Do it early, before you develop an emotional investment in the project. I’ve become used to extraordinary jobs, not “normal” jobs. P.S. Reduce the quality (leading to delays because of unexpected bugs, and see #5 above—better yet, forget about sacrificing quality). The total time loss would be 6x(10+5) minutes. In what other profession folks give away years of sweat and blood for free(open source) ? Even if your experiment fails, they should not make you feel like a failure for having tried it. Engineers solve problems. Everyone has a bad patch at some point. So it these are the only reasons you hate SW dev and you like SW dev itself, why not think about a startup? 1999) and Crystal Clear’ (2005), for starters. Nothing encourages creative thinking like diversity of opinions. BTW, thanks for the nice comments on the blog design. This makes me want to get into Hulk mode and flip my standing desk. Let us be the software developer we love to work with. I mean really hate it. No need to overdo it. Next one is result orientation which will help to see the situation from outside and help to avoid most of the problems The work should be a complete joy to feel good about yourself and achieve greatest results! Polarized, black-and-white thinking is actually a sign of depression, of hopelessness, of having given up. Many developers don’t believe in software engineering, or at most give it only lip-service. But I get your point. Were we separated at birth? Better Agility Because no-code web application development is built visually using pre-built modules, it’s faster to build apps. Yeah, that’s another blog post. Jerry. You’re probably right, most software shops (or at least a very significant portion of them) are like that. I hate to break it to you, but you are not special enough for your personal experiences to define "Agile" for the rest of the world. The current design is quite nice and I think is a bit easier to read, David: Yeah, I definitely have not gotten over being snotty. I get a surprising number of emails from career programmers who … Ya know, at some level, these diseases are endemic to human nature. These are the developers I’d love to work with. My company is full of people like that, because they’re a better long-term investment. I really hate being an engineer honestly I really don't even want an office job. Or, is it just a trick pony? Went back to school, got my BA, finished my MEd in a year and have been teaching for 4 years now. Just the thought sends me back into depression: not healthy. Jerry, I know that the same symptoms occur elsewhere as well. And the most important ingredient is that you have to LOVE what you are doing. Accountants don’t have to endure that !! Such lengthy discussions can be ended by finding out the facts instead of arguing about it. It’s part of growing up. That’s probably why I’d also not make it in a “normal” job in any other industry, either. Your points are dead on. Diese Icons verlinken auf Bookmark Dienste bei denen […]. It’s actually a stock WordPress theme, called DeepBlue. Don’t be the software developer you hate to work with. Of course, management is a skill in and of itself, and a percentage of engineers will not have that skill, regardless of how good a technical person they may be. It means the chances are higher that we give a damn about delivering our work on time, too. Software development metrics can reveal how an application is performing and how effective the development team is in its work. However, more and more I’ve found myself getting increasingly depressed and frustrated with the business of software development. Opinions that are not backed by any facts. The developers that I enjoy working with are the ones that collaborate well with me. The team will either have to wait for the developer or have to spend time bringing them up to speed on what they have missed. That would probably make a neat topic: exploring that question. help with some IT/web problem the new book writers have (I bet you’ve got some). -TimK, […] of software development, in fact, on the very same day J. Timothy King was also writing about the 10 things he hates about software development, including: “2. “Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”. – Sorry for the reminiscing – but I do miss those days! Why don’t I tell you how I really feel? You know the obvious benefit of taking some weight off your chest by letting other teams create applications without knowing how to code. When communicating, getting straight to the point works wonders. Next time you have a wet behind the ear green horn ask them to blow a prom (not more than 2K min you) that can boot an LSI and input 30- 50 inputs (analog of course) that can be streamed to a DC-600 formatted and rudimentary stats that will work with RT-11 on an old PDP! The I-Hate-Documentation. As you are likely to learn something in the process. You have to live as a snot-nosed, young-whippersnapper, green-behind-the-ears code slinger before you can mature into a wizened Yoda figure. At my next interview, while the development staff are quizzing me on my knowledge of Perl programming, PHP, and JavaScript, I’ll be sure to quiz them on their knowledge of Demarco and Lister, Cockburn, Schwaber and Beedle, Kent Beck, Michael Feathers—and of course, Frederick Brooks. Focus on establishment. To be good at software development means that we adopt a holistic approach to our work. This is a weird thing for me to say because I love programming, I love creating software; I