(May 12, 2011). Pepsi Salty Watermelon: A watermelon flavored Pepsi, sold in Japan in June 2012 for a limited time only. Pepsi Extra: A caffeinated variant of Pepsi sold in 200 ml cans in summer 2012. This video supposedly shows an eggshell being dissolved in Coca-Cola and Pepsi, leaving behind a rubbery, squeezable sac. In the 100+ years Pepsi has been around, it has only used 11 different logos. Water is calorie-free and hydrating and the benefits are priceless. Learn how to Prevent—Even Reverse—Most Major Diseases by “Turning Off” Inflammation! It replaced the older, single-serving glass bottles that were popular with Pepsi’s competitors. PepsiCo Inc. said a key measure of quarterly sales grew at its fastest rate in more than three years, boosted by a rebound in its namesake soda after the food and drinks giant ramped up advertising. Sodastream offers a healthier alternative with less sugar, carbs and calories. Also, the carbonation will leave you thirstier than you were in the beginning. Pepsi A.M. was a Pepsi cola flavor that was test-marketed in August 1989 in certain regions across the United States. The now-ubiquitous 2-Liter soda bottle was first used by Pepsi. Health Benefits of Carbonated water While they may taste delicious, the benefits of soft drinks are very few. Since 2000, the shift from soda to coffee has been especially prevalent. The phosphoric acid and caffeine in soda can cause loss of calcium in your bones and erosion of the enamel on your teeth. Due to rising health concerns, soda purchases from Pepsi vending machines decreased. Carbonated water is added to soft drinks to give them their bubbly, effervescent effect, but you can also drink club soda on its own. You might love the taste and fizziness of the "Real Thing. For sodas, it specifically states that at least two-thirds of PepsiCo beverages will contain 100 or fewer calories from added sugar per 12-ounce serving by 2025. Club soda, often called carbonated water, is a fizzy liquid made by adding carbon dioxide to plain water. Stay up to date with the latest products, promotions, news and more at www.pepsi.com What Are the Benefits of Club Soda?. Nutritional value. Pepsi products can be found in approximately 200 countries around the world. The soda giant would pay to have a Diet Pepsi commercial added to the VHS release of "Top Gun" and also promote the movie by airing the ads on television. PepsiCo manufactures many different brands of sodas. Pepsi’s latest refresher claims to fend off fat. Soda is high in calories and sugar but provides you with no … Everything is better with a Pepsi. Boost profits at your bar with quicker pours and less waste. Cheaper than Soda – This is also a major concern for a lot of people who are considering to switch to Sodastream. There’s a reason nutrition experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day while limiting soda -- or better yet, avoiding it altogether. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market and brand, I've formed the following three recommendations in an effort to improve Pepsi's competitive position: 1. But is a healthy soda an oxymoron? While Cola has more citric ingredients (along with an alleged secret ingredient the company has called “X” for years, which I believe might just be hype), Pepsi … No shock there, but the areas of the fat build up should give you pause. This site allows you to do more than ever before with PepsiCo. Soda is high in calories and sugar but provides you with no nutrients. When it comes to healthy beverages, low-fat milk is one of your best options. It’s not nutrient dense: Since diet soda is full of artificial ingredients, filling up on … The official home of Pepsi®. Michelle Martin, M.M. Soda brands include the Pepsi brand, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew … Pour off a Bar Gun, Fountain Machine or home dispensing system (like SodaStream) One 5-gal BIB pours a total of 30 gallons (640 x 6 oz servings) of ready-to-drink Pepsi (5:1 Ratio)