forms – smaller push mowers, and large pull-behind decks. What you go with depends on what equipment you already have on hand, and what areas you need to cut. Starting System Electric Start Fuel Tank 2.5 Gal. The Swisher is almost half the $$$ of a DR model, but I talked to a guy the other day who has a walk-behind DR brush cutter and he had had it for 4-5 years and had nothing but good to say about it. Overall the drive and deck seem very strong, but lacking is its weak axles and tongue. this mower is a tough little more, but i do not have need of it anymore. Rough cut mowers, also known as atv mowers, tow behind mowers, pull behind mowers or brush hogs that attach to tractors, are designed to clear fields of brush. King Kutter’s tow-behind mower is good, but it is a smaller product that is more fit for smaller projects. CONTACT US AT www.DRpower.com 7 Specifications 22 HP Pro-Max Engine See your Engine Manual for oil capacity and other Engine specifications. Push and pull bars. SWISHER … Adjustable cutting height. Backed by the power of 60+ years of design experience, this mower is designed to dramatically reduce mowing time. Dirty Hand Tools Tow Behind Brush Mower with 20 HP, 608cc Loncin EPA/CARB approved engine. After various grief with our DR tow behind, rough cut mower, I'd have a hard time recommending it. £4,199.00. Add to basket. 1; 2; Next ... DR PRO XL-44 Tow Behind Field & Brush Mower . Add to basket. Amazon's Choice for dr field and brush mower EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer with 150cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine Walk Behind String Mower, Red/Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 228 DR PRO WALK BEHIND BRUSH MOWER. Although all of them are self propelled, using them is a heavy duty job and may not be right for some people. $114.95. In-Stock. $2,999.99 Factory Ordered 1011611. DR PRO XL 44T 16.5 HORSE POWER FIELD AND BRUSH MOWER. Our decks cut well outside the wheel base, which makes it easy to mow up close to fences, outbuildings and other obstacles. Tow bar is a little over 5 ft. "I am happy to combine postage for multiple items, please ask for details" ... Swisher pull behind mower (flint) Sold at 1000 $ Swisher pull behind finish cut mower. Classic 11.5HP 24 in. The Kunzen rough cut model might be good?? Browse our best-selling, top-rated, and expert-recommended models in each category below, or learn more about the different categories in our Tow-Behind Mower … Add to basket. Sold by psycho-moto an eBay … briggs & stratton 10.5 hp pull start engine. $99.95. Here’s why you need an ATV brush mower. I also have a Swisher tow-behind brush cutter for my ATV. Add to Cart. Briggs and Statton motor. Tow-behind, has 1 78 hitch. 46 inch cutting width. Swisher (44") 14.5HP Rough Cut Tow-Behind Trail Cutter w/ Electric Start. Overview and Specs BRUSH BEAST 36BBM20R VS Swisher FC14560BS-CA Appearance, Dimensions and Technical Details BRUSH BEAST 36BBM20R VS Swisher FC14560BS-CA. Cutting capacity of 4 feet grass height, up to 1.5 inch thick saplings. If you’ve got a riding mower, ATV, or other vehicle with towing capability, you’re in luck. Walk behind brush cutters, sometimes called rough cut mowers, are made for clearing overgrown land with little or no tree growth. Choose this Swisher Briggs and Stratton Gas Finish Cut Trail Commercial Tow Behind Mower for both homeowner and commercial uses on large lawns or acreage. Using it to cut down trees is quite a work out. In-stock at Power Equipment Direct. Brush mowers and finish mowers are tools that aren’t often included in the average homeowner’s lawn maintenance program. (NOTE: It will not cover the entire unit if the Snow Thrower Attachment or the 42" Lawn Attachment is on. 2020 DR Power Equipment DR Pro Max-52T, DR Pro Max-52T, Our top-of-the-line Tow-Behind, the PRO MAX52T, cuts 52" wide. Swisher 18905 RT44 Blade Driver. Chain debris guards front and back. Self-Propelled DR Field and Brush Mower with the brush deck on. Electric start. Swisher indeed makes a brush cutter model as well as a finish mower