Plenty have lost their livelihoods, and some have pivoted to other endeavors, such as starting a small business. We don’t. Pambansang Litsong Manok. Because we are big fans of John Wick and we love to eat “tukneneng” and “kwek kwek”, this would be the business name if we will put up a small egg waffle business. I know the name sounds very familiar as it is quite close to the name of a senator and former actor. 2. Why Are Netizens So Pressed About Loisa Andalio’s House Tour? We already have a lot of roasted chicken stores everywhere. 8. Wala paring tatalo sa Alaska. Here are some of the funny business names and their tag lines in the Philippines: The famous Tapa, Sinangag and Itlog (Tapsilog) that every Filipino loves is made even more special when a superhero owns it. What’s your name? read By eCompareMo on May 16, 2016. You can choose from Baby TT, Big TT, Jumbo TT and Super Jumbo TT. It’s not an easy task to find a catchy name for your food business. Seen in Villamor Airbase, Pasay City, this roadside carinderia offers all its meals at just Php 50. Any small business owner could tell you that getting a new business off the ground isn’t easy, but an attention-grabbing name can spell all the difference. This is the answer to the famous question “Saan tayo kakain?” (Where are we going to eat?). Marketing 10/10. ABS-CBN Network. 3. Cake Business Names Not Taken |Cakes Shop Names. Cute Cake Business Names We’ve created a list of the Top 5 Milk Tea Shops with Funny and Witty Names before and now we’ve decided to level up and create the Top 10 Funny Milk Tea Shops Names in the Philippines.. Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.. Let’s introduce the Funny Milk Tea Shops Names spotted in the Philippines (arranged in alphabetical order): Even though I promised to give you150 names, the number has reached about 200. 8 Funny Filipino Business Names That Make You Smile 1. Open tayo today mga ka-swab! Spotifries. However, you’ll have to give it serious time and thoughts. Buy and eat Antok’s Pritong Manok – a spinoff of the business name of the famous neighborhood roasted chicken store. So here is a list of some business names for your bakery shop- A laundry shop called "Summa cum laundry." Mango graham float is getting famous today. This ultimate list of memorable bakery names is filled with hundreds of creative, cute, unique, edgy, funny and cute bakehouse name ideas! Top 50 Funniest Pinoy Business Names 1. These are just a few of the many catchy and funny names that you can find in the Philippines. and witty. Here are hundreds of catchy bakery names and great logo examples to name your baking business. Yay Wednesday! They have TT’s in all sizes! You will surely laugh about the creativity of the Filipinos in ensuring that their products will sell. No, this is not about a chicken. Another milk tea joint, QuaranTEA was started by a former seafarer after she lost her cruise ship job due to the pandemic. There are days when you just don’t know where to get the extra push to get through a really challenging time. Because more than 75% of your customers will come through the internet. For my name ideas, I focused on creating names that appeal to customer values using words like: Food, Convenience, Takeaway, Burger.A business name that lets your customer know what solutions you provide or the core values your business hold is a great way to make your business … The best taba ng talangka comes from the provinces of Pampanga, Tarlac and Bulacan. Get it straight from these people. At least we got something delicious out of all this. The taste is better if you put ice on it! Kapamilya. Star Buhoks Salon and Spa. And for take out, you need to pay 1 Peso for the TT’s Supot Meal. Netizens Fire Back at Ex-Miss Earth PH Imelda Schweighart’s Strong Opinions About K-Pop, Forget Fleets — Here Are 8 Features We *Actually* Want To See On Twitter, Lang Leav Lang Humor? I am getting crazy searching for a good business name for homemade food products. Let’s hear the interesting stories behind the names straight from these people with super unique names! What’s So Wrong About Liking Korean Culture? Kailangan pa bang i-memorize ‘yan? This cholesterol-laden Filipino food is often used as a sauce for prawns or eaten with fried fish and rice. B1T1 PUREFOODS hotdog sandwich! Netizens Have a Field Day Over the Insta Poet’s Reply to a Joke. Want to add more stuff to this … For example, some brandable street food business names could be: You can come up with your own funny wifi names as well. Alaska Milk. POST. Negative sa dumi.” With a tagline like that, how could you go wrong? It will be based on Mediterranean, Italian kitchen recipes with fresh ingredients, simple, possibly organic, and healthy, with traditional recipes from grandmother's kitchen, including fresh pasta, cakes, and Sardinian based food. I did not get a chance to take a photo with him as he is a very shy guy. We love a feel-good story. 