even enjoy solving bugs and fixing crappy code. Admittedly, in the past we didn’t take testing seriously. Not a good deal. 11.01.11 Posted by Pierre Mengal + in career 0 Comments Tags: consultant, entrepreneur, start-up. -TimK, […] Highlight diese Woche. , agree with number 1, incompetent manager could make worse everything, not only software development, but also another kind of development such as web development…. !” Ow! Question: How Do I Know If Computer Programming Is For Me? The PDP-series is a little before my time, but indeed, I could plug my own ancient technologies in there. In a perfectly healthy organization, no matter how bad the error was, no one will have gotten yelled at; rather, it will just be accepted that everyone makes mistakes, because we’re all human, and the whole team will have looked at the process (rather than any particular person) to see how to avoid an analogous oops in the future. Sometimes I question myself whether it is too late for software professionals to learn good management. Having a holistic view of things will also allow us to understand other roles better. Peopleware (2nd ed. “My life isn’t perfect; therefore, I have no reason to live.” Sounds silly when put that way. A job like that is like a baby so ugly that even his own mother would have a hard time loving. I agree about “result orientation,” in that you have to take joy in what your team accomplishes, and not in what you yourself accomplish. How many programmers in your 40’s do you know? Other team members will evolve their communication to highlight their contributions better. @ one point of time I almost thought if quitting the job and do a decent forming. You don’t see many machinist jobs today, do you? That is, they need to feel like the floor is firm beneath their feet and that there are others on their side. Name at least 2 of the 9 teamwork-killers Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister identified in their landmark work? You know that developer. As software developers, we have much freedom to choose how we do things. Again, a quick glance at the codebase should give some idea as to how highly the team values quality, because a quality team will use sound engineering practices. Here’s my take on the question. Becoming better at our trade increases our level of contentment with what we produce. I wonder if it is the personality or the endemic problems in ‘systems’ in general that cause these issues. Even the projects that are delivered on time always seem to run behind schedule at some point. Granted, we cannot be experts in all fields. Oh, I am sorry for your bad experience, Tim. And then they ask you to do everything under the sun, including those tasks that could be handled by a $20/hour contractor from Mexico. Red Build. They ignored most (if not all) of what I (and the other consultants) told them; the whole experiment was a disaster; and the experience plunged me into a deep depression, from which I still haven’t completely recovered. Artem: Actually, the last bad experience I had (which I haven’t posted about yet—still too close to it) was with a 4-person startup. Because it’s not coding 24/7. The I-Am-Not-a-Tester. There are hard times. Software development may not be my cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean it is not for everyone. With a passion. Snotty developers. It is our responsibility as software developers to educate ourselves in all aspects. It might even be best if the thing you try fails completely, because then you can see how the team handles failure. Nobody hates software more than software developers… Yeah, a startup is not a bad idea, if you have the capital or cash-flow to get you through the initial phase. Once in a while, I will see a developer stealing credit for the work produced by a team effort. Why software developers (quite honestly) hate Agile A few years ago, I wrote an article that detailed the differences between various Agile methodologies. I think meeting those kind of people in the real world is a major challenge than the job itself because those people are the one who will be your friends or better yet your worst enemies. That’s what I mean by “modern.” Here’s another one: What 3 characteristics must a software team exhibit in order to have any reasonable chance of success, according to Alistair Cockburn in his research? Web Development Vs. Software Development: How To Choose? I made the list to learn from it for my own personal development. I am all the time reading your blog in RSS reader and today was the first time in weeks (or months?) When I wrote that “what I hate about software development” post, I intended it as a criticism of the software industry—the way software development is typically practiced—not a criticism of software development … Not that crises don’t happen, but the overly-inflated crisis-of-the-week is harder to perpetuate when you can fold new requests into the prioritization process every few weeks. May 10, 2018 • [Abandon, Agile-Related, Dark-Scrum, New-Framework, Practices]Big Business “Agile” 1 has become big business. I must confess to going through a snotty phase myself. Enjoyed the post. The antivirus is similar to that for black-and-white thinking. Fail. The following 10 things, which I hate about software development as practiced in much of the industry, I think will keep me from ever being successful or happy in a “normal” software-development job. It is easier to just coast as a software developer than many other professions.