2x10" thermo fans and a 700mm wide bonnett scoop. When tuning on the dyno we don’t have a large cooling fan in front so this simulates zero speed, high load situations with the only air being pulled through by the main engine fan. Now, this is where I get kinda bodgey with my lack of decent tooling. 7" turned out to be perfect. clutch fans are far more efficient at cooling than thermo fans nowadays, and given it is like a clutch a thermo fan stops fairly quickly when it hits water anyway. PWR Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser/Sahara Intercooler & Thermo Kit. It is a 8in ICE thermo fan from Auto Barn cost about $85 i … So, I decided to upgrade my factory 30 year old fan, with a new, Ebay special, thermo fan. for engine cooling. Good old cable ties were used basically for the entirety of the install. This is because the airflow is not as effective. I’ve had an 8” on top and now a 10” under the intercooler and the thermo switch definitely works for me. your engine fan will pull the air IN STOCK AND READY FOR SHIPPING Core is 610x320x76mm located to get huge air draw through from the main engine fan. Thus, the intercooler can suffer from heat soak from the engine However, these are not considered as effective. Starting with a custom 660mm x300mm x76 tube and fin core, utilizing our proven sheet metal tanks and fitting twin 10inch spal thermo fans to the underside of the Intercooler! Using a 280 x 300 x 75mm core with a 10" thermo fan mounted underneath to pull cold air through We are a professional seller which has been selling auto parts for about ten years. THERMOTEC Intercooler for all car models Buy THERMOTEC brand Intercooler charger from our OE Original selection for your auto After selecting your vehicle, you can search for the corresponding THERMOTEC Intercooler Intercooler thermo fan.....why not? We have the best service and lowest price. In the same conditions the inlet air temp can be expected to be 20-150deg cooler with a top mounted intercooler, which equates to more than 20-40% more air and therefore power potential. Intercooler thermo fans? Complete Intercooler Kits Air to Air Intercooler Cores Accessories Thermo Fans Power Steering Reservoir Radiator Caps Expansion-Recovery-Surge Tanks Fillers – Fittings Liquid to Air Pumps Silicon Hoses T-Bolt Clamps Outlets Super high amount of views. This kit has it all: Formula 1 inspired core, billet tanks, PWR twin fan shroud, Zero cutting required just mount on the OEM 100% plug and play kit seamlessly connects into the intercooler fan harness and allows the switch to control the fan. This showed the Intercooler was next to useless in these high load low speed situations. When I took the items to my motor rebuilder today, he stated that he hadn't fitted a fan before. At Cross Country 4x4 we regonised these faults and developed a more efficient Intercooler using a 600x300x76 tube and fin core. No fan, Fan never came on while driving ( yes I tested the fan works before I went for a drive) Went home and parked up, went out to the garage 10 mins later And fan was on, so I popped the bonnet and as soon as some heat dissipated the fan went off, shut bonnet again came back 20 mins later, fan running again so I popped the bonnet again and it shut down. Spal Thermo Fan, 16″, Skew Blade, 2460cfm $ 525.00 Add to cart Fans Spal Thermo Fan, 16″, Skew Blade, 2024cfm $ 345.00 Add to cart Fans Spal Thermo Fan, 14″, Skew Blade, 1864cfm $ 279.00 Add to cart Fans $ 259.00 163 sold, 15 available. Pipework is all stainless steel for longevity and durability. Once back in Adelaide we set about designing a totally new Intercooler! Changing to a front mount installation is the next logical step. Can Am Maverick X3 Intercooler Fan Override Kit - For customers that want full control over their intercooler fan and when it is activated, our override switch is the answer. Intercooler - Item ID: 173827118634. Fan Clutch Fans Standard Rotation Reverse Rotation Fan Spacers Fluid Coolers Engine Remote Mount Series 10000 Stacked Plate Series 8000 Plate & Fin Series 7000 Tube & … Adding a top mount intercooler or increasing the size of your top mount intercooler will make a noticeable improvement. This is my first turbo car, so I'm still learning about whats good and whats not. Mounted, tested and put through the works, proven to overcome all inefficiences with the factories system! Thermo Fans Australia offers the best brands in Thermo Fan technology such as Spal and Maradyne. Can anyone give me some advice re the fitting of same so that I can pass it on to him please?. For most the alternative is an electric thermo fan attached to a top mounted intercooler. Hi, Is their an advantage of blocking off the entire top of the intercooler (with sheetmetal)and just having the fan blow the air in or is the other option of just mounting the fan on also just as good? Part No: PWI5688K-S – Astra 500x204x68mm Intercooler kit with Single Thermo fan Part No: PWI5688K-T – Astra 500x204x68mm Intercooler kit with Twin Thermo fans Part No: PWI66175K – Holden Colorado RG 2012 Trade enquiries are welcome, get in touch with us today! Am currently getting catch can fitted along with a 9"Davies Craig thermatic fan on the intercooler. The PWR brand is synonymous with quality. Intercooler fan controller (digital temperature control) - Duration: 3:47. Quality USA made Breeze clamps and silicon is thick 5ply to ensure the setup is trouble free. Is the realestate not sufficient to allow a thermo fan? Toyota - 78/79 Series, HDJ78/79 - Intercooler Kit to suit 78/79 Series Turbo Diesel. We run this thermo fan from a surface mounted temp switch on the intercooler core so that your fan is only working when it needs to, this ensures the maximum performance and reliability you know and expect from a HPD product. But it strikes me as odd that we dont have thermo fans on our intercoolers. PicClick Insights - 9'' Inch 12V Thermo Fan Mounting Pull Push puller Electric intercooler Radiator PicClick ExclusivePopularity - 5,019 views, 17.5 views per day, 286 days on eBay. The fan runs quite a lot in hot weather, but cycles on and off when it’s cooler and comes on when going up long hills etc. Top Mounted Intercooler. 30A Radiator Thermo Fan switch relay Temperature Controller FOR 12V DC POWER 29.00 AUD Top Mount Intercooler Kit For Land cruiser 80 100 105 Series HZJ105 1HZ 1HDT 4.2 PWR provides world class cooling solutions by manufacturing high performance aluminium radiators, intercoolers & oil coolers for leading race categories around the world. Toyota 80 Series. by benvw » Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:04 am Newbie Question -> Why are thermo fans not put on the bottom of the top mount intercoolers? SPAL Thermo Puller Fan - Twin 11" Straight 12V - 1583 CFM - 12.7Amp Sale price $424.50 Regular price $449.00 Sale Maradyne Dual Puller Thermo Fan - 12" Skew 12V - 2600 CFM - 160W thermo fan Hey there I fitted a intercooler fan and it works well, it fits neatly over the intercooler and under the bonnet scoop. The Mk2 200 series ki Just completed the intercooler fan mod folks, 9" fits perfect on the underside of the CRD intercooler, 2 bolts 2 straps some 12.5mil insertion rubber from Clark Rubber, 70deg open thermo switch and relay from Jaycar, auto leccy wiring up next couple days as per Chaz's diagram. Our products include radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, fuel surge tank, thermo fan, etc. The intercooler can be mounted on top of the engine, or even on its side. EOI: 1995 GQ patrol TD42 5 speed manual, UFI 18G TD05 turbo, Western diesel and turbo service 12mm pump, New injectors, 7 PSI lift pump, Top mount cross country intercooler -with thermo fan, Patrol doca stainless air box