model. The Swisher Trail cutter easily attaches to your ATV or lawn tractor and is the ultimate time saver for large jobs. From 44 inches on Brush Mowers up to as much as 60 inches on our tow behind finish mowers. Dr power tow behind field & brush mower (anderson) Sold at 1500 $ Dr power field and brush mower ($3,599 new) - model tbm 200 20hp tow behind pro-xl asking $1500. it does need work. This tow behind rough cut mower easily attaches to your ATV or UTV, and is the ultimate time saver for large field jobs over the roughest terrain. Tow Behind Spreader, 52 Gallon - 22000 - FREE SHIPPING . Swisher Idler Pulley B527 – Pulley - Idler, OD-3.25", ID-3/8 . The Swisher 44-inch 14.5 HP electric start Trail cutter is perfect for any big mowing job. DR Premier 10.5 Field & Brush Mower . Paid $2600 2 years ago. Engine - Honda, 160cc - 20992 - FREE SHIPPING . Swisher Country Cut mower. Free Freight; 2% Check Discount; Add To Cart. Towed with your ATV or UTV, this is the truly easy way to reclaim your property—in ride-on comfort. find quality OEM parts. Demo Video Some places do rent these DR Brush Mowers out, not near me though. The DR PRO MAX52T is the biggest and most powerful Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower we have ever offered. Breakaway blades. Its powerful 22 HP V-Twin engin... Its powerful 22 HP V-Twin engin... Elk Grove Power Equipment - Website Sold by TorLan Distribution Inc. $75.23 $44.99. WoodOX Sling: The Ultimate Firewood, Kindling and Log Carrier - 22030 - FREE SHIPPING . Sold by TorLan Distribution Inc. $27.99. The Brush King will cut brush up to 3 inches in diameter. 73% Buy This. DR PRO XL 60 14.5 HORSE POWER TWO-BEHIND FINISH MOWER. £3,199.00 . 1 Review Ask a Question. It cuts well and handles thick brush and saplings, but does not handle rough ground nearly as well as the DR - I have broken various parts on it while hitting stumps and logs. Write the first review. A walk-behind model will need to be pushed from place to place, but it can get into tight spots – they are great for cutting ditches and trails through wooded areas. Add to Cart. Model: RC14544CP4K. The DR Field & Brush Mower goes where tractors and brush decks can't, and costs a fraction of the price. $1,949.99 . Mow up to 2 … SWISHER 60" ELECTRIC START FINISH CUT MOWER . has … Tow behind your ATV or use as an outrigger and mow simultaneously with your riding mower. (9.46 L), Gasoline, Unleaded Battery 12 Volt 9Ah Wheels Front: 11 X 4-5, Flat Free. Adjustable cutting height (4.5, 5.75, 7, or 8 inch). They tend to be heavier than lawn mowers. Add to Cart. If you have a large overgrown pasture, you need the Swisher 44 in. Add to Cart. The Kelley's Country Life 58,290 views Buy the Swisher RC14544BS. $3,699.95 Factory Ordered 1011614. For All Your Outdoor Power Equipment 800-816-5849 Finish Mower. £4,499.00. Model: RC14544BS. Brush King! Swisher has been wanting to build a walk behind brush cutting machine that offers the best in functionality and is compact for a while now, and the company has been successful in the past but always lacked in some areas. Bought tractor and have no use for. I cleared black berry bushes and alders mostly, then just keep that land up with a riding mower. Compare. Would like $1500. KMG NEW 12V 7.2Ah F1/F2 Terminal Battery KMG For Country Home Products BRUSH MOWER. This cover will not fit the Pro-Max 34" DR Field & Brush Mower. ) Swisher 21059 44 in. It can handle a basic residential property just fine, and even some smaller farmlands. Can off-set or mow straight behind. $259.95. If you have some tall grass that needs tackled, or just a large area to mow the DR Power Mow Pro-60 Tow Behind Field and Finish mower will help you get your job done quicker. Runs perfect just serviced with all new bearings. A pull behind brush mower for use with your ATV or UTV makes a lot of sense to own, especially if you are a hunter, or like to blaze new trails. With a 22HP V-Twin engine and 52" cutting width, this juggernaut will take down the toughest growth you can throw at it and do it fast–covering up to 2.4 acres per hour.