2. Here are some of the wittiest business names we’ve seen this pun-demic. Here are some of the wittiest business names we’ve seen this pun-demic. This store is warning you… that you will get shocked because of its taste. See more ideas about Business names, Names, Funny names. Movie nights are back with Drive-in Cinema, Help our Community – Support Local, Buy Local. Here is a list of the greatest cute cake business names of all-time. 7. This name generator will generate 10 names, which will fit most Filipino styles of names. Sorry I cannot answer. The biggest cultural influence is the Spanish influence, which is seen in first and last names. How to Name your Food Business. Choose the TT meal that will surely make smile! In the Service of the Filipino. GrabTapsi is the answer. One classic example is the description and benefits from each “jaws” (intentional or not, it is really funny to incorrectly spell out the word “juice”). Andok’s Litson. Anong pangalan mo? Required fields are marked *. Internet cafe opened among squatters named “Cafe Pindot”. A guy who loves sports, music and nature. It is a boiled egg dipped in orange color batter and deep fried in oil. Hari Pata, a crispy pata stall in Pasig and Cavite. Very Catchy, isn’t it? You will find this lona (canvas) shop along Mabini Circumferential Road in Batangas. And the fun doesn’t end in restaurants you can also find other businesses with humor in their name such as Harry Cutter (a barber shop), starducks (balut wholesaler), Summa Cum Laundry (a laundry shop) among many others. Hair Force One. Its an old building turned into a restaurant along Ilustre Avenue in Lemery, Batangas. This time, they are offering just the sauce! This is not the famous bread shop that you know. Choosing a great name is the first thing you have to pay attention to when starting your food business. Filipinos being a good-humored population, we always tend to pick what is catchy, and often resort to witty puns. . Post your comment and we will be happy to know what you think of these business names. When I was just new to the area, it was just Robocock, a small chicken feeds store which has since been bulldozed & … The quarantine may have cut most of us off from our favorite milk tea places, but thankfully, some neighborhood milk tea joints have been popping up to fill that void. To stand out of all and also in a good manner is the need of the hour so every person should try to select a business name which no other has kept so that they can make there own representation and value and standing in the market. 3. Here’s the right “carinderia” that fills your tummy although I am not too sure you will wish Logan to do the scratching (“kalmot” in Tagalog) for you. Talk about value! The canvas shop sounds like the name of the famous Filipino painter and brother of Gen. Antonio Luna. Those names by the way, were considered for your now favorite Starbucks. These sites presented well on how creative PINOY'S are. Then, there’s Lithiated Lemon, a lemon-lime drink introduced in 1929. San Fernando (Pampanga) food stall Swab Taste instantly won the internet’s heart after their photos started circulating on the internet. This barber shop that's probably located right next to "MalaCUTñang." Pancit ng tagaMalaboni - resto in boni Kik Mai Bols - Stall ng mga squid balls etc Gweenitz - Sa Laguna jaribee hamburger- ANNE pancit - ANNE ihaw-ANNE Caintaky Fried Chicken — Kainan in Cainta Ken Afford Chicago Balls Bread Pitt - bakery Maruya Carey Point-point Eatery 11 Inspirational Quotes From Filipino Businessmen And Thought Leaders 2 min. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) … A domain name is really important for groceries. Saan ka pa edi dito ka na sa SWAB TASTE na kung saan positive sa sarap at negative sa dumi! Filipino name generator . I’ve been seeing a lot of funny business signs/business names in Parañaque City lately. 4. But according to … Figlia Shoes. Its owner, 48-year-old Mang Roderick Balite, worked at school canteens until the pandemic hit. The Tagalog for the English word “name” is pangalan. Ok na Kape is a brewed coffee from Batangas and they are open for franchising! The one that first got our attention. Kini Litsonan ni Rogers. Tall, dark and funny. Filipino Brand Slogans. Let's take a look and if you have other business names to include, please share. Bisyo na to! I personally met this guy in Bocaue, Bulacan during the interment of my late father. Don’t be confused. Your email address will not be published. “Kwek kwek” (the smaller one is called “Tukneneng”) is the popular egg street food sold all over the Philippines. Creative Massage Company Names It was first called “Sa Pinggan” and evolved to “Sa Plato”. Other Filipino food-related business names that will tickle your nerves are Abu Sarrap Malay-Mindanao Food, Clothing, & Souvenir Shop, Ali Baka (shawarma), Aristoback (at the back of Aristocrat Restaurant), Bar Bee Quick, Be My Ludy, Blue Marilyn (sing-along, ihaw-ihaw restaurant, Sucat Ave., Parañaque), Candies Be Love?, Chik n Run, Cleopata’s (bakahan and manokan), Cris … is a groundbreaking and award-winning site that provides your daily dose of entertaining, useful and informative lists. And, imagine the shock your creepy neighbor … Tea Li Ling. Ang Kat Tea. “Positive sa sarap. 5. Thanks to its name, it was an instant hit. Report. A very beautiful native Tagalog name for girls is Amihan (northeast wind). The “lona” (canvas) might be very artistic similar to Juan’s obra. Here are are 12 unique Filipino names we swear actually exist! After the list of names, I have the 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Massage Biz, along with some of the Greatest Massage Slogans of All-Time. And a beerhouse called "Obeertime." Wholesaler of balut in Sto.Tomas, Batangas: “Starducks”. We asked around for some of the most unique and playful Filipino names, and here’s what we’ve rounded up.